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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Christopher Niosi
Why? "This man is my hero. He is the one who inspired me to get into animation and voice acting. He is AMAZING and deserves to be in more stuff."
Why? "I wish they had more of her stuff on the site! Super talented actress who MUST be recognized."
Why? "Lawrence and Michael don't have much screen time, but this guy really makes you miss characters you don't know too well. Amazing talent."
Why? "She was so good in TOME! Her voice MADE Whyti and gave her so much personality."
Why? "This guy is one of the funniest people on earth, period. This man is a genius."
Why? "Like Hannah, she didn't have to change her voice for Chloe. She just experienced it! I love that about her."
Why? "She's doing an incredible job in RWBY and really makes you root for Yang."
Why? "Super funny, super talented, Ben is a really nice guy and gives great advice on how to start voiceing. Watch the kirblog he was in."
Why? "This guy is awesome! Not only is he an amazing singer and actor, but he played my favorite TOME character! Make sure toseehim out on YouTube"
Why? "Casey is a huge inspiration showing that your gender doesn't matter when it comes to voice acting. She's incredibly talented."
Why? "Aisling is an amazing character and she portrayed it so perfectly."
Why? "I actually thought he was Mexican when watching TOME. That's how great this guy is."
Why? "He was just so believable in dialouge, the emotion was great, and it was super enjoyable."
Why? "This guy is just full of personality and humor for all his characters and it's super fun and enjoyable to watch."
Why? "This guy is great adult/jerk characters, but also amazing at delivering humor. Skeight from TOME."
Why? "She is SO good as Winter. She really talks how an older sister would."
Why? "Snow and Alex are two of my favorite characters in video games, I would've never guessed they had the same actress! Erin is REALLY talented."
Why? "He's an amazing actor and needs to be in more movies."
Why? "This guy's played some of my favorite characters, and makes them all sound so different and unique. This guy is amazing."
Why? "Roman is a hilarious character and this guy does it perfectly."
Why? "She made Max! I noticed her voice is exactly the same IRL. She didn't have to change a thing! It's experiencing more than acting."
Why? "Jessi was great in TOME. Always full of personality, but doing the emotional scenes really well despite the funny voice. :)"
Why? "Villans are hard to make scary nowadays, but she just nails it! Cinder is a legit creepy character and it's all thanks to Jessica!"
Why? "I don't even care that he was Big the cat. This guy is AWESOME!"
Why? "No one does animal characters better than Kimlinh! Fidget is adorable, and Granda is one of my favorite TOME characters. She's so funny!"
Why? "Gonna ignore the fact she was in huniepop, Kira is amazing!"
Why? "Webmaster is a very difficult character to do, but he did it perfectly! Also, his TOME bloopers are hilarious."
Why? "For someone with a light airy voice who does little anime girl characters, sadness isn't easy to do. But she does it perfectly!"
Why? "This guy is amazing! His Blake Swift impression was so good, that Blake forgot and thought he recorded it! That's how awesome Lucien is."
Why? "She barley had any lines in song of the sea,yet she was so great.The song she had was so well done for her age,and I cant wait to see more!"
Why? "Not that many comedic characters can make me die of laughter, but this guy is just SO funny! Go watch TOME if you haven't, you'll see. :)"
Why? "What can I say about this man that hasn't already been said? He is wonderful. Have you heard him sing? Matthew Mercer is legendary."
Why? "Sun is one of my favorite RWBY characters, and that wouldn't be possible without this guy. Great delivery, especially on the humor."
Why? "I grew up with pokemon, and she voiced so many of my favorite characters! She's also very funny and can do emotional moments very well."
Why? "Mona is just so talented and nice, her kirblog with Chris Niosi gives really good advice on how to start if anyone's interested."
Why? "Nate is one of my favorite YouTubers of all time and is an amazing singer and actor. PLEASE check out his channel!"
Why? "I know he's more of a TV actor, but he's on the site so it counts. This guy made Liam my favorite quantum character, hands down."
Why? "He's just so natural. He's what made Henry so likeable for me, and so easy to sympathise with. Because he was REAL"
Why? "Almost all his characters are so nice, and he delivers that kindness perfectly!"
Why? "She's the perfect contrast to Apphia Yu in TOME. Her performance was hilarious and aggressive and I love it."
Why? "He's just the perfect fit for Ozpin and I love it."
Why? "Bitshrum is a very balanced character and Todd keeps that balance through all of TOME."
