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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Erica Mendez
Why? "Her vocal range is nothing short of incredible and all of her performances are solid."
Why? "He plays Kylo Ren!"
Why? "Great as Shulk!"
Why? "Despite the fact that she plays all of my least favorite characters, she does have a pleasant voice and good acting for them."
Why? "She iIS Gou Matsuoka!"
Why? "I swear this man is a genius."
Why? "Her Kofuku is the very definition of golden. I also enjoyed her as Clair, Mei Hatsune, Yoshino and Pascal as well!"
Why? "Sailor Jupiter and Cher'che!"
Why? "Her covers on YouTube are amazing!"
Why? "She is Yukiko to me."
Why? "Trina Nishmura's pen name. Not hard to see why she uses it since no one wants to be famous for 'cartoon porn' but she still nails it!"
Why? "Her Madoka, Platinum, Futaba and Iris are all classics."
Why? "She IS Harley Quinn hands down. It's to bad she retired."
Why? "I honestly like her Tsundere voice better than Rie Kugimiya's."
Why? "My favorite 'big name' voice actress. I love her performances as Ellie, Gwen and Terra."
Why? "He did an amazing job as Karma!"
Why? "Despite all of the controversy that she caused a while back she's amazing as Haruhi, Monaka, Misa, Konata, Boreas and Lucy!"
Why? "Her Kotori is adorable and I love her voice in Love Marginal to bits."
Why? "Her voice can go from the adorable Ochaho to the strict and fierce Minerva. Not to mention she's a great artist as well."
Why? "love his vocal range"
Why? "He brings a great amount of energy to his roles that feels natural and grounded."
Why? "Justice!"
Why? "I will kill you in the name of deliciousness."
Why? "Sakura!"
Why? "Great as Juviva, Yuno and Ciel!"
Why? "Ichigo."
Why? "Rin, Eren, Henry and Red!"
Why? "Her Hiroyi is fantastic!"
Why? "He did a great job with Bell!"
Why? "She voices Winry!"
Why? "As much as I hate Fiora I will admit that Carina did a fantastic job with her voice! She's probably my favorite voice actress from the UK."
Why? "I can't wrap my head around her talent!"
Why? "I love her in Toradora! and Madoka Magica!"
Why? "She IS Blossom."
Why? "Great as Minako, Lucy, Patty, Lizzy, Ari and (even though I hate sword art online) Asuna."
Why? "He did an amazing job as David BOEY!"
Why? "She's great as Madoka and Minori!"
Why? "Why is he such a good voice actor. Maybe it was passed down the Armstrong line."
Why? "Great vocal range!"
Why? "Her China and Haihane are both really well done. I also have to give her credit for being my Danganronpa waifu's better Eng VA."
Why? "Love her as Erza and Riza!"
Why? "Great as Homura, Sailor Mars and Shatae!"
Why? "He made Black Clover a watchable show. Granted it's still a bootleg Naruto but his voice is one of the shows very few redeeming qualities!"
Why? "Great as Chise."
Why? "He pretty much stole the stage as Zeke in XC2."
Why? "I love his performances as Tomoyo, Bertolt and Todoroki. One of Sentai's best VAs for certain!"
Why? "He is Xander to me."
Why? "His work for Danganronpa says it all really. I hope that he gets to voice another character when D4 comes out..."
Why? "He has a great 'love to hate' voice."
Why? "Does good as Blaze and all of her roles in Pokémon (especially Meloetta, her voice is to beautiful)"
Why? "Her Anne is perfect."
Why? "She's amazing as Seiko, Sanaki, Olwen, Chie, Noire Emmerlyn and Genocide Jack."
Why? "The best Obi-Wan"
Why? "Really amazing as Rin"
Why? "He plays Marth to perfection!"
Why? "Her work for Ghost Stories speaks for itself honestly."
Why? "His Oma is the very definition of perfect."
Why? "I nearly freaked out when I discovered Starfire and Virdi shared a voice!"
Why? "She is the only person who is allowed to voice Pikachu. Period."
Why? "Her voice for both Rem and Tsubasa is adorable."
Why? "Fantastic as Obi Wan, Ratchet and Tidus and is just an awesome person in general who is willing to interact with fans and parody himself."
Why? "Despite being badly miscasted as Peko she did quite a great job with Jenny Wakeman. Wish Nick would hurry up and reboot that show..."
Why? "While not to big on his Yato, Syaorin and Finnian he does have a fantastic antagonist voice as well as a nice comedic one."
Why? "She did justice to my best girl Riko. That's enough for me."
Why? "Her Hange is GODLY."
Why? "She plays Panne to perfection!"
Why? "Despite how much I despite Fuuka, I will admit that Jill did a fantastic job with her voice. She actually made me care a bit about the show!"
Why? "He did an amazing job as Ford Pines!"
Why? "Armin!!!!!"
Why? "All of her roles for the Fire Emblem franchise are fantastic whether it be Cordelia, Linde, Nephnee, Flora, Caeldori or Severa/Selena."
Why? "She also has amazing covers on YouTube!"
Why? "Izuku and Ryota."
Why? "She kills it as Videl."
Why? "Brilliant as Tails, Lissia, Sailor Mercury, Sakura, Barbie and C.C!"
