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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Jim Cummings
Why? "He's great in almost everything he does making him the Greatest voice actor of all time for me."
Why? "Jesse from Breaking Bad. Plus he's a great actor."
Why? "Funny as HELL!!!"
Why? "Superheroes is his thing."
Why? "Great actor."
Why? "Great actor who gives great performances every time & steals every scene he's in."
Why? "The Great Scrooge McDuck."
Why? "Love Family Guy. She's the voice of Louis and some of the other women from the show."
Why? "A wonderful Tails but not my favourite."
Why? "The original Sparx."
Why? "Favourite Owl voice."
Why? "Great voices,"
Why? "King of CGI."
Why? "Fabulous actress at all times."
Why? "The 1 & only C3PO."
Why? "The 1, the only Harley Quinn."
Why? "Dr. Nefarious is his number1 role."
Why? "Ahsoka from Star Wars: The Clone Wars."
Why? "Funny guy."
Why? "Love this guy as he's very funny."
Why? "Awesome actor."
Why? "I am Venom."
Why? "The only Patrick."
Why? "Goofy is a funny character & Bill really shows that."
Why? "Classic voice. Pure Gold."
Why? "Jim Varney's replacement & good actor."
Why? "Porky Pig: The 1 and only."
Why? "The 1, the only Commissioner Gordon."
Why? "Good at what he does."
Why? "Sorry Jack, Chucky's Back!!!"
Why? "A good actor and wonderful as Rocket Raccoon."
Why? "A true Bandicoot actor."
Why? "Wayne's replacement for Mickey Mouse. He's doing a really good job of it."
Why? "A brilliant Captain America."
Why? "Great voice."
Why? "Brilliant actor. Love his films."
Why? "Amazing as Commissioner Gordon and his best work is Breaking Bad."
Why? "Great voice."
Why? "Sandy's voice."
Why? "The 1, the only Shaggy."
Why? "The Greatest voice Mario has ever had. He's the 1 & only."
Why? "Great voice for creepy characters."
Why? "Funny man."
Why? "He is a good Nick Fury. I've really grown on him over the past few years."
Why? "Great actress."
Why? "Good voice for Superheroes."
Why? "Great voice."
Why? "A Legend of a voice actor."
Why? "Murray's voice."
Why? "Starlord in Guardians of the Galaxy and an awesome actor."
Why? "Good actor."
Why? "A good voice actor."
Why? "Favourite Spiderman voice for now."
Why? "Wonderful actor in Star Wars, Lord of the Rings & Horror movies. His voice work is KH games."
Why? "Out standing voice. 8th place."
Why? "The original Donald Duck."
Why? "Agent Coulson."
Why? "Great Dr.Doom."
Why? "My new favourite Tails voice."
Why? "Great Christopher Lee impression & a lot of high class voices earns 4th place."
Why? "The great Finn Hudson."
Why? "Funny guy."
Why? "Excellent voice."
Why? "Does a good Orlando Bloom impression."
Why? "Brilliant at voicing Homer making him soooooo funny."
Why? "My favourite Knuckles voice. He also did a good Vector."
Why? "A wonderful James Bond & fabulous actor."
Why? "King Julien's better voice."
Why? "Funny & Awesome."
Why? "Epic actor."
Why? "Great voice for characters."
Why? "Decent guy."
Why? "The original Shadow the Hedgehog."
Why? "Big Ratchet & Clank fan + he is Clank's voice in everything so no1 will ever beat him as the best voice."
Why? "Funny guy."
Why? "Greatest Doctor EVER!!!"
Why? "Brilliant voice."
Why? "6 time Coco voice."
Why? "Love this guy. He's so knows how to handle a character making him 3rd favourite."
Why? "A good Eggman voice of his time."
Why? "Great writer. Also, without him Neil Ross wouldn't have perfected the Goblin."
Why? "Awesome voice actor."
Why? "A great actor in his films."
Why? "The Greatest Scooby Dooby Doo in History."
Why? "The Potato Head."
