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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
June Foray
Why? "Chuck Jones once said that June Foray isn't the female Mel Blanc, but that Mel Blanc is the male June Foray. I guess I agree with that."
Why? "Possibly the most distinctive voice ever!"
Why? "She did good as Dee Dee, her only notable role. She actually had quite a bit of range, and could've really gone places with her VO career."
Why? "She was awesome as Yuri in Dirty Pair!"
Why? "She has a neat range, and has had quite a few memorable roles!"
Why? "I love her as Nabiki. She sounds so sarcastic and with great comedic timing. It's a shame she hasn't done much else."
Why? "The voices she does in South Park is sheer proof that this woman's range is incredible."
Why? "The Spanish Mel Blanc!"
Why? "One of the better voice actors of the North Carolina voice pool."
Why? "Such an amazing voice talent with a very large range of characters. Who would've known Dudley, Bullwinkle, and Peabody were the same person?"
Why? "One of the very first anime voice queens! She brought so much life and passion to her characters! She was also hilarious on Courage!"
Why? "Such a unique voice... played so many wonderful characters!"
Why? "R.I.P. Brittany! You were great in KOTH!"
Why? "One of the most underrated actresses ever."
Why? "She's got lots of range, and acting ability. She's really blossoming into a great voice actress!"
Why? "Caitlin has an amazing voice, and is an amazing actress! She's certainly one of the best in the business!"
Why? "She's pretty good in most of her roles, the ones she creates. She's got a pretty wide vocal range, and is GREAT with accents and age!"
Why? "Did a great job as young Fred. He actually had really good comedic timing."
Why? "Had the perfect sweet voice for Sally!"
Why? "She developed the iconic voice for Barbie!"
Why? "He has a very unique voice! He's like the Frank Welker of FUNimation!"
Why? "Probably one of the best voice actors of all time."
Why? "Even at a young age, he gave such a unique and memorable voice for Linus. He will be missed."
Why? "His voice is so perfect for voice acting!"
Why? "She's good in sultry roles as well as teenage girl characters. Her Monkey D. Luffy is also very well done!"
Why? "A cool and unique voice that always delivers."
Why? "Her singing voice is among the best in the business, and her voice acting is a force to be reckoned with. Cristina Vee has a bright future."
Why? "She was hilarious as Chi-Chi and Mitzi, she was amazing as Botan, she was cool as Mitch, and she was moving as Bellemere. A vocal gem."
Why? "She's just perfect!"
Why? "He's got a lot of range, and a lot of talent! His Cell voice is very memorable!"
Why? "She was hilarious as Debbie!"
Why? "Amazing, unique performance as Shadow the Hedgehog. Very dramatic, and very dark."
Why? "He's quite an underrated voice actor. Yeah, he was miscast as Sanji, but that's not his fault. He's had many great roles over the years."
Why? "He has a pretty entertaining voice to listen to!"
Why? "His voice for Eggman/Robotnik was very unique and memorable!"
Why? "She gave such a funny, creative voice for Yzma!"
Why? "Such an amazing talent!"
Why? "She gave such a legendary, powerful performance as Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty!"
Why? "Her acting and vocal delivery is nothing short of amazing, especially in Portal 2."
Why? "Sailor VENUS!!!!"
Why? "He's a legend!"
Why? "His voice is the definition of epic!"
Why? "Her voice for Daphne was a perfect match and was so much in character."
Why? "Her Pikachu voice is adorable! It's amazing how much emotion and depth she conveys just by saying one word!"
Why? "He's had some amazing, memorable performances over the years. Incredibly underrated voice actor."
Why? "He's got quite a bit of range. Who would've thought Dilgear & Philionel (Slayers) and Miki (Utena) were all voiced by the same person?"
Why? "She had quite a bit of range, voicing many characters in these classic series. It's a shame she's not too well known."
Why? "Her casting as Korra was interesting, and it has proven to be an amazing performance."
Why? "A very classic voice actress!"
Why? "She's definitely got an interesting voice!"
Why? "She had such a funny and witty voice for Luna. It was very memorable!"
Why? "Definitely a memorable voice actor."