Why? "The one and only Black Cat Princess!"
Why? "Tae Takemi nuff said."
Why? "The definitive Chihiro IMO. It's truly incredible how he was able to pull of a trap so well while actually being male."
Why? "She rules as Sailor Moon! So cute and clumsy...her Peko is also amazing and she brings out the good qualities that make her so great!"
Why? "She does a fantastic job doing upbeat cheerful voices without getting to high pitched."
Why? "OVA Gordin is still best Gordin."
Why? "Kamina and Ryu!"
Why? "His voice fits Alm perfectly!"
Why? "As much as I dislike her FE roles, I will admit that she does a fantastic job with the koopalings (Morton in particular)."
Why? "Lucina, Lust, Maka and Black widow!"
Why? "Kyoko, Robin (female), and Annie!"
Why? "Her Kirby is plain awesome! I also liked her as Sayaka, Lyn, Nephnee, Viridi and Ness."
Why? "He's shown quite a lot of range in the performances he does."
Why? "She is Honoka to me."
Why? "She did an amazing job as oboro!"
Why? "I love him as Chrom, Mcree, Shigure, Levi, Azama and Ryoma!"
Why? "His vocal range is incredible! I never would have guessed Kaden and Leo shared a voice!"
Why? "She's pretty talented and I love hearing her as both Makoto and Nagito! My only issue is how the Danganronpa fandom basically worships her."
Why? "Tiki and Tikki!"
Why? "Love her as Luna and Robin!"
Why? "Tsumugi."
Why? "She IS Morag to me honestly. Her Kliff, Link, Haihane and Maria are all also really well done."
Why? "On of Sentai's better VAs. I hope that she gets work at Funimation sometime soon."
Why? "She IS Sonia Nevermind."
Why? "Another amazing YouTube cover artist"
Why? "Wasn't to big on Leif or Rowan (but that's because of how unlikable the character is) but he won me over with Sothe."
Why? "Ventress!"
Why? "Easily the best voice for Deadpool that there is. His range is also next to incredible."
Why? "Based on the trailers for the Golden Country he’s killing it as Addam!"
Why? "She's Maki's singing voice. Need I say more?"
Why? "You are the oceans grey waves."
Why? "She's literally the queen of the Tsundere."
Why? "Emilia."
Why? "She easily has the best singing voice in Muse."
Why? "He just NAILS the Black Knight!"
Why? "Kaito Momota himself! Gotta love his take on him and his singing in TMS."
Why? "From Ymir to Hatsune Miku. Amazing."
Why? "She just IS Sakura."
Why? "Sayaka!"
Why? "Lucario and Goku"
Why? "As grating as her voice gets in BiBi songs she truly shines on some of the others and her Nico is a classic!"
Why? "How she can go from Umi to Hiyoko is beyond me honestly."
Why? "Her range is pretty fantastic. Her vines (made back when vines were still cool) are hilarious as well!"
Why? "I need a monster to clobber that Kirby!"
Why? "She plays Akeno to perfection!"
Why? "Great as Happy!"
Why? "Great as Natsu and Death the Kid."
Why? "Easily my favorite part of the Flash. He just plays Harrison Wells to perfection."
Why? "I will admit that I've always considered her to be the Funimation version of Kari Wahlgren due to how deep and high she can get."
Why? "If you gave yourself a quarter every time he plays the lead in a huge MoCap game you would be a billionaire by now!"
Why? "Ash and Sailor Pluto!"
Why? "He's Edward Elric! Do I need another reason to put him on here"
Why? "Great as Subaki and Iago!"
Why? "Master hand!"
Why? "Seriously underrated IMO"
Why? "She sings both Reincarnation and Arifureta Kanashimi no Hate. That's enough for me honestly."
Why? "He is practically the king of harem...who also voices Betelgeuse...but he's still pretty good nonetheless."
Why? "Easily the greatest voice for Mia and Luka."
Why? "She does a really good job when it comes to either dorky or serious voices."
Why? "One of my favorite underatted Japanese VAs. It's neat to see her go from the somewhat manly China to the bubbly and cute Riki."
Why? "His Subaru is egotistical and eager, while his Arslan is innocent and eager to prove. But in the end both are very powerful performances."
#1 All Time Favorite
Sayaka Miki
Why? "The amount of development she has is sort of beautiful honestly and she is just plain awesome as well as kick ass. I love her so much..."
Why? "A strong (and attractive) heroine who has great chemistry with her male love interest and is an all around bad a*@."
Why? "Mysterious, beautiful and smart (and yes I am well aware that she's a robot)"
Why? "She's such a nerd not to mention that design!"
Why? "A funny character with a great voice (which should be expected because he is voiced by Bycre papenbook.)"
Why? "She's endearing and sweet."
Why? "I loved this character when I was younger, and I still do honestly. She's pretty feisty as well as bad ass."
Why? "Only girl in Highschool DxD who ISN'T in Issei's harem. Therefore, she rules."
Why? "He's an active protein junkie and pretty hot IMO. Liam O'Brien is also fantastic in this role, managing to nail every side of the character."
Why? "He's easily the greatest father in all of anime and perhaps all of media in general."
