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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Daran Norris
Why? "He has an incredible, distinct, charismatic voice as well as a wide vocal range that completely threw me for a loop! He's just awesome!"
Why? "The malevolent & cruel Arkham, the crazy & hilarious Jester & Steven Chapman...what an actor! Why doesn't he have more roles? He's awesome!"
Why? "Her cute voice and emotive performance as Nausicaa was really good. She's also very compelling from what I've seen of her live-action roles."
Why? "Her adorable voice & remarkable enthusiasm make her an absolute joy to listen to. As far as cute voices go, they don't get better than hers."
Why? "Dib! I wish this guy did more, he has a great voice that's full of personality!"
Why? "I played the living crap out of the Freddi Fish games as a kid, and Penelope is a character I'm quite fond of too. She has a unique voice!"
Why? "She can do a boy voice that is actually convincing! I loved her in Fooly Cooly."
Why? "His voice has a great sophisticated, wise, & powerful tone to it. It is unfortunate that he doesn't get more substantial work."
Why? "Light Yagami, Sai, and Rock. These three alone command my respect and admiration, and he's done so much more. Excellent actor and cool guy."
Why? "His Hisoka is marvelous. He gets the flamboyance, the menace, the humor, EVERYTHING down. A very talented actor with presence and charisma."
Why? "His Ryuk made me a fan. His Vegeta is immensely entertaining, although slightly unfitting in my opinion. He needs more work than he has!"
Why? "She sounds so adorable, sweet and lively in the stuff I've seen her in that she just manages to put a smile on my face. Great actress."
Why? "His Gollum is one of the most unsettling, chilling, and terrifying things I've ever heard. It's a pretty underrated performance, IMO."
Why? "She was really lovable, quirky, sarcastic, spunky and fun as Tron Bonne! I love listening to her performance every time I play the game!"
Why? "Her voice is so adorable and gorgeous, and her acting ability is top-notch. She's an actress who simply makes you happy when you hear her."
Why? "A hilarious & memorable voice for Cobra Commander, a great vocal range, & the spirit of a great performer. His death is tragic to this day."
Why? "He plays Stitch to absolute perfection. He's also a dang-fine artist & director too. I hope to see much more VA work & movies from him yet!"
Why? "He really did an excellent job at giving the brave and kindhearted Judeau a compelling performance. I'd like to see more from him soon."
Why? "Vegeta, Piccolo and Yamcha! His work in Fullmetal Alchemist, Yu Yu Hakusho and his others can't be ignored either! An Anime veteran!"
Why? "Hiei is of course his best role, and he was fantastic. He has a very, very distinct voice and I wish he got bigger roles."
Why? "She was really good as Rem and Mystique. She has a nice low and strong voice. I hope she does a lot more voice work in the future."
Why? "Whether he's voicing a robot, pirate, cuddly critter, or a god, Corey's ability to entirely disappear into a role is just amazing."
Why? "Voice of the main character from one of my all-time favorite childhood games, MegaMan Volnutt! He really did do a great job with the role!"
Why? "Very smart guy, he can play a cool vampire like no other... and some of the most awkward, nerdy characters at the same time... interesting."
Why? "Rock AND Hisoka?! Holy crap. He's brilliant as both of them. And the sheer range of different characters he has played is impressive, too."
Why? "Majorly talented guy who does a flawless Cell impression. It'll be cool to see what he does now that his professional career is taking off."
Why? "His voice is insanely versatile, and his Cell is among the greatest villain roles ever. He would probably be my #1 if he was more active."
Why? "He has an excellent rich, deep voice that works splendidly for both heroes AND villains. He's awesome in everything I've seen him in so far."
Why? "His smooth, cool voice is perfection as the cold-blooded, bad@$$ but sometimes very human Agent 47. I'm SO relieved they didn't replace him!"
Why? "Solid Snake & Big Boss, characters that persevere as two of the greatest characters of all time. I hope he voices many more characters."
Why? "A ton of range & criminally good at hammy villains."
Why? "Has a really cool voice and was pretty good in Bleach, but I think his best work is most definitely yet to be seen."
Why? "Impressive vocal range & great acting talent. And man can he ever ham it up... just listen to his Sly characters! He's so unappreciated! :("
Why? "He has one of the deepest, powerful voices I've ever heard. It's pure awesome to listen to, and he has masterful control of his inflection."
Why? "One of the widest vocal ranges known to man... and beast. Dee Baker is a master at his craft and a compelling performer in every regard"
Why? "Her performance as Angela was haunting and forlorn, and she was cold and foreboding as Claudia. I wish she did more voice acting."
Why? "His Kintaro Oe is one of the funniest things I've ever heard! He's a genius at comedic delivery, and can be nicely subtle when needed."
Why? "I've never actually seen one of his roles first-hand, but he has a very cool voice with authoritative delivery I would love to hear more of."
Why? "She had an awesome voice that made Yzma both creepy & hysterical. She was easily the highlight of a (IMO) relatively mediocre Disney movie."
Why? "As King Bradley he is at first charming and friendly, but when he wants you dead he is absolutely, chillingly terrifying! Underrated actor."
Why? "The greatest Doctor Octopus and Alfred Pennyworth thus far, IMO. He's a very talented man."
Why? "Very underrated & versatile VA. Being able to voice a tortured, tragic character like Gray Fox as well as the hilarious Grim is amazing."
Why? "I've only seen him in Bob's Burgers & Archer so far, but he is absolutely hilarious & makes his characters extremely likable. He's a genius."
Why? "He was the perfect Onikage. He could sound cool-headed and intelligent, hammy, and downright bloodthirsty and intense. A great performance!"
Why? "Medusa of course! Her whole performance sounded so evil and intense and yet very charismatic. She handled the comedy wonderfully too!"
Why? "An absolute pleasure to listen to. The role I've heard the most of is definitely Starfire, but I kinda grew up on two of her other roles!"