Why? "She gave an amazing performance as Belldandy!"
Why? "Her voice for Zakuro in Tokyo Mew Mew was very tough, youthful, and sexy at the same time. She also expressed her range voicing little Mash"
Why? "A very great-sounding voice actress!"
Why? "Kath was one of the most prominent voice actresses of the 90s. She had a lot of range, and she had a unique style to her voice."
Why? "She gives such a believable performance as Peggy Hill in 'King of the Hill'."
Why? "YOSHI!!"
Why? "She has a cool voice to listen to, and a very strong delivery."
Why? "She's so funny as Naga! She really captures her character!"
Why? "She was the cook in Clue. Even though she was a dead body for most of the movie, I still thought her part was really memorable."
Why? "She was a great replacement for Moneca Stori as Kagome Higurashi! I was pleasantly surprised. I would have no idea the voice changed."
Why? "She has a lot of range! She can do high cutsey voices and lower sexy voices! She always sounds natural, and is great all around!"
Why? "Oh man! Her voice was a very important part of my childhood! She voiced Little Bear, which was one of my favorite shows back in the day!"
Why? "Such a unique voice actress! I love the life she breathes into her characters, especially Eliza!"
Why? "Her Urd voice is one of the most memorable anime performances of all time!"
Why? "Her range is amazing. She has neat fundamentals for voice acting, that are very unique. She is extremely talented."
Why? "One of the best voices for Goku/Gohan/Goten that I've heard. It's a shame she didn't reprise her roles in the Spanish version of Kai.."
Why? "One of the world of voice acting's most rising stars. Her work is already extremely impressive. She was the highlight of PMMM!"
Why? "Has an amazing singing voice and proved to be a good voice actress in My Neighbor Totoro."
Why? "She gave such an interesting performance as Nanami in Utena. She was annoyingly funny and quite dramatic at the same time. It was enjoyable."
Why? "She really brings her characters to life. Frieza, Genkai, Baba, Fasha, they're all different! Linda does a good job!"
Why? "Lisa Ortiz has so much range! Her roles in Slayers, Sonic, One Piece, and Magical DoReMi prove that this amazing woman can do anything!"
Why? "Luci has an amazing vocal range! She can do action girls, cute girls, femme fatales, older women, and many more! She's also a great actress!"
Why? "Such an amazing range! Both of her "characters" in Snow White are some of the most amazing vocal performances I've EVER heard!"
Why? "Madeline has played characters in some of my most favorite movies (Young Frankenstein, Clue). She was amazing! She left us too soon..."
Why? "This woman was a true talent. She practically INVENTED the art of voice acting. She could do anything with her amazingly unique voice!"
Why? "A very unique voice actress... All her roles sound cool!"
Why? "AMAZING as Juri!"
Why? "Best Joker ever!"
Why? "This lady was amazing! She left us WAY too early! She played a huge variety of roles that sounded so vastly different from one another! RIP"
Why? "Gave a very memorable performance as Tenchi!"
Why? "Such a classic voice actress."
Why? "She gave Batgirl a certain spunk, and attitude that's hard to match."
Why? "This woman is certainly one of the most amazing voice actors of all time. She was by far the most terrifying part about the Exorcist."
Why? "She has so many unique voices! Who would've thought Blonde AND Brunette Launch were voiced by the same person?!"
Why? "Such a mix of a perfect voice and perfect delivery."
Why? "He gave such an interesting, powerful performance as Kagato in Tenchi."
Why? "Classic voice!"
Why? "She had a great voice with great range, and played many memorable characters!"
Why? "She's got an amazing vocal range, and can do amazing boy voices. Her voice has an interesting quality not heard anywhere else."
Why? "Her voice is one of my favorites in American anime! It has a sense of charm, it's unique, plus she's a good actress!"
Why? "She had one of the most unique voices of the entire Ranma cast! I wish we could hear more stuff from her!"
Why? "What a very unique voice actress! She's had so many accomplishments and roles over the years!"
Why? "She gave such an epic, powerful performance as Queen Beryl."
Why? "He's the greatest male voice actor to ever live... period. His radio work is the stuff of legend."