Why? "Such an awesome villain from an underrated game that's pretty much been forgotten. Also a chilling performance from Crispin Freeman."
Why? "Where are the Japanese Shaman girls?"
Why? "She's a cutie who happens to be played by Jad Saxton! I also love her personality."
Why? "He cracks me up sometimes."
Why? "He can be such a dork at times."
Why? "Despite all of the hardships he's been through he still manages to be happy and kind."
Why? "Dat hair."
Why? "I don't know why I like him so much honestly."
Why? "As dislikable as he is the prequels he definitely got redeemed in the Clone Wars which managed to make him tragic and compelling."
Why? "She's snarky, beautiful and a whole lot of fun! Definitely the most attractive member of the P5 cast IMO Erika Harlacher's VA helps to."
Why? "The original gaybot. XD David Vincent is fabulous in this role."
Why? "Extremely relieved she survived"
Why? "THE MOST POWERFUL POKEMON (even though Tom Wayland was a huge miscast)"
Why? "He perfectly represented my reaction to what was happening."
Why? "I like him in the same vein as Eirika and Leif TBH. Naive, innocent, then realizes the world is sh-- and is forced to grow up."
Why? "A hilarious cat!"
Why? "When it comes to summoning sessions or exams, I usually have his luck."
Why? "He truly was one of the smartest FE villains."
Why? "I like how he always follows his dream and never gives up (even though he always fails)."
Why? "A.K.A Coldsteel."
Why? "I have many reasons for liking this guy. His chemistry with Yuzuru and while I don't like Greg Aryes's take Megumi Ogata does him justice."
Why? "An insanely creepy doll like robot with a machine gun who has a voice actress from my favorite anime as well as one of my favorite cartoons."
Why? "She's strong, mysterious, beautiful, powerful and has a beautiful voice. She's honestly my favorite character in Fates."
Why? "Bold, delivering and proud. She is truly amazing as well as well rounded (and hot)."
Why? "One of my all time favorite Dragonball characters hands down! I love his cat like personality and how he destroys people if they don't food."
Why? "Easily the best villain in the entire series."
Why? "Am extremely fun love to hate character. His movements and voice are both disturbing and all over the place making him a ton of fun to watch"
Why? "I dressed up as him for halloween two years ago! He's also an awesome character!"
Why? "This guy is awesome (and somewhat terrifying)"
Why? "Jamie Marchi killed this performance!"
Why? "Best girl! Love Wendee Lee's portrayal of her she brings just the right amount of sweet, angry, sarcastic and caring."
Why? "The VERY underrated sister to Boa Hancock whose honestly a way better character IMO. I love both Chiwa Saito and Lindsay Seidel as her."
Why? "Probably my favorite American animation character (and I mean the old version played by Tara Strong, not the character in the reboot)"
Why? "A young boy who has a VERY unhealthy obsession with his sister. That being said, I enjoy how messed up he is."
Why? "Same reason as Winry (also she's voiced by Chermai Leigh)"
Why? "The original FE anti hero and he's certainly a great one at that!"
Why? "It's pretty sad how accurate his sterotype is. Poor dude..."
Why? "A strong badass women who fell to tragedy."
Why? "The original hopeless romantic. Gotta love Julianne Alexander's voice for her."
Why? "140 words aren't enough to describe how hilarious and fun she is to watch or how much I love her character."
Why? "A great heroine!"
Why? "I'm furious at however decided she'd die in the way she did."
Why? "An adorable Wyvern riding pink haired bad ass, who doubles as a maid. Need I say more?"
Why? "My sweet innocent cinnamon roll...she didn't deserve any of the pain she went through."
Why? "One of the sweetest characters in the franchise. Really wish he hadn't kicked the bucket so early."
Why? "An incredibly optimistic and adorable dork who loves pandas and Hello Kitty to much for words. He also has the greatest one liners."
Why? "The moment you realize that China is a dude..."
Why? "I honestly love her so much. She's snarky, a little bit rude, yet still craves relationships with others."
Why? "The fact that Chris Sabat actually managed to get Brain Drummond for him is amazing. Really shows how much effort Funimation can put in."
Why? "Awakening powerhouse and first hero summoned."
Why? "Everyone's favorite Pega-Pony Princess!"
Why? "Best champion."
Why? "She's 100% nerd bait but I still fell for her anyways."
Why? "The first rare blade I pulled."
Why? "The only good looking new character in Fire Emblem Warriors..."
Why? "Better than Pit in every way."
Why? "While no where near as perfect as Sliver Mask Daryun does have his moments. Hosoya-san's voice helps."
Why? "Just when you thought that Nolan North wasn't going to show up in a major AAA game, he pops up!"
Why? "Jenny Slate's performance!"
Why? "I can't help but love him!"
Why? "That English VA combo!"
Why? "He's extremely fun to watch!"
Why? "A majority of it has to do with Erica Mendez's performance TBH. She just brought so much to the character..."
Why? "She's to strong and cute for her own good."
Why? "I love her free spirited attitude! Caitlin glass did an amazing job voicing her!"
Why? "Despite all of the evil things he does hating him is USELESS USELESS USELESS!"
Why? "This beautiful boy was memed into existence!"
