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Voice Actor
Why? "Not only is he Wash, but he's also been 3 members of the Justice League."
Why? "He has a regal-like voice that can make many characters sound well-spoken and intelligent."
Why? "He's the voice of my two favorite DBZ characters as well as Louis Armstrong. It's apparent he has the voice for warriors."
Why? "He has a great "dark hero" voice. Smooth, yet rough at the same time."
Why? "He has a very powerful yet soothing voice. If you'd like an alternative to the deep, narrative-like voice of Morgan Freeman I'd say he's it."
Why? "She can give a very friendly sounding tone (while avoiding being excessively "Mary-sue") to her characters i.e. Chie or Nazz"
Why? "He's got great range and he's the go-to guy for big badass mosnters and beasts."
Why? "She voices very strong female characters. Even if the character isn't a tough character she gives them a sense of being quite formidable."
Why? "He's one of the current day greats of voice acting. One day they'll have him down in the books as this time's Mel Blanc"
Why? "He has a very unique voice. I always know it's him when I hear it, but I still think he has great range and he's great as comedic characters"
Why? "He has an iconic voice that has portrayed many heroes of anime"
Why? "He IS Batman. There are other VAs who can do a damn good Batman, but I still end up thinking "man this Batman would be better with Conroy.""
Why? "He's as much the voice of the Joker as Kevin Conroy is the voice of Batman. They just go so well together. Plus he's Luke Skywalker!"
Why? "He's done some great voices and he's the creator of a favorite web series of mine: There Will Be Brawl."
Why? "He's the great of greats in the world of voice acting. His voice gave life to some of the most iconic characters to ever exist."
Why? "He just has a likable voice and he delivers his lines in a way that really grounds even supernatural characters to a believable level."
Why? "He's Patrick Stewart. Do I need to say more?"
Why? "He's both Green Lantern, Samurai Jack, and Marvin from Pulp Fiction who got shot in the face."
Why? "He's Batou, one of my favorite anime characters. His voice is very authoritative and almost fatherly in tone."
Why? "Almost a heroic voice tone to his voice yet he can also pull off a pretty good monster/villain"
Why? "Currently my favorite VA so far for Sonic and he played a pretty decent younger Batman."
Why? "Well...he's Goku. I mean come on. Besides that he has range to him that I think most people miss out on because they know him for Goku."
Why? "He's voices such a wide range of characters I don't even know where to begin. I grew up watching shows with characters he's voiced."
Why? "One of the best and most recognized female VAs of this time"
Why? "Ice King, Anti-monitor, Spongebob, Mayor of Townsville - he's got an amazing list of characters he's played"
Why? "Amazing range and he's voiced some very memorable roles"
Why? "His voice range includes both the lunatic adult saiyan Broly and the stubborn young teenaged alchemist Edward Elric"
Why? "He's like the ideal voice for the "best-bud" character of pretty much any show."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "He's Batman."
Why? "He's the goddamn Donkey Kong"
Why? "Batman's greatest hate/love."
Why? "He's the ronin/vagabond version of Spike Spiegel. Can't go wrong with that."
Why? "He's such a badass even though he has to play second fiddle in most of DBZ."
Why? "He's my anime equivalent of Captain Malcolm Reynolds"