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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Antony Del Rio
Why? "I've seen Reptil on the Super Hero Squad show on Netflix, and he's just plain awesome. I even plan on getting Kid Icarus Uprising soon"
Why? "I remember him as Catman, and himself in other shows, but I'll always remember him as Batman (because the 60's movie is on Netflix)"
Why? "I knew him as the Chariot Master and Lord Dyntos, but I didn't know he also was Skeletor (even though I don't watch He-Man)"
Why? "Terra was apart of my childhood, and I never realized this until a couple months ago that she and Greg Cipes have a cartoon couple history"
Why? ""Oh Sugar Honey Iced Tea!!" I loved him as Marty"
Why? "Because he's Chuck Norris"
Why? "Mr. Krabs is basically the reason, he's really awesome"
Why? "Him on Whose Line Is It Anyway was hilarious. If there would be a cartoon on unlikely superheroes, he should be one called Captain Hair"
Why? "I loved her roles as Medusa and Number 5, she sounds amazah!!"
Why? "He plays such awesome characters, such as Alucard, Mr. Mahaeshwaren, and so many others (and he sounds freakin sexy)"
Why? "He voiced as Spider-Man, and I got to meet him in person!! I got a selfie, and an autograph!!"
Why? "His roles as Amadeus Cho/Iron Spider, Foop, Tiger Claw, and Frankfurt the Dwarf (Critical Role) were all amazing!!"
Why? "He did Magnus, Posiedon, Shifu, Rocksteady, Hulk, and I didn't even know about him!! I love his work"
Why? "Iago and Kraang-Subprime, definitely"
Why? "Like Tara Strong, he's been apart of my childhood, whether I knew about him or not"
Why? "She voiced as Daphne Blake in so many Scooby Doo shows and movies, and I love her role as Ms. Marvel in Frost Fight and the Squad show"
Why? "I never knew she did Starfire's back then"
Why? "He’s just simply “one hell of a butler”. But seriously though, he makes Sebastian sounds so ****ing SEXY"
Why? "I felt the thundah in the Kung Fu Panda movies, he's that awesome"
Why? "She voices as my favorite little water baby on the show, and she deserves to come back in more episodes"
Why? "His role as Finn the Human is cool, but I loved him on Incredible Crew, even as Captain Jake Bluejay: Swimming Pool Pirate"
Why? "Radda radda radda radda"
Why? "Loved him as Pacha, Sulley, and Big Daddy. Hope to know how good he is in Ratchet and Clank"
Why? "I only knew her as Phosphora and Dark Lord Gaol, I didn't know she had so many other roles I didn't know about, like Charmcaster, and Nova"
Why? "Never knew him as a kid, but I do now, also his voice sounds flipping bada**"
Why? "She's Blaze the Cat, Lucina, Black Widow, and Chun-Li"
Why? "He’s Vax’ildan the Half-Elf Rogue and Caleb Widogast the Human Transmutation Wizard, he’s so awesome!!"
Why? "She voices as April in the 2012 ninja turtles, did Katara, Little Suzy, Wonder Girl, and Tinker Bell in things that made my childhood"
Why? "He's Tygra and Captain America, those are the only 2 roles I love about him"
Why? "She's a really good musician, I've got some of her songs on my music app, also I loved her as Sugilite"
Why? "Tiberius Stormwind on Critical Role, EXTREMELY nice guy (I follow him on social media, super nice guy)"
Why? "Loved him as Kronk, Kronk was awesome"
Why? "He hosts Ridiculousness, one of my favorite shows. I just love looking at videos of people being stupid, and this show is the epitome of it"
Why? "His role as Donatello in the 2012 series was hilarious!!"
Why? "I only knew him as the Genie, he was awesome"
Why? "He sounds freaking badass, he's voiced Slade, Hellboy (animated AND live action), and the Stabbington Brothers"
Why? "I love him on Whose Line Is It Anyway, especially in the games Scenes from a Hat and Props"
Why? "His roles as Hades, Thunder, and the Red King were so awesome!! And I didn't even know he did Thunder"
Why? "He voiced as Donnie in the 2003 Ninja Turtles, and I didn't even know about that, that's awesome"
Why? "He was Robin in my childhood Teen Titans show, also I loved his most savage part in Trouble in Tokyo"
Why? "His role as Raphael is awesome!! He's a hilarious tough guy who loves slapping his bros, especially Mikey. Raph's hilarious"
Why? "He voices Leonardo, A-Bomb, and created Bitch Pudding. He was also awesome as Scott Evil in the Austin Powers' movies"
Why? "His roles as Gru and Mayor Mcdodd are hilarious!! I own the movies those characters are in"
Why? "The Flash and Perceval Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski De Rolo III on Critical Role (Percy’s badass and I love it!!)!!"