Why? "Rhino power."
Why? "Like SpongeBob."
Why? "Ultimate Spiderman."
Why? "Love his voice."
Why? "Good actor."
Why? "A funny guy."
Why? "Jiminy Cricket's best voice Ever."
Why? "1 of the Comedy Kings."
Why? "The Great Doctor Octopus."
Why? "Wonderful actor."
Why? "Good voice actor and impressionist."
Why? "Iron Man ROCKS."
Why? "Mermaid Man."
Why? "Great puppeteer with characters like Miss Piggy & Fozzie."
Why? "Voiced Fred for so many years & has a high class voice making him 5th in my books."
Why? "Good voice most of the time."
Why? "Wonderful actor."
Why? "Played Bond once and was just decent. But I like him for it."
Why? "A good Superman in his own right."
Why? "He is Grim."
Why? "Peter Cullen impression rocks that u can hardly tell it's a different voice actor."
Why? "Wonderful voice actress. Nails Daphne from Scooby Doo though not the best at it."
Why? "Sora. Love KH games."
Why? "Funny guy."
Why? "Love the Simpsons."
Why? "The original Daphne."
Why? "She is Princess Bubblegum which is her best role 2 me."
Why? "Great voice for a double crossing character."
Why? "Legend of an actor."
Why? "Funny guy."
Why? "Classic Sonic."
Why? "Love how he can like Ewan McGregor & sound so young when doing other characters which earns him number 9 in my top 10."
Why? "The 1, the only Darth Vader."
Why? "Funny guy."
Why? "He's Ultron in the Avengers Movies."
Why? "A Great actor who is the voice of 1 of Disney's finest villains, Hades."
Why? "Earns best Sonic voice of all time."
Why? "The best voice Max Goof & Nermal have Ever had."
Why? "The original Boba Fett."
Why? "Awesome voice."
Why? "Good in every role but always seems to fail to some1 else when doing a character voice for me."
Why? "2nd favourite voice actress because she is very very talented."
Why? "Joe's wife but Chucky's bride."
Why? "Finn the Human. Oh yeah."
Why? "Funny as Wakko."
Why? "Created Regular Show."
Why? "Brilliant actor."
Why? "The Original Slinky."
Why? "Captain Qwark from Ratchet & Clank."
Why? "The 1, the only JJJ."
Why? "Ariel from The Little Mermaid."
Why? "Looney Toons voice."
Why? "Funny guy."
Why? "Classic comedic actor."
Why? "Great voice & everything making him 2nd best."
Why? "Greatest Piglet voice of all time."
Why? "Brilliant actor."
Why? "1st Deadpool."
Why? "Pixar's Finest."
Why? "Legend."
Why? "An awesome actor, love him as Captain Jack Sparrow."
Why? "Such a powerful voice."
Why? "The voice of Jafar, best Disney villain of all time."
Why? "The 90's Lizard."
Why? "A really good Spiderman voice but even better in Edge Of Time when he voices CEO Peter Parker because he makes his voice sound a lot older."
Why? "Love the Simpsons."
Why? "Granny from Looney Tunes."
Why? "Does a good Emma Stone impression."
Why? "The voice of Tails."
Why? "The best Kanga voice."
Why? "Disney's Alice & Wendy."
Why? "Wonderful voice."
Why? "Bloo!!!"
Why? "Amazing Voice."
Why? "He is Bob."
Why? "Best Rabbit voice of all time."
Why? "A wonderful King Triton and Grandpa Longneck."
Why? "An awesome definitive Batman."
Why? "Funny guy."
Why? "Voices so many characters that it's hard 2 tell what his best role is."
Why? "Sly Cooper's voice."
Why? "Great voice."
Why? "Great actor."
Why? "So funny."
Why? "Best Gwen Stacy voice."
Why? "The Mighty Jabba."
Why? "Such a beautiful voice."
Why? "Awesome actor & voice actor."
Why? "Funny guy."
Why? "Brilliant. Just brilliant."
Why? "Wonderful voice."