Why? "My spirit animal."
Why? "Favorite comic book villain hands down! It's a shame he was shafted from MVC Infinite but I guess the idiots behind that don't know quality."
Why? "He's so damn cute..."
Why? "He does so much for everyone."
Why? "You have to be heartless to hate him!"
Why? "My Fire Emblem wife. She's cute, caring and develops beautifully. And Kira Buckland couldn't be more perfect even if she tried."
Why? "She always try's to do the right thing."
Why? "Cinnamon roll "
Why? "She never fails to bring a smile to my face when she's learning about simple human functions. I also love Tara Platt's voice for her."
Why? "I didn't like her at first. But she really began to grow on me after Book of the Atlantic. I love the direction they took with her there."
Why? "I don't like Frozen in any way. But I loved Idina Menzel's performance as Elsa a lot."
Why? "The best Sailor Moon villain. Also Rena Strober did a fantastic job with her voice!"
Why? "She's troubled yet wants to help the very people who turned their backs on her with all of her heart. Truly a kindhearted character."
Why? "Noriaki Sugiyama's take on England is fantastic and he brings out the character perfectly."
Why? "He'll kill all the Titians one day (if they don't eat him first)"
Why? "Hate the way Stephanie Wittle's portrayed her in English. Risa Taneda however nailed her high end, tsundere nature perfectly."
Why? "Probably the most realistic Disney villain yet. His desire for success is something I can relate to and his drive to do anything for it."
Why? "He can be annoying, but I love him and if you hate him you are a FOOL!"
Why? "Reminds me of Sebastian TBH"
Why? "She's adorkable."
Why? "I'm not a huge fan of Jason's portrayal. But Kaji was amazing as the character!"
Why? "Such a selfish d*** and a** hole. Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi deserves a reboot just so that he can get more attention and screen time."
Why? "He stays true to himself no matter how much hate people give him over the way he dresses!"
Why? "Something about her character design and personality has always stuck with me for whatever reason. IDK what it is, but regardless she's cool"
Why? "Best rapper to ever exist."
Why? "Miyuki Sawashiro pretty much OWNS this role although Michelle Ruff also does a fine job."
Why? "His quirk Dark Shadow is really powerful and he's slick and cool. Not to mention he's willing to take risks."
Why? "Best girl hands down! Such an amazing design, personality, backstory and Erica Lindbeck's voice!"
Why? "One of the more complex, human characters from Danganronpa 2 that I related to strongly. And Derek Stephen Prince's nailed him to a T."
Why? "I'm ready to ROLL"
Why? "IT'S BATMAN! Er...I mean Gerome? Is there really a difference between the two? Anyways DUH NUH NUH NUHA NUHA BATMA- I mean WYVERNMAN!"
Why? "Bow before the might of Gnarnef."
Why? "Never expected Disney to create a yandere."
Why? "The Pokémon equivalent of Satan."
Why? "The only reason I watch free (even though I'm not the biggest fan of Jamie Marchi's take on her)"
Why? "I really love him!"
Why? "An emo edgelord who walks around with adorable hamsters on his shoulders and loves animals."
Why? "She's such a spaz it's kind of humorous. Clarine Harp and Mitsuki Saiga's voices help to."
Why? "Best Danganronpa protagonist hands down."
Why? "Aye sir!"
Why? "Out of all of the Phantom Thieves, she had it the worst but managed to overcome her father and fiancée. How could you not love Haru?"
Why? "Not a fan of Wendee Lee in this role. But I did enjoy Aya Hirano quite a lot..."
Why? "Yay! Blood!"
Why? "The fact that Doodlebug hates her so much automatically makes me love her despite knowing little to nothing about her."
Why? "My favorite royal in Fates and seriously underrated!I honestly think she's more attractive than Camilla TBH."
Why? "Probably one of the most tragic characters in all of anime."
Why? "She's a lot of fun to watch!"
Why? "Were you surprised?"
Why? "The secret love child of Ragna the Bloodledge and Yu Narukami."
Why? "He's a horrible villain and a huge scumbag, but I honestly like his style"
Why? "My favorite Darling in the Franxx character hands down. She has some great devolpement, nice design and Brittany Lauda really nails her!"
Why? "Not to big on her design but love her personality and voice."
Why? "I fight for my friends"
Why? "Easily Bridget Hoffman's best role and character. She's really sweet and enduring and just brings so much warmth to the character..."
Why? "Julius's lover who continues to follow him even though she realizes that what he does is wrong. She's a good person at heart though..."
Why? "Words cannot describe how awesome he is!"
Why? "I relate to him quite a lot honestly."
Why? "Death comes for us all."
Why? "My favorite AOT character."
Why? "She's pretty cute all things considered. I just wish that people would stop drawing Rule 34 of her..."
Why? "She's hilarious."
Why? "Brother...LET'S KILL EACH OTHER!"
Why? "The gambling prince himself!"
Why? "Yass queen!"
Why? "I love her even though she's a stalker."
Why? "You love to hate him...until you learn his big secret and everything he's done starts to make sense."
Why? "Another character who died painfully despite the fact that she did NOthING TO DESERVE IT!"