Why? "She delivered such a touching performance in Summer Wars! She really brought that character to life!"
Why? "R.I.P. Pat! She provided a great intelligent-sounding voice for Velma! I find her performance quite underrated. She will be missed."
Why? "His performance as John Milner in American Graffiti is definitely one of the greatest performances by a young actor in all cinema!"
Why? "She's got some range. Look at all those characters she's voiced! They all sound so distinct from one another. Her Ms. Donner is awesome too!"
Why? "He'll always be the best and most known Charlie Brown voice!"
Why? "A memorable narrator for Pokemon!"
Why? "Such an amazing array of voices!"
Why? "Possibly the best voice actor in Sailor Moon! He was great as Artemis all the way through!"
Why? "Her voice for Ichigo is very memorable and unique!"
Why? "Sarah does the best boy impression ever, while having good acting chops!"
Why? "It's Scarlett! What's... NOT to love? "
Why? "He really brings Goku to life. It's hard to imagine anyone else's voice in the role."
Why? "She gave such an emotional, innocent, heart-beaking, and sometimes funny voice for Anthy Himemiya. She's also pretty good in sultry roles."
Why? "His voice and delivery for the computer were hilarious!"
Why? "Polly Esther. Nuff Said! XD"
Why? "He's very professional, and has proven to play a vast variety of roles so well!"
Why? "She gave a nice, sweet, innocent voice for Sylphiel. It's a shame she hasn't done much else."
Why? "He made Professor Oak very memorable!"
Why? "She was great as Himeko Se in Vampire Princess Miyu!"
Why? "I grew up listening to Stephanie's voice! Her Goku is probably one of the most well acted and well voiced anime characters I've ever seen!"
Why? "She has such a unique voice, that's a treat to listen to."
Why? "She has such a sexy, sultry voice! Though her range is big. She's amazing in all her roles."
Why? "She played Meg so well!"
Why? "She's got an interesting voice and has a really good range."
Why? "Very entertaining as Ramia and Rumiya! It's a shame she didn't do much else..."
Why? "She has a very unique, cute sounding voice! I can't wait to see what characters she plays in the future!"
Why? "I usually don't watch anime in Japanese, but Tomoko really stood out and left an impression on me. She will be missed."
Why? "Such a cool voice actress with a unique, youthful voice! Her voices for Princess Toadstool and Sailor Moon are definitely favorites of mine!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Lina Inverse
Why? "Lina Inverse is by far the most entertaining, hilarious, and memorable animated character of all-time. She's such a hoot!"
Why? "She's a mean girl you love to hate!"
Why? "A sexy femme fatal! I real treat to watch and listen to!"
Why? "One of the more likable characters in the Tenchi franchise."
Why? "She was always a sweet and innocent character. It's a shame she wasn't brought back for Toy Story 3."
Why? "Seriously, how can you NOT love Bubbles?"
Why? "I love Bulma! She's so funny, beautiful, and smart! She was a real hoot at the beginning of Dragon Ball!"
Why? "My favorite Ginyu Force member! He's so funny, sarcastic, and is probably the strongest next to Ginyu himself!"
Why? "My fave PPG! She's tough, she's spunky, she's everything a female superhero should be!"
Why? "Such an amazing villain/anti-heroine."
Why? "I love his laugh! FEH feh feh feh feh feh."
Why? "Frieza was my favorite villain years ago! He still holds up to this day!"
Why? "Such an interesting villain that could be, well... ANYONE! His voice is so creepy, evil, and devious as well."
Why? "Seriously, what's NOT to love about little Goku?!"
Why? "We all love Goku! He's like, Japan's He-Man!"
Why? "What's not to love? He's adorable!"
Why? "Such a lovable character!"
Why? "Such a sexy, spunky femme fatale."
Why? "The ultimate "wise zen-master"."
Why? "One of the most badass anime characters ever!"
Why? "Everyone loves Lucy!"
Why? "The most epic of all Disney villains"
Why? "Very funny and entertaining character! She's also pretty sexy and powerful to boot."
Why? "Meg is so sarcastic, seductive, beautiful, and has a lot of spunk to her. Characters like that really appeal to me."
