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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Mel Blanc
Why? "Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Yosemite Sam. Need I say more?"
Why? "He has a monotone, but uses it to great comedic effect."
Why? ""Once, there was an ugly barnacle. He was so ugly that everyone died! The End.""
Why? "She's a very versatile actress and she's of the Christian faith just like me."
Why? "He is my main man when it comes to voice templates. I can do a very passable Homer Simpson impression."
Why? "Dan's pretty dang popular, even among 4kids haters. He could say the stupidest thing with his Yami Yugi voice and make it sound cool."
Why? "Very talented guy. In fact, I use his Megatron voice as kind of a role model for the 'guy who's surrounded by idiots'."
Why? "His Darkseid voice is just so creepy in an awesome way. And Depth Charge is one of my favorite Beast Wars characters."
Why? "I would like to call this guy the next Frank Welker. He can do it all: sound effects, tough guys, and funny guys all in the same show."
Why? "His Plankton voice is just so goofy and easy for me to imitate. He's such a comedic influence."
Why? "Not only is he good at monster sound effects, he's not a bad with dialogue either."
Why? "Comic Book Guy: Best role EVER."
Why? "He's good at voicing likeable and boyish characters. He's right up with Jason Marsden and David Kaufman."
Why? "He can do such harmless voices like Tigger and Pooh, such funny voices like Mr. Bumpy, and such scary voices like Imhotep. Need I say more?"
Why? "She's in her fifties and yet, she can add such youth to her characters from little girls to teenagers. THAT'S impressive."
Why? "He founded MST3K and, by extension, Rifftrax. Give this guy a medal!"
Why? "I don't even know most of the guys he plays. I'm just fav'ing him for his hilarious job as Dr. Cox. Newbies."
Why? "He's Deadpool. Crammit, Nolan North, THIS GUY is the one true Deadpool!"
Why? "Lots of his hero roles have an unbelievable amount of confidence. And with roles like Ichigo and Kiba under his belt, he's that awesome."
Why? "He has this deep, resonant voice that you can identify in any role he plays, especially as Okoto."
Why? "He was Tom Servo, the best character of MST3K, and he's a member of the Rifftrax crew."
Why? "She's a severely underrated actress because she can go high and low for so many characters. People need talent like this."
Why? ""Edward is Edward"."
Why? "Kronk. 'Nuff said."
Why? "He has this kind of scary aura in his voices, whether they be growling monsters or sinister villains."
Why? "Does a former drill sergeant make a terrible therapist?"
Why? ""Show 'em my motto!" (Obey your thirst)"
Why? "His deep and wise voice really speaks out to me."
Why? "He IS Thor Odinson the Mighty!"
Why? "He has kind of perfected the whole "likeable character" role with Zack. I use him as a role model for likeable voicework."
Why? "He has this silky voice for cynical characters that I myself use for role models. Oh, and he plays Hellboy; that's the best part!"
Why? "He's UNCLE, for crying out loud! One more thing...SMACK!"
Why? "She's Clare from Claymore and Olivier Armstrong from FMA: Brotherhood."
Why? "People can say "Vic Mignogna". I say "Steve Blum is the coolest anime voice ever.""
Why? "He is Cloud Strife. I don't care if that's his only role, he does it and does it well."
Why? "His performances tend to be so over-the-top, and yet so likeable. That and he seems to enjoy his roles. Then again, what actor doesn't?"
Why? "I've said it before, I'll say it again. He has a kind of Dan Green voice that's easy to identify in just about any series he appears in."
Why? "He's a fun guy, he loves Star Wars and Star Trek, and he's a VERY devout Christian."
Why? "The energy he brings to some of his performances...priceless."
Why? "Because I dare to be stupid!"
Why? "Faye Valentine: a character that's both interesting AND fanservice."
#1 All Time Favorite
Homer Simpson
Why? "He's Homer Simpson. What reason do we need?"
Why? "It's DEADPOOL. And I'm not just saying that 'cuz the guy's got a gun to my head ordering me to fav it..."
Why? "You all can have your Marios and Sonics, Fox is the guy I grew to like in terms of the classics."
Why? "You can keep Superman, Batman, and Spidey. Hellboy, however, is MY favorite superhero because of how much character he has to play with."
Why? "There's a reason why I love "The Critic" and he's one of the big ones."
Why? "If he was an average military colonel, I'd be indifferent. It's his tactical mind and playboy personality that makes him such a likeable guy"
Why? "Laidback, quirky, but not afraid to get his hands dirty, Spike has become my favorite anime character PERIOD."