Why? "Wonderful voice."
Why? "The original Garfield."
Why? "The original Hulk!!!"
Why? "Wonderful actress."
Why? "Love the Simpsons."
Why? "Mr. Zurkon."
Why? "Mrs Krabappel the 1 & only."
Why? "Never really thought of him as a voice actor but boy can he create voices for scary characters. 10 in my top 10."
Why? "Eddie's voice double."
Why? "A wonderful Alfred."
Why? "A fabulous actor."
Why? "Without her, there would be no Grey DeLisle."
Why? "Bentley's voice."
Why? "2nd best Doctor."
Why? "Funny guy."
Why? "General Grievous."
Why? "Interesting to listen to."
Why? "The 1, the only Daxter."
Why? "The Man of a Thousand Voices."
Why? "It is I Aku Aku."
Why? "Mr. Freeze. The 1 & only."
Why? "The Shocker."
Why? "Wonderful talent."
Why? "Wonderful actor of his time. RIP"
Why? "Decent voice actor."
Why? "Good voice."
Why? "Gopher at all times."
Why? "Favourite singer from the 80's."
Why? "Knuckles 1st voice in the games."
Why? "Best voice 4 Jak."
Why? "He is Cleveland Brown as well as many other characters from Family Guy."
Why? "Best Eggman voice of all time."
Why? "1st ever Ratchet voice from Ratchet & Clank."
Why? "Shut up Meg!!!"
Why? "Wonderful actor."
Why? "Bart Simpson."
Why? "The only Timon."
Why? "Funny guy."
Why? "Best Green Goblin."
Why? "Funny as Hell!!!"
Why? "Stars Wars rules."
Why? "Ventress at her best."
Why? "Uncharted is a great game just like he is a great actor."
Why? "The 1 & only Milhouse."
Why? "Ursula from The Little Mermaid."
Why? "He sounds so intelligent & interesting to listen to. Also, he's Professor X from the X Men franchise."
Why? "Very funny guy."
Why? "Decent voice actor."
Why? "Original JJJ."
Why? "Original Spiderman but a better Vulture."
Why? "Classic comedy."
Why? "The next Doctor."
Why? "Great Eeyore but even better at Optimus Prime & other roles. Earns 7th in my top 10."
Why? "Good actor + voice actor."
Why? "The 1, the only Wallace!!!"
Why? "Baloo. Fun loving voice."
Why? "Love his Chris Rock impression."
Why? "A fine James Bond. Also a fine actor."
Why? "N-Gin."
Why? "Wonderful voice."
Why? "Jaws."
Why? "Two-Face."
Why? "Cool voice for Spiderman."
Why? "Love his voice from time 2 time."
Why? "Funny guy."
Why? "To me, he is Iron Man."
Why? "Wonderful Rafiki performance."
Why? "James Bond star."
Why? "Amazing voice."
Why? "1 of the Funniest men who EVER lived."
Why? "A classic actor."
Why? "Squidward's voice."
Why? "Good at most roles but not Sonic."
Why? "Personally, I thought his Bond was pretty good."
Why? "Loved his rich powerful voice."
Why? "Comedy Legend."
Why? "The best Minnie Mouse voice. EVER!"
Why? "1st Sonic in the game series so that's got 2 count for something."
Why? "Love Regular Show."
Why? "Good Andrew Garfield impression."
Why? "Wonderful actor."
Why? "A decent Knuckles."
Why? "Did Scooby Doo & Shaggy in a couple of films & was pretty good at them."
Why? "Disney's Aladdin."
Why? "The 1st James Bond."
Why? "Sebastian was one of the GREATEST of voice actors in world history. Ever!!!"
Why? "Good at creating comedies & sit-coms."
Why? "Funny guy in everything."
Why? "Funny as Hell!!!"
Why? "Created Marvel."
Why? "Awesome voice."
Why? "Classic voice."
Why? "Does a good Green Goblin & is good at other villains."
Why? "Slick voice. It's awesome."
