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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Ray Chase
Why? "One of the biggest recent names to hit the voiceover industry... and one of my all time favourites."
Why? "Again another great TPCI voice actor and one of the more better ones like Jake Paque."
Why? "He did an awesome job voicing Bagheera and I've grown to love Bob Joles for his many excellent roles."
Why? "Decent Paris actor but an absolute hoot with his AB Groupe roles. Never fails to make me laugh, also a good Globox."
Why? "The Old B*stard of the Dragon Ball dubs but definitely is a great actor for old man roles."
Why? "One of four actors from Dream Street that's been a huge part of my childhood... and I praise them for it!"
Why? "He voiced Lysandre! Nuff said."
Why? "She was very good as Serena not to mention she's from Shrek The Musical too, so you can tell she has had some experience."
Why? "Voices my favourite Pokemon professor of all time. What's not to love?"
Why? "Another big inspiration."
Why? ""Got it memorised?""
Why? "A superb voice actor who has been part of my life for many years."
Why? "A big juggernaut for me. One actor that has inspired me the most."
Why? "Certainly one of my top 10 best voice actors ever! A really great man who had some really great and marvellously evil and stunning roles."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "One of my favourite Pokémon characters."
Why? "One of the more bearable thing in the dub of Zexal. Marc Thompson fitted so perfectly."
Why? "One of the highlights of the D&P series. Better be careful about him cause if you ain't then he'll "FINE YOU"!"
Why? "Chaz it up... the Chazz Princeton way."
Why? "Science is so amazing!"
Why? "One of the greatest Disney villains and my personal favourite."
Why? "He's the one that started them all... in terms of the Pokémon villains."
Why? "The role that somehow turned Ben Diskin into a furry..."
Why? ""I am a flaming Moltres!""
Why? "Lysandre may have been weak in the games but he was an absolute beast in the anime."
Why? "It's adorable looking. That is all."
Why? "Loyal and always a pleasure to listen to, David Graham's always on top form m'lady!"
Why? "My Number One favourite Pokémon."
Why? "My all time favourite Pokémon Professor and a case of spot on casting by TPCI!"
Why? "Another one of my favourite Disney villains."
Why? "Such a badass. nuff said"
Why? "The number one Thunderbirds villain!"
Why? "The character that propelled Johnny Yong Bosch to stardom and for very good reason."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Cowboy Bebop
Why? "One of the best anime shows ever made... one of the best English dubs of all time... Even surpasses the original Japanese track."
Why? "One of the very many shows that made up a incredibly tiny fragment of my childhood. Easily the best in terms of the dub for this franchise."
Why? "A fast paced, over the top anime classic from Gainax. Notable for introducing us to Kari Wahlgren."
Why? "One of the best Disney shows of all time."
Why? "Fantastic, wacky and over the top goodness. Mediocre dub at best, it's clear Warner just phoned this one in to cash in on the popularity."
Why? "Worth it just to see Michelle Ruff and Richard Epcar with the FUNi bunch... even if the LA voices are deeply missed."
Why? "Both Gainax and ADV at their absolute prime."
Why? "My number one favourite show of all time!"
Why? "Interesting series featuring side stories of some of Ash's friends and enemies. Not 4Kids's finest hour with the franchise though."
Why? "These are four of my favourite Pokémon specials of all time. Really great characters and an intriguing story that leads in to XYZ."
Why? "Best Spider-Man series in my humble opinion though Spectacular is also a brilliant show."
Why? "My favourite Disney Afternoon show."
Why? "A really great new version of the Thunderbirds, obviously will never be as good as the original but still stands tall by itself."
Why? "Has some of the best cases of voice acting and directing. Even when the show declined with Season 3 we still got some good performances."
Why? "Love me some bad dubs and the folks at Omni delivered with Headmasters."
Why? "Really obscure series but such a brilliant series that is quite mature too."
Why? "Milo Ventimiglia's painfully miscast as Wolverine but at least Vic Mignogna and the others keep this dub from collapsing."
Why? "Tim Curry, Rene Auberjonois and the late great Tony Jay all in one show? Shad up and take ma money."
#1 All Time Favorite
The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Why? "Incredibly underrated masterpiece of a Disney film. Tony Jay as Frollo is the major highlight here."
Why? "Worth it to see Jason Griffith in by far one of his best performances to date. NYAV Post have worked up their magic once again."
Why? "One of the best of the Marvel animated features. The voice acting was brilliant all around."
Why? "Emotionally daunting and amazingly animated entry in the series. Too bad I can't say the same for the incredibly wooden & emotionless dub."
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Why? "His deck has no pathetic cards Kaiba."
Why? "A really good voice compare, George Sanders and Tony Jay being two of my personal favourites."
