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Voice Actor
Tom Kenny
Why? "Tom Kenny was the first man who got me interested in voice actors since I was a kid. And since then my appreciation to the industry grew."
Why? "Loved her Sora but her best voices are not in anime but in american animation. Wasp being the best of them all so I hope she does more soon"
Why? "The Female Kevin Michael Richardson and Phil LaMarr. In other words, awesome."
Why? "Next to Frank Welker, Dee is most versitile with his range, from supporting characters to animals, aliens and monsters."
Why? "The best veteran VA by far. Doing voices since he was still in his 20's and eventually giving voices for good guys, bad guys and creatures."
Why? "The White KMR and our new Frank Welker. This guy is best at voicing monsters, heroes, villains, and supporting roles."
Why? "Like Tara Strong, Grey is beautiful and has a lovely singing voice, as well as an arsenal of voices including silly and even motherly."
Why? "Another of my earliest interests in voice acting. She can be uplifting but can also sound badass or even motherly with her soothing tone"
Why? "Such and awesome dude and amazing singer, on par with Tara Strong might I add."
Why? "This man is part of my childhood. His range from comical and friendly to stern and awesome may be what influenced others like Steve Blum"
Why? "Red Johnny! He's a cool and crazy dude with a distinguished voice that still holds range"
Why? "Been voicing young boys since he started voice acting, and still manages to hold up. This job really keeps this guy young."
Why? "I usually don't care for anime, but in original animation and video games, Kari is on par with Tara Strong, Grey Delisle & Jennifer Hale"
Why? "The Barry White of Voice Acting! This guy's got range from deep and foreboding to light and whimsical"
Why? "Like Robin Williams Mark serves as a prime example of celebrities who are also good voices actors."
Why? "Perhaps Western Animation's best answer to Vic Mignona. Awesome range from funny to badass."
Why? "There's some childish amusement to this guy, something that should be annoying but is actually fun to listen to."
Why? "Next to Jim cummings and Tom Kenny, Rob is my childhood. Always was, and his iconic voice still holds up."
Why? "Robin Williams has always been one of the best actors and comedians both on camera and behind the booth. It's almost difficult to replace."
Why? "Steve is the new Jim Cummings. Every time you hear his raspy, cool voice you know he's there to entertain."