Why? "He was pretty darn good in The Fox And The Hound, and yeah, he's Grandpa Joe too. That's a lot of childhood memories right there! :)"
Why? "Her voice is cute and beautiful, plain and simple, and I'm a sucker for cute. I need to watch more stuff she's in as soon as possible."
Why? "He's got a very charming voice with a lot of charisma as well as a nice amount of range. I love to hear this man act, plain and simple."
Why? "He has a great husky, imposing, silky voice that can be so tranquil & calming one second & scary as heck the next. This guy is a real gem."
Why? "She has a lot of energy as a performer, underutilized range, and a very attractive voice in general. She knows how to make a character fun!"
Why? "One of the most iconic voices of all time. Winnie the Pooh, dozens of fantastic villains, etc. One of the greatest voice actors of all time."
Why? "I've only seen a few of his roles, but he has a sweet voice! My favorites are Dosu and Shrieker. He has a wicked, threatening sound to him!"
Why? "He is incredible as Gendo Ikari and Lord Death. Also a great Dodoria. I hope he does more unique, more prominent roles in the future."
Why? "Through all the crap and filler, he still gives his all as Ichigo, an admirable performance. Vash The Stampede was also a great role of his."
Why? "Among the most powerful, memorable, earth-shaking voices I've ever heard. I would say he is just about on par with the legendary Tony Jay."
Why? "This guy is insanely skilled. He can make a character sound equally dramatic, intense and compelling as well as hilarious and endearing."
Why? "Great, unique voice and actor. Tetsuo is what put him on my radar though. I hope he comes back someday when he gets older... *cries*"
Why? "Yusuke is of course a classic anime protagonist, and he makes Raditz all kinds of awesome! He does well in everything he's cast in!"
Why? "One of my all time favorites! Haven't seen much of her recent work, but her voice is wonderful, she is wonderful, and Haruko! Great actress!"
Why? "I've only heard her work as Ukyo from Ranma, but she's very talented and her voice is so beautiful! I hope she gets more work in the future."
Why? "He's only voiced two characters so far, but they're both very distinct, cool voices/performances with a ton of personality. Much respect. :)"
Why? "The quintessential Batman, and Hush. I wish he was cast in more projects, but his work so far speaks for itself. A truly iconic voice actor."
Why? "Meruem AND Soul?! Wow, he was amazing as both of them. He has a really cool voice that works for laid-back heroes, and also villains."
Why? "Brilliant actress! Maka is my favorite role of hers. Her voice also soothes shot nerves, cures mental illness, and exorcises demons."
Why? "A very distinct voice which is nice to listen to. She seems to have nice range as well, which sadly isn't utilized properly."
Why? "He amazed me as Guts; a powerful performance w/ raw, bleeding emotion & passion. Everything else I've heard from him is similarly excellent."
Why? "Perfect as Killua. She nailed his mischievousness, bad@$$ery, and parts of her performance were so emotionally raw that I almost cried!"
Why? "He is The Joker. He also played the villain in one of my favorite Miyazaki films: Castle In The Sky. He's typically great in all his work."
Why? "His performance as the Replica forces from F.E.A.R. is the best I've heard for enemy NPC's in an FPS. So many awesome lines!"
Why? "The range she showed (South Park especially) was incredible! Were she here with us today she would be the top dog of voice-actresses. R.I.P."
Why? "Not crazy about her Alphonse, but my heart melted when I heard her as Crona. A wonderful, lovely and adorable voice and great actress."
Why? "Shinji, Yugi/Atem from the original Yu-Gi-Oh!, as well as incredibly charismatic, mysterious women? That is some serious range."
Why? "The greatest voice actor to ever grace the golden age of cartoons. He embodied his characters in a way we will never see again."
Why? "Gaz, Eri Ninamori, and a lot of other good characters. I hope she does bigger roles in the future. What a distinct and pleasant voice!"
Why? "He was very compelling as Nanashi and great as the violent, arrogant, spoiled punk, IM:AA Justin Hammer. I'd love to hear more from him!"
Why? "As Dracula and Harry Mason, his voice has a special place in the memories of PSX gamers. And I for one love his hammy Dracula."
Why? "Sam Fisher & Darkseid. This man needs more work in this industry, he voice is simply iconic. Deep, commanding, intelligent, it's incredible!"
Why? "Erica from Berserk... Okay, so that's pretty much the definition of a minor role, but she still pulls off that youthful voice splendidly."
Why? "Her distinct raspy voice was absolutely perfect & endearing for Rickert. She has a really unique sound, & she's a dang good actress to boot."
Why? "I grew up hearing him as Tod and Kris Kringle, and he gave both of them endearing and lasting performances that I still enjoy to this day."
Why? "Beavis and Butthead are two of my favorite animated sitcom characters ever, his role as Hank Hill is great too. I admire his work greatly."
Why? "He has a really cool, gruff voice. All three of his Hunter X Hunter characters sounded surprisingly good. I'd like to hear more from him."
Why? "Her performance as Kurapika was breathtaking. Everything I've heard from her is great. She also has one of the most attractive voices ever."
Why? "Tak, Ten, & her rendition of Jane Porter were all great. I wish she would get bigger roles, but I'm already quite impressed with her work."
Why? "She's a dang fine actress with fine range and one of the most memorable raspy voices out there. I love her work, what else is there to say?"
Why? "He has a memorable, smooth, deep, charismatic voice that I love to hear. He's excellent for likable and cool main protagonists, and more!"
Why? "I grew up with Spectre from the SOCOM games, & he made Leon from RE4 one of my favorite lead video game characters. The Merchant as well."
Why? "Dat epic Dark Souls narration!"
Why? "Funny and likable as Richard Moore, tough as nails as Basque Grand, and a terrific Captain Ginyu. Another completely underrated actor!"
Why? "Raz was a great character, but Zim is one of the explosively entertaining characters I've ever seen, all because of this man! Awesome!"
Why? "He has a marvelous deep, smooth voice that can be both brutish and monstrous or gentle and noble. He also has good range. Very talented guy."
Why? "He's underrated as an actor and gave a really solid performance as Yomi. His Dabura voice is pretty cool, too. I hope to hear more from him."
