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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Cherami Leigh
Why? "The best voice actress of the 21st century and an even more amazing human being, she's one of the sweetest people you will ever meet."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Neither a hero or villain. He's whatever he has to be to ensure the survival of the mutant race."
Why? "She's aggressive and cold heated, but not without compassion and she fits my play style perfectly."
Why? "What Sheldon Cooper should've been. Abed lives in his own world, but its his way of making sense of the world."
Why? "The Conduit junkie, I felt sympathy for Fetch when I learned her backstory and it felt nice to redeem her."
Why? "The man who made Wally West disappear. Kadabra was such a good villain in Titans."
Why? "He's a fanboy like us"
Why? "I didn't thin as Flash becoming Venom was a good idea, but Rick Remenders writing proved otherwise, in fact Flash is the definitive Venom."
Why? "Ahsoka was one of the best characters to come out of the prequel era and it was amazing to see how mature she became in Rebels."
Why? "The best archer in Kancolle and a good love interest for Fubuki."
Why? "Once a naive rookie cop and now a real detective, she saw the flaws in Sibyl System and grew up as the series went on"
Why? "Best girl after Rias"
Why? "I've been waiting for this!"
Why? "Unlike Soma, Akira has more complex reasons for wanting to be the best chef."
Why? "He was totally different then Lelouch and it was breath of fresh air, and I thought he had the best Geass power."
Why? "Hardcore Street Fighter, all he wants is to fight worthy opponents, but he also has a sense of honor as seen in Tekken."
Why? "The OG Green Lantern"
Why? "He has all the ingredients of a great villain. Betrayal, brains, power, and ambition."
Why? "A bat#@$% insane priest, he was easily the best character in Hellsing Ultimate, he just owns every scene he's in."
Why? "Batman would be nothing without Alfred."
Why? "Chainsaw arms. That is all."
Why? "He's like an anime Superman, but still defined as his own character and he has the qualities of a true hero."
Why? "We need more characters like Aloy in video games. she's one of the strongest female leads in recent memory."
Why? "Poor Al has been through so much, but he's still so kind and pure"
Why? "Opposing his father for the sake of his mother."
Why? "The Wall is a force to be reckon with, she'll do anything to protect the country, has dirt on Batman, and is an overweight woman."
Why? "She’s beauty she’s grace she’ll punch you in the face."
Why? "Kristen McGuire said it best: she's the ultimate troll."
Why? "A man chooses, a slave obeys"
Why? "Once one of my favorite villains in DBZ, 17 became one of my favorite characters in the Universe Survive arc."
Why? "To think one of the most intimidating villains in DBZ would end up marrying one of the protagonist."
Why? "I thought she was unnecessary, but she became my favorite character next to Jeff."
Why? "I use to hate her, but that all changed when I learned her backstory and her big plot twist."
Why? "Funny how O'Grady was "the irredeemable ant-man" but did redeem himself when he sacrificed himself in Secret Avengers."
Why? "Hank is such a broken person, but that doesn't mean he'll stop trying to redeem himself."
Why? "Just like Hank, Scott always screws up, but he'll always try to make things right."
Why? "Took the entire DC multiverse to defeat the Anti-Monitor. He's not a frequent villain, but when he shows up @#$% goes down."
Why? "If Venom is poison then Anti-Venom is the cure. I love it when an establish villain does a complete 180 and pulls it off."
Why? "She can kill Nazis and blow panzerhunds all while pregnant."
Why? "She has a good work ethic and always tries to do her best."
Why? "She was just so innocent and nice that I was hoping she would survive, thankfully she did."
Why? "The greatest X-Men villain. Only the strong shall survive and he's proven to be one of the strongest mutants."
Why? "The Ninja Turtles wouldn't be the same without her."
Why? "He's the King of Atlantis and for the thousandth time he is not a joke."
Why? "So cute, but so powerful."
Why? "He is such a screw up, but I can't help but like him"
Why? "Turning into Archangel made Warren interesting."
Why? "Chiron was just a cool dude and is always supportive, I would want him as my servant"
Why? "There are so many layers to Ardyn as a character, he's always a step ahead and he technically won in the end."
Why? "Hisako is such an underused character."
Why? "Surprised she hasn't appeared in the comics yet. Despite being another GA sidekick she's proven to be a great character."
Why? "Hail to the king Baby"
Why? "Poor kid just wanted a family"
Why? "Loving wife, mother, and friend. A warrior in game and a stronger person outside it"
Why? "The ideal video game child. He makes mistakes but learns from them and hes not annoying."
Why? "He could’ve been an antihero but he’s just so angry."
Why? "I got it memorized"
Why? "He’s a zombie and he cares for Eu, he’ll do anything for her."
Why? "The mean lean nazi killing machine."
Why? "His boss fight alone was worth the $60."
Why? "His relationship with Ed made him more three dimensional."
Why? "Lets be honest, we love him way more than Meliodas."
Why? "The man who broke the Bat. His time on the Secret Six helped flesh him out."
Why? "Whatever Red Skull can do Zemo can do better."
