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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Jeff Bennett
Why? "Loved seeing his forecasts at a young age"
Why? "Pretty good VA"
Why? "This is Antonio Banderas. Need I say more?"
Why? "How can you not favorite "Ahnold"?"
Why? "Good promo voice."
Why? "Can't listen to his voice without thinking about Patrick Star"
Why? "Hilarious as Flutterguy!"
Why? "To me, he's one of those underrated announcers/VAs."
Why? "The Voice of JETIX! On Toon Disney"
Why? "First heard of him in Lloyd in Space"
Why? "Yippee-ki-yay mother Goose!"
Why? "The real "woman of 1,000 voices.""
Why? "I can't believe he's reprised his role as the Martian Manhunter in the recent DC games."
Why? "Most renowned voice actress. Perfect for the roles of Luffy and Gohan."
Why? "Good ol' Harry Potter."
Why? "That's whats up with that!"
Why? "The good luck charm of Disney's."
Why? "Excellent. Versatile voice for 4Kids."
Why? "...and......lovin' it!"
Why? "This is Tommy Pickles (and a few other roles)"
Why? "Quite the finesse."
Why? "Come on! He is the voice acting GOD!"
Why? "Perfect at voicing "Big Guys""
Why? "Mandy."
Why? "I agree with thomwim there!"
Why? "He was not in the book, but very talented."
Why? "HE'S THE HULKSTER!!!!!! Need I say more?"
Why? "What a cutie."
Why? "He's a voice actor too!"
Why? "Nyan te nyaaa."
Why? "Grandpa Joe!"
Why? "The Force is indeed strong with him."
Why? "Perfect recreation of various Looney Tunes"
Why? "He made such a memorable Disney villain so... memorable."
Why? "Best Robin voice ever!"
Why? "The original Muppeteer, before Muppets went mainstream, this guy knew how to entertain everybody."
Why? "I could hear him as no one else but Piglet."
Why? "Is it any wonder he's considered the "GOOD LUCK CHARM" of Pixar's?"
Why? "She really IS Rouge."
Why? "Damn, What versatile range!"
Why? "Whoa. He's almost 50 and yet he's never aged a bit?"
Why? "This guy is GOLDAR!"
Why? "He's Batman!"
Why? "Geordi, Rhodey, Black Lightning not to mention the host of Reading Rainbow"
Why? "I'm related to her."
Why? "The classic voice! You forget "Olive Oyl"?"
Why? "Nobody had better mess with him, even if he's dead."
Why? "Snuffy. The Cat in the Hat. Monty. Wow."
Why? "Hell, yeah! Kyle Reese is on this site now!"
Why? "Missy, is that you?"
Why? "You're a fool to not like Mr. T!"
Why? "He puts on such a hilarious wit, that I can't stand it. I love his Timon."
Why? "Let's face it, his characters both turned out to be bad guys."
Why? "She voices Ursula the Sea-Witch! Need I say more??"
Why? "The Award of Cleveland"
Why? "May she rest in peace."
Why? "Looking for the gatekeeper at ludicrous speed..."
Why? "His singing voice sounded awesome... and it STILL does!!!"
Why? "Voiceover ladies, dey always trahnah tell you dere secret identities..."
Why? "Out of sympathy for her family."
Why? "Just for the name."
Why? "This is the very face of Marvel Comics. The granddaddy of comics."
Why? "Very good v/a"
Why? "A good voice director."
Why? "I like his Calcifer."
Why? "Cee-Lo"
Why? "Such a great actor, made awesome work of the Punisher and Jonah Hex."
Why? "He's a GRRRRRREAT voice actor."
Why? "What happens when you die in reality? You die, stupid. That's why it's called reality."
Why? "Best skateboarder in the world"
Why? "Great character voices, even greater narration. This guy is the Japanese voice actor!"
Why? "Oh yeah. It's Roy Mustang."
Why? "She has a very volatile and versatile vocal range."
Why? "In the fifth, your ass goes down."
Why? "It's a pity he left too soon."
Why? "Japanese Goofy"
#1 All Time Favorite
Nick Fury
Why? "He's best as a black guy."
Why? "What's cooler than a hound wearing a mask?"
Why? "Deborah Harry"
Why? "Ohhhh, gosshhhh"
Why? "Hairy baby"
Why? "Agreed."
Why? "IMO, he's better than Batman!"
Why? "Bowser RAWX!"
Why? "What can I say? He's a badass... YES!"
Why? "Yes!"
Why? "Space... The final frontier..."
Why? "Yeah, it is Brian."
Why? "Weird Al pony? This... is... AWESOME!"
Why? "DK's nephew (or cousin, or SOMETHING!) and faithful sidekick!"
Why? "My favorite Spider-Man villain!"
Why? "You try finding good yak these days"
Why? "He made the Green Lantern cool."
Why? "Ah, yes, Harry Potter -- THE BOY WHO LIVED"
Why? "Come, fly with me, gatinha."
Why? "Perfect example of an overbearing boss. Hilarious and cranky."
Why? "He's a real nowhere man.."
Why? "He's the most effective villain."
Why? "She's... unusual."
Why? "Truly not one villain to be trifled with !"
Why? "Minna... miteite kure!"
Why? "Of course, he's got his two tails to fly around, and his gadgets, not to mention he's cute."
Why? "He rocks."
Why? "Awwww, I just wanna dunk 'im in mah coffee."
Why? "I'm disrespectful to dirt! Can you not see how serious I am?"
Why? "Just for that annoying laugh."
Why? "Pikachu rawx! XD"
Why? ""F" is for FIRE THAT BURNS DOWN the whole town. "U" is for URANIUM... BOMBS! "N" is for NO SURVIIIIIVOR..."
Why? "Pray for mercy."
Why? "Screw the rules, he has money... Money he can *swim* in!"
Why? "Sonic; he can really move Sonic; he's got an attitude Sonic; HE'S THE FASTEST THING ALIVE!!!!"
Why? "He's still got legs!"
Why? "Thurl Ravenscroft is one of the best!"
Why? "He's voiced by Morgan Freeman! Need I say more?"
Why? "The most Badass mofo superhero of all time!"
Why? "The Superheroine of all time."
Why? "Spelled backwards, that's (just about) OKAY!"
Why? "Yam-cha-cha-cha"
Why? "Sexiest magician ever."