Why? "A great Spider-Man. He got the emotion and humor just right in the PS1 games."
Why? "When you can voice a terrifying/funny serial-killer like Ghostface & then a diabolical super-villain monkey you know you're awesome!"
Why? "Slade, Clayface, Justice. A lot of good work, and he has the coolest voice ever! In my opinion!"
Why? "A captivating and amazing performer who's made angry swearing into a refined art. He's one of the biggest and awesome movie icons out there."
Why? "My favorite Dick Grayson Robin. I also enjoyed his part in Tekkonkinkreet. I hope to see him do more lead roles."
Why? "The vocal strength to voice Goku & his unbelievable range make him a legend. His talent & work is a huge inspiration to me in voice acting."
Why? "He was really cool as Onikage. He sounded evil and deranged as well as oddly charming. I also loved the hiss he added to some of his lines."
Why? "His performance in Eva 2.22 = mind blown! Wow, he's come a long way, and his work as Shinji is brilliant whether you love him or hate him."
Why? "Her voice is what gives Gohan & Kid Goku their charm. The success of the Dragon Ball franchise in America owes a lot to this talented woman."
Why? "He's Steve Blum. An awesome guy with an amazing voice and typically satisfies in every single role he plays. What's not to like?"
Why? "She's a natural at voice-acting with a lovely, unique voice, AND she's an amazing singer! It's sad that she hasn't gotten done more VA work."
Why? "Bioshock, TFOP, many Disney villains. Particularly a great voice for female villains & I wish she was in more things because she's awesome!"
Why? "She gives characters like Temari a strong, confident & sexy sound that I absolutely love! She also seems to have a great deal of range."
Why? "Tara Strong... there's nothing original I could say about her. She is everything a good voice-actor/actress could ever strive to be."
Why? "He was great as Jonah Hex and a solid Punisher. He has a memorable, cool voice and I hope he does a lot more voice-acting in the future!"
Why? "He's funny and charming as Cortez from the TimeSplitters series, and his voice is very cool and memorable altogether."
Why? "He has an excellent deep, regal, commanding voice that's awesome to listen to. He absolutely stole the show as The Puppet Master in GiTS."
Why? "One of the most, powerful, epic voices I've ever heard. He brought an undeniable sense of presence & authority to all of his roles."
Why? "Good grief that voice is just terrifying! That deep rumble & rasp is so powerful it almost doesn't even sound human! Tony is one of a kind."
Why? "The original Piccolo, & he also gave an amazing, creepy, comical, eccentric performance as Asura from Soul Eater. He's really talented."
Why? "I'm not sure a single human's voice has ever had me laughing and put a smile on my face more than this man's. Brilliant."
Why? "Lan Fan from FMAB and Mari from Eva prove that she's one of the go-to ladies for bad-ss females in anime. She really needs bigger roles!"
Why? "She's only voiced Kushana from Nausicaa so far, but I have to say it was a strong performance. She's also a fantastic actress in general."
Why? "His work in FMA & Ouran are both exquisite, I wish he played more hardcore psychos like Broly though. Most of his work is simply fantastic!"
Why? "He's one of the main reasons Mandarin/Gene Khan was my favorite character in Armored Adventures, and he was just perfect as Matsuda!"
Why? "Versatile, talented, and a staple of anime. She should be getting more work in cartoons, she'd do great!"
Why? "Her Envy in the original Fullmetal Alchemist blows me away! Her voice is just cool too! One of my favorite women in anime voice acting!"
Why? "His voice for the Green Goblin and Norman Osborne is great. His voice in general is great, if only he did more voice work... maybe someday."
Why? "He has a rich, deep, gravelly voice and that marvelous accent. I loved him in the Medal of Honor series, and he's a fine actor in general."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "He is vengeance, he is the night, he is Batman! Also one of the greatest fictional characters of all time! Kevin Conroy is, of course, king."
Why? "His dialogue is very funny, especially how he frequently makes comments reminding people how American he is."
Why? "She's a very fun and memorable henchwoman... and she's cute. ;D"
Why? "Of all the characters that exist only to give you your next objective that I've seen, she feels the most like a natural, likable person."
Why? "She's not usually kind to the other characters or to some viewers' patience, but I think she's mostly fascinating & fun as a character."
Why? "Chris Patton did a fair job, but didn't quite match Toshio Furukawa... Great, psychotic and surprisingly intricate character."
Why? "She has both razor sharp wit and fighting skills, a rich personality, and plenty of depth. She's also gorgeous. Ayame is best ninja girl. ;)"
Why? "She's simply amazing. She's lovably narcissistic, witty, and bad-a**, but she has a ton of depth to her. Grey DeLisle nailed this character."
Why? "At first I thought she would be an annoying, bratty, spoiled little blonde girl, but thankfully, she turned out to be kinda funny and cool."
Why? "She's a really cool and memorable character in both TFA and Beast Wars, and Cree Summer and Venus Terzo both gave impressive performances."
Why? "Vic Mignonga tosses aside his usual soft voice & transforms into a character that's all primal anger, insanity, & absolutely no mercy."
Why? "I loved how the muses conveyed so much attitude and personality in their limited screentime. Plus, their animation and voices were amazing."
Why? "He's Captain Hook! He's hilarious and inept when trying to take on Peter Pan, but he's still oddly respectable, still okay to laugh though!"
Why? "Her shyness around Goku is funny and her introduction scene is all kinds of awesome."
Why? "Another superb Ron Perlman performance, Clayface's two part introduction in BTAS was impressively animated as well. I enjoyed it a lot."
Why? "A funny and charming main character with some funny lines and a great voice provided by Tom Clarke Hill."
Why? "One of CB's best characters. He's such a charismatic and funny character, and Daran Norris' top-notch performance matched him perfectly."
Why? "The freaking Predator. One of the greatest sci-fi alien monsters of all time! Cunning, ruthless, powerful, a true icon of action sci-fi."
