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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Nolan North
Why? "This man simply ROCKS! Yes, he's in a ton of stuff, but I don't think that's a bad thing. He's so ridiculously good at what he does."
Why? "He was a hoot as Marvin in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"
Why? "Pretty good as Green Arrow in YJ."
Why? "The OG Scrooge"
Why? "His L is absolutely fantastic!"
Why? "She's awesome!"
Why? "As Kevin Conroy is to Bats, Arleen is to Harley Quinn."
Why? "She's super-talented!"
Why? "This guy, is responsible for a HUGE part of my childhood with shows like Doug. Loved that show to bits."
Why? "He's been in several of my favorite anime, but Light Yagami is his crowing achievement in my view."
Why? "One of my favorite VA's. He's been in several of my favorite anime, but the role I'll remember most is Ryuk from Death Note."
Why? "Evil Dead and Burn Notice!!!!"
Why? "Really like his Batman! Second to Kevin Conroy of course."
Why? "This guy can ACT, man! Awesome talent. Love him on Breaking Bad and really like his take on Jim Gordon too."
Why? "He's really come a long way! Really liking his work within the last few years!"
Why? "Grew up with his Wolverine. So many awesome memories. The best!"
Why? "Wow! Cam's been in a bunch of my favorite shows, but I had no idea it was him! Mad skills!"
Why? "I LOVED him as Rocko! Another VA that's responsible for a good chunk of my childhood."
Why? "The one and only Flash IMO"
Why? "Awesome guy! LOVE his rendition of The Joker!"
Why? "Does a great job as Chloe. Then again, the chemistry that the Uncharted cast has with one another is near perfection."
Why? "I'm in love with his voice lol."
Why? ""Quantum Power!""
Why? "He has such a regal-sounding perfectly for Byakuya."
Why? "He's tight, yo!"
Why? "Have been a fan of David's work forever!"
Why? "Tenth Doctor!!!"
Why? "Awesome as Grimmjow!!"
Why? "Scarecrow, yo!"
Why? "Ridiculously talented!"
Why? "Alfred..."
Why? "This guy has a voice of gold! An amazing talent for sure. There isn't a character in existence that he can't play! Just awesome."
Why? "Sephiroth and Superman = win"
Why? "Great as Lazaravic in the Uncharted series!"
Why? "Hilarious in Archer!"
Why? "I actually like his take on Scar better than Dameon Clarke's"
Why? "White Ranger, Black Ranger, Red Ranger, Green Ranger. :)"
Why? "o_O Wow!!!! So many awesome credits. This guy has wicked talent."
Why? "Happiness Bunny has to be one of the funniest characters ever, Love it."
Why? "I know him best as Q, but it's awesome to see that he's voiced some of my favorite animated characters as well!"
Why? "I absolutely LOVED his Deadpool in MUA/MUA 2. Made him the insane psychopath I always imagined he was."
Why? "He's awesome!!!"
Why? "She's Incredible! Great to see her still working!"
Why? "The "true" voice of Batman!"
Why? "Awesome voice actorm awesome guy."
Why? "This man could read the classifieds and I'd love every minute of it."
Why? "Archer and a bunch of others."
Why? "The Joker....That is all."
Why? "I love his accent!"
Why? "Love his work!"
Why? "Madara Uchiha OMG! Love it! Also a really cool guy."
Why? "Funny guy 😃"
Why? "The one and only Optimus Prime!!"
Why? "A shame he didn't have more roles. He had a very smooth voice."
Why? "Had no idea he voiced Slips, Windsor and Daniel! That's awesome!"
Why? "The sheer amount of credits this guy has just screams awesomeness. So many shows, so many characters, so many good memories..."
Why? "This guy is awesome! Lord Zedd is one of my all-time favorite characters."
Why? "Super versatile! I love his work."
Why? "He's got a good voice in general, but I LOVE the Italian accent he uses for Ezio. MMMMM :)"
Why? "Scott is absolutely hilarious!"
Why? "His humor may get stale, but it's ridiculous how crazy talented he is"
Why? "Rolo Lamprouge"
Why? "Bang. Love him as Spike Spiegel!"
Why? "Love her work! Plus she's an awesome person!"
Why? "Kratos!!!!"
Why? "He's awesome!"
Why? "The one and only Superman!"
Why? "Really making a name for himself! Love his work to bits."
Why? "While I'm not a crazy Vic fangirl, I like him a lot. He was fantastic as Ed Elric and I really love that he's a total nerd and a Christian."
Why? "GROOOT!"
#1 All Time Favorite
John Constantine
Why? "Such a snarky bastard ❤"
Why? "Awesome assassin!"
Why? "He's Batman---nuff said."
Why? "Cutter was awesome! Too bad he wasn't in the entire game."
Why? "So insanely (literally) cool!"
Why? "I love how he interacts with the supporting cast and his dry sense of humor."
Why? "Wicked assassin!"
Why? "What a glorious assassin he is! Not to mention he's really hot!"
Why? ""Bye bye!""
Why? "Favorite character of the series by far!!!"
Why? "KERMIT THE FROG!!! Love him!"
Why? "She can make transmutation circles with her feet! Epic."
Why? "My favorite female anime character ever. So awesome to have a strong, kick ass lead."
