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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Johnny Yong Bosch
Why? "He's the reason why I'm interested in voice acting, and all of his roles have a special knack to them. Johnny Yong Bosch is #1 in my vote."
Why? "Joshua and the Onion Knight!!!"
Why? "Outstanding as Chariot Master and Dyntos"
Why? "Your performances are as awesome as Lightning"
Why? "Isabella and Xion!!!"
Why? "Her voice has a unique charm that ranges from cute and lovable to mysterious and powerful, especially Paddra Nsu-Yeul and Aliasse."
Why? "Sho Minamimoto/Pi-Face!!!"
Why? "The one and only Pit from Kid Icarus. The youthful spirit and energy all matches, and the fact that he returns in SSB4 shows his awesomeness"
Why? "Disney's new Princess, Sofia, DC's princess, Peredita, and Batman's sidekick, Robin, as well as Mog. We are the same age, and she's talented"
Why? "Mr.Hanekoma. The best character in The World Ends With You."
Why? "Skaar(Hulk) Sai(Naruto Shippuden) Young Xehanort(Kingdom Hearts) Misaki(K) Venom/Eddie Brock(Spider-Man) Numbah One(KND) Harm(Young Justice)"
Why? "Ellen Jennings and Sandra Tennyson"
Why? "Chase from Lab Rats"
Why? "If he was still alive, I would go all around the world to try and get his autograph. He is the coolest voice actor in my heart!!!!"
Why? "He is amazing in Naruto, Blue Exorcist, Bleach, and Digimon. His most energetic role has to be Monokuma from Dangan Ronpa."
Why? "Her voice really shows that she is precocious in voice acting, with examples like Lord Ciel, Tony Tony Chopper, Hideyoshi, and Chiaotzu"
Why? "Rin Okumura, Zidane Tribal, Henry, and Asbel Lhant."
Why? "Rook(Ben 10 Omniverse) Falcon(Avengers:Assemble) Rhodey(Iron Man/Avengers:Earth's Mightiest Heroes) And Hot Spot(Teen Titans)"
Why? "Astro Boy"
Why? "My top 5 favorite roles: Casca(Berserk series) Mitsuki(Kappa Mikey) Ling Xiaoyu(Tekken:Blood Vengence) Maiya(Fate/Zero) Mina(Yu-Gi-Oh! 5d's)"
Why? "Miu Furinji(Kenichi) Angol Mois(Sg.Frog) Cissnei(Final Fantasy VII)"
Why? "He IS Shaggy Rogers. Now that he's gone, I'll miss him and I believe other Scooby Doo fans will miss him too. Rest in Peace Casey Kasem."
Why? "Everything is Alright! His version of the song was awesome. He is also awesome as Gamecrazed from TOME:Terrain of Magical Expertise."
Why? "Her voice truly gave an emotional performance as Leafa(Sword Art Online), Aoi Asahina(Dangan Ronpa),Usamaro(Blue Exorcist), and more to come"
Why? "Her voice fits her roles and she really makes the mark when she voices Blossom. One thing for sure is that she IS Blossom!"
Why? "His vocal range is beyond unique and talented, as he voices the Mario and Wario bros, Orvus from Ratchet and Clank, and the wise Paarthurnax"
Why? "First It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, then American Dad, next is Monster's University, and now the LEGO movie. This guy is hysterical:-D!"
Why? "He is the best voice of Ape Escape's iconic villain, Specter, and the mighty Wonder Red. He was also awesome as Kick, suburban dare-devil!!!"
Why? "She's not even 30 years old and she is so popular with roles such as Asuna, Lucy, Elizabeth, Natsumi, Shana, etc."
Why? "Gundham Tanaka is an awesome character and this guy gave him an awesome English voice. Victory goes to the Ultimate Animal Breeder."
Why? "Kirbopher was on Pokemon! Not only that, but he is the creator of TOME:Terrain of Magical Expertise, the best webseries in the world!!!"
Why? "Her voice acting is great but her live action performances are remarkable, especially in Big Time Rush, Jinxed, and Swindled."
Why? "Red Hulk, Dogpound, Lex Luthor, Grune, and many, many more!!"
Why? "Wasp(Avengers), Konohamaru, Ino, and Hanabi(Naruto)Sora, Yoshino,(Digimon)Jazz(Danny Phantom), Suzy(Zatch Bell), and Charmy(Sonic)"
Why? "Sagi, Beat, and Jet!"
Why? "From the Warner Bros and Nickelodeon shows to Pennie, Numbuh 5, Cree Spitfire, Bethanie and Medusa, Cree Summers is truly an iconic actress."
