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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Grey DeLisle
Why? "Grey has a very distinct voice.....whether it be Daphne Blake or Mandy from "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy", she's a true talent!"
Why? "Very broad range of voices he can do! One of my favorites! :)"
Why? "Such a suitable and mysterious voice for Yami Yugi and Knuckles the Echidna! Simply amazing!!"
Why? "Some of these characters I didn't know he was the voice of! Daran is just that great at making up different voices!!"
Why? "Sweet and young, her roles as XJ-9 (Jenny) and Ami (Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi) were the best ones yet! I hope to see her voice more characters!"
Why? "Jason has a fun, creative and imaginative voice that totally fit Sega's mascot, Sonic! He also is the voice of most of his rivals!"
Why? "His voice is very distinct. I love how some of his roles are in a serious tone and some are completely funny!"
Why? "HE is vengeance, HE is the night, HE IS BATMAN!!!! I love hearing his story when he helped out others after 9/11! It made many smile!!"
Why? "Ehhh....what's up, Doc? Haha! Ah! So MANY roles! Truly an amazing talent! Rest in Peace, King of Voices!"
Why? "He made Silver sound amazing! His voice totally fit that cool hedgehog!"
Why? "He's Yakko, Carl Wheezer, and just about every other funny character you seen (and hear) on TV! What a TERRIFIC VO Actor and mentor!"
Why? "Roger Jackson is quite the amazing voice over artist that never ceases to amaze me! My all-time favorite role he voiced is the Cheshire Cat"
Why? "Let me say one thing....his voice is just simply AMAZING!! I first known him as the voice of Goku. Now I know him as many others! Go Sean"
Why? "Fun and a fresh voice! Brings life into many characters!"
Why? "A crazy, talented man who recently recorded for the third game in the Arkham series as the JOKER! His performances are phenomenal! :)"
Why? "Edward Ulric! And...the fact that he is Vic Mignogna! Such a star among many people!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Robin / Tim Drake
Why? "I really like Troy Baker's voice for this character in Batman: Arkham City! Have you played it? Go out there and play it! Robin's great!!"
Why? "I love Batman! What's not to love? He's serious, dark, intelligent and he is a huge contrast to Bruce Wayne! Such skill he possesses!"
Why? "Seriously what is cooler than a purple cat that can wield fire power? A fast blue hedgehog? Oh well, maybe... She has a really nice voice"
Why? "She is absolutely adorable and was my favorite out of all of them! I love that she is a leader like I am! :)"
Why? "Strong, courageous and a true hero! Has an awesome voice and I have seen the show ever since I was five!"
Why? "Man, this character sure is competitive..especially when it comes down to racing against Sonic! Jet is determined to win one day."
Why? "Link is such an amazing video game character. He is the only one who can use the Master Sword! I've played about seven Zelda games!"
Why? "Mickey sure brings a lot of magic to the world of Disney! He's totally a favorite to many young children and even to some adults as well!"
Why? "She truely is a princess... I mean, just look at her appearance! Sheik is also amazing because she/he brings out Zelda's courageous side!"
Why? "I just love Robin! You gotta love the sidekicks sometimes! "
Why? "Shadow has indeed one heck of a personality. I always liked the color used for him, jet black and crimson! "Chaos Control!""
Why? "Awww, Silver is definitely the cutest out of all the hedgehogs...well, in my opinion that is. I hope they'll make a game just about him!"
Why? "Ah yes, the "blue dash" himself! A very unique character and it is amazing that he could run faster the speed of sound!"
Why? "The pharaoh sealed with in the millenium puzzle. He's a very powerful duelist and plus...he some great hair and is voiced by Dan Green!"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Why? "This show is kind of stupid..but that's what makes it hilarious! I never thought I would really like show like this. Voice acting is great"
Why? "Stupid? Yes. Hilarious? ABSOLUTELY! Seth McFarlane's voice talent makes the show more interesting with such comedic lines! Great Show!"
Why? "One of the best cartoons of the 90's! I wish it went on to producing more season of the show... But I loved it especially its voice cast!"
Why? "Man, I can't believe how old this cartoon is! I used to watch it all the time when I was little. I still remember some the episodes..."
#1 All Time Favorite
Spirited Away
Why? "One of the best Studio Ghibli films I've seen! It's full of fun and fantasy and mystery! Still quote lines from the film from time to time"
Why? "This movie was fun, exciting, and very unique! Kiki is such a cute, little character!"
Why? "I was so young when I first came across this, didn't comprehend much from it. But after a while, it sank in. Such an incredible film!"
Why? "This movie was my favorite out of all the Disney Movies! It was cute and today I own every single Lion King movie. Totally love it!"
Why? "NBC! Amazing stop motion! It caught my interest when I was young. It had love, suspense, adventure and other captivating qualities! ***"
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Why? "Out of all the voices, I like Kevin Conroy's the most. He gives Batman a voice that is well supported, dark and true intelligence!"
Why? "Such a dark, secretive character! She absolutely is one of my favorites of the TT! And plus, she is voiced by the talented Tara Strong!!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Batman: Arkham City
Why? "I cannot stop playing this game! It has an EXCELLENT voice cast, many captivating side missions, and some great action! My favorite WB game"
Why? "This totally shows off Shadow's independence, violent behavior and somewhat heroic nature...but then again, it depends on how you play it."
Why? "I bought this game for Wii and I admit that the graphics are clear! The Daytime levels were fun but the nighttime levels seemed to drag..."
Why? "This was the best out of all the Super Smash Bros. games I've played. Love the many features especially the stage maker and Subspace mode!"
Why? "Best Zelda game ever!! The dungeons and temples were fun and yet intense and this game requires a lot of wit! Best Zelda game PERIOD."
Why? "Challenging, engaging, adventurous, and totally fun! Link takes combat across the great sea! Really great game!"
Why? "Love, Love, Love this game! It is my second favorite right next to Ocarina of Time! No one can stop Link, the chosen hero of courage!"