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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Crispin Freeman
Why? "Awesome voice acting. He played my favorite character in Hellsing, Alucard."
Why? "One of the best voice actors, and she has a great singing voice."
Why? "Perfect English dub for Bayonetta."
Why? "She did a great job as Korra."
Why? "Fun, awesome, and supreme."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "My favorite superhero and character of The Legend of Korra."
Why? "Excellent character with supreme wickedness."
Why? "Awesome vampire character with a lot of power."
Why? "A great character who evolves into a braver, more adventurous wolf-humanoid."
Why? "He is one of my favorite fictional villains. He has proven to be a very dangerous figure after the defeat of the Fire Lord."
Why? "Awesome lady with an awesome might. She is fun and very cool. And, very lovely."
Why? "Possibly my favorite character from Pixar. He made Ratatouille amazing along with his traits."
Why? "My favorite supervillain of all from comics and X-Men. He is the king of mutants with an unmatched might."
Why? "Sexy and awesome. He is one of the best male cartoon creations I have ever known."
Why? "One of the most beautiful women in animation. She is a fun and unique person. Hooray for Korrasami!"
Why? "He is a terrific male character cursed with super powers from a tainted arm. He is amazing!"
Why? "An awesome villain who leads legions of monsters. I love the voice and physique."
Why? "One of my favorite DC villains ever. He is one mighty Latino criminal who can lay waste to Tom Hardy's cheap performance. Yeah!"
Why? "Awesome and dark superhero who impresses me as a detective, scientist, fighter, and enhanced person."
Why? "Awesome Batman and great new character."
Why? "A mighty and sexy witch who can battle anyone who crosses her rudely."
Why? "Awesome cat character who can crush you for disappointing him. Yeah!"
Why? "KAKAROT! He never disappoints me."
Why? "She is one beautiful, mighty, and cool character. Emma did a great job with her voice-over."
Why? "A terrific character with a terrific fighting spirit. She and Guts are great together."
Why? "Awesome female character from DC Universe. Grey Griffin fitted excellently for her."
Why? "A very unique character with a small body and big brain. I liked how he encounters Lupin in their crossover."
Why? "My favorite Disney villain with great traits and a wonderful design."
Why? "Awesome anime villain."
Why? "Cute, unique, and excellent kid character. YAY!!!"
Why? "One awesome woman and supporter of Goliath's clan. I liked her gargoyle form."
Why? "I love this character. She was very interesting in her movie."
Why? "Let's get awesome!"
Why? "Dan Green did a beautiful job of voicing the character in Pokemon 3. The Unown's Entei is extreme and excellent."
Why? "Sexy, sweet, awesome, lovely, unique, and cool. That is how I describe Faye."
Why? "An amazing and deadly opponent in cartoons. His revival was excellent."
Why? "One of the sexiest creations of cartoon history. She is also an amazing femme fatale."
Why? "One of my great inspirations for cartoons and action packed fighting shows."
Why? "Awesome character who wields a grand voice and warrior spirit."
Why? "An amazing cartoon mentor to Griffith and villain. As Femto, he seems to be unstoppable. And, scary."
Why? "Awesome and deadly character who is too good."
Why? "A mother who helps and cares. She is a unique character."
Why? "LUPIN!!! LOL!"
Why? "Awesome woman with elegance and strength as a razor sharp artistic sword."
Why? "I love this character. He helped Zuko and others when hope was fading. Excellent uncle and friend."
Why? "Awesome character who cares for his crew."
Why? "Fun and very dangerous demon."
Why? "Unique ninja with great skills and traits."
Why? "A cool and unique character from Summer Wars. I love his computer avatar."
Why? "Great and powerful character who inspires me a lot."
Why? "Supreme fighting machine!"
Why? "Awesome kid character who has a cool dog and cool traits."
Why? "Fun, powerful, and imaginative warrior character."
Why? "A villain I love a lot. She is too cool. Her mech-giant was very intimidating."
Why? "One of my all time favorite bad women! She is fierce."
Why? "Sexy, fun, lovely, and cute character. I love her design in the movie she is in."
Why? "Awesome female police leader. Don't tick her off!"
Why? "Great character who scares dragons besides being fun and beautiful."
Why? "One fun villain. I like how she overwhelmed the main characters of Wander Over Yonder."
Why? "One of the funniest villains from Disney and in his show. He is extreme with what he has."
Why? "A great and worthy antagonist from his film."
Why? "I love this character. Both live-action and animation. A grand-scale deadly burnt samurai."
Why? "One of the best and funniest characters in the Slayers movies. I love how she controls dragons."
Why? "Sexy, lovely, unique, and fun character. I love her design."
Why? "Mama Wolf is intense. Mama Wolf is supreme!"
