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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Why? "Adam "Top Gun" DeMamp!"
Why? "Not only is Ali a great Lightning, but she seems like an awesome person to hang out with."
Why? "He's the bauss!"
Why? "His work as Pit and Dark Pit was outstanding. I'd love to hear him do more, because he's got great potential as a voice actor."
Why? "He can do wacky, comedic characters and then jump to a cruel villain (sometimes both at once; look at his Dr. Doom!) Great VO director too."
Why? "Like Michael Bell, she has a very versatile voice; one that's unforgettable and instantly recognizable."
Why? "Another voice actor with an expansive range; he's voiced some of my favourite characters. I actually met him in person at TFcon 2010!"
Why? "Henshin A Go-Go, Baby!"
Why? "Frank's range is incredible. He can play almost any kind of character and yet make it sound completely distinct from all of his other roles."
Why? "Metal Gear and Zone of the Enders. Need I say more?"
Why? "Haven't heard much of his voice acting, but he's a hell of a voice director!"
Why? "Tidus, Ratchet, Leonardo, and Obi-Wan... he's a really talented and versatile voice actor."
Why? "So many of my childhood characters! Practically the voice of Disney along with Corey Burton. Muchos respect!"
Why? "John's got a really distinctive and strong-sounding voice. He brings humour and power into all of his roles. My favourite? Bender, easily!"
Why? "He voices the sweetest cherryboy (Kakyoin) and the edgiest edgelord (Shadow). Now that's range."
Why? "Like Laura Bailey, she's got a wide vocal range, and has been in some of the best cartoons."
Why? "Purely amazing voice, able to reflect so many different feelings. It can sound threatening, noble, authoritive... Keith just rules."
Why? "THE go-to guy for deep, booming voices. He often acts as a substitute for other actors and it's impossible to tell he replaced them."
Why? "She has played quite a variety of characters. Children (both genders!), teenagers, adults... she could do any female role possible!"
Why? "Such a great voice. He plays a wide variety of awesome, memorable characters."
Why? "I love Lights; she has such soothing music and a wonderful voice. And hey, it turns out she's a pretty good voice actress too!"
Why? "One of 4Kids' best voice actors. She really seemed like a great person too. May she rest in peace."
Why? "One of the all-time best game directors! He's a known perfectionist and it shows. Very few have a resume as consistently dead-on as his."
Why? "Matt has an amazing range. He plays almost every single Homestar character and they all sound distinct. He could be the next Frank Welker!"
Why? "He's one of the most prolific VAs for a reason! That voice is memorable and can play many characters. Great sense of humour, too."
Why? "You can't forget that booming, deep voice of his. I really liked his work as Seth in Street Fighter 4 and the narrator from Bobobo."
Why? "Mike is the most talented actor working for 4Kids. Helps that he is a friendly, outgoing person. I own a voiceover book he contributed to."
Why? "Kiki, Pit, and Conan!"
Why? "Neo Geo, Neo Geo, four bright buttons and two joysticks! Neo Geo, Neo Geo, cool red cab and a name that fits!"
Why? "What can I say? He's Optimus Prime! For someone his age he has an amazing voice. It's possibly even stronger than it was in the 80s."
Why? "His roles as Jiji and Troy McClure were absolutely unforgettable. He was an amazing comedic actor, and it's a shame he left us too soon."
Why? "Phil is extremely versatile. Most of the time, I can't tell it's him playing a role! My favourite roles of his are Jazz and Hermes."
Why? "He nailed both Sonic and Metal Sonic like nobody else could! He's also got a surprising range and is overall one of the actors I look up to."
Why? "Asuka and Hayate"
Why? "With that charming voice and witty sense of humour, he made a highly entertaining narrator in LittleBigPlanet."
Why? "My favourite voice actress. She's been in practically everything. My favourite role of hers is Raven from Teen Titans."
Why? "He was called "too creepy to play The Joker". That's awesome. He played Nigel Thornberry. Also awesome. His voice is just legendary."
Why? "One of my favourite Japanese voice actors. Love him as Ryu, Sephiroth, and Tekkaman Blade!"
