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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Daws Butler
Why? "He is a great actor and a great person. Daws Butler is...not Daws Butler was."
Why? "Great acting."
Why? "She is a terrific actress."
Why? "His terrific bass made him one of the most memorable actors in the business."
Why? "He is a very great actor and funny man."
Why? "Not only a great, terrific, amazing actor, but also a good role model."
Why? "Incredible as Mama Bravo."
Why? "She is amazing."
Why? "It's not enough (in a nice way) he was the main villain in Superman The Animated Series (favorite show), but he was also Spike and Shockwave"
Why? "This guy's range is terrific: Cosmo, Knock Out, Count Spankulot."
Why? "He is an actor's actor. Just thinking bout him saying, "Parker"."
Why? "Daws Butler would be proud of you Garry Chalk."
Why? "He was talented."
Why? "His Jet Screamer and Mr. Peebles and Breezly are Incredible."
Why? "Actress with a capital A."
Why? "A true follower in Daws Butler's steps."
Why? "She had a very broad range and a voice you couldn't easily pin down."
Why? "He was the best Piglet."
Why? "He is so inspiring."
Why? "Such a creative mind and what a way with characters."
Why? "great Hal Jordan, Terrific Spiderman, however i'm gonna go with Charlie Carbone."
Why? "She is June Foray!"
Why? "Стилян Иванов - Stilian Ivanov."
Why? "I am in love with her + she is a great actress. RIP Ms. Bacall."
Why? "She is great as Katara, April and Huntsgirl, but my favorite of hers will always be Suzy."
Why? "She is so sweet and so intense at the same time."
Why? "Bugs Bunny, Barney rubble, Mr. Spacely, Daffy Duck, Taz, Suylvester, Speddy Gonzales, Yosemite Sam."
Why? "He represents the childhood of a lot of people."
Why? "When I heard Dr. Blowhole, though to myself: Wow, this guy is really good. Who is that? I didn't recognize him despite being a fan of HIMYM."
Why? "He is a talented, generous and great actor."
Why? "He is great."
Why? "Who would believe that Optimus Prime and Eeyore are played by the same wonderful man."
Why? "No one could have played Sadness the way she did!"
Why? "He has done so many great shows and he is great actor."
Why? "She had a range as broad as the Gr and Canyon's corridor!"
Why? "Wow, From Freddy Flintstone to Mati to Robin to Quicksilver. Very imressive."
Why? "He was funny."
Why? "He will always be Launchpad McQuack."
Why? "He is a great actor and that what makes a great character."
Why? "He is great. Michelangelo, The Tick, Teen Wolf...Townsend Coleman, you are very talented."
Why? "Tress the Best."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Codename Kids Next Door
Why? "It is one of the greatest animated series ever."
Why? "One of the best shows ever?"
Why? "The beginning of all action adventure animated series and one of the All Time Best series of its kind."
Why? "it was super a true follow up to the previous super hero series."
Why? "It was great."
Why? "Not only because the characters were written so brilliantly. But it's more hilarious than the live-action shows on TV today."
#1 All Time Favorite
Hey There, It's Yogi Bear
#1 All Time Favorite
Tex Avery Cartoons
Why? "Genius, Great, Funny...You want more?"
Why? "This cartoon represents the lives of so many people."