Why? "This guy MADE Qrow. This is how you make an alcoholic character likeable. Grade A+ actor no doubt in my mind."
Why? "Xander is just the freaking best."
Why? "So awesome! I'm loving him as Mercury from RWBY, and of course Rubirules from TOME"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Even though she's mute, she's super expressive and shows emotion. She's adorable and has an amazing singing voice."
Why? "Her design is great, her personality is fun, and she's super enjoyable."
Why? "Alex is hilarious, she's smart, she knows what she wants to do and gets all the answers she wants. I love her for all of that and more. :)"
Why? "She's acts like super nice that hippie girl who was in everyone's high school. She's just your bestie!"
Why? "He's just so kind and determined to help everyone. Even though he's cursed, he never complains saying how it isn't fair. He goes with it."
Why? "His accent is funny. :)"
Why? "His voice actor is great! He's a great comic relief, but you really care for him when he's hurt and limping. Awesome design as well!"
Why? "She's smart, kind, tactical, and has a great voice. Her loyalty in honorable and her relationship with her sisters is great."
Why? "I feel awful for her! Working your whole life for something and then finding out you fail must be soul crushing! But she pulls through."
Why? "He's badass and is clearly just trying to the right thing, which is REALLY hard in Fabletown."
Why? "I always thought Blaze was the mysterious character and she's better than Amy."
Why? "One of the cutest, lamest villians of all time. I just wanna hug him! I know it's weird...don't judge me."
Why? "We the same personality!"
Why? "She's super funny and has a great personality."
Why? "She's spends a lot of time passed out, but she's super powerful in battle, and she's adorable."
Why? "Her lifestyle isn't great, but she's hilarious and super chill and cool."
Why? "Clarissa seems like a TOTAL bitch at first but you realize she's just as upset as Alex. You really don't know what to do because she's real."
Why? "Delilah is hilarious! She always has something witty to say, but is also super relatable and likeable, despite being SUPER sassy."
Why? "He had very good reasoning for doing what he did and you could tell he just wanted his brothers to rest in peace and then be left alone."
Why? "She's weirdly German, but the way that she ships Luchs and Amelia is hilarious and she's great in battle to boot."
Why? "I love how pretty it looks when she glides and sings, it's almost hypnotizing and her loyalty is amazing."
Why? "SPOILERS This guy is a dick. I hated him, but I was actually really sad watching him die next to Vivian. This dick really made me care."
Why? "SPOILERS: These guys are scary. The fact that more than ninety ghosts can posses one girl is a great idea. And all seven actors are perfect."
Why? "Henry is such a good guy forced into a horrible situation that almost everyone can relate too, which makes him easy sympathise with."
Why? "It's actually heartbreaking when she gets amnesia because she's so likeable and is like a sister to Link."
Why? "She's got a bit of at temper, and a...REALLY weird voice. but her romance with Zero is heartbreaking."
Why? "Jonas seems like a slacker idiot, but he cares about his friends and is even concerned about Clarissa. It takes a real nice person for that."
Why? "She's just so funny and cheery all the time and it's adorable."
Why? "We have the same name! There's only one interaction with her in game, but it's super sweet and adorable and you just want her to see Henry!"
Why? "She's so cute and happy and I love her relationship with Sora."
Why? "SPOILERS! Kate is tragic. Especially if you don't know now what you're doing and can't save her. I just wanna hug her!"
Why? "ADORABLE!!! Rugrats in Paris is one of my favorite movies, and I think this is a bug reason why."
Why? "This guy is the thing that made me fall in love with this movie. He's so likable and you just want to see him get out okay which I love."
Why? "He's such a well written, realistic kid and he's adorable."
Why? "She's just so innocent and kind, her animation is beautiful and her story is tragically amazing."
Why? "It's really likable that she tries to understand Zero, which is not easy. The other guides just didn't get an arc like her, and it's great."
Why? "Liam became my favorite quantum character since episode 3. He just loves Emily so much to the point where he SLITS A GUY'S THROAT for her."
Why? "I just love her cynical nature and sarcasm. Lin is one of the best 'cuz she has to pretend to be nice around the guests, which she is not."
Why? "He doesn't talk, but you can always tell what he wants to say. My favorite is Skyward Sword Link because he just cares so much for people."
Why? "He is SO nice! One of the kindest characters in video games, hands down. Not great in battle, but wonderful where it counts."
Why? "The lengths he goes to for Maria is adorable and honorable and he's got a great singing voice."
Why? "I always like that one 'dark' character in a happy colorful world, and Marceline is hilarious to boot."