Why? "Itachi, Electro, Kyon, Speedy/Red Arrow, Thomas Norstein, Firefly, etc. Crispin Freeman is one of the most famous voice actors ever!!!"
Why? "Her voice as Morgiana, Alisa, Noel Vermillion, and all of her video game roles and songs are what made me love her work. Cristina Vee rocks!"
Why? "Mad Thinker, Amorpho, Thanatos, and Hewdraw show off how this underrated actor demonstrates how well his range like a true voice over artist"
Why? "Ikki and Amber, two characters with opposite personalities, but the same level of stellar voice acting. Darcy is a lovely singer and actress"
Why? "The heroic Masamune Date, the ecstatic Viewtiful Joe, and the evil, Childish demon Earth King Amaimon."
Why? "Rex from Generator Rex Juni Cortez from Spy Kids Molecule Kid from Avengers:Assemble"
Why? "Joey Gladstone on Full House Tramm on Teen Titans."
Why? "He is perfect as Riku, especially in Kingdom Hearts II-onward."
Why? "His voice, especially as Danny Fenton, Human Torch, and Jimmy Olsen, is truly authentic."
Why? "He is THE definitive voice of Male Avatar(Robin) from Fire Emblem Awakening, and as Archer, Arthur Auguste Angel, and all of the other roles"
Why? "Like how Albert Wesker puts it, "I am the only god around here"."
Why? "Tsunade and Meryl!!!"
Why? "He was awesome as Vee/ExVeemon and Ken, Dynasmon, Imp/Beelzemon(Digimon) Shino(Naruto) Uryu(Bleach) Phantom(MAR) and Vexen(Kingdom Hearts)."
Why? "Best voice director ever. He is awesome in TOME and Beyblade too."
Why? "His voice, especially as Scarecrow, defines perfect performance!!"
Why? "Ezekiel Stane and Dark Opal!!!"
Why? "He gives his roles complexity and feeling, especially Molten Man and Blue Beetle"
Why? "Aladdin from Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic. A character born to bring hapiness!!!"
Why? "Chie Satonaka from Persona 4 Emmmeryn from Fire Emblem Awakening Hanako Tanaka from Zetman And Guren from Naruto Shippuden"
Why? "Astro Boy and Arthur"
Why? "Lady Joy from Sofia the First Mad Mac from Jessie Jo from Good Luck Charlie And especially Avery Jennings from Dog With a Blog.Love you G:-)"
Why? "Oerba Dia Vanille!!!"
Why? "His range is ultimate for sure, from Suigetsu, Lancer, Warrior of Light, Izuru, and Killik to Rikuo(night), Axel, Shinjiro, and Leon Kuwata."
Why? "He is Mako's legacy! I hope he does even more roles in the future"
Why? "Awesome as Rocket Raccoon Funny as Cait Sith and Gatlocke"
Why? "He is the greatest child actor Disney has!! Sora, Vanitas, Mowgli, and Takeshi Jin!"
Why? "Kairi"
Why? "Kokoro, Shiki Misaki, and Miyuki Itsumi!"
Why? "She IS Starfire"
Why? "I am simply one hell of a butler. Otherwise, what king of a butler would I be? -Sebastian(Black Butler) He was just as fantastic as Scar."
Why? "He didn't just give Sokka his character, he IS Sokka. This actor actor is so awesome that he's the reason why Sokka is the funny guy we know"
Why? "He is Sonic in the cartoon shows! I can't wait to hear him again in Guardians of Luna."
Why? "He aced the roles as Tidus, Ratchet, Obi-Wan, Walker, The Leader, Johnny Test, Overload, Leonardo, and The Prince, etc!!"
Why? "Jason is the best Sonic voice ever, not to mention Jin Kanzaki,Shadow, and Tony Stark"
Why? "Impulse, Noel Kreiss, Aye-Aye, Kovu, Haku, Max Goof, and Chase Young, all of which are his best roles(from funny to serious, this man rules."
Why? "He is the best choice as Kiyo(Zatch Bell), Razor(Green Lantern), Kid Flash(Young Justice),Bartz(Final Fantasy), and Geo(Megaman Starforce)."
Why? "Jennifer Hale is awesome!She should come back in Super Smash Bros game as Samus"
Why? "His live action performances always knew how to make everyone laugh!!!"
Why? "Chief Angel Rojas and Lefou."
Why? "Neku Sakuraba!!!"
Why? "Roxas, Vanitas, and Robin/Nightwing! The coolest voice option there is."
Why? "Panne and Sakura Ohgami are incredibly like able characters, and Jessica Gee has an incredible vocal range."