Why? "She's always been apart of my childhood, whether I knew about her or not"
Why? "Loved SpongeBob as a kid, hands down"
Why? "He was Thor and Knuckles the Echidna, those are 2 of my favorite roles that he did"
Why? "The way he makes Edward Elric react to being called short makes it one of the reasons why I watch Fullmetal Alchemist (it’s funny)"
Why? "She got one of the most sassiest voices there is, I wish I were that sassy when men try to ask me out"
Why? "He's on Whose Line, who doesn't love that show"
Why? "He's Steven Universe himself, why would I NOT wanna favorite him?"
Why? "She's Mona Lisa from the Ninja Turtles, a character who hasn't been around since the 80's! And also she did a good job as her."
#1 All Time Favorite
Lapis Lazuli
Why? "She's my little water baby who needs to be in more episodes!!"
Why? "He may not do a lot in the animated movies, but he'll always be my favorite character in the franchise"
Why? "She and the other sirens are basically the reason why I saw Rainbow Rocks in the first place"
Why? "He’s just so badass!! I love him!! And his voice is just so SEXY"
Why? "He's a big nerd, but he's also awesome at the same time"
Why? "Her crazy side is me when I see a spider, also I've always liked her red dress back then, I didn't know why"
Why? "Along with Adagio and Sonata, they're the reason why I saw Rainbow Rocks in the first place"
Why? "Because he's Batman"
Why? "he was just an ordinary kid who got his life turned around by the blue scarab, and now he's living the superhero life"
Why? "He and cap are like bros, and like bros they always stick together. But then Red Skull came in and put his head in a blender. Imma hug him."
Why? "An adorable war child, and he's voiced by Antony Del Rio, I mean seriously, who DOESN'T love that guy? He was Reptil, Pit, and Pittoo"
Why? "I love his dorky fangirl side in the 2012 version"
Why? "His reaction to being called short is hilarious (just don’t actually call him short though)"
Why? "She is literally the anime depiction of every fangirl ever, and I can relate to her so much (I mean SERIOUSLY)"
Why? "Favorite brawler in Smash Bros. for the Wii U. She's an amazing character"
Why? "Same reason as why I favorited Silas"
Why? "I know him in Smash Bros for the Wii, Wii U, and Kid Icarus: Uprising. He's really funny, brave, and awesome"
Why? "I heard that this guy didn't have his own comic series, but then they decided to put him in the Avengers Academy series. He's really cool"
Why? ""That's My Horse!!""
Why? "An alien who's figuring out how our planet functions while kicking butt at the same time, he reminds me of Starfire"
Why? "When I first saw her on Super Mario Galaxy, she was awesome. She didn't do much, but being a mother to so many tiny babies is so touching"
Why? "I always loved her outfit back then"
Why? "My all-time favorite role from J Michael Tatum, he’s just so SEXY!! He is in my opinion the best anime boy"
Why? "He's always grouchy, but I think part of it is because he lost a friend near and dear to him, I think that he's still mourning her loss"
Why? "She's an amazing character who needs to be in Smash Bros. for the Wii U"
Why? "Because he was voiced by Antony Del Rio"
Why? "Along with Adagio and Aria, they're the reason why I saw Rainbow Rocks in the first place"
Why? "She was my favorite Titan as a kid"
Why? "Sassy she is, and a bit crazy. Overall, really cool, and I love her hair"
Why? "He and Cap were like bros, but then Red Skull came in and completely put his head in a blender, I feel so bad for him, imma hug him"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Steven Universe
Why? "It's flipping awesome"
Why? "One of my favorite childhood cartoons as a kid, I watched a lot of tv back then"
Why? "I just started watching this online, so far so good"
Why? "I loved how stupid it was back then, I just wish it would come back"
Why? "Loved this as a kid. Number 3 was my favorite member of the team"
Why? "All of my childhood characters in one tv show, this was the greatest when I was a kid!!"
Why? "Because it's full of stupidity, I loved it as a kid"
Why? "One of my favorite cartoons as a kid, it was awesome"
Why? "I've never heard of this show as a kid, after watching a few episodes, it was like watching a Batman show. Also Goliath sounds bada**"
Why? "This was hilarious when I first saw this, the Dino Doo-Doo, Leo doing rodeo, Raph getting his said stolen, one of the best ones ever"
Why? "Currently watching episodes, so far so awesome. How come I've never heard of this as a kid?"
Why? "I heard of this while on an app, and after doing a little research on this show, he looked buff. So I saw a few episodes online and its cool"
Why? "One of my favorite childhood cartoons back as a kid, it was awesome"
Why? "I've known about Sonic as a kid, never saw Sonic X, but I do have some games like the secret rings, and a lot of the Olympic Games"
Why? "The Chocolate guy from the episode "Chocolate With Nuts" never gets old"
Why? "When I first heard about this show a couple of months ago, I thought it would be cool, so I watched some episodes online, turns out its cool"
Why? "One of my childhood FAVORITES!!"