Why? "Not big on how Monica Rial portrayed her at all. Aya Suzaki nails her however."
Why? "A lovable Tsundere"
Why? "Easily the best boy in V3 (Oma GTFO) and possibly the entire franchise."
Why? "Sexist One Piece character hands down. She's gorgeous, doesn't give a f--- about anything not to mention she's powerful. Boa Hancock GTFO."
Why? "Who the hell do you think he is?"
Why? "A way more interesting and unique love interest than Murano who happens to be voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro. Wish she had lived longer."
Why? "I can relate to him quite a lot at times."
Why? "So cute!"
Why? "His blade hungers for battle..."
Why? "My favorite blade in the entire game. She's adorable as well as cheerful and spirited. However I'm not a fan of Kosha Engler's take."
Why? "I've always felt bad for her..."
Why? "He's so fun to hate!"
Why? "Looks like he could kill you, when he's actually the biggest cinnamon roll in the game."
Why? "Best magical girl assistant to ever exist. Period."
Why? "He's a kickass pink ball of happiness. How can you not love him?"
Why? "He's not very present in the movies yes, but truly shines in the Clone Wars."
Why? "A really good mage with an amazing voice! Chris Patton really nailed it!"
Why? "She's cute as well as bubbly and somehow manages to not be annoying. Alexis Tipton's voice for her helps as well."
Why? "The only reason I watch Lucky Star."
Why? "Don't lewd the loli...oh to late."
Why? "Such a loveable incestious creep..."
Why? "He makes me laugh so hard"
Why? "You have to love the tragic, socially awkward and somewhat childlike genius."
Why? "Third best Muse girl and my first UR card. She's adorable, who wouldn't love her?"
Why? "I've always had a soft spot for Tsunderes and Christina is no exception!"
Why? "She's honestly gorgeous."
Why? "Best DR1 girl. Love both Caitlin Glass and Erika Harlacher as her (although I do prefer Caitlin a bit more)."
Why? "She has a lot of spunk!"
Why? "A great 'love to hate' character who despite being a total prick knows what he wants. I'd love to see him return one day in a future game."
Why? "Sigh. I tried to hate him, I really did. But he's to cute. Why is he so cute?"
Why? "He's L. Do I need to even say more."
Why? "She's fabulous beyond words really. XD"
Why? "Despite how badly she got screwed over in terms of Heroes art she's still quite interesting."
Why? "The one FE Heroes OC who actually was the potential to be compelling. Don't f--- her up IS."
Why? "All hail the great ruler of Britannia!"
Why? "Nohrian law is blunt on the subject of traitors. There is only one punishment. The sentence is death."
Why? "He didn't deserve to die );"
Why? "If you look up badass in the dictionary you'll find a picture of Levi"
Why? "I honestly don't know why I love her so much. Maybe it's because she's a cute, funny and smart bookworm? IDK, but she's amazing."
Why? "He'll take a potato chip...and eat it!"
Why? "Powerful, beautiful and kindhearted. Now if only I could summon her..."
Why? "Truly "silent but deadly""
Why? "A badass stoic and caring girl who has a cute pet dragon and is a lot older than her appearance lets on. I definitely plan on maining her."
Why? "Me Me Me girl is that YOU?"
Why? "I always remember how hard I struggled with Awakening...until he showed up with his killing edge and murdered enemies like flies that is!"
Why? "My main in smash!"
Why? "I've never watched Elfen Lied but I heard about her past on WatchMojo and was in shock. I felt so bad for her..."
Why? "Poor guy."
Why? "I will defend this autistic (it's a head canon of mine) dork with my life."
Why? "One of the most tragic Fire Emblem characters is beautifully brought to life by Mark Whitten's AMAZING portrayal!"
Why? "So cute!"
Why? "The very definition of best girl. Such a lovable tsundere as well as passionate and caring. And both Caitlin Glass and Pile nail it."
Why? "The best Disney villain."
Why? "Gotta love her!"
Why? "SHINY!"
Why? "So cute and lovable."
Why? "A snobby rich girl with a heart of gold!"
Why? "Accuse her of being a mary sue all you want but I enjoyed what she brought to the story a lot. I also find her to be fleshed out and cute."
Why? "A itsa me!"
Why? "The hero king!"
Why? "A true representation of artists everywhere and I honestly wish that she hadn't vanished so early in the series."
Why? "She's hot (not to mention she's voiced by two of my favorite VAs.)"
Why? "She's such a troll!"
Why? "I'm to much like her for my own good."
Why? "She's weird, bubbly, happy and tons of fun to watch!"
Why? "She's honestly adorable. "
Why? "It's high noon..."
Why? "My main!"
Why? "Gotta love what an unspoken perv she is."
Why? "I love her, and it sucks that her life is so awful!"
Why? "Dorothy Fahn OWNS this role."
Why? "I'm one of his fan girls."
Why? "I want one so bad"
Why? "An awesome clone with a mine of its own!"
Why? "She's bubbly, determined and a lot of fun! However Lani Minella's take is far from my liking..."
Why? "A strong leader who is willing to do anything for her people and she felt realistic altogether. Veronica Taylor's VA is also a huge help."
Why? "You can never count Midori out."
Why? "A yandere I can get behind."