Why? "Nate is the epitome of cool! Plus he's kinda' hot ;)"
Why? "He can incinerate things with the snap of a finger! Awesome."
Why? "Oh my God, Brian Drummond, oh my God..."
Why? "A little emo, but I think it works really well. Conner is awesome!"
Why? "Does he even need a reason? It's Superman!"
Why? "So much better than Cloud...So, sooo much better."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Young Justice
Why? "One of the best cartoons currently airing!"
Why? "Absolutely love this!"
Why? "Pretty good! We'll see where it goes."
Why? "One of my all-time childhood favorites! Holds up really well too. Some 20 years later, find that I enjoy it just as much as I did as a kid."
Why? "When it's not in a seemingly endless state of fillers, it's quite good."
Why? "This show is complete, off the wall goofiness. It's one of those shows that you're kind of embarrassed to admit you love."
Why? "One of my favorite suspense animes of all-time! Has an awesome dub too."
Why? "Ah, childhood, how I miss thee! I loved this show to pieces when I was growing up. So awesome!"
Why? "My childhood!"
Why? "Awesome reboot!"
Why? "One of the best animated comedies of all-time!"
Why? "It starts out really slow, but quickly picks up the pace. I loved every minute of it!"
Why? "I. Love. This. Franchise. This is is absolutely epic!"
Why? "Oh boy! I loooooooooove this anime so much! I didn't think I would get onto it as I'm not a fan of boxing at all...Glad I stuck with it."
Why? "The awesomeness continues!"
Why? "LOve this series like you wouldn't believe! Have seen it a dozen times over and pick up something new every time!"
Why? "Loved. This. Show. To bits. Very entertaining."
Why? "Having seen the original a gazillion times, The Final Act is exactly what I was hoping for! Such a satisfying conclusion!"
Why? "Al nostalgia, how I love thee"
Why? "A lot slower than what I usually like, but it is an absolutely GORGEOUS anime."
Why? "Cuteness abound! I love this show!"
Why? "Long, but soooo good!"
Why? ":)"
Why? "Memories"
Why? "Loved this show to death as a kid! So funny and awesome."
Why? "This and Batman TAS were two of my favorite shows as a kid. Both of them still hold up really well, even after all these years."
Why? "Didn't really like it at first, but as I watched more and more, I grew to love it!"
Why? "Ah, childhood. I have such good memories of this show,.It's awesome beyond belief!"
Why? "Nothing will ever beat the original in my opinion, but this was pretty cool!"
Why? "This has now become my favorite TMNT series. I love it. The cast is perfection!"
Why? "Memories"
Why? "Awesome in every way!"
Why? "Love this show!!"
Why? "For the younger crowd, but it's very cute."
Why? "This. Show. Is. AWESOME!!!!"
Why? "One of my favorites growing up!"
Why? "The show that "really" got me into anime. This show rocks!"
#1 All Time Favorite
The Avengers
Why? "Woohoo! This is Epic!"
Why? "One of my favorite movies ever!"
Why? "Holy awesomeness Batman!"
Why? "Classic!"
Why? "Love It"
Why? "It gets a bad wrap, but it's really not as horrible as reviews would suggest."
Why? "GO GREEN! I loved this, it gave me a new appreciation for Hal Jordan. Chris Meloni does an awesome job voicing him too!"
Why? "Awesomeness!!"
Why? "Possibly the BEST superhero movie I've seen to date!"
Why? "Matt Ryan as Constantine!!!"
Why? "Cheesy as it is, it'll always be a favrite."
Why? "Mind-bending, spell-binding! Simply beautiful."
Why? "Ahhhh, memories, how I love thee. One of the greatest movies of all-time."
Why? "Awesome movie!"
Why? "Brings back so many awesome memories. One of my all-time favorites for sure!"
Why? "I'm not a die-hard Simpsons fan, but I loved this! It's like a longer, funnier version of the series."
Why? "My childhood brought to life on the big screen!"
Why? "My second favorite of the trilogy. Flawed, but I don't really care. It wasn't meant to be a pure masterpiece. Plus, Leonard Nimoy FTW!"
Why? "Yeah, it has issues, but it's not horrible."
Why? "Very sweet film! Awesome to hear Kyle Hebert, Roger Craig Smith and a host of other talented VA's in the movie."
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Why? "Hilarious, insane and badass. Love him!!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
Why? "Uncharted is by far one of my favorite franchises of all-time and Uncharted 2 really brought out all the fun and glory that is this game."
Why? "So much fun! Beautiful, crisp graphics."
Why? "❤❤❤❤❤❤❤"
Why? "This. Game. Is. AWESOME!"
Why? "Love it!"
Why? "Qicked awesome!"
Why? "This was my intro to the Kingdom Hearts series and now I'm hooked!"
Why? "Way more fun than I thought it was going to be!"
Why? "The game that started it all"
Why? "LOVE this game."
Why? "Been playing this like mad! It's so much fun!"
Why? "A little late to the party in playing through this, but I'm loving it!"
Why? "Oh my GOD!!!! Can't wait!!!!!!!"
Why? "Not as enjoyable as 2 or 3, but a good start for an epic frqanchise."
Why? "This doesn't really have the Uncharted "feel" to it, but it's still fun."
#1 All Time Favorite
Assassin's Creed