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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Frank Welker
Why? "The man of 1000 voices. His range is practically unlimited. Especially when it comes to voicing animals."
Why? "Great VA wih a wide range of characters."
Why? "Solid Snake, Batou, Rider & Kyoraku. Fits each character to a tee."
Why? "Lady Palutena & Lightining Farron."
Why? "Ryuko & Kallen, Two of her greatest roles in anime."
Why? "Great voice actress. Her work in My Little Pony is definitely worthy of praise. Also very solid voice work in Voltron as well."
Why? "Great voice actress. Lucy, Hahuri & Konata are her best roles."
Why? "Absolutely marvelous as Mako."
Why? "Saber is her best role."
Why? "Numbuh 1/Nigel Uno. His most iconic role & one of my favorites."
Why? "Porky Pig, Lupin & winter Soldier are hia best roles."
Why? "Bojack, Yi Xin Long & Shao Kahn"
Why? "I AM KIRA!!"
Why? "The original voice for Crash Bandicoot. Need I say more?"
Why? "Skeletor, Hideki & Super Buu."
Why? "Ryuk, Zechs, Benny & Vegeta. Does a solid Wolverine too."
Why? "Casca & Satsuki Kiryuin."
Why? "While his roles in Mario are great, he has quite the range when it comes to his other voices. Paarthurnax being a key example."
Why? "litchi faye-Ling & Omiko Hakodate."
Why? "Eggman, Arthur Hellsing, Mercernary Tao, Gol D Roger, Jinpachi & Master Xenohart. A legendary VA that left a legacy of great characters."
Why? "The best Frieza. Period."
Why? "Count Dooku, Saruman & Ansem."
Why? "Vegeta, Piccolo, Yamcha & Roronoa Zoro. His DBZ roles have become more polished as time as gone buy. And he's great in other shows as well."
Why? "Hiei & Android 17. Two of his best roles."
Why? "Chloe Frazer & Morrigan."
Why? "Her best role is Luffy, by far."
Why? "Great voice actress. Her best roles are #5, Susie Carmichael, Foxxy Love & Penny."
Why? "Literall the English Equivalent of Joji Nakata"
Why? "Noel Vermillion, Nu-13 are her best roles. Great voice actress."
Why? "Rock, Jellal, Ulquiorra & Yu Narukami"
Why? "Cell & Handsome Jack."
Why? "Batgirl & Shadowcat. 2 of her best roles imo."
Why? "My favorite roles from him are from Fairly Odd Parents. Also does a great Venom voice as well."
Why? "Lee Everett from The Telltale Walking Dead games is his finest role. He's also pretty solid as Blade too."
Why? "Great voice actor. Has a smooth, cold, calculating tone when voicing Shockwave. Perfect voice for Drax & Lobo."
Why? "Yogi Bear. That is all."
Why? "Jimmy Neutron. Need I say more?"
Why? "Practically the second Frank Welker. Known for voicing many animals like Welker. Also has great range."
Why? "Gin, Squall, Kayneth & Vega/Balrog."
Why? "Babidi. That is all."
Why? "Cana Alberona & Juri"
Why? "Very great at doing impressions & has a very impressive range of voices."
Why? "Very solid voice actress. I remember her from the Magic School Bus cartoon back in the day. Also very good as Cheetah."
Why? "Ryuko Matoi."
Why? "Hulk, Megatron and various other characters. This guy has massive range, and is also very solid as a stand in voice for celebrities."
Why? "Akainu & Kenpachi Zaraki."
Why? "Rukia, Chun Li, Riza Hawkeye & Sera Victoria are her best roles."
Why? "Fenris, sam Gideon & Steve Fox."
Why? "The Grim Reaper from The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy."
Why? "Azula, Mandy, Catwoman & Frankie Foster. And Daphne from Scooby Doo."
Why? "Jushiro Ukitake is my favorite role of his. As much as I dislike Naruto nowadays, I did enjoy his Itachi too."
Why? "Android 16, Tien & Marth."