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Star Wars: The Old Republic
Why? "My Number One most favourite video game voice cast of all time, the amount of great talent involved in amazing."
Why? "Mediocre RPG fluff but the voice cast (featuring Ray Chase, Tia Lynn Ballard and Mick Wingert) help brighten things up a bit."
Why? ""I feel like a f**king celebrity in this town!" *bus squashes her*"
Why? "One of the best 3DS RPG's. If ya haven't played it... then what are ya doin? Go play it now."
Why? "Welcome back Crash, dear god have I missed you!"
Why? "The only place (at the moment) where you'll find Ash's old VA and Brock's new VA under one bill."
Why? "Very impressive cast for a PSP game."
Why? "The cast may be smaller but the US and the UK combo goodness is still present and correct."
Why? "A ultimate dynamite combo of some of the finest US and UK talent in the VO industry! What's not to love?"
Why? "More US/UK goodness with the best Driver game in a long long while."
Why? "The last hurrah for the LA cast (at least for now) and man they went out on a fantastic note."
Why? "The last major swan song for both Ocean and Blue Water's time with the franchise and they went out on such an amazing note."
Why? "Yes, people like to laugh at this one for it's voice acting but dang it does have one of the most varied casts in the franchise's history."
Why? "Another great entry into the Final Fantasy franchise with a terrific voice cast to boot."
Why? "One of those cases where it's so bad it's somehow entertaining."
Why? "Great HD remaster of the original PS2 classic, it's first major spinoff entry and a great, superbly acted movie based on 358/2 Days."
Why? "Even with the rather weak Re:Coded movie, it's still a great release with the amazing sequel and it's technically impressive PSP prequel."
Why? "It's Kingdom Hearts! How can anyone not like this franchise?"
Why? "The franchise makes the jump to the small screen in this fairly enjoyable side game that sets the stage for Kingdom Hearts 2."
Why? "My second Most Favourite video game voice cast of all time."
Why? ""Nooooo.... Not into the pit! It buuuurrrrnnnnssss!""
Why? "Oh that Capcom... wanting a piece of that Dynasty Warriors pie."
Why? "FUNi actors... LA actors... even Kevin Sorbo... but which character is the best? Only one way to find out? FIIIIIIIIIIGGHHHTT!"
Why? ""I don't speak Italian!""
Why? "The last hurrah for developer Imageepoch and voice director Kirk Thornton and the cast made sure they went out on a very positive note."
Why? "The start of the beloved fighting series and boy did HAL kick the series off to a good start."
Why? "Matthew Mercer... Adam Howden... Billy Bob Thompson.. Laura Bailey... Cam Clarke... Sean Schemmel... All here! What is this madness?"
Why? "One of the best union RPG dubs, Scott Menville gives an outstanding performance as Lloyd Irving. Wish we had more dubs like this one."
Why? "The Texas VA's start creeping in for yet another great dub in the superb RPG series."
Why? "My least favorite of the Tales of games but still continues the trend of brilliant voice acting and direction so it still gets a pass."
Why? "Do I even need to remind you how much of a masterpiece this is?"
Why? "Underrated as all hell. Such a shame this never got a sequel."
Why? "To those that say Sarah Natochenny is a bad actor all around, show them this and then they'll start thinkin twice."
Why? "A mixture of UK and US talent? Well count me i.... *sees they've closed it* Oh.... how sad."
Why? "Best one of the newer Marvel vs Capcom games."
Why? "Who knew that the voices of Ash Ketchum, Seto Kaiba, Misty, Giovanni and Weevil would all be involved in this classic PS1 RPG."
Why? "Scott McNeil, Steve Blum, Robin Atkin Downes and a US/Canadian cast help end this series with a spectacular bang."
Why? "The worlds of Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors cross paths. The end result? Tons of hacking and slashing of course!"
Why? "The perfect (or almost near perfect)l love letter to the franchise complete with tons of reprisals and great performances."
Why? "Without a shadow of a doubt one of the best video game dubs of all time. Adam Howden as Shulk is just.... ohhhhh so brilliant."
Why? "Not as good as the previous two in terms of VO but most of the cast still keep this very good sequel afloat."
Why? "The action shifts to LA and Wendee Lee and the star studded VA cast continue the series' top notch voice acting quality."
Why? "Kevin Seymoure got the party rolling with the fantastic dub for Episode 1 featuring some outstanding performances."
Why? "It's the weakest of the three but that doesn't mean to say it's bad as Crispin Freeman and the rest keep it afloat."
Why? "Hoffman and Sargent return and Wendee Lee's great voice direction help give the series a satisfying conclusion."
Why? "Old favorites return and even the newer faces do pretty good in this mobile extravaganza from Konami."