Why? "A dirty-minded, wisecracking, short-tempered little bad*** alien with a funny, distinct, perfect voice and performance by J. Grant Albrecht."
Why? "His personality is interesting & hilarious, his voice is awesome, & he's animated so brilliantly! He's my favorite Looney Toon of all time."
Why? "In Devil May Cry 1 & 3 he's quite an enjoyable character. It's a shame the series was rebooted, I feel they could have done more with him."
Why? "Possibly the most iconic movie villain ever, and for good reason, James Earl Jones. Oh, and he's also just a great character in general."
Why? "Todd Haberkorn's absolute best role, totally awesome personality and delivery. Plus Kid has a great design and cool character traits."
Why? "He is the most robust character of the show & is a perfect foil to Zim. He's eccentric, likable, totally hilarious, & his VA is a great fit."
Why? "I love Donald Duck. I love his voice, his design, his personality, everything about him. He's such a wacky, lovable and endearing character."
Why? "She was voiced by the incredible Mary Kay Bergman and she's from one of my favorite animated films. Why not favorite her?"
Why? "The version from the original series, not Brotherhood. A very rich and tragic villain, mostly due to Wendy Powell's masterful performance."
Why? "This is one of the most iconic giant robots ever! Plus if you can't tell from the picture, there's a bit more to it than the average mech..."
Why? "Legitimately intimidating, one of the few things Brotherhood did better than the original, IMO. Also, Ed Blaylock is stunning in the role."
Why? "A character that has been either a clumsy fool or a hardcore bad-ss depending on who wears the mask. A very entertaining character!"
Why? "A softly spoken and wise character who is both tragic and admirable. I love Travis Willingham in this role, possibly his best."
Why? "Stephanie Nadolny owns this role and gave Gohan one of the most endearing and lovable voices I remember from my childhood."
Why? "He's so fascinating to watch; scary, funny, intelligent, and flawlessly acted by James Woods. Not to mention that he's impeccably animated."
Why? "Steve Blum's childlike performance makes him one of his most funny & enjoyable characters. No Steve Blum = No Heatblast!"
Why? "Best Silent Hill character. While James had good depth, Heather had way more personality."
Why? "One of the most bad@$$ characters I've ever seen. Both an icy killer and an honorable warrior and friend. Chuck Huber was a perfect fit."
Why? "He's a deviant and a psychopath, but he's also infectiously charismatic and amusing. He's such a fascinating and well-designed character."
Why? "Integra is one of the best examples of a "no-nonsense" female characters out there. She has a considerable amount of charisma and depth."
Why? "Richard Horvitz could go from absolutely comical, to genuinely disturbing. A brilliant character and a brilliant performance, I love it!"
Why? "Not my favorite character in the world, but he had a great, touching as well as disturbing story. Guy Cihi IS James, I accept no other."
Why? "Thanks to Adam Clark, Jester is so funny he causes me internal bleeding from pure laughter! Well, not literally, but what a performance! X'D"
Why? "A cool zombie killer and an icon of one of my favorite game franchises. What's not to love? Oh, and she's pretty cute in a beret, too."
Why? "Take everything everyone else has said, extra emphasis on Mark Hamill, & there you have it. One of the greatest villains of all time."
Why? "Despite being slightly pervy, his wacky, over-the-top antics, well-rounded personality & strength in character make him a fun character."
Why? "I always liked Kid Buu as a kid; he balanced being both wacky, funny, creepy and powerful. He's my favorite form of the evil side of Buu."
Why? "He's such a unique & compelling character! He's an absolute bad@$$ with killer instincts, but he also has a laid-back & caring personality."
Why? "His vanity, charisma, quirky personality & the voice of Daran Freaking Norris all make him one of the most entertaining characters of TFP."
Why? "She was so adorable and endearing and had such a profound effect on the story. Such a beautiful person... I don't know what else to say..."
Why? "He's such an admirable, honorable and endearing character with a lot of heart, depth and conviction. Not to mention he's a total bad@$$!"
Why? "Her outfit is silly, but not only is she a deep & tragic villain, Mary Kay Bergman gave an A+++ performance that fit her beyond perfectly!"
Why? "Leorio is the perfect guy to make you laugh. His sometimes crude but charming personality and good heart make him such a likable guy."
Why? "There's not much to him, but he was pretty imposing and Scott McNeil made him sound like a total bad@$$."
Why? "Something about her and her reserved and focused attitude is rather alluring. I hope the story expands on her character in the future."
Why? "Repugnant and completely irredeemable, but his passion, joviality, and complete belief in himself make him a truly captivating villain."
Why? "My favorite anime villainess. She's a cunning and dangerous woman who's both scary and charismatic, despite her excessive cruelty."
Why? "Meg has so much depth, personality, wit, & beauty that I can't help but love her. Susan Egan conveys these qualities with impeccable grace."
Why? "An awesome villain with a ton of presence, ESPECIALLY when voiced by Frank Welker or David Kaye. I love the variety to his interpretations!"
Why? "At first I thought he was just a sadistic, sociopath freak who looked like Cell... but by the end he turned out to be so, SO much more."
Why? "A misanthropic mastermind who went to disturbing lengths against humanity. A fantastic foil to Vash, too bad he didn't get more screen-time."
Why? "One of Batman's all time best villains. I really hope he makes another appearance in the Arkham series later on down the line."
Why? "A likable character with a ton of personality... a trait somewhat rare in games these days. Nolan North is absolutely flawless voicing him."
Why? "Alison Lohman has a lovely voice that perfectly compliments a cute, cool princess character like this. Plus, she's a total freaking bad-@$$!"
Why? "There's a simple but effective charm to this crazy cat-bug-person thing, but as Pitou matured he/she became quite compelling in the end."
Why? "Onikage is such a cool, over-the-top, cunning, evil, fun villain with a dramatic flair & habit of changing his look with nearly every game."
Why? "One of the most unsubtle & deranged characters I've ever seen, she's hilarious. She becomes really likable & empathetic as the show goes on."
Why? "Dameon Clarke. Plus his huge fake out death was a nice touch. My favorite Dragon Ball Z villain."
