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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Why? "ZOMFG TEH REI!!!!11!1 via tv tropes"
Why? "I like her performance on FLCL."
Why? "His voice sounds gruff and crotchety but he can incorporate feelings and/or accents into his roles."
Why? "She's a pro when voicing young boys especially for her performance in .Hack//SIGN"
Why? "Her heritage doesn't give her an advantage but gives her inspiration for voice acting."
Why? "A legend whose presence will be missed but has passed on to a better place"
Why? "Words cannot describe her explosion of talent."
Why? "Not a problem. via tvtropes"
Why? "SABAT!!! (gruff, throaty voice)"
Why? "She can do anything!"
Why? "MmmmmmHmmm!"
Why? ""This shindig looks like the bomb-diggity""
Why? "She's an usher to a new wave of talented voice actors and actresses."
Why? "What kind of butler would I be if I wasn't Daisuke Ono?"
Why? "This page needs no description because it's voiced by DAN GREEN (via tvtropes)."
Why? "Fairyzu, :> !^!"
Why? "I like to imagine his face is as awesome as his characters."
Why? "Gotta blast!"
Why? "Awesome, it's Erin! Oh, I'm sorry. I mean awesome is Erin."
Why? "Describe Hynden Walch here, friends! (via tvtropes)"
Why? "I'LL BEAT YOU, RAT!!!!"
Why? "Full of Spirit....GUN!!!"
Why? "You're important, KZ."
Why? "It's hard not to think of him as bad-ass, boss when so much of his characters are."
Why? "Don't underestimate what you can't overstate."
Why? "Whoa, what a massive description. I can't wait to take a break. There's still the Index, and you seem to be the least tired amongst us... O"
Why? "For love and justice, I am the pretty voice actress, Kotono Mitsuishi! In the name of the moon, I'll punish you! via tvropes"
Why? "Memetic Kyle."
Why? "Crest of light, bring hope... that it may ease my life as the Te Xaun Ze."
Why? "la la la la la la la la Takin' in all this sweet love and life la la la la la la la la Drinkin' up all this good love and life"
Why? "A Lenore's Tale"
Why? "Where an enemy rises to face me, VICTORY will be mine!"
Why? "MEOWWWTH!!!!"
Why? "I am Maile Flanagan! BELIEVE IT!!!"
Why? "ALRIGHT!!!"
Why? "Where's my JAPANESE BOY."
Why? "Megumi=Reinard"
Why? "He's the guy you would see on tvtropes with titles of "pigeon-holed voice actor", "the other Darrin", and "older than he looks"."
Why? "Prepare for trouble."
Why? "Prodigious!!!"
Why? "Anyone need a rose, I have so many."
Why? "So, what's your favorite performance in a cartoon, or video game? Phil LaMarr, as everyone ever."
Why? "She's the one of the sensational Cerulean sisters."
Why? "We've just got to face it, we'll live our entire lives here on this ship. I'll never know what it's like to walk down the aisle as a bride."
Why? "Oro? via tv tropes"
Why? "Let's sing along to the Yakko's World song!!!"
Why? "Gigity"
Why? "Pretty Sammy :>"
Why? "Nabeshin"
Why? "BANG. via tvtropes"
Why? "Are you sure, you are up to this?"
Why? "Bulbasaur!!"
Why? "Can't say there's nothing she can't do!"
Why? "In the name of the moon, I shall punish you."
Why? "Permission to describe Todd Haberkorn here, Sgt? Permission granted-de arimasu! Sir, yes sir! Hope you like this! Get ready! via tvtropes"
Why? "Give me the power of REVOLUTION!!!"
Why? "[In a mono-tone voice] This voice actress is okay, she voiced Daria."
Why? "My baby! [20 years later...] Children are so obsessive with voice acting, today. Isn't there anyway to make money off that?"
Why? "She is Theater Actress turned voice acting sensation :-)"
Why? "Because Vic Mignogna loves the ladies, and the ladies love Vic Mignogna. via tvtropes"
Why? "No matter what game I play or anime I watch, Wendee Lee will always be there, taking jobs away from starving voice actor. via tvtropes"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "He's like a cartoon when you think of it. He can do anything he wants, even transform into a little kid."
Why? "She's one of my favorite Haruhi duo."
Why? "She's one of my favorite Haruhi duo."
Why? "She's Peggy Hill!"
Why? "She defies the limits of being a wacky character."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Why? "It's so creative and exciting."
Why? "I like everything about it because the movie ends well and I can still view their misadventures knowing everything will be alright."
Why? "Never underestimate the power of friendship. Stay pony, my friends."
Why? "The English adaption aired on my birthday!:)"
Why? "Sailor says..."
Why? "It was a type of a show that featured serious and silly scenes showing how real superheroes can be, from laughing to fighting each other."
#1 All Time Favorite
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
#1 All Time Favorite
#1 All Time Favorite
#1 All Time Favorite
Kids' WB
Why? "Kids' WB Yourself!"
Why? "Cartoon Cartoons!!!"
Why? "This action-packed block brought anime to mainstream America."