Why? "I was never interested as a kid, but after the 2012 version came out I wanted to learn more about the franchise in general, it's really cool"
Why? "The turtles are just plain flipping awesome, and I love how some of the characters can act like pure idiots from time to time"
Why? "Another one of my favorite cartoons as a kid"
Why? "It was creepy at times, but this was one of my favorite cartoons as a kid"
Why? "I remember this as a kid, wasn't all hat interested at first, but now since being here makes me think about my childhood"
Why? "I'm currently watching episodes on Netflix, and it's hilariously awesome"
Why? "At first I wasn't all that interested, but after seeing a few episodes, I was breathless"
Why? "I wasn't a big fan of Voltron until I saw this, the animation, cast and crew, everything in this show is awesome!!"
Why? "I remember seeing a few episodes here, it was pretty cool"
Why? "Its one of the most awesomest shows I've ever known, I especially love how this reminded me of the 2003 Teen Titans back when I was a kid"
#1 All Time Favorite
Marvels Super Hero Adventures: Frost Fight
Why? "I love Reptil in the movie, and the fact that he was voiced by Antony Del Rio, amazing"
Why? "This was Amadeus Cho's idea for me to favorite this (jk, saw the movie, really liked it)"
Why? "I used to have the DVD when I was a kid (6 to be exact), it was a good movie"
Why? "The movie was great, and it had the original cast and everything"
Why? "This was honestly (I think) the first Batman animated movie I've seen, either that, or Secret of the Batwoman"
Why? "The Minions, basically. They're all stupidly awesome"
Why? "Again, the Minions, and the hilarious comedy in this"
Why? "I've been watching Disney movies ever since I was a baby, so basically the company was kinda why (also I went to see this with my grandma)"
Why? "Saw this recently, and it was awesome. Everyone did their roles perfectly, and I LOVE how they included Rob Paulsen and Cree Summer in this"
Why? "Saw this movie just recently, and let me say it was AWESOME!! Ron Perlman KILLED it as Hellboy, along with everyone else"
Why? "My favorite scene was the fart prank, I thought that Drac and Wayne's facial expressions were awesome"
Why? "One of the best sequels to a movie franchise ever, and it's just awesome"
Why? "Good movie, loved how they put in Ble Beetle and Beast Boy's outfits from Young Justice"
Why? "This was one of my favorites as a kid!! This was one of those movies I would watch on repeat until something else came"
Why? "I love how stupid they are, they're the reason why I own Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2 (and yes I know I don't have Minions on DVD)"
Why? "It's because of all the scenes with Captain Hook and the crocodile, and also Smee. The Crocodile was hilarious"
Why? "One of the best spoofs to ever exist in the history of movies!!"
Why? "One of the most hilarious movies ever, my favorite part is the wrong lever scene"
Why? "When I first saw this, I was like 😱"
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Kid Icarus: Uprising
Why? "Have the game for the 3ds, beat it within 2 days (did everything on 2.0)"
Why? "Had this since I was 12, Rhythmic Ribbon is my favorite event"
Why? "Had this since I was 8"
Why? "Figure skatings Olympic and Dream are my favorite events"
Why? "Have the game for the 3ds, and I unlocked all characters. This game is awesome. Favorite character and event are Rosalina and Gymnastics"
Why? "I love the Figure Skating events here"
Why? "I bought the game off of the eShop, still working on it, but it's a great game"
Why? "One of the most awesome games ever, and I didn't know she loved comic books and cookie dough ice cream (2 of my favorite things)"
Why? "I bought the game off of the App Store, I beat the game and found everything. It's a cool game"
Why? "One of the best purchases I've made"
Why? "Used to play this against my brother when I was a kid, I kept kicking his butt as Zelda, but he thinks she's a cheat"
Why? "Got the game as a Christmas present, flipping love it. Palutena is my favorite brawler here"
#1 All Time Favorite
Steven Universe
Why? "I love this show so much. Fusion, weaponry, not being able to die (except if shattered), I love it all so much"
Why? "Loved Elsa's spring dress, and she spent a lot of time making up the lost time hiding away from Anna"
Why? "The one where Palutena is having a difficult time making dinner was hilarious. "Pit?" "Yes Lady Palutena?" "We're going out for dinner.""
Why? "I adore the ghost girl, and her room, beautiful"
#1 All Time Favorite
Steven Universe
Why? "Because of Lapis, she's my little water baby!!"
Why? "Because there's the FLIPPING Batman!!"
Why? "I absolutely love Sebastian, and I love any show that has a good plot, hilarious moments from Rome to time, and sexy af characters"
Why? "Because there's Batman"
Why? "At first I wasn't all that interested, but after hearing that Palutena was going to be in Smash Bros. for Wii U, I wanted to learn about it"
Why? "Because the Avengers"
Why? "The song used in the kickoff for Halg Genie Hero was what caught me to learn about this franchise, and I have revenge and pirates curse"
Why? "I have all of the current Mario and Sonic Olympic Games, and I have the Secret Rings, wasn't that interested at first but now it's cool"
Why? "I've been playing this franchise ever since I was a kid, one of the best ones ever"
Why? "I wasn't that interested in it as a kid, but after the 2012 version came out, that really caught my attention to learn about the franchise"