Why? "I've got so much respect for him. He's in a ton of stuff, has a wide range, and is a very gifted actor. Love his Snow, Kanji, and Jetfire!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "My baby ^_^"
Why? "@remtokimiya oh my god LMAO"
Why? "I like Asuka because she's so tough and eager to fight. She's also one of my best characters in Tekken 6."
Why? "He's Mr. T as a video game character. How can you go wrong with that?"
Why? "I'm Batman."
Why? "Pronounced with an "oach zee"!"
Why? "This guy just steals every single scene he appears in. One of Liam O'Brien's finest"
Why? "He's the leader of the bunch!"
Why? "Gambit's my favourite X-Men character. His design and personality are cool, and his voices all have that distinctive accent and charisma."
Why? "My starter from X and Y!"
Why? "What's not to like about Guy? He's charismatic, funny but serious when needed, and useful in battle. He's also got a great voice actor!"
Why? "Hades is just an awesome villain. He's completely evil, yet completely hilarious. Scott Bullock did an excellent job bringing him to life."
Why? "Hanzo was always my best character in Samurai Shodown II. He's a ninja, so he's somewhat misfit. Doesn't make him any less cool."
Why? "Hatred is what drives me! By my sword! Know this pain! Take your last breath... surrender now to OBLIVION!"
Why? "Juri is the coolest new character in Street Fighter 4. An awesome moveset and personality makes her a welcome addition to the franchise."
Why? "K' is a great alternative hero for KOF. His moves may be based on Kyo's, but his stylish yet brutal technique makes him his own character."
Why? "K9 is probably the most lovable character ever. "Affirmative!""
Why? "He's badass and Liam O'Brien does an AWESOME job voicing him."
Why? "One of Troy Baker's best roles! Gotta love Kanji; he's such a complex, nuanced, yet fun character."
Why? "The best thing about Kefka is his simplicity. He's got no complex backstory; he's just psychotic. Among the best and funniest villains ever!"
Why? "Knuckles has a cool personality, voice and design that makes him a nice balance to Sonic."
Why? "Laguna is funny, charismatic, a great contrast to Squall, and had a sweet theme song. It's impossible to hate this guy!"
Why? "One of my favorites in 012. I like how she offers so many different mixups."
Why? "Elegant yet brutal both in character and in fighting style. She and Asuka complement each other perfectly."
Why? "Nippon ichi!"
Why? "I'M AN ABOMINATION!!! And I'm coming to your house after schooooool... :)"
Why? "Let's positive thinking!"
Why? "If you don't like Nanako you have no soul dude"
Why? "Probably the most fun character to use in CVS2. Rock has a cool appearance and interesting backstory. Hope he appears in KOF someday."
Why? "One of my faves in the Alpha series for his interesting, weapon-based gameplay. So glad he's in CVS2 and Street Fighter X Tekken."
Why? "From Streets!"
Why? "Sideswipe's one of my favourite TFs. He's got a cool personality and a stylish design in both modes. I think he was really underused in G1."
Why? "Sonic is my favourite video game character. I love his games, and he inspired me to become as athletic as I am now."
Why? "Believe it or not, he's my favourite main character from the series. I can really relate to him as a character."
Why? "On Saturdays, I certainly DON'T wake up at 6 AM, put on a Speedo, and head over to swim practice. Nope. Definitely not speedo."
Why? "This little engine DEFINED my childhood. I don't think I can count how many Thomas toys, books and videos I have! And he's blue. Blue rocks."
Why? "Tifa is awesome. And hot."
Why? "He didn't get Inception!"
Why? "Vash has all the qualities of an excellent protagonist--great backstory, always fun to watch, and completely likable. JYB's greatest role!"
Why? "I like Vegeta because on one hand, he's an evil Saiyan prince. On the other hand, he's mellowed out and had a family. Sabat's voice helps."
Why? ""How do you prove you exist? Maybe we don't exist.""
Why? "He should be called "Brosuke", because he's a total bro."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Donkey Kong Country
Why? "Banana Slamma!!"
Why? "It's practically a webcomic in cartoon form! The surreal, post-modern sense of humour really appeals to me."
Why? "Maybe it wasn't the best show ever, and the VO was kind of awkward sometimes, but this show was my childhood! Well, part of it, anyway."
Why? "One of the best educational shows ever, and an important part of my early childhood. Steve was the best!"
