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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Why? "Fast talking Doc Brown. I can't not favor Christopher Lloyd."
Why? "The Doctor Who I grew attached to! And I was surprised and amused with Huyang"
Why? "How Dee Baker manages to make all the Republic Clones sound individual is beyond me?"
Why? "Dwight Is very versatile in voice work. Insane & funny, he's best at. Plus I've grown to respect him as A-Team Member "Howling Mad Murdock""
Why? "Megatron, Soundwave, Fred Jones, Animal vocals, is there anything Frank Can't Do with his voice?"
Why? "Ah, I Absolutely salute Hugh Laurie all round. Actor, Voice actor, and even Musical writer."
Why? "Hynden as Innocent & Cutsey Starfire is difficult not to love."
Why? "To Me, Ian was & Always Will be The Best Palpatine/Darth Sidious In Star Wars Cartoon History."
Why? "Janet's best role in my eyes was Penelope Pitstop."
Why? "One Character In each & every Pixar film thus far, & Was Major Bren Derlin in The Empire Strikes Back & The Freemaker Adventures."
Why? "The "TRUE" man of 1000 Voices! I don't know where to begin to choose a Favourite from Mel's Outstanding Performances."
Why? "I don't know much of olivia's work, But I Love her neutral British voice. especially as jedi master Luminara Unduli"
Why? "Such a Funny & Witty Actor. Rik will never be forgotten. R.I.P. People's Poet"
Why? "Ringo is a Great Narrator, "& a Really Good Drummer!""
Why? "Sam Brought Darth Maul to life in a way That interested me greatly!"
Why? "I Favor Su for her Live Roles More than her Vocal Roles, But I Still Enjoyed Her As Jemima & Penny Crayon..."
Why? "She's Beautiful, Smart, Witty, Kind Hearted & Extremely "Versatile" in All Types of Animation!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Harley Quinn
Why? "Playful, Slightly seductive, High Spirited. I Cannot express enough of My Admiration & love for Harley. XXX"
Why? "One of the Central characters in the Star Wars Saga. The Best pilot of his Generation, Skilled Warrior. And a truly Great character."
Why? "Her earliest & most memorable highlight was singing the composition: Carbon paper. She Could also be a less conceited rival to Miss Piggy."
Why? "I had little to think about Ventress until she was further developed in series 3 of the Clone Wars. she proves that even villains can change"
Why? "Benny's Obsession with Retro 1980's Spaceships Is Hilarious!"
Why? "C3PO's bad luck around R2 cannot help but be Hilarious. He means well but he does overblame R2 For almost everything"
Why? "We saw little of Captain Zero, even though he was a main character. What was that incident that resulted in Zero & Johnny Cuba falling out.."
Why? "A Dark character With A Lust For Revenge"
Why? "He's Clever, Patient, Manipulative, & Impressively skilled with Wielding a Lightsaber or two. Plus, he's fun to imitate!"
Why? "The toughest combatant Batman (Or perhaps 'any' Superhero) has ever faced..."
Why? "Dengar was just a minor character in T.E.S.B. It's always the lack of info that keep you interested. He does like to tease Bossk, though."
Why? "Dastardly made famous the phrase: Drat! & Double Drat! Plus, he will stop at nothing to win a wacky race or catch that pigeon."
Why? "Ah.. The first Diesel Engine introduced. Sly, manipulative, & bitter for his grudge against Duck."
Why? "A Modified Class 42 Warship Bent on Abolishment of Steam Locos. Diesel 10 Has great Potential but it isn't used to the full."
Why? "A stickler for a certain way of doing things. ie: The Great Western Way. & he never lets his fellow engines forget it."
Why? "It's Quite a recurring thing that the Robot Betrays & attempts to kill their Creator, Omega's design is quite versatile & compact"
Why? "She's adorable but Extremely oblivious on proper caring for animals. Anthropomorphic or otherwise. cartoon charm for you."
Why? "One of the Best ARC Troopers The Republic ever Had!"
Why? "This General Means business, even with a nasty cough."
Why? "Space Pirate Hondo has that charismatic persona that you should be careful around. He has been known to swap sides just to save himself."
Why? "Inquisitor's subtle Chilling Presence, & Expert Knowledge on Lightsaber Combat forms makes him a True Foe You Don't Want to mess with!"
Why? "The Clone Template, & Best Bounty Hunter before the events of the Clone Wars."
Why? "Jar Jar May be irritating to watch for some, but his clumsiness & good heart is what reached out to me. He deserves more love than he gets."
Why? "Garmadon Was always a stand-out Ninjago character for me. He is usually sternly serious, though there 'is' a humorous 'big ham' side to him!"
Why? "Luminara became a more interesting character when she was given a chance to speak in both clone wars series."
Why? ""Dad-Gum" Mater is funny, though he may seem simpleminded at first glance, he is quite sharp on some things others wouldn't usually notice!"