Why? "Bulma is her best role."
Why? "PIKACHU! That is all."
Why? "The Texas Equivalent to Crispin Freeman. Good VA."
Why? "Panty, Miss Valentine & Cana from Fairy Tail."
Why? "Another VA with a great booming voice. Another English equivalent of Joji Nakata."
Why? "Great voice actor for characters like Krieg, Beerus & King Cold."
Why? "Bane & Komamura."
Why? "Johnny Bravo. That is all."
Why? "One of the first replacements for Mel Blanc. Does great impressions of Mel's characters. His Fred Flintstone & Barney Rubble are good also."
Why? "Wakko Warner & Crash Bandicoot. Two of his best roles."
Why? "Flame Princess is my favorite performance from her."
Why? "Winnie The Pooh & Tazmanian Devil. Two of his greatest roles."
Why? "Like Jeff Bergman, he's also great at voicing the Looney Tunes characters voiced by Mel Blanc. Does a great Lou Pickles from Rugrats."
Why? "Kurama & Tien are my favorite roles of his."
Why? "Jake The Dog, Dr Drakken, The Scotsman & Bender"
Why? "Lelouch, Ichigo, Vash The Stampede & Yu Narukami. Need I say more."
Why? "Alucard & Kirei Kotomine. His deep powerful voice sends chills down my spine."
Why? "Spiderman is one of his best roles."
Why? "Lelouch & Yumichika."
Why? "Absolutey marvellous. Her Granny voice has stood the test of time. And she is still doing voices today. I commend her greatly for that."
Why? "Grimmjow & Archer."
Why? "R.Mika & Naruto. Also great as Gumball Watterson too."
Why? "Raditz, Super Buu & Yusuke Urameshi."
Why? "Her best roles are Saber & Emma Frost."
Why? "Phil, Lil, Betty DeVille, Sally Acorn & Lola Bunny."
Why? "Hit, Silver Fang and a solid voice for Kazuya Mishima."
Why? "Roronoa Zoro."
Why? "Maes Hughes."
Why? "Blooregard Q.Kazoo is his best role. Also great as Mr Sinister as well."
Why? "Her voice work in anime is always impressive. Also very good as Scarlett Witch & various other Marvel characters."
Why? "Dr Gero, Father, Mercenary Tao & Supreme Kai."
Why? "HE IS BATMAN!!!"
Why? "This guy does the perfect Barry White impersonation when it comes to singing. Also his animation roles are all brilliant."
Why? "Spike Spiegel. That is all."
Why? "Great voice actress for Sailor Moon & Boa Hancock."
Why? "Gohan & Kamina."
Why? "Very good voice actress with loads of range."
Why? "Trunks, Maka, Lust & Black Widow."
Why? "Litchi Faye-Ling & Annie Leonhart are my two favorite roles of hers."
Why? "Good VA. Also does a great Dr Doom."
Why? "His NightCrawler is perfect."
Why? "Very seductive voice. Pretty solid as Ultear."
Why? "Ciel Phantomhive, Ling Xiaoyu & Rip Van Winkle."
Why? "Kirby. That is all"
Why? "Mavis, Rin & Jun Kazama."
Why? "Guts from Beserk. That is all."
Why? "Killua Zoldyck & Levy McGarden."
Why? "The best Joker voice of all time. His Hobgoblin, Firelord Ozai & Luke Skywalker are other great roles of his."
Why? "Her voice is sexy, sultry and seductive. The best combination."
Why? "Revy. That is all."
Why? "Many great performances such as McCree, Levi & Chrom. Also has quite the range too."
Why? "The Brain is one of his best roles."
Why? "Gon from HXH. That is all."
Why? "Faye Valentine & Rei Ayanami."
Why? "Revy. That is all."
Why? "The inspiration for many voice actors. Also his voices for the Looney Tunes are legendary."
Why? "Nappa & Starscream."
Why? "Very solid voice actor & voice director."
Why? "Michiko, MiraJane & Bulma."
Why? "Genryusei Yamamoto, Optimus Prime & Madara Uchiha."