Why? "A gentle giant who doesn't say much at all, but is still a likable fellow. It's too bad about what happened to him."
Why? "A unique, intense, compelling character with a great backstory. She has a sweet side too. Tabitha's performance is absolutely exquisite."
Why? "My favorite Death Note character. Brian Drummond's performance was not only perfect, but made Ryuk a far better character in every regard."
Why? "His personality, goofy, laid-back demeanor, relatability, and facial expressions make him such an endearing protagonist. Plus he's a badass."
Why? "The character himself isn't too memorable, but Daran Norris, being the dang genius he is, still nailed the role & was near unrecognizable."
Why? "One of the only human (kinda) characters in a Transformers show I've seen so far who was likable, cool & didn't suck, IMO. Oh, & Tara rox."
Why? "She's adorable, funny, and becomes pretty badass by the end of the series. Her relationships with Integra and Alucard are also fascinating."
Why? "Shaggy is a huge part of my childhood, it would be criminal not to favorite him."
Why? "Cold, cunning & ruthless, but also the biggest ham of the Royal Guards. He's so hateable, but also provides moments of gut-busting laughter."
Why? "Shenhua is a cool & fun character, & Saffron Henderson's performance is hilarious & full of attitude. She makes the character so endearing."
Why? "Love him or hate him, he must be a very challenging character to portray effectively. Spike Spencer & Megumi Ogata both do commendable work."
Why? "Ron Perlman. That is all."
Why? "A protagonist with a great backstory and genuinely likable. An all around great character from my childhood. Thanks Kevin Miller!"
Why? "My first super hero ever. The only one that measures up for me is Batman! Rino Romano is still my favorite voice for Spider-Man though."
Why? "He's a repugnant, selfish a-hole who rarely expresses empathy, but he's also one of the most likable and hilarious characters ever written."
Why? "I've never played this game, but Adam Clark's performance reaches the pinnacle, the nirvana of ham & over-the-top hilarity! It's beautiful!!"
Why? "I could relate to his feelings of inadequacy and anger. As well as how his anger hurt him and the ones he loved... also, Joshua Seth killed!"
Why? "Easily the funniest character in HA alongside Helga. He's so neurotic and unashamed of himself, and goes to such entertaining extremes."
Why? "He was a great villain in season one, and a terrific anti-hero after that. Also, Christopher Sabat has improved tenfold since he started."
Why? "Vegeta having that smug look on his face even at such a young age is hilarious & Laura Bailey is awesome! Plus, it's freaking little Vegeta!"
Why? "His design, story, & legacy is incredible. He is also one of the biggest reasons Daran Norris is my favorite voice-actor, who aced the role."
Why? ""You're trembling." ... Well, I am now. Thanks for that, Skip Stellrecht."
Why? "I have a geek-crush on EMH Wasp. She's so cute, gorgeous, funny, & likable all around. Hank is one of the luckiest nerds I've ever seen..."
Why? "A total loud-mouthed punk, but still a became a very likable hero over the course of the series. A classic anime character in every regard."
Why? "One of the coolest, most likable animated father characters I've seen. And his voice, whether it's Rip Torn or Corey Burton, is awesome."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Hunter x Hunter (2011)
Why? "Its huge cast of interesting characters and story arcs filled with with emotion, action and suspense make this my favorite animated series."
Why? "One of the greatest comedies I've ever seen. It's hysterically funny, the dialogue is razor sharp & the cast is perfect. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!"
Why? "Deep characters, suspense, tragedy, & so much teeth-shattering, skull-crushing, unrelenting, balls-out action that your mind will explode!"
Why? "One of the best animated shows ever. The characters are very compelling, the animation is great, & the suspense & humor is done brilliantly."
Why? "1st half is great, 2nd half is enjoyable. Overall a worthy successor to Batman TAS with some truly incredible episodes, music, acting & all."
Why? "It's a great show, but sometimes the designs and colors schemes were a bit bland. I highly enjoy it and there are some incredible episodes."
Why? "This show is all kinds of fun. Each episode is like it's own miniature action movie, with fun characters & excellent acting to go with it."
Why? "Rough around the edges, especially in its ending, but there's also such beauty and anguish in this story that moves me each time I see it."
Why? "A very entertaining series with memorable characters who are given great development, not to mention deliciously OTT bad@$$ action scenes."
Why? "It's a little convoluted and a certain aspect of the ending is questionable, but it's still a very intense, gruesome, and compelling arc."
Why? "A dark sequel with some very tragic moments and even more over-the-top action, plus an adorable scene with Revy playing with some kids. :')"
Why? "It was just average for the first two seasons, but the third is where it got great. It's funny, crazy & sometimes even heartwarming."
Why? "Simple, but one of the most enjoyable anime I've ever seen. Made me feel like I had just discovered anime again. Don't miss it!"
Why? "It's got fascinating characters, cool designs, gothic settings, and it's one of the most compelling video game adaptions to date. I love it."
Why? "An enjoyable all-time anime classic with many iconic moments. It has something for all fans of action, drama, comedy, horror, and more!"
Why? "By far the best live-action superhero show I've seen. It feels so much more enthralling, well-written and genuine compared to DC's stuff."
Why? "It's a dark and tense show with an engrossing story, cool art-style, great characters, and over-the-top scenes that are sometimes comical."
Why? "The start of it all. It drags a tiny bit here & there, but it has adventure, suspense, & lovable characters that still hold up to this day."
Why? "A version of DBZ with (mostly) better VA work that stays fresh & exciting. Not perfect, but one of my favorite animated shows altogether."
Why? "I prefer Kai, but the Vegeta battle from the original series' Saiyan invasion saga & a few other things still hold up pretty well."
Why? "A fun series with crazy and charismatic cast, an interesting plot, a great soundtrack, and Hirano's captivating character designs."
Why? "Great concept, good characters, quality animation on the fights, and a nice voice cast who give great performances despite a stiff script."