Why? "The best thing about Bobobo is its unpredictability. You watch an episode, and literally ANYTHING can happen. The dub brings lots of laughs."
Why? "This show's utterly brilliant. The dialogue, the characters, the acting, the storylines... it's got the perfect blend of comedy and drama."
Why? "One of the best game-to-screen adaptations ever. EXCELLENT work."
Why? "At its best (which is often), it tells some truly fantastic and genuinely terrifying stories that definitely stand the test of time."
Why? "It's got everything! Action, suspense, comedy, drama, mystery.... there's a bit of something for everyone. This show is simply brilliant!"
Why? "Gripping story with Douglas Adams' touch, brought to life with Lee Sullivan's illustrations and an excellent voice cast led by Paul McGann."
Why? "The pacing is much better than Z, and the English dub is awesome. More faithful to the Japanese, and most recastings are for the better."
Why? "Futurama is just hilarious. Anything can be satirized, especially since it takes place in the future. I like how most of the cast are VAs."
Why? "Cute, entertaining little series. Hope it gets dubbed someday."
Why? "This show is legen--wait for it--dary!"
Why? "What's not to like? Memorable characters, a mature storyline, great action, high-quality animation, and they got Yes to do the ending theme."
Why? "Best anime in za warudo."
Why? "My favourite anime of all. I just love this show. The stories are fantastic, and I love Funimation to death for saving it from 4Kids."
Why? "One of the best cartoons currently airing. I love how they can get the characters into literally any situation."
Why? "One of the most intelligent cartoons out there. The voice acting is top-notch and the babies are lovable. I prefer pre-movie episodes, tho."
Why? "While I haven't really watched the anime, the manga is an all-time classic."
Why? "This show is just crazy! Funimation really delivered in creating a gutbusting dub to match the series' madcap nature."
Why? "The first three seasons were near flawless. I don't think there was one episode I didn't laugh at. It went downhill after the movie, though."
Why? "Stickin' Around brings back good memories. I can watch it now and still find it funny! The art is simplistic, but for this show it works."
Why? "A unique art style (or styles) and an anything-goes sense of humour make this show a winner."
Why? "Personally, I find black comedy a terrific source of funny. This show is nothing but dark humor and disturbing visuals. I love it."
Why? "One of the best animated shows ever. Lots of heart. I get misty-eyed whenever I hear the ending theme."
Why? "Excellent, mature, intelligent, and charming. One of the best kids' shows I've ever seen."
Why? "From seasons 3 to 8 this was easily one of the most brilliant shows of all time. New seasons aren't as good, but the old ones are classics."
Why? "Best. Christmas special. Ever."
Why? "An awesome reinvention of Transformers taking inspiration from more than G1. Voice actors from older shows reprise roles. Shame it ended."
Why? "One of the best Transformers shows ever. It's darker, more serious, plus PETER CULLEN AND FRANK WELKER. How awesome is that!?"
Why? "What a great show! An interesting premise, well-done animation, likable characters and lots of clever humor make for a memorable experience."
Why? "One of the first comic-based shows I got into. It really sucks that it got cancelled; I couldn't wait to see its full potential."
#1 All Time Favorite
Kiki's Delivery Service
Why? "Kiki's Delivery Service is beautiful. Spectacular animation, captivating writing, and a fantastic English dub. There are basically no flaws!"
Why? "A great, mature story with excellent voice work from Bruce Greenwood, John DiMaggio, and Jensen Ackles. The best DTV movie I've ever seen!"
Why? "A memorable comedy film with spectacular animation and an all-star voice cast."
Why? "Loved this movie when I was a kid, and it's still funny and entertaining today. Great voice cast."
Why? "You know Chewie, these really are the star wars."
Why? "This movie is exactly what a Street Fighter film should be: great animation and dubbing, characters nailed."
Why? "A great retelling of the Spider-Man mythos. Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, and Rhys Ifans were brilliant."
Why? "The ULTIMATE action movie. Acting, characters, humour, and of course, action... Avengers had it all. Possibly one of the best movies ever!"
Why? "This movie's got a wonderful story and you grow to love all of the hilarious characters. The voice actors deliver witty dialogue perfectly."
