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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
James Arnold Taylor
Why? "Such a diverse range! how do you not love this guy?!"
Why? "Awesome voice!"
Why? "Wow! He's already great as Doc, but he was Hacker, too? Wow!"
Why? "One of my favorite on-screen actors whose got a voice that's best described as ear candy. I can't get enough of it."
Why? "HULK SMASH!!!"
Why? "He is Superman."
Why? "Really? I need a reason? Darth Vader and Mufasa. There's your reason!"
Why? "His voice just fits Sonic's image perfectly. True, he's not the best, but he does get better over time."
Why? "Wow! Awesome voice!"
Why? "Wakko Warner and Crash Bandicoot. Good enough reason for me!"
Why? "So many characters... one man. Dude RULES!"
Why? "Who doesn't love Kermit?"
Why? "He's just... awesome. Not the best, but very good!"
Why? "He's practically the voice of Pixar."
Why? "He is my top favorite because he doesn't sound like a cartoon. He sounds like a real person! THAT is true talent!"
Why? "He IS batman. Enough said."
Why? "Best Joker and so many of my childhood villains that I didn't know was him until seeing this page! He is AWESOME!"
Why? "Gotta' love one of the guys who started it all!"
Why? "A great actor on both spectrums."
Why? "Pokemon Narrator, Eggman AND Beast from the X-men?! Oh, HECK YEAH!"
Why? "If you're going to hire a celebrity for voice over, at least hire someone who knows their stuff. Neil Patrick Harris... is one of them."
Why? "I want to say he's overrated because he has so many roles in so many media... but man, can he play them all!"
Why? "Batman AND Spiderman? Oh YEAH!"
Why? "30 years or so of experience and such talent. Definitely one of my favorites."
Why? "Sonic, Ezio, and Captain America. Like a BAWCE!"
Why? "Very experienced in multiple areas of voice over. He's just awesome."
Why? "Another classic voice actress. Why NOT favorite?"
Why? "His voice is just... so proper."
Why? "He's a classic. Why would he NOT be a favorite."
Why? "I feel bad that I've heard this guy's voice everywhere, from my childhood up into adulthood, but until now, never knew his name. I miss him."
Why? "I'm not a huge anime fan, but he is awesome as Ed!"
Why? "Amazing voice and talent"
Why? "His voice is just awesome!"
Why? "Incredible actor."
Why? "HELEN!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Sonic the Hedgehog
Why? "He embodies the spirit of freedom."
Why? "He's BATMAN!"
Why? "The one comic hero in the whole friggin' world!"
Why? "Another American Classic!"
Why? "One of my favorite Assassins!"
Why? "Poor, misunderstood daffy. You're funny to me... when hit by a falling rock. HAHA!"
Why? "One of my top 10 villains."
Why? "A great character. Bottom line."
Why? "Many people think of her as annoying, but everytime I see her, I just want to give her a hug. :D"
Why? "Cool character."
Why? "I don't know why, she doesn't do much in the episode, but... I love her! :D"
Why? "One of the most down to earth female characters in an anime I've ever seen. We need more characters like Haruhi who aren't just eye candy."
Why? "Pretty cool character. One of Disney's finest, in my opinion."
Why? "One of the greatest villains of all time... if not THE greatest!"
Why? "Name one person who can rock dreadlocks like him."
Why? "Out of all the characters in this franchise, nobody has his humor, his timing, or his charm! Go LARRY!"
Why? "Now that I've actually seen the movie, I love the character!"
Why? "How can you deny someone whose purpose in life is to make you smile?"
Why? "Her ambition and loyalty is a bit inspiring, albeit she's not a perfect pony. Plus, she also reminds me alot of another blue speedster..."
Why? "A great character! ... Why isn't he treated like one?"
Why? "I always saw a little of myself in Silver. He's like me when I was in Juinior high... noble intentions, but not too bright."
Why? "He's been a favorite of mine since I was a child."
Why? "Why not favorite him? It's like a black spider-man... but, you know, done right."
Why? "I like this version about as much as the original, still favoring the original, but I like this take on him."