Why? "Love the animation, the humor, and the music! It's a tiny bit too chaotic to watch very often, but man is it creative and memorable!"
Why? "The ideas, story, and characters in this show blew my eleven year old mind when I first saw it. A great story with legendary characters."
Why? "A solid cast of characters, great animation, intense action, & a cool story. It had so much potential & it just sucks that it got cut short."
Why? "An ultra-violent, wildy creative series with a captivating art style and a cast of charismatic, passionate, crazy characters. I love it."
Why? "It's full of laughs, heartwarming moments, lovable characters, fantastic actors, and some darn good music. I wholeheartedly recommend it!"
Why? "Possibly my favorite cartoon of all time. There's not much to say, except I've laughed a lifetime's worth. An incredible series."
Why? "While it suffers from trying to do too much at once (season 2 in particular), this is one of my absolute favorite Marvel shows out there."
Why? "There's nothing quite like JoJo. Over-the-top action, charming characters, & absolutely ridiculous scenarios that still somehow make sense."
Why? "It drags a bit and has some unsatisfying story beats at times, but it's an overall fantastic show, full of fun characters and battles."
Why? "The characters & voice-acting are surprisingly hilarious & energized, & Kenichi's growth as a character & martial artist is done quite well."
Why? "A great show to watch when you just want to relax and think about life. A beautiful series that needs an OVA series to finish the story."
Why? "Likable characters, stylized animation, great comedy, and action scenes that are pure adrenaline-pumping fun. Looking forward to more."
Why? "Not many anime can match Ranma in pure, unadulterated fun, memorable characters, and it's awesome dub; courtesy of Ocean."
Why? "One of my all-time favorite cartoons. It's legacy speaks for itself, but I love it's genuinely great humor & charm. I find it therapeutic!"
Why? "So many memorable characters and some gorgeous backgrounds and animation. Great soundtrack as well! Just a great, creative, funny show."
Why? "A solid show & the best animated Spider-Man we've gotten yet. It has ended, but let's hope someone else will follow it's example soon."
Why? "The characters are well done & there are numerous fun episodes. Too bad it never (IMO) really picked up momentum or had a satisfying ending."
Why? "Witty dialogue, fun music, an enthusiastic cast, and a story that balances fun, humor, and suspense beautifully. Do I love it? Yeeesss."
Why? "The characters are original and impeccably written and the story is emotional and gripping. It has most of everything I love in good anime."
Why? "ADV's best dub. Also Chris Patton's greatest performance and my favorite from Greg Ayres. It's funny, shocking, sad, and just... different!"
Why? "The quintessential shonen anime. A group of heroes, bad guys, humor, memorable music and characters and awesomely cheesy fights. I love it!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "A stunning and influential film. It drags quite a bit, but I can't deny that it has a fascinating story, stunning visuals and amazing music."
Why? "One of the most perfect Christmas classics ever made. The characters, the humor, the story, it just gets better and better as time goes on."
Why? "I can't help it, this film is awesome, and tells a more complete story than some give it credit for. And the animation! A true classic!"
Why? "Bruce Campbell's hilarious performance & the film's sense of humor & style is stunning! It's cult following is more than well deserved!"
Why? "Tightly paced, incredibly suspenseful, great animation (even on the 3D side), & a near perfect Mr. Freeze story. An underrated classic."
Why? "A thriller, love story, tragedy, & action film all in one. It captures a part of Batman's soul that no other film has been able to yet."
Why? "The first half of an incredibly suspenseful, action-packed, dark, brilliant film. Every serious Batman fan needs to check this out."
Why? "In my opinion, it's the best DTV DC film yet. It has great villains, great action and suspense, and a dramatic, compelling emotional center."
Why? "This is by far one of the most exciting and satisfying Marvel movies I've ever watched. The MCU is really starting to pick up at this point!"
Why? "The movie is a bit slow, but Beerus is an excellent new character and the character moments and humor make this an all-around great time."
Why? "A nice start to a great revamp of the original series, this is definitely the one to show people if you want to get them into Evangelion!"
Why? "Great movie, best from the Evangelion franchise yet. Spike Spencer and Trina Nishimura should have won awards for their performances!"
Why? "The animation is a bit off, but it succeeds wonderfully in bringing the adventurous spirit & deep characters that make me love FMA."
Why? "A nice, atmospheric film. Dub's a mixed bag, decent overall. However, it got a little up it's own butt instead of developing the characters."
Why? "The human characters are pretty boring & it's a bit tonally inconsistent, but Gizmo & the other Mogwai/Gremlins are a ton of fun to watch."
Why? "Likable & fleshed out characters, AMAZING animation, & fantastic music! Not to mention flawless voice-work, James Woods' Hades especially!"
Why? "It's a little humorless, but I really liked the cast & the cinematography style, & it's more psychological aspect of the Hulk."
Why? "A pretty cool movie with great action & spectacular voice-acting. It's not perfect, but nowhere near as bad as many reviews suggest it is."
Why? "The friendship between Lilo and Stitch and the movie's themes of family are heart-felt and beautiful. The soundtrack is also breathtaking."
Why? "Not a terrible sequel, to be honest. The plot is poorly written, but the characters are nearly as heartfelt and funny as they were before."
Why? "Mulan is among Disney's best lead characters. The humor, inspired music & beautiful animation also make this worth watching countless times."
Why? "This movie has a great dub & many stunning scenes, although there are flaws & it's not Miyazaki's best, I still really enjoy it."
Why? "A bittersweet (extra emphasis on 'bitter') and fearless end to NGE. It navel-gazes a bit, but it's also captivating and has a good message."
Why? "My favorite Disney classic. Great cast of characters with great animation and one of the funniest and memorable villains ever. Captain Hook!"
Why? "Among the most visceral, thrilling films I've seen. The visuals & music provide an experience unlike almost any other. Just spectacular!"
Why? "It's a solid film with several cool characters, and I love Rick Wasserman's Hulk. Overall, it's one of Marvel's best animated movies."
Why? "It's action-packed suspenseful, goofy, a little scary, & it has one of the greatest sci-fi-action movie monsters of all time! Truly iconic."