Why? "A good Green Goblin voice."
Why? "Wonderful at voicing evil characters."
Why? "My number 1 voice actress because does well in like everything she's ever done."
Why? "Samuel L Jackson's voice double."
Why? "He does all the clones in the prequel films of Star Wars."
Why? "Biff from Back 2 the Future."
Why? "Great actor."
Why? "Good actor as well as voice actor."
Why? "Favourite Superman voice."
Why? "A wonderful actor."
Why? "Didn't enjoy him as Bond but loved his Mr. Pricklepants."
Why? "Spiderman actor."
Why? "Doctor Who for 7 years."
Why? "A great actor with brilliant performances."
Why? "The God of Mischief, Loki."
Why? "Frank Oz's replacement."
Why? "Wonderful voice but really good at SpongeBob so he's my 6th favourite."
Why? "Made Madagascar & voiced Skipper."
Why? "My favourite Donald voice of all time."
Why? "A classic voice actor that voices great villains."
Why? "Fine replacement actor."
Why? "A decent Knuckles voice."
Why? "A fabulous actress at all times."
Why? "Really good voice actor."
Why? "Good actor."
Why? "Great actress."
Why? "Wonderful as Groot and Iron Giant. Also great in the live action Fast and Furious movies."
Why? "Funny guy."
Why? "Awesome Riddler voice and many others."
Why? "Created Disney."
Why? "Best Mickey Mouse voice ever no matter who else voices him."
Why? "Funny as hell."
Why? "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and an awesome actor."
Why? "Great actor."
Why? "Love Regular Show."
Why? "The Great actor."
Why? "Lisa Simpson (her best work)."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Love KH games they're like the best which makes Sora the best character ever made."
Why? "The Guardian of Crash."
Why? "An awesome superhero. He's my 2nd favourite with Spiderman being just a tad better."
Why? "The Brains of Sly's Gang."
Why? "Crash's super smart sister."
Why? "Annoying voice but loveable character."
Why? "My favourite villains of all time. Exterminate!!!"
Why? "The 1, the only Daxter."
Why? "One of the Greatest villains Ever created."
Why? "Cortex's right hand man."
Why? "Funny, evil & a really enjoyable villain."
Why? "Love Adventure Time."
Why? "1 of the funniest characters Disney has EVER created."
Why? "Spyro's best friend & one of Gregg Berger's finest roles."
Why? "Love Adventure Time."
Why? "Spyro's finest ally."
Why? "Love Adventure Time."
Why? "Britain's Number1 secret agent."
Why? "My Number1 favourite villain of all time. Love his crimes."
Why? "The Muscle of Sly's Gang."
Why? "Awesome character, love everything about him."
Why? "Love Adventure Time."
Why? "Number1 Spyro villain."
Why? "Sonic's Greatest rival."
Why? "The Master Thief who's quick on his feet."
Why? "Awesome character. He runs faster than the speed of light."
Why? "Spyro's awesome but small companion."
Why? "My favourite superhero of all time."
Why? "A loveable purple dragon."
Why? "Love this character."
Why? "Cortex's muscle bound sidekick along side N. Gin."
Why? "Cortex's Boss. To Do List: Shout at Cortex. Eliminate Aku-Aku & Bandicoots Take over the world"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Doctor Who (2005)
Why? "Greatest show on Earth."
Why? "The Adventure starts here."
Why? "One of the best cartoons I've seen."
Why? "Truly one of the Greatest cartoons of all time."
Why? "It's rude, crude and most of all very funny!"
Why? "Has to be the funniest show ever! Makes the Simpsons humour look soooo low rated."
Why? "Cool inventions."
Why? "Epic crossover."
Why? "Love it."
Why? "The only good show with Scrappy Doo since the whole Gang was there. Plus, it wasn't episodes that lasted 7-10 mins with lame plots."
Why? "One of the Greatest shows EVER made in history."
Why? "Favourite Spiderman Series Ever!"
Why? "Epic action."
Why? "Love SpongeBob."