Why? "Rob Paulsen singing Don't Pull your Love is perfect!"
Why? "Best MHA girl hands down. She's just so much fun to watch..."
Why? "Seriously underrated!"
Why? "One of my all time favorite FE girls. She's cute bubbly determined and has an amazing voice (unlike Mia)! Sarah Williams is perfect as Mist."
Why? "She's lazy, cute, poetic and an all around angel! She's definitely one of the best characters in Fates. And Danielle Jodovits nails it."
Why? "She's really sexy..."
Why? "I really love her for some reason even though she's evil."
Why? "He might have killed someone, but he deeply regretted doing it and even respected their secret (unlike Togami)"
Why? "Truly Lani Minella's best role. How she even manages to get that sound out is beyond me honestly but whatever the case I'm impressed."
Why? "Hello I like Money."
Why? "She was loyal until the extremely bitter end."
Why? "The guy who was daring enough to bring a gun to a battle against superheroes."
Why? "All hail the big titted tsundere goddess! Mythra is amazing no doubt about that."
Why? "The impact she leaves on Tomoyo is beautiful and she forces him to develop a lot. Not to mention she's so cute, hating her is impossible."
Why? "A great new character!"
Why? "He's complex, creepy and just plain awesome. And Bryce Papenbrook and Megumi Ogata nail him to a T."
Why? "The Kanjibrella!"
Why? "One of Tom Kenny's most underatted roles, as well as the first Jedi to truly die in the Clone Wars."
Why? "This guy is seriously awesome."
Why? "HEY!"
Why? "I don't watch One Piece but she's pretty cute."
Why? "A really fun character to watch and be around and Patrick Setiz nails it perfectly. Really wish he had lived instead of Akane."
Why? "Poor girl."
Why? "Words cannot describe my love for her. She's mysterious, beautiful, elegant and a little though as well as a badass dragon."
Why? "I'll do my best!"
Why? ""Dude thought he was going to be king and instead he's a sacrificial pig trotting to the slaughter."- Steve Newton of One Angry Gamer"
Why? "Probably the best performance that Erin Fitzgerald has ever given. Just listen to her screams in the cosplay scene!"
Why? "The anime equivalent of Deadpool."
Why? "Cute as well as funny and kind!"
Why? "The robotic version of a sassy gay friend."
Why? "This guy is hilarous and plain awesome."
Why? "No one can hide from the light!"
Why? "Jamie Marchi's performance is incredbile."
Why? "I honestly have a huge crush on her."
Why? "Words cannot describe my dislike for Cindy Robinson's take on her. E.G Daily however pulls off the character beautifully."
Why? "Her desire to be an S&M queen and love for unreal black things easily made her my favorite character in UNIEL. That design is amazing to!"
Why? "How could you not love him?"
Why? "He's cheese obsessed, stupid and voiced by Max Mittleman! What's not to love!"
Why? "I love how she goes to adorable to cute to hot in just three stages."
Why? "The only MLP character I really love."
Why? "I relate to his laziness quite a lot."
Why? "One of the greatest Disney Villains ever. No question."
Why? "I love this guy (and not just for his awesome twin pistols)"
Why? "Magic is everything~"
Why? "She has a truly troubled past and is loyal to Subaru no matter what (even though that twat doesn't deserve it). I adore her so much..."
Why? "The baby version of best girl!"
Why? "Greatest trap/husbando to ever exist in all of anime."
Why? "My best girl from Aqours. She's calm, compassionate and truly loves music."
Why? "Nya!"
Why? "A greatly misunderstood character who you can't help but love!"
Why? "J Michael Tatum's best role and character. He goes through a ton of **** and is never the same afterwards, but is still relatable and fun."
Why? "I love Robin! She/he is so relatable at times and funny!"
Why? "Italy's older brother who is a huge d---. His lines while not as amazing as China's never seize to make me laugh."
Why? "Looks like Mephisto sounds like Dio. All in all a cool guy."
Why? "I generally enjoy her geeking out over weapons."
Why? "For being the reason that Jerry Jewell booked YOI he sure is cool."
Why? "The lobster lord"
Why? "I know I already have crushes on about 7 other fictional characters, but I have a huge one on her as well. And let's be honest who wouldn't?"
Why? "The Han Solo of Fire Emblem"
Why? "I prefer her to the regular version of Saber. It's true."
Why? "Not really huge on SAO but damn she's tragic."
Why? "There's nothing quite like dating your teacher is there?"
Why? "A great kind and gentle contrast to Julius's angry and sinister personality."
Why? "She's the perfect balance of feminine and muscline, and Amanda Celine Miller pulls off the character fantastically."
Why? "My second favorite sailor scout!"
Why? "I thought she would be a Mary Sue at first, but I was so wrong."
Why? "My favorite sailor scout!"
Why? "Such a sweet and fashionable magical girl! Not a fan of Monica Rial's portrayal at all but Sakura Tange nails the character."
Why? "Bow down to her!"
Why? "While I do despise her older sister quite a lot, Sara is pretty cute. I also love Felecia Angelle and Hiasko Kanemoto's performances!"
Why? "Such a devoted friend..."
Why? "Ben Diskin's best role by far."