Why? "One of the best animated movies ever produced. Superb animation, lovable characters, and a tear-inducing story make this film unforgettable."
Why? "Movie of the Year 2014"
Why? "A landmark in animation. This is a beautiful film in every way imaginable! Long live the king!"
Why? "If I am a Muppet, then I'm a very manly Muppet."
Why? "Aardman proves once again that they are the masters of stop-motion comedy!"
Why? "This movie was SpongeBob's last hurrah... and it was GLORIOUS! Full of hilarious moments, and yet it managed to be epic at the same time!"
Why? "Every voice actor, including special guests, bring strong performances. The dialogue is sharp and quotable. A more mature take on the show."
Why? "I loved the first two Toy Story movies, and this one was nothing but emotion and power. A fitting, perfect end to a perfect trilogy."
Why? "Best Transformers movie since '86. More action, more robots, surprises around every corner... DOTM is pure awesome."
Why? "It's a Disney movie about video games. Characters like Sonic, Bowser, and Dr. Eggman on the big screen. Need I say more?"
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Doctor Ivo (Eggman) Robotnik
Why? "I love this compare because all of Eggman's voice actors are top-notch! Getting to see and hear them all in one place is really cool."
Why? "Biggest voice compare I've done so far, and I'm really proud with how it turned out. All of Gambit's voices have done excellent work."
Why? "This voice compare was a real toughie. Each voice actor put all of their effort into this role and they succeeded. It was a very close call!"
Why? "So many people have been Wolverine, and all have excelled! Again, I really am torn. If I had to pick, I'd go with Kevin, Steven, and Mark."
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Final Fantasy VII
Why? "Do I need a reason?"
Why? "Until SF4, this was Capcom's last real 2D fighter. And what a way to go! Definitely one of my top games of all time!"
Why? "I'm a huge fan of fighters and a casual RPG player. This game has blended the two seamlessly."
Why? "Ooh, banana!"
Why? "Excellent platformer! A must-have for any Wii U owner!"
Why? "Probably the best fighter to based on an anime. All the essentials are playable, and the gameplay is fast. The story mode is also well done."
Why? "Didn't play the DS/PC one, but the PSP version is great!"
Why? "Simply a wonderful game. Beautiful, bittersweet setting, engaging characters... It's one of those games that keeps you coming back for more."
Why? "Who cares if it's a little linear? I had a blast playing this game. A great battle system plus mind-blowing graphics and soundtrack."
Why? "A bit archaic in some spots, but otherwise? Best of the 3DS FEs."
Why? "Lovable characters, deep, addictive, and intelligent strategic gameplay... love it."
Why? "KILLER music, awesome characters, and it's a very deep, very technical game. Heaven or Hell? Duel one! Let's rock!"
Why? "They took an old, obscure series and revived it spectacularly. The gameplay is smashing, and you can't not fall in love with the characters!"
Why? "The magic of Disney, the spirit of Final Fantasy, and a truly all-star voice cast. Mix them all together and you get an all-time classic."
Why? "The magnum opus of the Kirby series!"
Why? "Klonoa is a highly-overlooked gem with a wonderful plot, alluring characters and stages, and unique gameplay. "Phantomile" dialogue is nice."
Why? "Simple but addictive and intuitive gameplay, charming and lovable characters, a lovely soundtrack. The Klonoa series really needs more love."
Why? "One of the most creative games of all time in every respect. Highly innovative, and the creation tool has literally endless possibilities."
Why? "I haven't even been playing very long, and already I can tell that this is the best Mario Kart ever!"
Why? "This is a really fun game to play with other people. Love the variety of courses, items and characters."
Why? "One of the best fighting experiences ever. Unbelievable matchups, lots of characters, and lightning-fast combos make for one fun game!"
Why? "The game can be pretty brutal at times, but the addictive run-and-gun shooter/platform action is hard not to pass up."
Why? "The perfect blend of addictive, strategic gameplay with a compelling, engrossing, and engaging storyline. Voice acting is also top-notch!"
Why? "From a gameplay perspective, it improves on the original in every way possible."
Why? "Gripping story, memorable characters, engaging gameplay, beautiful graphics, excellent voice acting... need I go on?"
Why? "One of those sequels that takes everything that made the first one great, and makes it even better."