Why? "Seriously, who DOESN'T love Tails?!"
Why? "Misty is one of the most memorable characters in Pokemon, and in anime in general."
Why? "Such an interesting character who's strong, intelligent, tough-witted, and no-nonsense."
Why? "She's such a classic, hilarious, unique character that's super entertaining to watch!"
Why? "She has the perfect amount of attitude and spunk, she's likable, and she's a no-nonsense kind of gal."
Why? "One of, if not my all-time favorite superheroes! His attitude, determination, loyalty, and sense of humor are all things we should aspire to"
Why? "Rouge is such a likable video game character! She's so deviously mischievous, and two-sided."
Why? "One of the cutest characters in anime!"
Why? "She's Ryoko! One of the most hilarious anime characters ever created!"
Why? "Such a badass fighter!"
Why? "Sailor Mars is Red Hot! She's so feisty, and nasty, but has a good heart. I like characters like that!"
Why? "Me and Sailor Moon have so much in common. I think Serena/Usagi is a very universal character, one everyone can connect to in their own way."
Why? "Sailor Venus is my favorite Sailor Guardian! She is easily relateable as a character, and she's very fun to watch and listen to!"
Why? "A classic example of a "cutesy" girl character in anime."
Why? "One of the more likable characters in DB."
Why? "Such a cool, yet interesting character. You really follow her story along with her."
Why? "Such a fun, wild, sarcastic, all-around enjoyable character!"
Why? "Pooh's always been a very classic, and very unique character."
Why? "Such an original, interesting, mysterious character that leaves a lot to the interpretation."
Why? "Seriously, who DOESN'T love Yoshi?!"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!
Why? "This has always been my show! I cannot believe that a mere 25 episodes can deliver so much anticipation, fun, and excitement over and over!"
Why? "One of my favorite Scooby-Doo shows! It's certainly unique, funny, entertaining, and doesn't take itself too seriously."
Why? "The best adaptation of Batman EVER!"
Why? "Oh, nostalgia!"
Why? "While it's not terribly original, it's much better than similar shows like Bakuman and Beyblade, which are just unwatchable."
Why? "I love this show! It's very engaging, and it's always fresh. Case Closed is a must watch for anime fans."
Why? "Very creative, very funny, very stylistic, very funny. It's one of Cartoon Network's all time best."
Why? "A very fun adventure show! It's easily one of the best anime ever made!"
Why? "A neat ending to DBZ! Whether you like it or not is entirely up to you, but I say at least give it a try!"
Why? "Oh! My god, what is there to say about DBZ? This show speaks for itself!"
Why? "A unique series that's fascinating to watch. Plus it has a kickass soundtrack!"
Why? "One of my all-time Halloween specials (and that's saying a lot!)"
Why? "One of the few decent shows currently on Cartoon Network!"
Why? "I remember watching this!"
Why? "Guilty pleasure for sure."
Why? "My favorite Charlie Brown special!"
Why? "This show is actually really fun to watch. It's about as 80s as you can get! The animation is unique, and the songs are catchy!"
Why? "My favorite show when I was little. It was simple, sweet, and had heart. Great family show!"
Why? "The ultimate so-bad-it's-good anime."
Why? "This is one of my favorite OVAs. It had a great story, great characters, great music, and great voice acting! It was also very funny!"
Why? "It's a very original, and enjoyable special!"
Why? "It's from Kunihiko Ikuhara. That's all you need to know!"
Why? "Despite the voice acting fiasco, it's actually a decent special."
Why? "Such an amazing series with a great story packed with drama, action, and even a few laughs in addition to the beautiful animation."
Why? "It's one of the most influential anime titles in the US. It's a classic up there with Voltron, DBZ, Pokemon, Speed Racer, and Astro Boy."
Why? "It's like DBZ and Power Rangers with females, complete with all the action and drama you could ever want!"
Why? "Surprisingly... I enjoyed it! :D"
Why? "Surprisingly decent Halloween episode!"
Why? "This show is so hilarious! I love the characters, the story, the animation, EVERYTHING!!!!"
Why? "The best of the 90s Sonic cartoons."