Why? "Bastion came pretty close to eradicating the X-Men once and for all."
Why? "The mute, the best fighter, the best Batgirl."
Why? "While Bruce Wayne puts on the cowl to end crime, Kate Kane puts on the cowl to end war."
Why? "Who cares if shes practically a stripper shes a total badass."
Why? "Imagine Oracle, but evil, that's The Calculator."
Why? "Arkham City reinvented him for the better."
Why? "Everyone kicked Sam down, everyone said he shouldn't be Cap, he had given up during Secret Empire, but when all hope was lost he rose up."
Why? "He's the Rogue among rogues. He's blue collar criminal, but with a moral code and a tragic past, and sometimes you want to root for him."
Why? "So underrated."
Why? "My favorite DC character. He's not just some Merc, he's depressed and wants to die in a spectacular way, theres so many layers to Lawton."
Why? "Its Show Time!"
Why? "We're all puppets Laurie. i'm just a puppet that can see the strings."
Why? "The Jekyll and Hyde of DC. He tried so hard to save his brother, but failed and descended into madness."
Why? "Hades was a sick boss in GoW3."
Why? "The best Young Avenger and one of my top 5 favorite Marvel Heroines."
Why? "I'm not a villain, I'm not a bad guy, I'm just sick"
Why? "Loved it when Osborn lead the Dark Avengers"
Why? "Juri is the right amount of crazy and sociopath where she's not unlikeable"
Why? "The video game equivalent of Gaku Yashiro."
Why? "The greatest mastermind in the DC universe."
Why? "Despite constantly manipulating the Thunderbolts she still thinks of them as family."
Why? "She's a nerd just like us and a better Ms. Marvel than Carol ever was."
Why? "She was a major threat for years and she was right under our noses the whole time."
Why? "The best Saber, she's headstrong, loyal, and has a cheery outlook on life and Cassandra Lee Morris brings her to life."
Why? "The Ice Queen."
Why? "She's against the man, but for good reason. She's also just a wreck when it comes to her love life, but that makes her so adorable."
Why? "HejustwantedWallytobeabetterheroandtragedyishowhe'llshowhimmmmmm."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Doctor Who (2005)
Why? "The smartest time travel show I've ever watched, it puts a new spin on the genre and makes it feel fresh again."
#1 All Time Favorite
Captain America: Civil War
Why? "The darkest MCU movie thus far, but its still light hearted and half of the MCU battling it out. Plus Spider-Mans debut in the MCU."
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Why? "Mark will always be my Joker"
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Batman: Arkham City
Why? "The bosses, the acting, and the gameplay are phenomenal. I remember all of the hours I spent searching for Easter Eggs."
Why? "One of my favorite games of all time, the pirate ship battles and treasure hunting was some of the most fun I've had in a video game."
Why? "My first Assassins Creed game and it was a welcoming experience. I loved sending my Assassins on missions and seeing them rise in the ranks."
Why? "Story wise, it was a nice conclusion to Ezio's story."
Why? "Talk about defining expectations. Arkham Asylum set a new standard for superhero games and action games in general."
Why? "Its a huge step backwards from Arkham City, but it was still a good ending to the Arkham series."
Why? "Extremely underrated game. It's better then Arkham Knight and the Firefly and Deathstroke fights had me on the edge of my seat."
Why? "For quick time events TellTale made some epic bosses to fight, this is there best action game to date."
Why? "There was never once a dull moment, ever single second was a high octane adrenaline rush."
Why? "Bioshock isn't just a game, its a work of art."
Why? "The Minerva's Den DLC alone was worth playing the game."
Why? "Another example of a game being a work of art, it amazes me that the two prime examples of this is from the Bioshock series."
Why? "Could never get into Dark Souls, but Bloodborne on the other hand was an awesome game."
Why? "The funniest FPS I've played and is the only reason that Gearbox should still be allowed to make games."
Why? "Here's a game that deserved more of a chance. It had some fun levels and it rewards you for being creative with your kills."
Why? "The first FPS I played, and I think it still holds up a lot of it was a real challenge for me which made me feel good when I beat the game."
Why? "My favorite CoD game, its got a great plot, fun gameplay, and a genuinely good plot twist."
Why? "The decision making was a nice change of pace, didn't realize I had picked the wrong choices until I was almost done with the game."
Why? "Managed to be more fun then MW1, had a lot more fast paced missions that sharpened my reaction time and reflexes."
Why? "Last CoD game I played, I think it was a good one to go out on, killing Makarov was the most satisfying accomplishment I've felt in a game."
Why? "There isn't anything else like it, fun puzzles, morality choices, and a good story make it an unforgettable and underrated game."
Why? "Never played any of the original games and boy did I miss out. It tests both skill and patience."
Why? "It lived up to being crazy that's for sure."
Why? "Surpasses the original with its gripping story and new gameplay mechanics."
Why? "It’s not a visual novel, but a decent shooter with great acting."
Why? "The best visual novel experience I could ask for. Suspense, an engaging mystery, and quirky but lovable characters."
Why? "Not only is the creative director Joe Madureira, the world has a great lore and Liam O'Brien is amazing as War."
