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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Anna Paquin
Why? "Sheeta's my favorite Studio Ghibli character, and an inspiration for my own designs. I wonder how she does Ray Stream..."
Why? "She's one of the few actors that are perfect for little girl roles. Nothing else!"
Why? "Freddi Fish, the first Humongous Entertainment game I've ever played... :)"
Why? "Her voice is perfect for young boys, and she voices Jr., my favorite character from Xenosaga!"
Why? "She'll always be the KOS-MOS for me... :)"
Why? "She's a good voice for young boys, like Ciel and Georgie H.W. Prescott. Even though I could care less about Shin-Chan and Black Butler..."
Why? "She'll always be the Sakura for me!"
Why? "Blossom and Tanya, two really unforgettable characters..."
Why? "Though I don't know nor care about Death Note, I like the way she voices Near. Thus, a good voice for boys."
Why? "A very good man and humorous actor. That's what makes him one of the best!"
Why? "One of the best voices in DBZ and FUNimation ever! He's also a very good voice director! ^^"
Why? "A voice I listened to while growing up..."
Why? "MOMO from Xenosaga! Another perfect voice for little girls. I wonder how she sounds like with her young male roles..."
Why? "Allen Ridgeley from Xenosaga, and his unique range when voicing mature characters..."
Why? "The perfect voice for tough and spunky girls!"
Why? "I grew up listening to her voice young boys and tough girls. Definitely amazing!"
Why? "She sings music for Xenosaga, my favorite game series!!!"
Why? "She's Citrine, Abel, and Mai Magus in Xenosaga. That's a lot of roles in one game... O_O"
Why? "Something about this voice for Krystal makes it sound nice..."
Why? "He's from Between the Lions! I didn't know he did Skeeter. All hail the king of sounds!"
Why? "Two words: "Mushu... Awaken!""
Why? "Believe it or not, I liked his voice as Boots the Monkey from Dora the Explorer (even though I didn't like the show...)"
Why? "Yuna is my favorite FF character, and Burress does a beautiful job portraying her!"
Why? "She's the TRUE Pinkie Pie for me..."
Why? "Sailor Saturn's my favorite Sailor Scout (and it's not because she's moe!). Gould's voice is so sweet AND pleasing to hear..."
Why? "Grew up listening to her. She also does Nigredo in Xenosaga Episode II."
Why? "Luna and Queen Beryl!!!"
Why? "She's Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl!!!"
Why? "A voice I grew up listening to, and he was also chaos from Xenosaga. It's sad that he retired from voice acting..."
Why? "Her voice as Nu is top-notch! I wonder what she sounds like when voicing cheery characters..."
Why? "She was in What's Her Face as Glam and Sweet."
Why? "She doesn't make women and girls sound too squeaky, and she's Vietnamese like me!"
Why? "She's Cuilan from Senko no Ronde, one of the cutest characters in video game history~!"
Why? "Star Catcher, my favorite My Little Pony. Love her speaking and singing voice in A Very Minty Christmas!"
Why? "An excellent voice for female protagonists."
Why? "To me, she's always be the perfect voice for Bloom..."
Why? "I didn't he was the Joker I grew up with. That's a surprise! He's also Luke Skywalker and Muska..."
Why? "Molly and her Brooklyn accent. I'll never forget that... I wonder how she makes young Fiore sound like..."
Why? "A voice I grew up listening to. Love his roles as Ed and Kero!"
Why? "Sealand! My favorite character from Hetalia! Also, I like the voice she gave him."
Why? "My favorite Disney princess and Disney character! ^^"
Why? "Her voice is so distinguished, and I grew up listening to her."
Why? "Only one word: "CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE!!!!!""
Why? "She voiced Mimi from Digimon, my favorite Digidestined. I also liked the voice she used for Takato's mom; not squeaky..."
Why? "She makes Ivy sound dark yet pleasant..."
Why? "From men to boys, his voice is amazing. He sounds like the perfect English voice for Roy from Fire Emblem."
Why? "The voice he gave to Marth sounded too young, but it's interesting how he voiced Shinji Ikari. Interesting yet strange range..."
Why? "She did a good job as Rini! Another authentic voice for little girls! Good times, good times... :)"
Why? "A voice I grew up listening to..."
Why? "One of the few FUNimation voice actors I like. She'll always be the perfect voice for Gohan, my favorite DBZ character!"