Why? "Monsters only attack evil people like republicans and we're not old enough to vote yet!"
Why? "It's pretty gusty how she actually tried to commit a murder. Love Monica Rial and Makiko Omoto's performances, Dorothy Fahn's not so much."
Why? "Most relatable Danganronpa character ever. I also like with Erin Fitzgerald did with her voice."
Why? "She's insanely cute yet elegant."
Why? "I can't help but love her!"
Why? "Poor Shiho...she honestly deserved way better."
Why? "A huge sarcastic a hole who is racist and foul mouthed. I know I shouldn't like him for that but I honestly do. He's also quite handsome."
Why? "A really cute and enduring character. While she is a huge crybaby and messes up a lot, I honestly love her for her flaws."
Why? "I don't think I've ever wanted to hug a fictional character this much since Stranger Things..."
Why? "He's both fun to hate and badass!"
Why? "Easily the greatest MHA character. Love his backstory and cool personality and David Matranga does him so much justice in the dub!"
Why? "I'm really feeling it!"
Why? "Probably my favorite male lord in the series. He tried to do the right thing and it lead him to his tragic death."
Why? "I'm 100% straight for him. Such a badass villain with a cool design, if anything he's the best character on the show! Love both of his VAs 2"
Why? "The only SAO character I care about (or like for that matter)"
Why? "Smile, your dead. XD"
Why? "Her character design is incredible and stays true to her VA."
Why? "She's so fun, as well as innocent! Well...if you take out her love of Friday the 13th that is! But all things considered I love her!"
Why? "One of my favorite characters from Echoes."
Why? "A lovable dork you can't help but root for."
Why? "A deeply tragic character who would do anything for Ike."
Why? "He's really cute!"
Why? "Is it bad I relate to him?"
Why? "One of my all time favorite MHA villains. His philosophy is rich and he's incredibly dangerous."
Why? "She's so fun to watch and has great character development."
Why? "This favorite section is mine..."
Why? "Greatest Monica Rial role and character. Her sweet fetish is amazing and I love her pouty mouth. She's also pretty cute."
Why? "I honestly love her so much. She's a sweetheart who always tries her best, and I hate that she gets so much hate from the Chrom Fangirls."
Why? "A great villain!"
Why? "I didn't like her at first, but in time I grew to like her."
Why? "An incredibly tragic character who didn't do anything wrong."
Why? "Call him christ"
Why? "Kindhearted and cute."
Why? "The Yandere goddess of Fire Emblem herself! As creepy as she gets she's still entertaining and is willing to talk about more than her crush."
Why? "That laugh."
Why? "A perfect mix of badass and attractive and she isn't annoying like most female love interests."
Why? "Shes a classic fire emblem character!"
Why? "Such a stereotypical design and way of acting...I love him!"
Why? "One of the cutest things you will ever see."
Why? "Best heropon because he has a maid fetish."
Why? "Already on episode one and I already have a feeling she's going to be my favorite. Being played by Mikaela Krantz is also a huge plus!"
Why? "This guy has enough guts to dissect a vampire (who was once his wife) in order to find out how to save everyone. I have mad respect for him."
Why? "He's cute, funny and cuddly! What's not to love?"
Why? "Both sides to her personality are well developed and fun to watch and her backstory is tragic. And Amanda Celine Miller's voice is perfect."
Why? "Such a cool dude played to perfection by both Matthew Mercer and Hiroshi Kamiya!"
Why? "She's a bit dumb at times yes, but even so she just came off as so memorable and deep for me. Julie Ann Taylor does a fantastic job."
Why? "She's crazed, passionate and the only real character in the game. Sure I do prefer Kaito, but she is hands down the best girl in V3."
Why? "Shy yet a powerhouse on stage!"
Why? "My favorite of the younger sisters. I love her somewhat eager and harsh personality and she has both of Sayaka Miki's VAs!"
Why? "Kyle Hebert truly shows off his vocal range to it's fullest as Validar."
Why? "I have a feeling she will be a great villain!"
Why? "Easily one of my favorite blades. Her side quest was beautifully done and it made me quite emotional at times."
Why? "The cute, crazy goddess of nature!"
Why? "Unlike most love interests she actually stands for something besides her crush and has use in the plot!"
Why? "Highschool DXD waifu. So pretty and mysterious... Lauren Landa's voice is also a huge plus."
Why? "Not a big fan of Jason Librecht's take. But I love Hiroshi Kamiya as him."
Why? "While not found of Michelle Ruff's portrayal, I did love Marina Inoue's take."
Why? "What's not to love about him."
Why? "He's a total bro."
Why? "A great source of comedy in an extremely depressing show. And Greg Ayres is a perfect fit!"
Why? "So ditzy and crazy on the road...she was also the first character whose voice I recognized without looking up the VA!"
Why? "Sharp, relatable, tragic and human. Also Michelle Ruff and Megumi Toyoguchi do a fantastic job with her voice!"
Why? "Greatest Persona character of all time."
Why? "I actually prefer him to yato!"
Why? "My favorite Brittney Karbowski role to this date!"
Why? "One of the only main male characters on the show who isn't a pervert. I love him for that reason alone honestly."