Why? "I've Got to give Muttley a Medal for Snickering Entertainment For so many years"
Why? "The last Anacondrai alive, Pythor P. Chumsworth is smart, manipulative & has egotistical, charismatic & psychotic qualities to his persona."
Why? "This Astromech droid has been through so much. He is the bravest, most resourceful, most loveable Mechanical companion you could ask for."
Why? "One anti-hero who 'isn't' afraid to take lives while keeping the underworld in order. You can't 'stop' crime, but you 'can' control it!"
Why? "Savage was, against his own will, a pawn in a Crossfire between Master & Apprentice, "Twice" but a Great Supporting character none the less!"
Why? "My Favourite Decepticon. He's a highly Intelligent scientist Loyal to his cause, and (in some adaptations) speaks with a posh neutral accent"
Why? "A communications expert, info eavesdropper, and a somewhat discomforting vocoded voice. What would Transformers be like without Soundwave?"
Why? "I Grew up with Thomas. The early Model Era Will always Be one of My All-time favorites..."
Why? ""Oh, Toad!""
Why? "Stay Positive UniKitty..."
Why? "You have to feel bad for Wesker. He wants to be a good entrainer, but a hidden persona in the guise of Scarface forces him to do bad things."
Why? "WAC-47 is the first Pit Droid to have a starring role Since their introduction, & it's clear enough pit droids do have a little independence"
Why? "I'm no politician, But Tarkin's Perspective of The Clone Wars Foreshadows his Dominative Behavior In The Original Film..."
Why? "Yularen is A Posh, respectable Republic officer. I show considerable respect for him."
Why? "Yoda Is (At least in The Original Star Wars Trilogy) Part Muppet, & Being a Jedi Grand Master He is Wiser than any other living Jedi."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Why? "The Cast, The Music, Some of the c.g. Special effects, But Most Important of all, The Dark Stories & Character Development!"
Why? "I never saw any of the earlier series that ran before 2005, My interest Ignited During The 10th Doctor's Reign."
Why? "This series has many continuity errors, but it does have some elements that "Could" work in the main canon. The character: JEK-14 for one."
Why? "The visuals were the focus on how 'this' story was told. Modern cartoons really need to look at examples like this instead of awful trends!"
Why? "A clever mix of humour and drama, a terrific cast and brilliantly designed characters. A western cartoon with an Animé Flare somehow works."
Why? "I seem to remember seeing this before being introduced to Wacky Races. That's Re-Broadcasting for you."
Why? "classic British stop motion at it's finest. the music was tranquil and main cast were nothing less than natrually excellent!"
Why? "The best years of Thomas were the Model era. 1984 - 2003. The sets and characters were definitive back then."
Why? "Some jokes may be dated, but the animation style & overall looneyness of the cast lives on."
Why? "This Short lived Wonder was like Thomas The Tank Engine & Thunderbirds Rolled into One..."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "I saw this one 'long' before watching the first. I ''can'' see some of the continuity flaws, but the villain's song is a memorable highlight"
Why? "A controversial adaptation of a controversial comic. I personally like this film. But the haters really need to give it a rest!"
Why? "Choice of cast, characters & references to real life counterparts. I think this is one of Pixar's Best Franchises, even if some don't agree!"
Why? "Not a bad movie. Superman trying to maintain peace in Gotham while We see an intriguing if simplistic backstory Between Batman & Deathstroke"
Why? "There will always be a debate whether the Star Wars Prequels are good or not. I'm on the side of seeing them as Brilliant!!!"
Why? "My personal favorite of all 6 Live Star Wars films."
Why? "Awesome is the word for this movie. the cast were hilarious & the animation cg/stop motion was mind blowingly brilliant!"
Why? "The Music form this film could work in almost any transformers series or film..."
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Why? "All voice actors that voice Omega are not easy to determine, It's Down to The Performance Of a character with no visible expressions"
Why? "Although Clive Was the first, Ian Mcdiarmid Left the Memorable impression of the Emperor for others to replicate or put their own spin on..."
Why? "It's difficult to decide who was over-all best at voicing the worlds fastest Blue Hedgehog?"
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Why? "This was the First Batman Game I ever played, It ties in with the Most Favorable Cartoon Continuity, Plus All the Main Cast from the series!"
Why? "Fun Game. Choice Of Cast & Characters, Well Known D.C. Locations & an Abundance of References to other D.C. Media, Lego'ised"
Why? "Perhaps the Darkest Sonic Game Ever made, & it explores Shadow's Past in some depth."
Why? "An old favourite. The First Sonic Game I can remember playing. It was also a source of influence on future Sonic Games."
Why? "Battlefront 2, this game is addictive in a number of good ways."
#1 All Time Favorite
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "This series had so much potential for stories & character development. Pity it never really took off in it's original run. If only it did..."