Why? "An american classic."
Why? "He's a bit theatrical, oblivious to the world outside of his own, and has quite an ego, but his heart's in the right place."
Why? "A good father figure for Sonic."
Why? "His backstory and his personality draws me in to every story with him in it... that and the claws."
Why? "Favorite Wise man, he is."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Why? "Hilarity to the end! Long live Yakko, Wakko, and Dot!"
Why? "A nickelodeon classic!"
Why? "It was a great show! C'mon, a superhero teenager who's a dragon? Where can it go wrong?"
Why? "With mystery, action, and comedy, Avatar had something for everyone."
Why? "An idea that shouldn't have worked, but did! I loved it when I was a kid and I still love it now."
Why? "A cartoon that revolutionized everything in animation, music, and acting, as well as storytelling."
Why? "A really imaginative, really clever reimagining of Batman, that gets far less credit than I think it deserves, but to each their own."
Why? "A show that was very strictly made for kids... and I loved every minute of it!"
Why? "You'd think a guy who goes by "Cowboy" who drives a ship called "Bebop" in outerspace with jazz music wouldn't work. But it strangely does.."
Why? "It was sort of like the spiderman of Butch hartman cartoons. It was dark, emotional, funny, one way or another, this is a great show."
Why? "I've never seen a show where they can do whatever they want and it works (most of the time)! I'm glad I saw it."
Why? "Who doesn't get a laugh out of this show?"
Why? "Memorable characters and a catchy theme song!"
Why? "This show is why I want to be a voice actor."
Why? "A diamond in the rough! A marvel among modern cartoons with brain fart humor!"
Why? "It was charming."
Why? "Great atmosphere, great characters, great story. What more can you ask for?"
Why? "It expanded on what Justice League was and focused on minor characters! It's AWESOME!"
Why? "Pretty good continuation of the movies in terms of story. The animation, in contrast,..... sucks. But it's still a good show."
Why? "I started watching out of curiosity, but Lauren Faust has a way of pulling me in to whatever she makes."
Why? "It's weird how I enjoy this show since I hate RomComs, but there's enough genuine character development and humor to make me glad I saw it."
Why? "Hilarious dialouge and mind-blowing music, what's not to love about phineas and ferb?"
Why? "Who doesn't remember the original theme song? And why does the show suck now? Not the original, but the continuation."
Why? "You can attach "Christmas" to anything and it will be a hit, even the bad stuff... and I look forward to it every year..."
Why? "It was a dark epic show with complex characters and adventure around every turn. What's not to love?"
Why? "A great theme song, great stories and memorable characters. I loved this show as a kid and I still love it now!"
Why? "What can I say that hasn't already been said?"
Why? "The first black superhero... as far as I know. And he was AWESOME!"
Why? "I loved it as a kid and I think it still holds up well today!"
Why? "The first 4kids show done right!"
Why? "Not as strong as Justice League, but still really good. Good characters, great action, what more can I ask for?"
Why? "Not as strong as the original TAS, but not a bad reimagining."
Why? "A butch hartman masterpiece. Truly, a wish come true!"
Why? "I think I like this more than the original. The atmosphere and story is great, but it's the character's interactions that I love the most."
Why? "Great stories, flashy art style, and fantastic voice acting, this show is just as perfect as a cartoon show about batman can get!"
Why? "Josh keaton is a perfect match for this role and so is every one else. It was one of the greatest shows ever put on TV."
Why? "Scooby doo is everyone's favorite dog!"
Why? "This was the show that got me into the x-men."
Why? "Every generation of kids had their x-men. This was mine."
#1 All Time Favorite
Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
Why? "Mark Hamill = Best actor EVAH!"
Why? "It's a kiddie movie, but it's a fun kiddie movie."
Why? "Robin Williams as the genie and Gilbert Gottfried as Iago... My wish is granted!"
Why? "I believe this is where I met Yakko wakko and Dot for the first time... ah memories...."
Why? "Gotham's newest hero and the world's greatest villain. A perfect match up for the ages!"