Why? "I love how little ****s she gives when following school rules not to mention she's gorgeous!"
Why? "He's an old favorite of mine what can I say?"
Why? "Owain's Xenoblade counterpart."
Why? "The villain of my all time favorite Clone Wars ark. I generally enjoyed how a beast knew Palpatine's secret before anyone else."
Why? "Tied with Esmerald for my favorite Sailor Moon villain."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Why? "An amazing show all around with great humor, well developed characters and fantastic action sequences. It also redeemed the prequels."
Why? "It's glorious!"
Why? "Really funny!"
Why? "So...much...plot..."
Why? "Despite the weak ending it was still a pretty good anime."
Why? "It's not a perfect adaption but it's still tons of fun. And hey it can't be that bad if it introduced me to the franchise."
Why? "Great show with amazing characters!"
Why? "Still miss this show. Sigh. I still haven't found something to replace it with."
Why? "A really fun parody of history. Granted the fanbase sucks but that doesn't keep me from enjoying it."
Why? "A really fun show with tons of likable characters/idiots, vivid settings, good plot points and EXPLOSION(S)!"
Why? "I watch this whenever I finish Hirasugi and it works!"
Why? "As embrassing as it is to admit, I actually really enjoy this show. It might actually replace gravity falls."
Why? "A really silly and fun anime!"
Why? "My favorite ongoing Shounen. It has an amazing plot, dub and the characters are all really well written. PLUS ULTRA!"
Why? "Best. Funimation. Dub. Ever. It also has more cussing than Black Lagoon, Ghost Stories and Heltalia combined which is definitely a plus!"
Why? "First anime I ever watched."
Why? "Way better than the actual series!"
Why? "My favorite anime "
Why? "An insane roller coaster ride that never lets you go."
Why? "A great show I definitely want to return!"
Why? "A hilarious show with a good plot."
Why? "A great show that reminds me a lot of Fire Emblem and a good way!"
Why? "Let's face it. Making fun of Trump is never going to get old until he gets impeached/taken out of office in 2020."
Why? "This show was a bit stupid, but I still love it nonetheless."
Why? "Loved this when I was seven (even though it was mostly re-runs at the time)"
Why? "A way better love story than Twilight!"
#1 All Time Favorite
The Lion King
Why? "Do I even need a reason?"
Why? "A true classic. Here's to hoping that the live action version won't ruin it."
Why? "This movie left me breathless. I love it so much."
Why? "A really fun movie that has likable characters as well as Minions (before they got annoying...). All in all a great movie."
Why? "First anime movie I ever watched."
Why? "A great movie with a great main character!"
Why? "What can I say, I really love hoopa."
Why? "Best Pokémon movie ever."
Why? "The sequel U never knew I needed."
Why? "This movie was my favorite pre-k through second grade, and I have a right to still love it."
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Albedo Piazzolla
Why? "Both of his VAs do a great job showcasing his craziness although I strongly prefer Crispin."
Why? "A perfect example of a waste of three perfectly good VAs."
Why? "The best superhero of all time period. And his voices are fantastic!"
Why? "One of the more unique compares on this site for certain!"
Why? "Can we all just agree that Wendee Lee is the best Lyn? Lani sounds way to old (no surprise there)."
Why? "Really goes to show that Lucina's new voice could've been way worse."
Why? "All of his voices do a fantastic job!"
Why? "Usagi has an amazing voice!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Super Mario Odyssey
Why? "By far the best game in the DR franchise."
Why? "The mot brutal and f***-up game so far, which I honestly like (even though the dub is shaping up to be a disappointment)"
Why? "The greatest Fire Emblem game by far. The story is absolutely amazing and the voice acting is really well done."
Why? "Started my obsession with fire emblem."
Why? "Was enchanted first time."
Why? "A great game with a great cast."
Why? "A great game with great graphics!"
Why? "Really addictive"
Why? "It's a classic!"
Why? "My first brush with Nintendo!"
Why? "I love it even after 2 years"
Why? "A truly underatted gem. Really hope it gets a Swtitch port and sequel."
Why? "A great and fun game. Despite the bad English dub and iffy character designs it's definitely worth a play."
#1 All Time Favorite
Panty & Stocking in Sanitary Box
Why? "It's Panty and Stocking. Do I need another reason?"
Why? "I nearly died on all of them!"
Why? "Great voice cast!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Star Tours: The Adventures Continue
    #1 All Time Favorite
    Why? "I'd make a Stranger Things reference but I don't know what would work..."
      #1 All Time Favorite
      Love Live!
      Why? "I enjoy this franchise to much for my own good honestly. It's the ultimate guilty pleasure whatever or not it's the anime or the game."
      Why? "Plain awesome."
      Why? "Don't you just love watching your favorite characters die brutal painful deaths? );"
      Why? "I will always love Disney and if you have a problem with that you can leave this page."
      Why? "The beginning of my road to the trashcan..."
      Why? "It's so trashy it's beautiful."
      Why? "Do I even need a reason?"
      Why? "I love marvel so much!"
      Why? "Everything about this franchise is perfect from the dub, the swearing and the characters. Now when will I get my season two..."
      Why? "The first franchise I got into!"
      Why? "My guilty pleasure."