Why? "Brilliant voice acting and more of the same fun gameplay."
Why? "As long as you don't take it to seriously your in for a fun zombie game."
Why? "The beginning of my favorite zombie game franchise. Anything can be a weapon along with a lovable protagonist."
Why? "The first game I was truly hyped for and I wasn't disappointed."
Why? "One of my favorite pieces of DLC, both protagonist meet for the first time & it honestly felt like a more proper conclusion to Dead Rising 2"
Why? "I loved DR2, but this felt more like a true sequel to the first game with some minor tweaks that made the story better."
Why? "Gameplay and story wise its really nothing special, but its still faithful to Deadpool's character, plus my boy Sinister is the villain."
Why? "Guilty pleasure, I get to go on rampages with a lot of creative weapons."
Why? "Connor and Hank have the best story, aside from that theres a lot of paths the game could take, I have to keep replaying to see them all."
Why? "The game that started it all. Probably the best hack and slash game series of all time."
Why? "The best DMC game. From its story and stylish combat."
Why? "I know a lot of people weren't into it, but the combos were fun to pull off, Dante does get better, and plenty of memorable bosses."
Why? "Its a fast paced gory shooter with barely any story in it and I wouldn't want it any other way."
Why? "A DB game I didn't know I wanted."
Why? "The theme of getting stronger in the show felt right at home with the game as I felt my character get stronger with each opponent I defeated"
Why? "Beautiful 2D side scroller."
Why? "Basically everything I love about Family Guy, Stewie and Brian, Dimension hopping, crude humor, and Ernie the Giant Chicken."
Why? "A fantasy based in reality. All of the four main characters felt real and had a strong sense of brotherhood and had an excellent antagonist."
Why? "An intense cover shooter that pushed me to the limit."
Why? "IF anything, this is the third Ghostbusters movie, It's amazing they got the original cast back."
Why? "A Masterpiece. Nothing short of a masterpiece."
Why? "Until the PS4 game, this was a fitting conclusion to Krato's story. No two bosses are the same and the hack & slash gameplay is still brutal"
Why? "So many hours synced into this one."
Why? "Beautiful 2D art style with the most unique fighting game characters I've ever seen."
Why? "A pretty nice change of pace since we get to play as someone other then Master Chief."
Why? "A true console seller, even though I'm over Halo I can't deny the accomplishments this game made."
Why? "It really gives off this "one last stand" vibe, and with how the story ended I can see why. Really sad ending as my character was dying."
Why? "It's original, new, and one of the most gorgeous looking games, along with great gameplay with some RPG and stealth elements."
Why? "Better than the original, a better roster, perfect casting, and customizable costumes."
Why? "A not so inspired roster, but still has some solid combat and a comic book worthy story line. It helps that its written by Jimmy Palmiotti."
Why? "Dialogue wise it sucks, but it has an impressive roster and the gameplay is fun."
Why? "On paper it didn't sound like this would work, but somehow it did."
Why? "Roxas and Axel, that is all."
Why? "The best facial animation that this generation can't get right, I truly felt like a detective after solving each case."
Why? "Its fun when you play in co-op."
Why? "So many heroes and villains and the first lego game to have voices."
Why? "Pretty much everything I loved about Lego Batman 2, but with Marvel."
Why? "Wonderful performances, a good mystery, and I felt like my choices had weight to them."
Why? "The first video game I ever played and its still a lot of fun. I don't think I ever would've been the gamer I am now without this."
Why? "Played this all the time with my buddy’s and got me into Street Fighter"
Why? "A love letter to the Marvel universe. You could learn everything about the world in this game."
Why? "It’s so cool they made a game based on Civil War."
Why? "My entry to the Mega Man games."
Why? "Amazingly detailed and I can choose how to approach a mission. The villain sucked and it’s incomplete but it’s still worth playing."
Why? "A nice change of pace to play as a russian for once"
Why? "Improves on the flaws from the first game and delivers a better game overall."
Why? "Not really a LotR fan, but this was an awesome game with an all star cast and the orcs steal the show."
Why? "The orcs steal the show again and I can create and manage my army."
Why? "A proper way to do a reboot, but is also part sequel that was well pulled off, its also a great fighting game I spent hours on."
Why? "Ok I know it doesn't have fatalities, but it did introduce me to Mortal Kombat and I get to play as my favorite DC characters."
Why? "New characters and new mechanics makes MK feel freshness again."
Why? "As a kid I loved this game. It’s all my childhood shows all in one fun video game."
Why? "Quirky, intense combat, and a thought provoking story."
Why? "For a teaser, it was pretty frightening. A true shame we will never see the full game."
Why? "Smash Bros for Playstation, I dig it."
Why? "The definitive Resident Evil, it inspired so many games."
Why? "Played this all the time with my buddies, so many fun memories we had together."
Why? "Brought the scary back into Resident Evil. Just the shot in the arm the series needed."
Why? "Much better than the 2013 game with a better narrative and more mechanics"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "A love letter to gamers, hell it helped convince me to buy a PS4."