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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Robert McCollum
Why? "He's got a truly amazing voice and he's one of the greatest actors I've ever listened to. He's my inspiration."
Why? "Really has a great voice. Perfect voice for Hiten and MegaManEXE."
Why? "An amazing young actor rising his way to the top, and an awesome friend to boot! Keep it up, brother!"
Why? "Wonderful actor on stage and behind the mic. A great friend."
Why? "My favorite screen actor of all time, and he's got such a cool voice to boot. I hope to hear more of his voice work in the future."
Why? "A great actor and a great guy. Glad to see he's furthering his career."
Why? "He's a boss. Don't really need any other reasons."
Why? "His performance as Xigbar is what got me into voice acting. Truly an amazing actor."
Why? "Most people know him as Ichigo. I know him as Vash, Sanada Yukimura, and Zero. This man is just amazing."
Why? "He's a master. Serious characters like Asura to hilarious characters like Fukuyama. This man does it all, and he does it very well."
Why? "A great actor and a great friend. A very talented guy."
Why? "He's got such a unique voice that I really wish I could hear more often."
Why? "Isn't it pretty much required for him to be on everyone's "favorites" list?"
Why? "A terrific actor. The voice of my namesake, and one of the men who got me into acting. Great guy."
Why? "Such an underrated voice actor. I've heard a lot of hate on him in the past, and I personally believe he's excellent in each of his roles."
Why? "A very good singer, and a very funny man!"
Why? "Perfect voice for Justice. Perfect voice for Slade. Perfect narrator for Fallout. Just****ing perfect."
Why? "He never really struck me as a voice actor until I heard it for myself. He certainly has the energy for it. And he's a pretty solid actor."
Why? "Not gonna fanboy over Natsu or Death the Kid. But I will fanboy over Apos and Yamato."
Why? "He's great. I personally love him as Ishida Mitsunari, Excalibur, Booker DeWitt, and The Boss from Saints Row The Third."
Why? "A truly phenomenal actress, a very strong woman, and a very dear friend. She's just incredible all around."
#1 All Time Favorite
Date Masamune
Why? "He's a total bad ass and doesn't give a ****. Plus, his Engrish in the subtitled version is hilarious."
Why? "Easily one of my favorite anime antagonists. He's so calm and collect and sadistic."
Why? "My favorite female character in the series."
Why? "One of the best Disney characters ever conceived."
Why? "Cid always stood out to me, more-so than Vincent. He's just awesome."
Why? "Who said he was a chef?"
Why? "She's my desktop background, and I'm not afraid to admit it."
Why? "A perfect bad guy. But also has a great fashion sense."
Why? "My favorite character in the series. She is absolutely hilarious. There are two other big reasons, but I'll leave it to your imagination."
Why? "Total badass. One of my favorite protagonists."
Why? "One of the greatest anime characters of all time. Plain and simple."
Why? "Best character. Fight me if you disagree."
Why? "What? I think he's funny."
Why? "Absolute badass. And one of Robert McCollum's best performances."
Why? "I'm done. He wins."
Why? "True badass."
Why? "He's hands down my favorite Organization member, and possibly my favorite character in the series. Every series needs a character like him."
Why? "My favorite character in the series. He steals the show."
Why? "His dynamic with Masane and the other characters makes me laugh every time."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Why? "What a great show."
Why? "Everything's great except the fourth opening."
Why? "Chinese electric Batman."
Why? "One of the most well written series I have ever seen. Truly fantastic."
Why? "Absolutely brilliant all around."
Why? "High action, great characters, enthralling story, and an interesting take on the Sengoku period."
Why? "A sadly short-lived but very enjoyable series."
Why? "I watch this show once every few months. I consider it my "feel good" anime."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Up there in my top 5 animated films."
Why? "I love this movie to death. It's beyond Cartoon Network nostalgia. There's just... something there."
Why? "When you think about it, this film defined the early 2000s"
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Why? "Like no other game out there. This game is truly one of a kind. One of the best games I've ever played."
Why? "Great graphics. Great gameplay. Interesting story. Very well made."
Why? "... What? I think it's a fine game."
Why? "This is one of my favorite games from my early years. So god-like."