Why? "Lots of action."
Why? "Love it."
Why? "Loved it, so many memorable Guest Stars in it."
Why? "Wonderful show. I really miss it."
Why? "Another awesome show that follows on from the original."
Why? "Funny show."
Why? "Loved this show."
Why? "Good show though not the best."
Why? "Not as good as the classics I don't think but still enjoyable all the same."
#1 All Time Favorite
The Avengers
Why? "Best superhero film EVER!!!"
Why? "A memorable classic from Disney. This film is not only heartwarming but funny for the whole family."
Why? "I enjoyed it but it was pretty upsetting at times."
Why? "The film that made Christopher Nolan a successful trilogy. Without it, there would be no sequels."
Why? "A heartwarming Disney classic."
Why? "One of the best sequels to a reboot EVER!!!"
Why? "Best Disney film since the 90s. LOL."
Why? "A good ghost hunting comedy."
Why? "The pretty good sequel to GhostBusters."
Why? "This is one of Marvel's funniest and best movies."
Why? "A wonderful Disney film, this one's for the Gods. Oh yeah!!!"
Why? "One of Pixar's best in quite a few years."
Why? "One of my absolute favourite animated moviee of All Time."
Why? "1 of Disney's finest classics."
Why? "Pure Pegg & Frost."
Why? "Best spinoff ever made, so far anyway."
Why? "An epic reboot."
Why? "The best direct to video Scooby Doo film."
Why? "Awesome original tale."
Why? "A sequel better than the original."
Why? "At least it was better than the 3rd film."
Why? "Not bad, Not good. Just decent."
Why? "A good prequel. Jar Jar Binks is hilarious to me."
Why? "So the Clone Wars begins."
Why? "The Best of the prequels. This is how things fell into place for Episode IV."
Why? "The film that started one of the Best franchises Ever made."
Why? ""Luke, I am your father!" is what made this film a mind blower."
Why? "Brilliant climax to a wonderful franchise."
Why? "I enjoyed this movie. I don't care what the critics think, it's a success in ma mind."
Why? "The best Star Wars movie in a while. Disney, you did a fantastic job."
Why? "For the most part, it was pretty funny."
Why? "Epic Reboot to Spiderman."
Why? "Best Batman film EVER made."
Why? "The better of the Hulk movies. I enjoyed this from start to finish."
Why? "One of my favourite Disney films. Memorable songs that are fun to get up & dance to."
Why? "An awesome movie where everything is awesome."
Why? "A heartwarming Disney film that's funny, heartbreaking & enjoyable from beginning to end."
Why? "A wonderful Disney film under the sea."
Why? "Funny as hell."
Why? "A pretty good & entertaining movie about SpongeBob and friends."
Why? "Good film. Funny."
Why? "A brilliant animated movie."
Why? "Brilliant sequel to a wonderful film."
Why? "Best animated film of all time."
Why? "The Best Transformers movie."
Why? "A brilliant heartwarming film from Pixar."
Why? "A wonderful film about Wallace & Gromit."
Why? "Not as good as what critics say but still an enjoyable film for the most part."
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Why? "So many voices so it got to be the best one out of them all."
Why? "No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!"
Why? "There's WAY too many great voices on here."
Why? "So many voices but misses out on my Number1 favourite because some are unnecessary. But nevertheless, awesome voices."
Why? "My personal favourite Doctor Who enemy."
Why? "The Doctor's Greatest enemy."
Why? "Love Vader + Star Wars."
Why? "One of the greatest villains ever created."
Why? "Love Donald as he made me laugh from time 2 time in my childhood days."
Why? "Bond's Greatest enemy, the head of SPECTRE."
Why? "Love Finn as a character & a VC."
Why? "1 of the GRATEST comic relief characters Disney has EVER made."
Why? "Really like him because his cartoons made me laugh all the time."
Why? "An awesome character from Naughty Dog."
Why? "Brilliant villain."
Why? "He/She's the Head of MI6 from Bond. James Bond."