Why? "Her story almost made me tear up. The fact that she has a way to be happy amazes me. I wouldn't last in her life, but she still smiles. :)"
Why? "She's super nice and just wants to do the right thing, and her powers are AWESOME!"
Why? "You can tell he doesn't want to hurt people but has to in order to save the humans which is a great and well written dilemma."
Why? "She's adorable! I love how happy she is when she becomes a mermaid and her dynamic with Ariel is great."
Why? "I actually agree with her. I would love the medieval era to last forever, that'd be awesome! I love her philosophy, voice, and design."
Why? "Midna is the perfect combination of cute and dark. Her determination is great and she's also really honorable."
Why? "Usually skeptic characters are annoying but Mikleo just wants what's best for his people. He's actually very kind and I love his voice."
Why? "She's just so awesome! I love tomboy personality and how funny she is."
Why? "Mitsuha's progression through the movie is amazing to watch. I love seeing how she changes for the better and for Taki. Plus, she's adorable"
Why? "The straight man is super important in comedies, and Mordecai is one of the best at putting up with the crazieness."
Why? "SPOILERS I don't understand the ending of the game AT ALL, but Nerissa is an awesome character. She just wants to save her friends."
Why? "HE'S A PSYCHOPATH. Paul is SCARY. The lengths he goes to are insane and he CHOKES a bitch for trying to calm him down. Jeez, guy!"
Why? "She's so cute! I just wanna hug her forever. See this movie if you haven't if you want a cute rush."
Why? "Lookit the cute, can't handle the CUTE!"
Why? "He cares so much about Cassima and their relationship is one of my favorites in all of video games. Zounds!"
Why? "I don't know, I just always thought he was cooler than Kirby."
Why? "He just loves Amalthea so much! He's willing to anything for her, even though she doesn't know how he really feels."
Why? "Kaguya's story is beautifully tragic. She has to pretend to be happy when she really hates her situation and wants out."
Why? "She's almost always bubbly and happy and her dynamic with Link is always well written and make her a damsel that you actually wanna save."
Why? "I first saw the game in Japanese, and decided I loved her before learning her motivation...eh. Regardless, this boss is HARD!!! It's great."
Why? "Rachel is an amazing character. She's strong, talented, and super smart. I love her so much. And she's a theater kid so, bonus points."
Why? "Rosalina is actually a very compelling character, especially for a Mario game. Her story doesn't really end happy, which was surprising."
Why? "The way she moves is just really pretty and her singing voice is beautiful."
Why? "She's just really cool and funny and her romance with Danny is written exactly how high schoolers fall in love! She's just really cool."
Why? "She is BADASS! She only cares about her top priority, and everyone else is worthless, or dead."
Why? "She's just really cute and cares so much for her sister which is great."
Why? "He's really kind and cares for Amalthea, but he can stand his ground and gets upset when he should."
Why? "Yeah his backstory is confusing as hell, but Shadow is still really awesome! I love dark brooding characters, and Shadow is perfect!"
Why? "She really cares about Sonic and helps out a lot. I love the game's final cutscene, she's just so sensitive"
Why? "His debut wasn't perfect, but Silver is actually a great character! He'll do anything to save his future, and it's really honorable."
Why? "These bitches be scary! I love them!"
Why? "I literally screamed when I thought she was dead. She's just so snarky and fun, but serious when she has to be which you gotta appreciate."
Why? "This guy is SO nice! He's always kind to people no matter what, and he's really funny."
Why? "We pretty much have the same personality AND she's one of the strongest in the game."
Why? "Taki is super kind and really does what he can to help Mitsuha. He goes to the ends of the earth for her and it's adorable, he's a great guy"
Why? "His voice is just so cute!!!"
Why? "She's so sassy! Her determination is great, her voice is awesome, and she's a bitch!"
Why? "We're both artists and I just really wanted to live her life."
Why? "NERRRRD! Nah, this guy is super cool and acts just like my best friends."
Why? "This guy was my childhood, how could I not? He was everyone's childhood!"
Why? "She's so awesome! A great fighter, and her romance with Ulrich is adorable."
Why? "He's so awesome! He's really well written and his connections with X, Axel, Iris, and Layer are amazing and believable."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Why? "I grew up with pokemon and I grew up with this show. To this day I still love it to death."
Why? "This show has great comedy and solid music."
Why? "My friend showed me this and I just didn't like how it looked. But the story is just so amazing, I couldn't stay away!"