Why? "She was in What's Her Face as Hip and Cool."
Why? "She voices Sailor Jupiter from Sailor Moon and Snowy from Tintin. Also, she's a good voice for boys."
Why? "Minty and Thistle Whistle from My Little Pony! Even though I never watched it, I liked her as the Operator from Ghost in the Shell."
Why? "One of the most memorable voices from Ed, Edd n Eddy. It's sad that he retired from acting..."
Why? "She'll always be MY Rainbow Dash..."
Why? "She can voice boys, girls, and women very well. Also, she was the best voice for Ash Ketchum!"
Why? "Two words: Tuxedo Mask!!!"
Why? "She's in many video games I play, plus she's Xiaoyu, my favorite Tekken character!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "My favorite character from Xenosaga!"
Why? "One of my father's favorite characters during his childhood..."
Why? "An ideal Boy in Distress who keeps charming me with his naivety and voice. Why did he have to meet such a terrible fate! T_T"
Why? "Another My Little Pony that I love but never owned... :("
Why? "Although I think all of the 100-Series Realians are adorable, the Kirschwassers are my favorite types..."
Why? "She's beautiful, blue, and has a British accent. Nothing else!"
Why? "Xiaoyu! My favorite character from Tekken and first character I used in a fighting game!"
Why? "Yip yip yip yip! Uh huh! Uh huh!"
Why? "The best sock collector in Ponyville! Also, one of the few who gladly stayed her true self... :)"
Why? "She's neither "hot" nor "cute". She's BEAUTIFUL!!!"
Why? "Castle in the Sky is my favorite Studio Ghibli movie, and Sheeta's my favorite character."
Why? "My favorite My Little Pony ^^. I'm glad she's not in FiM, because I'm scared of how they'll ruin her beautiful looks... :("
Why? "One of the most beautiful characters in Final Fantasy ever! Voice, looks, everything!"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Blue's Clues
Why? "A classic Nick Jr. show that will never be forgotten... :)"
Why? "One of my father's favorite shows and I actually own the DVD set."
Why? "A show I grew up with, and since then, has become one of my favorites..."
Why? "What's not to love about this show? It's one of the original CN shows that keeps people laughing, even today!"
Why? "It's got action and lots of laughs... But mostly laughs....."
Why? "It brings back so many memories..."
Why? "One of the first anime I've ever watched, and it has one of the BEST dubs ever!"
Why? "One of my father's favorite comics and a part of my childhood..."
#1 All Time Favorite
Laputa: The Castle in the Sky
Why? "My favorite Studio Ghibli movie ever!"
Why? "I still have some of the toys and the actual movie to prove that this is part of my childhood..."
Why? "This was a rather interesting special for Power Rangers, and a very sweet one too... ^^"
Why? "Where I first gained my love for My Little Pony. Yes yes yes!"
Why? "It brought back my love for MLP and introduced me to the Pegasus ponies. Also, I love the songs! ^^"
Why? "This came with my A Very Minty Christmas movie and it introduced Star Catcher, my favorite MLP!"
Why? "My favorite Scooby Doo movie ever, where Scooby actually befriends monsters.... :)"
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Why? "My favorite character from Xenosaga!"
Why? "My favorite Street Fighter character, and it's not because she's "hot" or her Thunder Thighs!"
Why? "My favorite character from DBZ, and it's not because he's muscular or "hot"!"
Why? "The first character I used in a video game, and favorite (and best) Tekken character!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Xenosaga Episode III: Also Sprach Zarathustra
Why? "My favorite game series."
Why? "The only Dead or Alive game I liked, because of its decent content and voice cast..."
Why? "I got this game on my birthday and since then has become one of my favorites..."
Why? "An amazing game with massive tear jerkers, lovable characters, and an interesting plot. Plus, it's made by Studio Ghibli!"
Why? "An interesting game with an interesting cast. Plus, all of the tear jerkers! >O"
Why? "The first game I ever played in my whole life and since then has become one of my favorites..."
Why? "So far, one of my favorite Tekken games! Love how they brought back many of the long-forgotten characters! ^^"
Why? "Despite SOME of the iffy voice choices, this game is my favorite of the KOF franchise..."
Why? "Though I played Xenosaga first, learning about Xenogears really helped me understand the series more..."
Why? "My favorite game series."
Why? "My favorite game series."