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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Scott McNeil
Why? "Exceptional Vocal range and an all around charismatic performer he is one of Canada's best VA's, his work in shows like Beast Wars is iconic"
Why? "One of the various fine VA's that I have actually worked with in the past."
Why? "A fine actress in her own right as her voice is incredibly adorable (especially during her work in the 90's.)"
Why? "Sadly another fine case of a talent who was gone too soon. R.I.P"
Why? "Shockdingo! One of my oldest pals in the Online VA world."
Why? "A grand example of a rather versatile VA."
Why? "The current Voice God whom has taken over that mantle from the late great Mel Blanc. What else is need to be said?"
Why? ""I'm not fat! I'm fluffy!" Need I say more?"
Why? "One of the better actresses in Vancouver whom also has a very lovely voice."
Why? "Another fine VA that I have actually worked with more than once. (And one of my oldest friends in the OVA community.)"
Why? "One of the most versatile VA's out there, not only is he a great singer but one of the best vocal mimics as well."
Why? "The Man who gave us the Muppets who did indeed left us a bit too soon."
Why? "The man who gave us the greatness that is MST3K."
Why? "Easily one of New York's best VA's."
Why? "A renowned master at sounding alluring yet strong as well."
Why? "The Original Voice God. Need I say more?"
Why? "Another fine VA that I have worked with in the past."
Why? "Another classic example of a Veteran VA"
Why? "This old vet is a natural in roles such as wise older gentlemen, over the top narrators, brutish monsters and more."
Why? "A fine example of a Veteran VA with quite a history in voice work."
Why? "Another fine example of the awesome voice talent from Vancouver. A natural performer with a good vocal range and is a pretty cool guy."
Why? "His Optimus Prime is classic, but that is not the only thing classic about this Veteran VA."
Why? "My favorite Wrestler of 80's Pro Wrestling, rest in peace your Majesty."
Why? "Well what can I say? He is the man who has given us The Rocky Horror Picture Show."
Why? "One of the various fine VA's that I have actually worked with in the past."
Why? "A Veteran VA whom has been in the business since the 80's in which its not hard to see why he is so renowned."
Why? "A man whom is quite the classic when it comes to comedy (but can also do drama well too)."
Why? "Whether she is a little boy or a pretty young woman, Saffron has always been one of the best actresses in Vancouver."
Why? "Another fine example of a renowned vet who has a fine vocal range."
Why? "This vision of loveliness is very much one of the best voice actresses in North American Animation."
Why? "A classic British actor in general whether its by screen, voice or even stage as well."
Why? "A renowned expert in comedic roles but can do a fine serious performance as well."
Why? "The Late Great Tony Jay was a classic actor whom was great with Villains and yes he shall be missed."
Why? "Another fine online voice talent who surprisingly managed to be the 4th Announcer/Master Hand of Super Smash Bros."
#1 All Time Favorite
Tom Servo
Why? "Lets just say he is the reason why there is a "Servo" in Pokejedservo."
Why? "I believe penguintruth said it best on how Lupin is indeed a fun mixture of James Bond and Bugs Bunny."
Why? ""Old School Animation never looked this good"- Adult Swim"
Why? "Easily one of the cutest little ladies in a Disney franchise."
Why? "Ladies and Gents the original Ace Attorney (and easily the hottest but that is a different story)."
Why? "A Hilarious spoof of the Ms. Fanservice Mage one would find in a European Fantasy story."
Why? "Ah yes the Feebs herself, easily one of the cutest little ladies in a Nicktoon series."
Why? "Well Rob is still one of the iconic greats of course."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Why? "Cute, Bizarre, Funny and at times Heartwarming and Disturbing. Yeah I can understand why this show is a known fan favorite."
Why? "One of the most classic examples of 90's animation in every way."
Why? "Randomness, it kind of happens in this show lets just say."
Why? "A Modern Classic example of a Seinen Anime"
Why? "Still the best show in the DB Trilogy as it is still the most fun. (Not too mention is not as problematic as the other two as well.)"
Why? "A pretty classic example of a Shounen Anime and deserves its reputation as one of the manliest anime ever."
Why? "A fine example of how to do a remake of an older animated series."
Why? "I always was rather fond of VH1's "I Love the Decades" shows."
Why? "This has always been one of the more unique and enjoyable anime of the 90s."
Why? "Not only is it a classic 80's anime its one of Rumiko Takahashi's better stories."
Why? "An Iconic TV Series with a Iconic English Dub"
Why? "Out of the 3 "Mon" shows of the 90's I do think that this was the best one."
Why? "Lets just it is the reason why I have "Servo" in Pokejedservo."
Why? "One of the best Transformers shows ever, period."
#1 All Time Favorite
The Transformers: The Movie
Why? "One of the best animated movies based off of a animated TV series ever."
Why? "While an infamous victim of Exectuvie Meddling due to its shorter length its still a fine example of how awesome MST3K is."
Why? "The name kind of says it all huh?"
Why? "This has been known as "Toy Story" for Video Games, lets just say I will not argue with that."
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Why? "My first completed Voice Compare believe it or not."
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Why? "A very interesting fighting game from the folks behind Guilty Gear with a great story mode (and awesome comedy skits as well)."
Why? "My first exposure to the Metal Gear Series and still one of my favorite games in the series."
Why? "Still one of the best games in the series."
Why? "Still my favorite installment of the Soul Calibur series."
Why? "The game itself and its English release was very innovative."