Why? "Other than some slow pacing here and there, it's a very entertaining and enthralling film, and definitely worth checking out."
Why? "A colorfully crazy anime film with fun characters as well as memorable animation & music. It's a lot of crazy fun! An underrated anime gem."
Why? "Story is a bit of a mess & some of the characters are obnoxious, but the HOLY CRAP!!! animation & great main leads make this worth watching."
Why? "It's an adorable, emotional, and beautiful film. The animation and music are gorgeous, and the characters will likely steal your heart. :')"
Why? "A little uneven and didn't establish its characters as well as it could have, but it's a really fun and promising start to this trilogy."
Why? "I adore this movie. The action, music, story and characters all blend together into a thrilling and captivating experience that I just love!"
Why? "This movie is a lot of fun & still holds up. It has a good balance of seriousness & humor, great acting, & the animatronics are pretty good!"
Why? "While it has its fault and could've used more character development, I had a blast watching it & the turtles were really likable characters."
Why? "The characters are terribly bland (Joker aside), but I'll be danged if it isn't an exciting & well done action film that's great to watch."
Why? "Not the most substantial Disney film, but the characters are great, the emotions are heartfelt, & the bear fight is impressively drawn."
Why? "This film gave me a deep sense of wonder & fulfillment I rarely feel. The characters, story & visuals make for a breathtaking experience."
Why? "A great sequel to the first. It's a bit too long, but it's still fun, the characters remain very likable, and Smaug was absolutely awesome."
Why? "A solid movie with good characters, though I'd say it's potential wasn't quite met. The best parts are the animation, Tony Jay, & his song."
Why? "Favorite Pixar film, also my favorite super-hero movie ever. Stunning animation, dazzling music, pitch perfect voice acting, everything!"
Why? "Brad Bird's second best film, it's not quite the rivetingly entertainment triumph that the The Incredibles is, but it's still a great movie."
Why? "An underrated classic & the best Don Bluth had to offer! The animation, music, characters, & everything in between are all timeless."
Why? "A very fun, clever, & hilarious movie with a lot of heart. It's one of the most creative & delightful animated movies made in recent years."
Why? "I LOVE this film. I nearly tear up every time I see it. It's breathtakingly beautiful, and the direction is some of the best I've ever seen."
Why? "The music, animation, & story are of Don Bluth's highest quality. It is second in my eyes only to The Land Before Time."
Why? "The music is lively, the animation really pops, the plot is suspenseful, & it's a ton of fun! Check it out!"
Why? "Heartwarming, funny, crazy, suspenseful; a brilliantly written and animated film. It's also unpredictable and makes for a very fun time."
Why? "It's goofy and action-packed, has great designs, fun performances, and a solid story. It's just a really fun movie."
Why? "A fun, solidly written return to the world of Trigun. Too bad the whole cast wasn't brought back, that would have made the film a real gem."
Why? "Some of its themes are kinda forced, but I don't care much. The story is excellent and it has a cast of lovable, well-written characters."
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Why? "A simple but undeniably effective character. Many actors have done an incredible job providing their own spin on this iconic cartoon tyrant."
Why? "Generally speaking, all of these voices are compelling in their own ways. Some much more than others, but even the worst aren't exactly bad."
Why? "It's rare that you get two versions of one character that are this good! Corey Burton also does a great impression of Hans Conried."
Why? "Three solid performances. Drew Coombs & Reuben Langdon's takes are especially memorable & enjoyable portrayals of an influential character."
Why? "Another compare where two different actors gave two equally brilliant takes. Ironside and Sobolov are fantastic. Ironside is my pick though."
Why? "This character is amazing & anyone who can do him justice is automatically amazing in my books. James Earl Jones is obviously the best."
Why? "Steve Blum captures the character's essence, but Willem Dafoe's is a totally wicked, hardcore psychopath... and I think he can be scary too."
Why? "Micheal Ansara changed the role for the better, Maurice LaMarche refined it and did an incredible job. This compare is due it's recognition."
Why? "Both are impressive in their own ways. I'm not 100% sure who I prefer here, so I guess that's all the reason I need."
Why? "Several good takes on the character, the best in my eyes being Rino Romano and Josh Keaton. Also, it's freaking Spider-Man! My first hero!"
Why? "Voiced by several great actors, originally portrayed by none other than Orson Welles."
Why? "Daran Norris' Venom is monstrous, terrifying, vengeful, & yet still charismatic & funny. It's an all-time favorite & inspiration of mine. :)"
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Dark Souls
Why? "The Souls series is one of the most addictive and rewarding game experiences I've ever had. This was my introduction to the series."
Why? "One of the best video games from my childhood for when I just want something lively and charming to play. It still holds up quite well."
Why? "Nearly flawlessly throws you into the world of Batman... from there, it's party time. The action and story is relentless, & the cast rocks!"
Why? "An underrated game with endearing characters, intriguing story, excellent music and variety to it's gameplay. I'm desperate for the sequel!"
Why? "The gameplay is intense and complex, the story is amazing, and it has many dark, humorous, and fascinating characters. It's a masterpiece."
Why? "Great game w/ lovely graphics & music & very quotable dialogue! My only big problem is that once you level up enough, the game is too easy."
Why? "Not only is it my favorite racing game of all time, it's also the game I played the most with my dad as a kid. I have fond memories here. :)"
Why? "The game that started the Souls series. I think Dark Souls is superior, but this still has the same basic, addictive gameplay."
Why? "It's repetitive & has it's problems, but it's a fun game with excellent humor & voice talent, such as J. Grant Albrecht & Richard Horvitz."
Why? "Fascinating game world with cool lore, fun gameplay, a nice soundtrack, and pretty unique art style (though the characters are pretty ugly)."
Why? "My uncle gave this to me along with my GBA years ago, & I still absolutely love it. It's amazing such a great FPS was made for that system."
Why? "A very well designed game with an adventurous element to it many first-person-shooters lack. It also has great atmosphere & a unique story."