Why? "Link, Ikkaku, Joe Higashi & Sanageyama."
Why? "Massive range and he plays a lot of my favorite characters"
Why? "Shirou Emiya & Uryu Ishida."
Why? "Cell, Bison, Charles zi Britannia, Alexander Anderson. And the best one. Chiyo the Father Cat XD!"
Why? "Scorpion, Franky, Laxus & Isshin Kurosaki."
Why? "Dr Doom, Naraku & Zarbon."
Why? "Sylvia Christel, Agent Honeydew & Camilla"
Why? "Optimus Prime."
Why? "Batou, Raiden & Joker."
Why? "Captain Ginyu, Omega Red and his memeworthy Bison performance."
Why? "Thor Odinson, Amon & Clayface."
Why? "The Tsundere Goddess!!!"
Why? "Morrigan, Mitsuru, Chii & Suigintou."
Why? "Kiritsugu."
Why? "Yakko Warner & Pinky."
Why? "Very versatile voice actor. My personal favorite role of his is the Medic."
Why? "Sonic, Ezio, Shinji & Chris Redfield are some of his best roles."
Why? "One of the best Female Japanese VA's of all time. Pitch Perfect voice for playing young males, on top of sultry females voices(Raygo)"
Why? "Asuka Kazama is my favorite role of hers."
Why? "Byakuya Kuchiki, Zero & Lee Chaolan"
Why? "Erza Scarlet & Masaki Kurosaki"
Why? "Koga & Piccolo."
Why? "His Goku has now become the greatest ever since Battle Of Gods."
Why? "Great voice actor with tons of rage. Can do a pretty good Jim Henson impression as well."
Why? "His voice is liquid silk. His most renowned & perhaps his best role is Sosuke Aizen from Bleach."
Why? "James, Kisuke Urahara, Roy Mustang & Zamasu. Zamasu is the role that cemented him as being one of my favorite Japanese voice actors."
Why? "Barragan & freaking Nappa. That is all."
Why? "She is the best at playing cute characters."
Why? "Spike Spiegel & Wolverine. That is all."
Why? "Cloud, Suzaku, Izuru & Sting."
Why? "Another marvelous VA. Zechs, Aokiji & Luke Valentine are my favorite performances of his. His Pesche from Bleach is comedic gold."
Why? "Great VA. Yuri Lowenthal is blessed to have him as his wife."
Why? "Raven, Bubbles, Harley Quinn & Timmy Turner."
Why? "Komamura, Gamagoori & Love Aikawa. His Nappa is good as well"
Why? "Spongebob & Ice King. A lot of his roles have a youthful tone about them. Can do darker characters pretty well( Deadshot & Doctor Octopus)"
Why? "This guy is a genius. Nothing more, nothing less."
Why? "Archer, Korosensei & Yoshimitsu."
Why? "Gintoki, Kensei & Kyon."
Why? "Very cute voice. Favorite roles from her are Nel Tu, Chiyo & Gretel."
Why? "Roy Mustang is one of his greatest roles of all time."
Why? "Rocket Racoon & Pyro are his best Marvel roles. But he's also great in all the anime roles too."
Why? "His anime & video game roles are always top notch"
Why? "Heihachi Mishima & Zabuza."
Why? "Great Voice actress. Black Widow, Black Canary & Gamora are some of her best roles."
Why? "Ash Ketchum. That is all."
Why? "Hugo & Zangief from Street Fighter. Nuff said."
Why? "Rigby & Doctor Octopus. His two best roles."
Why? "Sakaki & Rider"
Why? "Sasha Braus, Ayame Sacchan Sarutobi & Lucina"
Why? "Caulifla, Scanty, Karui & Phosphora"
Why? "NUI!!!"
Why? "Osaka, Orihime, Nana, Tsuruya-San & Alisa Bosconovitch. All her roles are undeniably cute."
Why? "Chun Li, Aisha Clan Clan & Asuka."
Why? "Susaku & Simon are his best roles."