Why? "It's Pokemon... in full 3D... with new Mega Evolutions... player customization... a new type... on 3DS... do I need to say more?"
Why? "Ah, the memories."
Why? "Dynamite Headdy + LittleBigPlanet = Puppeteer. A highly creative sidescroller that oozes charm."
Why? "My favourite SNK fighting game. The gameplay has a good learning curve and the characters are memorable. The translation is a riot."
Why? ""So bad it's good" doesn't get any better than this."
Why? "A must-play for anyone who enjoys RPGs!"
Why? "Part life sim, part dungeon crawler, part murder mystery, all awesome."
Why? "The first 3D Sonic game is also one of the best. Huge, expansive world and great sound. Graphics are also impressive for the time."
Why? "One of the best Sonic games! Excellent voice work, a dark story, memorable stages, killer music, and the game in general has aged very well."
Why? "It's like the first game... but even better! The transforming feature really makes it feel fresh and unique."
Why? "This is the fastest, most fun kart racing game I've played! Lack of NiGHTS aside, characters and franchises are represented very well."
Why? "I liked this game and didn't mind the controls. Plot was a nice change of pace, and if you customize Sonic right, he goes REALLY fast!"
Why? "This is the best 3D Sonic entry since Secret Rings, and the second-best overall. The script and voice acting are truly excellent."
Why? "There couldn't have been a better way to celebrate Sonic's 20th. It's short, but ever so sweet!"
Why? "Classic Sonic game with a legendary opening sequence. CD stands out thanks to its unique gameplay and its surreal level and sound design."
Why? "My personal favorite Street Fighter. The gameplay is rather easy to get into, so newcomers can pick up and play. Huge selection of fighters."
Why? "A legendary fighting game with amazingly fluid animation, an all-star cast of characters, and solid, technical, hard-hitting action!"
Why? "A perfect video game translation of the Homestar Runner world."
Why? "One of the finest platformers of all time."
Why? "One of gaming's all-time classics! Excellent version of an already-excellent game!"
Why? "The ultimate multiplayer fight experience. Anything is possible, tons of replay value, and Mario and Sonic get to battle each other at last!"
Why? "My body is ready."
Why? "Street Fighter 4 was an awesome comeback for one of the best games around, and its added features make Super the definitive version."
Why? "The story and characters are excellent, the gameplay is fun, and the voice acting is impeccable. A great game in all respects!"
Why? "The best fighting game on Wii. Fast, fun, and crazy with a great character roster, TVC is a worthy successor to Marvel VS Capcom 2."
Why? "Tekken 3 was when the series truly found its feet. The fighting is fast, hard-hitting, challenging, and most of all, pure fun."
Why? "One of the best fighters ever with deep gameplay taking weeks to perfect. I really like how characters speak their native language."
Why? "Best Tekken to date! Harada and the others at Namco really knocked it out of the park!"
Why? "Combining '97's solid, hard-hitting gameplay with the best character roster yet, '98 is a must-play for anyone calling themself a KOF fan."
Why? "My favourite KOF. With its fun tag-team gameplay and the best roster in the series, what's not to love?"
Why? "KOF finally gets the reimagining it deserves, and it was definitely worth the wait. One of the best in the series!"
Why? "My favorite Zelda game. Dark plot with heavy atmosphere, plus well-designed dungeons. It's a very disturbing game, sometimes humorously so."
Why? "Do I need a reason?"
Why? "One of the best Zeldas! Engaging action, wonderful worlds, and a gripping storyline. It's one of those games you pick up and can't put down."
Why? "To me, this is the Zelda game that felt the most like an adventure. Sailing around the ocean, with not a care in the world... good times!"
Why? "It's everything War for Cybertron was and more. Higher stakes, prettier graphics, more combat, varied characters... a great game all around."
Why? "One of the best licensed games I've ever played. Campaign is short, but the gameplay is addictive. References to Transformers' past abound."
Why? "Henshin a go-go, baby!"
Why? "An all-time classic of the RPG genre, and one of the most unique games I've ever played! The prime example of a flawed masterpiece."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Moving and wonderful from an artistic perspective, and from a plot perspective it's endearing in its simplicity."
#1 All Time Favorite
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Director