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Project Title: Lunar Sea Spire Podcast *NEW MEMBER*
Auditions Deadline: Thursday, August, 20 2015 [ 11:59pm PST ]
Format: Audio
Category: Podcast
Classification: Original (non-licensed)
Offering: None
Audio Format: mp3
Contact Details:
Status: Closed
Public Auditions: No [ Yes means the public is welcome to listen to auditions submitted to this project ]
Characters: 1 [ number of characters available for audition ]
Auditions Submitted: 11
Views: 1556
Owner: TheLargeMammal
Date Created: August 2 2015
Hey, we are the Lunar Sea Spire Podcast, a Steven Universe fan podcast who is now looking for a fifth can find us HERE--> We figure this would be the best way to find someone rather than just posting in the subreddit. Most of us have school and would like a new member to balance out for the times some of us may not be available to record. NOTE that this is a commitment you are signing up for and we will be counting on you for weekly recordings. Cool? Cool.


-Decent mic, obviously. and when i say decent, I dont mean like a super fancy shmancy one. just make sure you can be heard clearly.

-Schedule flexibility. you need to be free just about every Sunday evening (normally, but it changes sometimes)

-Don't be a jerk or a total sperglord..... yea, i said it.

-Watch the show, cause, ya know, you should.

Ok, make me proud. Later kiddos!



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Name: YOU!
Gender: N/A
Age: Adult
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Audition Lines:
Line 1:
"(Tell us your favorite episode, favorite character, and why to both. we won't judge)"
Line 2:
"(exactly how open is your schedule?)"
Line 3:
"(Tell me a joke. ENTERTAIN ME)"

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on Aug 15 2015
Audition not available to the public.


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• Can I audition more than once for a character?
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