Why? "Awesome and funny female character."
Why? "A dimwit at first until becoming a very fun and helpful superhero. She needs to not touch animal tails rudely!"
Why? "One of the best cartoon villains in my opinion. I like how he controls the Space Show."
Why? "One of my favorite DC characters and heroes. I liked how he beat Bane like he did to Batman in Knightfall."
Why? "Very cool swordsman and very unique character."
Why? "My favorite Dragon Ball character. He is too cool."
Why? "Awesome alien character with a powerful energy form and fun traits. He is a dream come true."
Why? "My favorite Disney princess."
Why? "One of my favorite villains from comics and cartoons. Ilike him a lot!"
Why? "Awesome, deadly, unique, and amazing. That is how I describe this crime king of Harlem."
Why? "Fun and lovely female character who can sing very good."
Why? "Tough and cool princess who lives with wolf deities."
Why? "Sanosuke is too cool. I love everything about him besides his sword."
Why? "She could have been lead character! I love her and her character design. Beautiful and stylish!"
Why? "I love this vampire character. She is cute, fun, charming, deadly, and unique."
Why? "My favorite supervillain from DC Universe. He is very unique."
Why? "A supreme and menacing reptile."
Why? "Awesome man with awesomeness around him!"
Why? "I love him. He is one of Disney's best male characters."
Why? "My favorite Superman."
Why? "One of the most beautiful and unique female characters in cartoons. She is excellent."
Why? "Awesome female character who is the sister of Lin. She looks gorgeous, and she is a fun character."
Why? "Very fun and tough female character. I love when she uses her fists to beat her opponents. Plus, Tick-Tock!"
Why? "One of my favorite villains in cartoons. He is a MACHO MAN!!!"
Why? "His name is VICIOUS! That's all I have to say."
Why? "Awesome and ugly looking villain. He is very unique."
Why? "Very cute and friendly guy. I like him too much."
Why? "Awesome female superhero with great back story and traits."
Why? "Beautifully designed, well made, and supreme character from Ancient Egypt."
Why? "She is a terrific character who wanted to be the best she can be while changing herself."
Why? "Amazing and awesome. He was a threat like no other. I liked how he became a great enemy and helper to Korra."
Why? "He is very cool. I like how he appears as he has some great magic skills."
Why? "One of the greatest demon characters I have ever known."
Why? "My favorite character in Avatar. He had the most impact to me throughout the show."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Samurai Jack
Why? "Great art and fun adventure."
Why? "Beautiful and fun show."
Why? "One of my favorite cartoons ever! I love the episodes and characters."
Why? "Awesome movie!"
Why? "Awesome and very gruesome."
Why? "This cartoon has helped me out a lot. It has a great storyline along with characters I like a lot. Korra is the best."
Why? "One of my favorite shows. It is too funny."
#1 All Time Favorite
Dragon Ball Super: Broly
Why? "Fun and awesome movie."
Why? "My favorite video game movie. Better than Super Mario Bros. movie."
Why? "Awesome fantasy movie with blood and guts."
Why? "Amazing sequel to the series."
Why? "A majestic and brutal conclusion. I love the film, but it can be too emotional and tragic to handle."
Why? "One of my favorite films. I love how it shows how crazy Harlem was during the fictional storytelling."
Why? "One of the best movies I have seen. Frieza's revival was top notch and the story was planned very well."
Why? "Awesome action movie that would make Tom Hardy and Chuck Norris blow up. LOL!"
Why? "Love the differences, love the story, and love the characters."
Why? "One awesome crossover for Lupin and his new rival."
Why? "Cool and brutal movie."
Why? "A sweet and spectacular movie with great futuristic materials."
Why? "Awesome ninja movie!"
Why? "My favorite Pokemon movie. One of the best childhood films I have ever seen. Entei vs. Charizard!!!"
Why? "One of my favorite films from Hayao Miyazaki."
Why? "Amazing. Has fun superhero and anime parodies and a great adventure. A-Ko is awesome."
Why? "One of the coolest movies I have seen in a long time. It introduced me to the series."
Why? "This movie is gorgeous. The scenes with the scared dragons are excellent."
Why? "The golem battle was excellent. This is an awesome cartoon movie."
Why? "Yo! Yo yo! I love the movie."
Why? "A spectacular re-imagination of Our War Game and a very fun cartoon movie. KOI KOI!"
Why? "This film gets better every time I view it. As someone who loves sword fights, this film made them look awesome!!!"
Why? "Fantastic artistic film by Mamoru."
Why? "A fun and universal cartoon movie that showed me many things other movies have not."
Why? "Beautiful and fun and nice movie. I love it."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Fun and great movies. A, B, and C-kos rock."