Why? "As cheesy as that theme song is, Danny Phantom has a great concept with pretty good humor."
Why? "The way that each episode starts with a normal premise, but then spirals into chaos is hilarious."
Why? "This show is adorable and charming and I adore it."
Why? "Most people don't like this series, but Dude, where's my horse? Is one of my favorite movies of all time for some reason. :)"
Why? "This show is always clever and funny and I adore it."
Why? "I grew up with this show. I love it so much, but I haven't watched any of the ones with Sparky, so I don't know if it's still any good."
Why? "I don't like the "girl power" thing, but this show is just SO funny and cute! Haven't watched danced pansted yet though."
#1 All Time Favorite
Song of the Sea
Why? "This movie is BEAUTIFUL. Everything is hand drawn, and it's clearly taking it's mythology seriously. Go see it if you haven't."
Why? "I don't care that it's an inaccurate rip-ff. It's actually a great kids film! See it if you haven't."
Why? "This movie's message and story are tragically beautiful. With lovely animation and great music, how could I not?"
Why? "This movie is gorgeous! I was smiling the whole way through. It's written and acted beautifully, go see it."
Why? "This movie is gorgeous! I love the music and the story. The actors hit hard with the emotion and you feel every struggle."
Why? "This movie is amazing. One of my favorites, no doubt. it should be seen by anyone who isn't squeemish."
Why? "This movie was a LOT better than expected. This film is hilarious and has some great singers in it."
Why? "This movie is gorgeous. The animation is always flowing, and the music is beautiful."
Why? "This movie is awesome! I love how everything looks like it's made of felt and the jokes are hilarious!"
Why? "This movie is beautiful. The story and animation, and Marnie herself are all incredible. The twist left me crying. It's SO good."
Why? "This movie is gorgeous. It's concept is so clever and the ending left my friend and I hugging on the brink of tears. Go see it while you can"
Why? "This movie tackles subjects that most adult media pieces are afraid to touch. And it does it wonderfully! And it's hilarious."
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Why? "This game is amazing. It's so cool and creepy, and no one knows anything about it! And the characters are all awesome."
Why? "This game has wonderful characters and an engaging story with beautiful cutscenes. Maybe one day I'll finish it!"
Why? "This game is beautiful. The story, the visuals, the characters, everything is either hilarious or dramatic. And there's a Julia!"
Why? "This game is hilarious and SO much fun!"
Why? "I was expecting this game to be crap. But I was pleasantly surprised! This game is awesome and takes the mythos seriously."
Why? "This game is SO fun! The acting is meh, but the graphics are great for the time and the writing is amazing."
Why? "This game is incredible. All the acting, music, graphics, it's amazing and I adore it."
Why? "I love disney, and this game fits the characters in perfectly. I really did care about the characters, and THAT ENDING. I almost cried."
Why? "This game is super fun and creative. I can remember certain levels as soon as I start them because I've replayed it so much."
Why? "I play this game whenever I'm sad. It always puts a smile on my face with it's peaceful music and adorable visuals."
Why? "The people in this game don't look right, and the dialogue is slightly off, but this game is POWERFUL. The situations are TOO real!"
Why? "I just got this game, and I'm already in love. All e characters are so kind and, the battles are fun, and the cutscenes are beautiful."
Why? "This game is fun, is well written, and has...questionable voice acting. Not gonna lie. But nevertheless, this game is awesome."
Why? "This game is the perfect mix of gameplay and TV episodes, and it's amazing fun with great writing and characters."
Why? "This game has great character interactions that are full of emotion and fun."
Why? "They wanted to make a dark Zelda game, and they kinda succeeded! There are some scary moments and of course great story and characters."
Why? "This game is just fun...I don't have to be super descriptive all the time. It's just fun."
Why? "This game is badass! I love how gritty and cool everyone and everything is. It's so much fun. It's badass."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "I love pokemon to death. I'll love it forever, and I can't wait to see what they do next."
Why? "Disney was my entire childhood and still adore them to this day."
Why? "These games are always great fantasy epics with memorable characters and amazing music."
Why? "Always charming, funny, and colorful, who couldn't love em'?"
Why? "Who doesn't love these guys? They're always charming and beautiful and I watch them all the time."
Why? "Yes, Sonic Boom sucks, but I LOVE Sonic. All the characters and most of the games always make me smile despite how cheesey it might be."
Why? "It's a classic! I actually can't think of a Mario game I don't like. That's a good sign."
Why? "It's like Toy Story nature addition. And I love it."