Why? "A great game with excellent design, soundtrack, & challenging gameplay. There's also some great voice acting & some that's hilariously bad."
Why? "Its atmosphere isn't as unique as that of the last two, but it's a ton of fun and I love how much freedom you have with each assignment."
Why? "I love its tense atmosphere & haunting music, & it refined & smoothed out certain elements that were frustrating in SA. A solid sequel."
Why? "A great platformer all-around. Vibrant graphics, unique interesting art design, and fun gameplay."
Why? "Favorite Jak game. Exciting story, great platforming, & the addition of gunplay spices things up. The vehicle missions kinda suck, though."
Why? "It's just incredible. I love the characters, the voice-acting, and the music is just beautiful! I can't express it in such short words."
Why? "It is among the greatest gothic fantasies I've ever seen. The lore, characters, & the voice of Tony Jay make this an incredible experience."
Why? "Perhaps my favorite childhood game, and the voice acting was really good for it's time. It still holds up!"
Why? "That was a lot of money... but the graphics and game play had been greatly refined. Glad I got it to help complete my childhood."
Why? "Classic game for the PS1. A couple of the bosses are really cheap, besides that & the long black and white cut-scenes it's all pretty good!"
Why? "Metal Gear Solid 2 is possibly the most thought-provoking entry of the entire franchise. It also has brilliant voice-work like the others."
Why? "Can't explain in such limited text. I love the story, gameplay, visual design, music, cast, almost everything about this game. Incredible."
Why? "It's story becomes obnoxiously long-winded & talky even by MGS standards, but I can't help but enjoy it anyway. It's still fun... mostly."
Why? "The music, atmosphere, eerie visual design, dark humor, & challenging gameplay make this an underrated masterpiece! Although a tedious one."
Why? "Creative puzzles, fun game mechanics, quirky humor, and a legendary antagonist. It's really short, but still a very enjoyable game."
Why? "I found the Prince a little annoying and the combat was a bit exhausting, but as an adventure game and platformer, it's fantastic!"
Why? "Haven't played this game in years. It was too short, but it was hilarious, fun, and oh so creative. I really hope they get that sequel made!"
Why? "The stunning level of detail and atmosphere make this a top-notch example of the survival horror genre. It's a one of a kind experience."
Why? "My preference is without a doubt RE4, but this is a shocking, fun, atmospheric, and at times nerve-racking game that holds up quite nicely."
Why? "One of those games I've played to death & still have desire to return to years after beating it. A relentlessly entertaining classic."
Why? "While it is very easy now that I'm not a little kid, it's still a refreshing, under-appreciated puzzle-based game with humor and fun."
Why? "Every Silent Hill game I've ever played is a bit tedious, but aside from my tendency to get lost I still enjoy the charm of this one."
Why? "The most accessible of the original trilogy. The story and atmosphere, as well as music is excellent. The original VA work is NOT bad!"
Why? "A fun, tense, & at times heart-stopping gem of a horror game. It deserved better from critics & gamers alike. Fanboys would say otherwise..."
Why? "The music and visual style continue to be impeccable, and there's great variety to the gameplay. It's a great sequel to an excellent game."
Why? "This game isn't quite as fun as the first two, but it's story is suspenseful, dark, and very satisfying... plus, the villains are excellent."
Why? "Incredible music, fluid gameplay, deep, colorful characters, and beautiful visual style. It's an all-time childhood favorite."
Why? "The gameplay, VA work, and music still hold up, it broke ground for superhero games. A true classic and the PS1 era's Arkham Asylum!"
Why? "It's a challenging, effective stealth game. It also has some of the most engaging, immersive sound design I've ever heard in a game."
Why? "Just thinking about this game makes me miss my childhood. It's colorful, fun, and has lovable characters and a classic soundtrack."
Why? "This game is actually the last one I played in the trilogy & I don't have as much nostalgia for it, but it's still a fun, solid game."
Why? "Maybe my favorite Spyro game. It had a fun story, plenty of gameplay variety, excellent level design & more lovable characters than ever!"
Why? "It has a few glaring gameplay flaws & recycled levels, but it's still a fun stealth game with excellent voice-acting & story for it's time."
Why? "I'm one of the rare Tenchu fans who REALLY enjoys this. It definitely could've been better, but it's tied with the original as my favorite."
Why? "Despite a couple of minor gameplay/control issues, this is an extremely fun & atmospheric stealth game w/ incredible music & fun voice work."
Why? "The story & voice-acting are lackluster, & it's too short, but the gameplay is much smoother overall than in the first two. It's fairly fun."
Why? "It was really repetitive and frustrating at times, but dang it, it made you feel like the Hulk! And it was so friggin' fun in short bursts!"
Why? "This game is full of awesome weapons, goofy and lovable characters, a fun story, and a simple yet incredibly satisfying FPS experience."
Why? "It's a little monotonous and dated in places, but the soundtrack and atmosphere are amazing and the level design still holds up quite well."
Why? "My favorite out of the Uncharted series. It's a thrill ride that's fun to play time & time again. The cast is excellent as well."
Why? "Disappointing compared to 2 and it had some glitches, but it was still a pretty fun ride and had some really sweet, over-the-top set pieces."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Hex was so bad@$$ in this, as was Thomas Jane's portrayal. It also had awesome music and Linda Hamilton. This left me wanting more, BADLY!"
Why? "The animation was heavily downgraded from Ultimate, but hey, it's still Hellsing, and the characters are fascinating as ever."
Why? "Cartoon violence at it's best, incredible animation, great music, EVERYTHING! This is one of the greatest cartoons of all time."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "PS has fun commercials, but "Michael" is possibly the greatest ad I have ever seen in my life. It is incredibly epic and inspiring!"
    #1 All Time Favorite
    Why? "I love HxH's world, story, and characters. Both adaptions are nice, but 2011 is just fantastic and has a special place in my heart."
    Why? "Tenchu has great characters, beautiful music, and great atmosphere. It deserves more attention than it gets. More content made for it, too."