Why? "Although some are more forgetful, I greatly enjoy the stories I repeatedly watch because the stories hold so much weight."
Why? "Definitely one of the best animated films of all time."
Why? "It suffers from typical Frank Miller-itis, but it's still a thrilling adventure."
Why? "I have my dislikes with this film, mainly with Superman's character, but I'm happy they resolved all of my problems on a good note."
Why? "It's really more like Jim Gordon: The movie, but hey, I like Jim Gordon."
Why? "In the same way as Tangled, This princess story REALLY impressed me! One of Pixar's finest... and darkest."
Why? "I love the film for Spike's motivation. It's not for money or justice, just payback. I don't know if I agree with him on that but I digress."
Why? "Disney's on a roll! I honestly prefer 2D to CG, but if this is the new Disney Renaissance, I'm ok with it!"
Why? "Hulk Vs Thor was... okay... but the part where EVERYTHING shines, voices, art, story, everything, is Hulk VS Wolverine."
Why? "One of the best DC animated films I've seen in a long time."
Why? "One of the best Superman adaptations I've seen in a long time."
Why? "A dumb but fun movie."
Why? "A charming film. A miyazaki classic."
Why? "Great story and fantastic animation."
Why? "Despite it's bad dialouge and bad voice acting, the movie had great atmosphere, which is the only reason I come back for more."
Why? "One of the best DC animated movies."
Why? "Is it the best movie ever? No, but it IS unique in the way it was approached."
Why? "When I went into this movie, I thought it was going to suck, but once I watched it, I was VERY impressed."
Why? "Yeah, there's so much corn and cheese in this movie you could make a cheesy corn dog, but it's still fun!"
Why? "Two Ninja turtle teams for the price of one. What's not to like?"
Why? "For a marvel movie, it's surprisingly funny! And MAN, was it epic!"
Why? "I like this incarnation of Bruce Wayne and the way they handled Dracula was beautifully done."
Why? "One of the top 10 most underrated animated films of all time... if not films in general! It's a great movie!"
Why? "A fun musical adventure from disney. A nice retry at the old disney formula."
Why? "I don't know what it is about Miyazaki that draws me in..."
Why? "This movie took me by surprise! It is funny at first, but towards the end, it got emotional and kind of epic."
Why? "Disney's best film in terms of atmosphere and story, as well as the relationship between Hawkins and John Silver."
Why? "A great film! It doesn't rely on the cameos to tell a good story! Worth every quarter. :3"
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Why? "It's nice to see the multiple adaptations of my favorite superhero."
Why? "Cool to see how many have had the honor of voicing the clown prince of crime."
Why? "Nice to see how far a hedgehog can go."
Why? "Static is one of those heroes I grew up with... odd, but awesome nonetheless."
Why? "Thor's just awesome."
Why? "It's freakin' Wolverine!"
Why? "Master FREAKIN' YODA!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Sonic Colors
Why? "A nice blend of old elements in a modern world and the replay value is OVER 9000!!!"
Why? "A great game. Great gameplay. great character, and great story. It's just great."
Why? "It's awesome!"
Why? "Everything that made Arkham Asylum great, and expanding on it. It's awesome!"
Why? "Although I wasn't impressed with the Deathstroke fight, I loved everything else too much to even care. Not the best, but still a great game."
Why? "I haven't played a game where I found it hard to put the controller down like this in a VERY long time."
Why? "Fun game!"
Why? "I find the idea of Sonic in a car a stupid one, but nonetheless, I do have a lot of fun playing this game!"
Why? "The best of 20 years! What's not to love... except for Shadow's voice, but that doesn't stop the love."
Why? "My first 3D Sonic game. It will always have a special place in my heart."
Why? "Yes, the idea of Sonic being on anything but his feet is tupid, but I had alot of fun with this game."
Why? "One of the better ones. It had it's problems, sure (werehog), but it was still fun and fast!"
Why? "One of my first and favorite video games ever."
Why? "I had a lot of fun with this game. I've actually been eager to play the levels again. I haven't felt like that with a game for a long time."