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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Eric Bauza
Why? "Eric is an amazing actor, having unmatchable range and an entertaining energy. It's always a pleasure to see/hear him in a production."
Why? "Underrated actress, incredible range and is also entertaining to listen to."
Why? "He is one of those VAs with a regonizable voice but still has great range."
Why? "He's a great voice actor and a pretty good comedian. Whatever role he's in he does well and has amazing range."
Why? "Her voice is cute and it almost always makes the character she plays more interesting. Wasp is her best work so far but I love her as Ino to"
Why? "You just can't hate Cree Summers, go ahead try....that's what I thought"
Why? "His voice is badass"
Why? "He just rocks!"
Why? "One of my favorite Lets Players"
Why? "Underrated actor, he is very energetic and fun in his roles"
Why? "Her recent work got me interested in her, Sapphire is a great role from her and I really dig both takes as Cheetah. And this girl can sing!"
Why? "He's SO underrated. His Cole was awsome, it was raspy without sounding forced and made him sound he's been through hell. His Alden rocked 2!"
Why? "He has the best range. He can do a silly voice, a heroic voice, a scary voice, ANYTHING."
Why? "I find her voice irresistible and lovely"
Why? "She has a really good voice and great range. Her voice is just so comforting."
Why? "His voice is just so badass and cool. All of his performances he clealy puts a lot of emotion into. As either a doc or VA, Mark simply rocks"
Why? "He's an inspiration to any voice actor. He will go down in history as the best Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, ect. I wish I could have met him, RIP"
Why? "He has this amazing range and I'm surprised several times that he was a voice of someone. Besides he's the voice of Deadpool need I say more"
Why? "He is a classic voice actor. Eeyore, Monterey and of couse Opt. Prime. I wish he was in more non-Transformers show, he is very very talented"
Why? "He's just awsome. Almost all the characters he played are badass and his voice is just cool. Oh and he's a good movie actor too."
Why? "Ummm, he's Scott McNeil"
Why? "Well she's very talented and there are times where I'm just stunned that she voiced a certain character. Also she's very attractive ;)"
Why? "With an unique voice and amazing range why wouldn't I favor him. Though he is typecaster as villains he does do really well at comical roles"
Why? "Her voice is just amazing. One of the 'classic' voices of voice acting."
Why? "He can do very silly characters like Ron Stoppable and also do very serious ones like Terry/Batman Beyond. I liked him in Boy Meets World"
#1 All Time Favorite
Katsumi Morikawa
Why? "Lucas was hilarious in the role, I wish he was in the series more."
Why? "He is the only person that has an OCD and is badass. He can go to badass to funny in a second. I think Kid is Todd Haberkorn's best role."
Why? "He is the best character from the best Gundam series. It's fun to see Domon change through the show. Mark Gatha was simply amazing."
Why? "It was fun to see Gohan grow through the series. I loved how he was the one to kill Cell instead of Goku, and he was the best SS2."
Why? "The song is so dang catchy"
Why? "I kinda have to favorite him, we share a name."
Why? "Well I disliked Megaforce I liked Robo Knight. Rad design and interesting arc kept me interested."
Why? "Precious little sunshine of love and murdered."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Adam Ruins Everything
Why? "Really funny and tells the hidden truths in things we take for granted."
Why? "Love me some Hardwick and it is just an overal funny show."
Why? "It was a fun show, interesting idea, good developed characters, badass villains and funny lines. Then Alien Force came and had none of that"
Why? "It's such a well written, well casted, very well animated series. It's a classic!"
Why? "Good show, it's not the ripoff some say it is. In fact, I like it more than YuGiOh in some ways"
Why? "I love me some Coco! I watch Conan everyday."
Why? "I always liked Daffy and this show funny with making him kinda dumb and mean but never went too far to make him unlikable. It was very clevr"
Why? "Poeple don't give this show enough credit, it's a good detective show and the relationship between characters is done very well."
Why? "I like shows like this. Giving characters an interesting different style. This and Spec Spiderman and The Batman are the best examples."
Why? "The characters are likable and funny, it was just an all around funny series. Love the dub."
Why? "It had a good mix of corny humor and serious moments. It had cool cameos, plots and even original characters."
Why? "Pete is hilarious, his skits can be hit or miss but Pete himself is so damn funny"
Why? "It was a good mix of clever and stupid humor. It had an interesting idea and interesting characters that were very well devolped. I miss it!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens
Why? "I love how it captured the feel of the original series and had a really interesting plot. It was a fun good movie."
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Why? "First compare I creates"
Why? "First voice compare I posted in."
Why? "I found all the clips so Im glad this was made and got to see how well my clips were. Plus, it's Blade."
Why? "It was a fun compare, everyone did pretty good. It was also nice to hear some nice performaces like Andew Adrian and Chris Cox."
Why? "Same as the Blade compare, I found all the clips and it's fun to see this made. Plus all the actors did a great job."
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Steven Universe: Attack the Light
Why? "While I think it could have done more, a fun and well done TV tie in game and there aren't many of those."
Why? "Only game where I felt like Batman"
Why? "This has everything a game should have. The plot grabs you, it had an interesting idea, and you could change the story by being good or bad!"
Why? "I loved how cute it looked and it's cool to see Robot masters being portrayed as a hero. I hope there is a Powered Up 2 :D"
Why? "I like seeing the different versions of Spiderman and it's one of the better Spiderman games. Not a great game but it's fun to play"
#1 All Time Favorite
Gregory Horror Show
Why? "A really odd and creepy yet interesting and funny series. Plus Blue Water actors showing off some impressive range."
Why? "Fantastic shorts that are really funny and interesting."