Why? "Anyone who doesn't love Pooh is NOT a human being."
Why? "She can go from a cynic like Garfield to a wonderfully wise mystic in, literally, the blink of an eye."
Why? "With his lightheartedness and confidence, Zack is my favorite FF character. Absolutely no contest."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
The Simpsons
Why? "It's my number one voice acting influence."
Why? "It manages to keep Batman the way we prefer him and yet keeps the show a kind of kid-friendly way that's rare in most comic book shows."
Why? "This is the ONLY Ben 10 cartoon I'll openly admit to liking."
Why? "A combination of delightful quirkiness and tons of likeable characters."
Why? "Easily my favorite Digimon series simply because they don't hide behind a Digimon, but rather turn INTO them."
Why? "A very overlooked superhero show if you ask me, and arguably the best portrayal of the Fantastic Four to date."
Why? "I actually think it's better than its predecessor. It actually feels like it's going somewhere, rather than a bunch of plot-threads."
Why? "Funny in a very geeky way. Not as good as the Simpsons, but still good."
Why? "Easily my favorite DC Animated series. Love these characters and their stories. It really is another show cancelled before its time."
Why? "I saw the first Hellsing series and found it underwhelming. THIS, however, is a bajillion times better. No regrets of finding it here."
Why? "This show was the thing that led to "Rifftrax", which I LOVE."
Why? "It had a cast interview that got me into voice acting. Gotta give it credit for that."
Why? "It's one of those shows that doesn't treat its audience like brainless monkeys (ie, Flapjack)."
Why? "Fun characters, sweet stories, interesting concepts and good morals."
Why? "This is the definition of my childhood. Characters like Rattrap, Cheetor, and Depth Charge made this show worthwhile."
Why? "With an all-star anime VA cast and a very nice blend of sci-fi and fantasy, it's hard for me to not like it."
Why? "I can't call this show bad! Yes, it's stupid and cheesy at times, but it's Yu-Gi-Oh! And I love every minute of it!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "I have enjoyed all of Pixar's works, but because I enjoy watching it so much, this is my personal favorite."
Why? "Easily the funniest Marvel Movie to date."
Why? "Dawn of Justice can eat its heart out. THIS is how it's done, people!"
Why? "I got redneck friends who are into racecar driving, so I really can appreciate this movie a lot more. That and its voice cast."
Why? "This is the thing that got me started on Final Fantasy."
Why? "I consider this the "Saving Private Ryan" of animated movies. The emotion, pain, and insight of the losing side is"
Why? "Cheesy, fun, and more!"
Why? "Much more awesome than the first movie. That's good enough for me!"
Why? "I freakin' love Hellboy. Don't need to say any more than that."
Why? "This movie is freaking BRILLIANT."
Why? "It is an environmental film that isn't overly-pretentious. I admire that and the imagination behind it and that it's taken so seriously."
Why? "This movie is the opposite my tastes in movies in almost every way...yet I love it for its quirkiness."
Why? "It's my favorite traditional-animation movie and, in my opinion, it's a very underrated film."
Why? "It's a very underrated classic to me. More people deserve to know about this and forget the predecessor."
Why? "It's the freaking Simpsons movie. What more do I need to say? Oh...that much, huh? Well, I guess I can go on and say-"
Why? "Such a nostalgic favorite. I was a little worried about execution of this movie, but Pixar did NOT let us down!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Why? "All the fun of the first game and MORE. It's one of the best sequels in gaming!"
Why? "While not one of my personal favorites, I enjoy the gameplay, the setting, and the pulpy feel. Plus "Will the Circle Be Unbroken"= priceless"
Why? "I like this game because of Zack, who is such a likeable character. Hail Rick Gomez for his performance!"
Why? "This game was FREAKIN' AWESOME. It manages to make an RPG-style shooter game; something I would've thought impossible!"
Why? "With a bigger cast of characters combined with familiar-yet-new gameplay, this is a fave for me."
Why? "I've been through Kingdom Hearts, I've watched Advent Children, and I've done DoC, Crisis Core, and FFX. THIS got me hooked."
Why? "Took me a while to get my hands on a God of War game, but out of all I've played, this one tops them all. Nonstop fun and brutality."
Why? "A very good game that is criminally-overlooked. Also, it has nothing to do with the first game."
Why? "All the hype over this game was WORTH IT."
Why? "Took a bit of getting used to, but it's been very fun since I got the hang of it."