Why? "One of the greatest inspiring characters ever created."
Why? "James? Hello Moneypenny."
Why? "Oh, do be careful 007!"
Why? "Love Ratchet & Clank."
Why? "Popular & very funny how the monster always goes after him & Shaggy but never catches them."
Why? "Shaggy & Scooby are always together & that's so funny."
Why? "Sonic is brilliant in every way."
Why? "The Greatest Time Lord Who Ever Lived!!!"
Why? "Favourite Spiderman villain. EVER!!!"
Why? "An awesome female Bond villain. Just as awesome as Jaws & Oddjob."
Why? "The powerful Yoda."
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Kingdom Hearts II
Why? "Best Sequel for a game."
Why? "A game that I grew up with."
Why? "Brilliant Game."
Why? "Epic game."
Why? "A fulfilling end to an epic trilogy."
Why? "Not as good as Asylum & City but it sure has some amazing & exciting moments."
Why? "Crunch's debut."
Why? "Racing like Mario."
Why? "Titans rock."
Why? "Epic game, so much fun."
Why? "Brilliant teamup from Crash & Cortex."
Why? "Titans return for a sequel. Pretty neat."
Why? "Doctor Who is awesome."
Why? "A fabulous remake to an all time classic game."
Why? "Awesome game for future GhostBusters."
Why? "Much better than the 1st game by a long shot."
Why? "A great open world game with enjoyable characters."
Why? "Awesome fighting game."
Why? "What the 1st 2 games should have been. This game does Jak & Daxter justice."
Why? "A fun collectathon game."
Why? "A good sequel, much darker than the 1st."
Why? "One of the best games I've ever played & really big fan of it."
Why? "Good game but still didn't cut it."
Why? "Best KH spinoff so far."
Why? "Same as KH1 but not as good."
Why? "Was ok but did earn worst KH spinoff."
Why? "Good prequel for a game series."
Why? "Great game."
Why? "The Bat has arrived in Lego form for the 1st time. Rock on TT."
Why? "Looking forward to playing it."
Why? "A good Lego game. So much more building to do, YAY!"
Why? "One of the best Luigi spinoffs I've played."
Why? "Awesome fighting game."
Why? "Awesome game."
Why? "1st Ratchet & Clank game."
Why? "The epic ending."
Why? "The epic adventure continues..."
Why? "R&C 2 the future."
Why? "4 player game."
Why? "10th Anniversary game."
Why? "Outstanding game."
Why? "A fun game for the most part. Love the gravity mechanic."
Why? "Small in size baby."
Why? "Great return for R&C."
Why? "Single Ratchet game. Epic."
Why? "My 1st Game."
Why? "Clank vs Bond."
Why? "A great game of tennis with Sega."
Why? "A good game."
Why? "A good but great sequel."
Why? "A good game."
Why? "Best Sly game."
Why? "Favourite racing game of all time."
Why? "Great game."
Why? "20 years of Sonic."
Why? "Sonic speed."
Why? "Awesome Sonic power."
Why? "1st Spiderman game I ever played. A true classic."
Why? "Good game."
Why? "Action, Open World... Yeah this game has it all."
Why? "Epic action."
Why? "Decent game."
Why? "Brilliant game from Spiderman."
Why? "Epic film Climax."
Why? "Decent game from SpongeBob."
Why? "A memorable Star Wars game based on it's film."
Why? "Epic fighting game."
Why? "Epic Spiderman game."
Why? "A decent Spiderman game with an alternative storyline from the movie."
Why? "Fun game."
Why? "Road RAGE."
Why? "Skating is cool."
Why? "Toy Story game. Pretty cool."
Why? "Amazing, exciting and full of twists & turns. This game is a whole lot better than the 1st."
Why? "Uncharted 2 was better. But this is still an awesome game."
Why? "Epic adventure from Naughty Dog."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "One of my favourite cartoons growing up. This show is sooooooooooo hilarious!"
Why? "Love all of these Wallace & Gromit shorts. They're just so enjoyable."