Why? "His voice haas the perfect mix of a perfect antagonist and a deity. This is proven by his voice for Attrocitus, Galactus, Vaatu, and Kang."
Why? "Hal Jordan, Hercules, Destroyman, Spyro, and Spiderman."
Why? "Drake and Josh and Casey Jones from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!"
Why? "Hayner from Kingdom Hearts"
Why? "He has done quite a bunch of professional work, mostly as zany, hilarious, friendly, and stoic characters. Way to rise high Juicey Flanagan."
Why? "I like his work such as Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Jessie, as well as his voice as Prince Zandar."
Why? "Elle s'appelle est Karen Strassman and she has unlimited possibilities for both English and French productions"
Why? "Emma Frost, Saber, and Tigress"
Why? "I grew up with her as Sakura, and I love her voice as Tails, Lissa,young Asbel Lhent"
Why? "Living Laser and Ronan the Accuser."
Why? "Her voice as Cheshire showed her inner antagonist and awesome character, and her voice as Karai shows a dynamic character and proud fighter."
Why? "Candice, Lily, and Zoe couldn't have a better voice actress than her!!"
Why? "Batman/Bruce Wayne!!"
Why? "Waffle, Almighty Tallest Purple, Lu, and Agent Pleakley"
Why? "Over 500 rolesand almost all of them are perfect. My favorites are kilowag, gantu, trigon, emperor millenous, Panthero, and Ego."
Why? "He is the best choice for Cyborg, Kaldur'ahm, Hex, Emmett Graves, etc."
Why? "Sarasim and Shinobu!"
Why? "Rina-chan is awesome. She is also Izumo Kamiki!"
Why? "He is amazing in Video Games, Movies, and Modern Animes alike as well as Digimon"
Why? "She gave the absolute best performances in Despicable Me and Looney Tunes Show, and my family and I love watching Lola."
Why? "He is one of the coolest voices in the world(Possibly 3rd/4th favorite) He even looks likemy Orchestra teacher."
Why? "This man has a legendary voice. He defines a badass with roles like Lockdown, Grim Reaper, Kerchak, etc. here's to Lance getting more roles."
Why? "Ivy From Soul Calibur Luke Triton from Professor Layton Lucas from Earthbound(Super Smash Bros Brawl) Lyn from Fire Emblem Void &Koopalings."
Why? "Lucina is my favorit female character, and you are my favorite female voice actor, Laura."
Why? "His roles in MAR, Digimon, and Naruto were great, but he is perfect as Blue Dragon!!!"
Why? "His deep, heartfelt voice as Gaara, Caius, and others, and his heroic, young voice as Jonathan Morris makes him a fantastic actor."
Why? "Lina Inverse and Amy Rose! She should do more voice roles outside of 4Kids."
Why? "Logan was born to voice Gumball Waterson. His voice is like one of the best, if not THE best child actor performance for the past few years."
Why? "Chili, Maron, and Thomas from Pokemon Ravenfreak from TOME Dust from Dust:An Elysian Tail!"
Why? "Naruto Uzumaki!"
Why? "Rest in peace Aku(Samurai Jack) and Iroh(Avatar:The Last Airbender). We will miss you Mako"
Why? "She's a really amazing voice actress, as proof with her deep voice and boy voice, and she's also the wife of Martin Billany(LittleKuriboh)!"
Why? "Megaman X, Domon Kasshu, and Lan Hikari!"
Why? "Nylocke! Dragon of abridged series and voice acting! As well as Frieza from Team Four Star's Dragon ball Z Abridged."
Why? "Hunson Abadeer!"
Why? "Her legacy will last forever. She will always be remembered throughher existing work and through Grey DeLisle."
Why? "His voice as Shaggy was hilarious, and I hope he gets more roles like Dr. Jason Burr, Surge, and Eko"
Why? "He is Chrom, Tygra, Maeda Keiji, Kiritsugu Emiya, and Tony Stark!!! My 2nd favorite voice voice actor of all time:-)"
Why? "The man of 1000 voices! He is Warner Bros and Hanna Barbera's most famous voice actor too!"
Why? "Her voice has a certain magic to it that makes you love her roles, but my favorite is Tiki from Fire Emblem Awakening."
Why? "Only Not is he a voice director, but he is also Sarutobi Sasuke, Utakata, and Leonardo."
Why? "She is perfect as Pokemon Trainer, and I can't wait to see if she voices Red in Pokemon Origins. Her other Pokemon roles aren't bad either."
Why? "She is Cream, Rukia, Yoko, Viper, and Katherine."
