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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Vic Mignogna
Why? "Because He's Vic. He was my inspiration for voice acting, and was one of the greatest people I had the honor of meeting. Also he's Ed Elric!"
Why? "Gotta be one of my all time favorites. He started voice acting so young, and is amazing. He was the original Alphonse Elric, and is awesome!"
Why? ""ASUNA!!!""
Why? "Cuz if you don't love Chris Sabat you have problems. He's basically the whole cast of DBZ, and he knocks every role he plays outta the park!"
Why? "Honestly, what's not to love about her voice?"
Why? "He's an extra in every anime I can think of, and he's under appreciated in my opinion."
Why? "Just freaking listen to his voice! That's why!"
Why? "He is another huge inspiration for Voice acting for me. I love his roles in everything he plays, especially Armin."
Why? "He's Batman."
Why? "His Joker is the best out there."
Why? "He's an amazing voice actor, and one hell of an ADR Director!"
Why? "He's Gray Fullbuster, and his voice is so unique."
Why? "He's the king of rage screams. "KAMEHAMEHA!!!!""
Why? "He's Krillin and Maes Hughes, and so much more! His voice is fantastic!"
Why? "Todd Haberkorn is love!"
Why? "Because he looks dead sexy in a mini skirt."
Why? "He can do so much with his voice, it's unbelievable! And damn can he play a mean Joker!"