Why? "A very fun and cute show to watch in your spare time. ;3 It's got gun characters, fun little stories, and great voice acting!"
Why? "Not as good as original Teen Titans, but I still enjoy it more than I thought I would. It's entertaining at least."
Why? "My favorite episode of the Tenchi franchise! Its funny, creative, and who doesn't love a good space adventure with the Tenchi characters?"
Why? "One of the funnier episodes of the series!"
Why? "A unique Scooby show. It was one of the first with a semi-story line, and had some neat twists."
Why? "Continued Batman: The Animated Series' legacy."
Why? "One of my all time favorites!"
Why? "An awesome comeback for the PowerPuff Girls!"
Why? "While the animation left a bit to be desired, this was a pretty solid batch of Scooby episodes."
Why? "A fun adventure show that everyone must watch!"
Why? "I really like the anime approach this new version has. It's one of the few cartoon remakes that's fast surpassing it's original series."
Why? "This is a cool show! It's very fun to watch, and is different from most magical girl series. It needs to be saved and redubbed though!"
Why? "Great show with a unique premise. Canceled way before it's time."
#1 All Time Favorite
Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island
Why? "By far the best Scooby movie! It had the best plot, the best action, the best music, the best of everything!"
Why? "Such a beautiful movie that's hard to watch without shedding a few tears."
Why? "One of the first animated productions to have such an emotional impact. It's one of the most depressing movies ever made."
Why? "One of the best animated films of all time, and a serious contender for the best Batman film."
Why? "I remember seeing this at the theater! It's a really unique movie that's so hilarious! We need more movies like this!"
Why? "One of the first horror movies in a long time to creep me out. There's nothing creepier than creepy dolls!"
Why? "A fun little adventure, and a great supplement to the Dragon Ball series."
Why? "Very campy, but still good fun."
Why? "A very epic Dragon Ball movie! It's one that could act as an actual film, or an intro to the series!"
Why? "Before I saw this film, I wasn't really much of an Eva fan. Now I'm in love with this awesome franchise!"
Why? "I loved this movie. So nostalgic, and very powerful in a subtle way. The voice performances are all spectacular!"
Why? "Such an enjoyable film, and a great way to begin the franchise!"
Why? "This is the first movie I ever saw in the theater! It's still a very fun and stylistic film to watch!"
Why? "It's got a heart worming story, and the characters are actually VERY believable."
Why? "One of the most distinct and memorable films ever. The craftsmanship of the special effects remain unmatched. Also Fay Wray. Nuff said."
Why? "I just love this movie! It has brilliant animation, brilliant story, and brilliant voice acting!"
Why? "Definitely my favorite Lupin film. It's a madcap adventure/sci-fi film worth watching even for non-Lupin fans."
Why? "This was an interesting movie. It was funny, had great characters, great voice actors, a decent plot, and surprisingly educational!"
Why? "Great film, really makes you think."
Why? "While it's more myth than history, the great art, music, and surprisingly dramatic story make this an interesting watch."
Why? "Definitely the most memorable Pokemon movie."
Why? "The best of the three Sailor Moon movies by far. It's great as an introduction to the series, and has an awesome story."
Why? "This movie is great fun, has some neat twists to it, and plenty of adult appeal. I actually enjoy it more now than I did when I was younger."
Why? "Very creative and fun to watch."
Why? "The best Slayers movie! This is one to check out! It has a twisty plot in the beginning, and ends with a super hilarious golum battle!"
Why? "The animation, storytelling, and voice acting have aged very well. There's no other animated film quite like Snow White."
Why? "This is a very fun adventure movie with lots of great characters, great artwork, great music, and a very unique story."
Why? "This movie is great for watching with your family. It has something for everyone, and a great message!"
Why? "Yeah, it was cheesy and corny, but it was a fun movie nonetheless!"
Why? "This movie had some GREAT animation, a dark compelling story, lots of action, and some comedy mixed in. It compliments the series very well!"
Why? "A satisfying conclusion to such a great movie series."
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Kid Goku
Why? "I just love listening to all these ladies perform their voices as little Goku!"
Why? "This was a fun VC to do! I love listening to the different Bulmas!"