Why? "The voice director of Funimation, and he's excellent, if not perfect!"
Why? "Humerously evil Dr.Eggman, and Stoicly proud Beast."
Why? "Shu from Blue Dragon, Izzy, Terriermon, and Lucemon from Digimon, Konekomaru from Blue Exorcist, Ken from Persona 3, and Inari from Naruto."
Why? "The ideal voice for Obito Uchiha&Madara Uchiha(Naruto Shippuden), and he was incredibly wise as Hawkmon(Digimon) and Sabertooth(Blue Dragon)"
Why? "Morgan and Tear Grants. She gave them a stalwart yet sympathetic and soft voice."
Why? "Marceline the Vampire Queen and Vanessa Doofenshmirtz. Her singing and acting is just gorgeous."
Why? "He has an excellent voice, especially as Apollo Justice, and his roles in Fire Emblem Awakening, Shin Megami Tensei, and Tales of Xillia."
Why? "Otto, Vidia, Pumyra, Spinelli, Angel, Andy, and Bobby Hill:-) Her voice is sensational and unique to the world of voice acting!"
Why? "Ugo(Magi);Laxus(Fairy Tail);Igor(Blue Exorcist);Senji(Deadman Wonderland);Dracula(Castlevania);Zomom(Sonic)Basillo;Chosokabe;Ragna&Fenrich."
Why? "One of the funniest voice actors ever, especially as Kronk, Joe Swanson, Lok, Sheriff Bronson Stone, Brock Samson, Mr. X, and Steve Barkin."
Why? "He is amazing as Reno, Axel, Silver, Iruka,Marcus Damon, Raiden, and Henry Cooldown."
Why? "Oerba Yun Fang from Final Fantasy XIII!!"
Why? "Sazh and the Black Baron."
Why? "Dante from Devil May Cry He is the most likeable male protagonist, despite the trouble in his life, he lives to save the world."
Why? "Mr.Epcar is an epic man who brought out the character of Bobobo, Raiden, Hanzo, Walhart, his digimon roles, Ansem, Mr.Noisy, Zangetsu&Ziggy!"
Why? "600 roles and the most common ones have a special place in my childhood, like Yakko, Spike, Gordon, Reuben, Carl, Donatello, etc."
Why? "Robin Williams is, well, was one of the funniest comedians in the world, and nobody can match his voice as Genie. R.I.P. Robin Williams"
Why? "He is great as Sonic and awesome as Ezio, Captain America, Deidara."
Why? "Mojo Jojo and Wizeman."
Why? "Thunder and Hades!!!"
Why? "Wigglytuff and Ash Ketchum. While not the best Ash Ketchum, She has vastly improved in her voice as Ash."
Why? "AHe is outstanding and bold as Robin, Red X, Francis, and Lloyd Irving"
Why? "Bedfellows, Sword Art Online, Danganronpa, Magi:Labyrinth of Magic, and Freedom Planet. All of which showcase is spectacular voice acting."
Why? "Goku and Nail(Dragon ball Z), Maxxor(Chaotic), Gonard(Kappa Mikey), and his roles in Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!!!"
Why? "He is the hot-blooded Might Guy And the serious and heroic Gaomon"
Why? "Shinji Ikari(Evangelion) Arakune(Blazblue) Felt(Atelier Iris) Rolo(Code Geasse) Hanataro(Bleach) He has a knack for voicing shy/insane guys."
Why? "Any person who appears as himself in awesome shape or form is clearly someone who's beyond fame. Stan Lee is a god in the Marvel universe:-)"
Why? "All of her roles are perfect, especially in Sonic, Naruto, Bleach, Haruhi Suzumiya, etc., but my favorite is Sue from Three Delivery!!"
Why? "Steven Blum is without a doubt the most iconic voice actor in everyone's childhood. From Digimon, Naruto, etc., and all of them are major"
Why? "The swiftly powerful yet tragic Haku from Naruto and the heroic Ororo Munroe/Storm from X-Men."
Why? "Mitsuru(Shin Megami Tensei) Ester(Ben 10:.Omniverse) Tron Bonne(Megaman) Seri(K) Temari(Naruto) Anna(Tekken) &Flavia(Fire Emblem:Awakening)!"
Why? "She is hands down the most famous voice actress with 500+ roles and almost 30 years in the business. She is my favorite voice actress ever!!"
Why? "Her voice as Ultimecia and Poison Ivy define enchanted vilanesses"
Why? "All of the roles he's been in have been incredible, voice actor and live-action."
Why? "Ferb Fletcher, the coolest character of Phineas and Ferb"
Why? "The Brittish man who's so awesome that his skill has it's own adjective:Curriness. Tim Curry must live on for more years to come!!"
Why? "He IS Shikamaru, the smartest guy in the Hidden Leaf."
Why? "Arceus, Cress, and all of his roles in Yu-Gi-Oh!!!"
Why? "Roy Mustang, Knuckles, Thor, King Roland II, Cell, Jugo,Lon'qu, and Brady. Not to mention that his wife is Laura Bailey."
Why? "One of the most popular voice actors ever, and the voice of many awesome/relatable heroes and villains(Kanji, Yuri Lowell, Joel, etc.)"
Why? "He's hilarious as Leo Dooley from Lab Rats. He needs a lot more roles in the future."
Why? "Phineas Flynn and Hope Estheim"
Why? "This man has perfected his skills since childhood and has come all this way in voice work as some of the coolest, relatable, and funny guys."
Why? "Victoria Chase from Hot in Cleveland, Fenghuang from Kung Fu Panda Legend of Awesomeness, and Chica from Emperor's New Groove/School."
Why? "Terry McGinnis, Lion-O, Ron Stoppable, Ragnar, Bumblebee, and Doyle Blackwell!!!"
Why? "Barnaby Brooks Jr. Ben Tennyson Sasuke Uchiha Count Alucard Protagonist Ricken Yousuke Hanamura Cecil Harvey Lagoon Boy Sir Galleth And Shu."
Why? "Steven from Steven Universe."
Why? "Greg Heffley from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid films"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Best main protagonist in Fire Emblem(as awesome as Ike)"
Why? "Hajime Hinata is a hero who solves the problems, has a group of friends by his side, and doesn't need a talent to be an Ultimate protagonist"
Why? "His caring, respectful, brave, and willing nature showed me what being good is all about and how to stand up for what you love.Thanks Klonoa"
Why? "Makoto Naegi shows that you don't need a talent to be Ultimate. His hope and respect for everyone shows that he's lucky to be who he is."
Why? "Such a deep love able girl who's backstory moved my heart. Molly/Eva truly has one of the best character structures I have ever seen."
Why? "Naruto and Kurama are the best heroes ever. Naruto is a gigantic part of my childhood"
Why? "A character who reminds me of what I was like on the inside. His relationship with the characters showed me Neku become a hero/true friend."
Why? "The Chosen Keyblade Wielder"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Why? "A tragic world with glorious action,characters,music,story,drama,and suspense.This is a show that shows how something can be cruel&beautiful"
Why? "This show was Perfect! Literally perfect for me! A phenomenal English dub, followed by memorable characters and top notch fights&animation"
Why? "An anime that I knew that I would love just by giving it a try. This show's premise, characters, and writing is just marvelous and I love it"
Why? "Such an ecstatic series as a whole. It shows you something awesome one episode after another, and blows my mind wirh its intriquet story."
Why? "I loved watching the original growing up, but I think this is the definitive version of FMA. My brothers,cousin&I love this series so much."
Why? "This is an example of a show that does everything right! From the surreal atmosphere to it's character writing, and well told morals."
Why? "This show got me to love Justice league and become a DC Comics fan"
Why? "An epic show from Nickelodeon that knew how to do everything right: acting, characterization, story, and humor. The show was inspirational."
Why? "This show's acting, action, and the writing made me love and grow up with the franchise even more. Naruto truly is that awesome!!!"
Why? "An Action packed show with an endearing story. This truly is an anime/cartoon from my childhood that you can jump into and love."
Why? "Imagine if Deadpool watched a lot of anime and wrote an anime. 4th wall jokes, references, and funny characters done right all the way."
Why? "This show has a flawless English dub,flawless set of relatable&caring good guys,and a fantastic premise,openings&story. I❤️This show!"
Why? "Physical proof of what kids shows should be like. A show that proves the awesomeness of equality, respect, tolerance, and understanding"
Why? "One of my treasured favorites, because of how it introduced me to the anime/action show that my whole family has watched"
Why? "I always loved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but this show not only made me smile, but yearn for more."
Why? "My younger brother and I love this show. This show is funny, amazing, and knows how to show it's audience a worthwhile show."
Why? "Such a tragic tale of a kind person losing his grip on reality. If you love thriller,this is the show for you."
Why? "A DC Comics animated series that has everything right, and nothing wrong. Flawless writing, flawless animation, and flawless voice acting!!!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Why? "The first PS2 game I owned to myself and it made me love art, games, and Japanese culture in general. I love Klonoa for what it did for me!"
Why? "After getting this game on December 26 2011, I loved everything about this game. This is my favorite Nintendo DS lite game."