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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Troy Baker
Why? "He never fails to impress with any of his performances, and he's a worthy successor to Mark Hamill."
Why? "Midna!! :D"
Why? "Lead singer of Arch Enemy."
Why? "She's the best voice for Harley Quinn ever."
Why? "He's that distinctive."
Why? "He taught my sorry butt science better than any teacher ever could."
Why? "He's Miracle Max and Mike."
Why? ""Late is the hour in which this conjurer chooses to appear. "Lathspell" I name him. Ill news is an ill guest."
Why? "Scaring the little giRL?!"
Why? "You can thank this man for Giving us the DC Animated Universe."
Why? "He's Dom. What more needs to be said?"
Why? "JONAS!!!"
Why? "He's Chuck Goddamn Norris. What other reason do you need?"
Why? "After seeing the force awakens I can honestly say. She's got a bright acting career ahead of her."
Why? "Perfect Cell and Handsome Jack."
Why? "Michael Bolton from Office Space."
Why? "He has a great voice for villains and antiheroes. And I'm also happy to see him rising up in the VA industry."
Why? "My Mom is a big fan of him."
Why? "Hey look it's Mr. Allstate!"
Why? "Voice acting aside I love the music he makes as Childish Gambino."
Why? "The second king of mo-cap right next to Andy Serkis."
Why? "Great horror movie director."
Why? "He's the singer of Cannibal Corpse, what more do you need?"
Why? "I may not speak Portuguese but Doctor Doom, Cosmo, Him, and Superman?! Good lord that's awesome!"
Why? "The man is Fin Shepard. What's not to like?"
Why? "So whelmed."
Why? "Even though he only has one voice acting role I'm a big fan of The Left Rights and Mindless Self Indulgence."
Why? "He's a great horror director even though he's not as active as he used to be."
Why? "The most entertaining part of the cheesy crapfest that is Spartacus: Blood and Sand."
Why? "Gimli!"
Why? "Assuming Direct Control."
Why? "Visas Marr, Cheshire, and Karai."
Why? "He can go from a commanding authoritative voice (Terrax) to a creepy and mysterious one (Solomon Grundy)."
Why? "He's Red Foreman. He'll shove his foot up my ass if I don't."
Why? "She has such a cute voice."
Why? "I love his Makuta voice."
Why? "This man taught my sorry butt to read better then any teacher ever could."
Why? "Even though he mostly voices for his own projects he does a fantastic job at bringing his own characters to life."
Why? "She's one of Nostalgia Critic's most feared enemies."
Why? "He's the one true voice of Illidan Stormrage for me."
Why? "He was awesome as Kilowog and Atlas. Damn shame he died. RIP. :("
Why? "His role as Death in Darksiders 2 was awesome/"
Why? "He's the Darkness, and I enjoy his singing in Tomahawk."
Why? "Do I really need a reason why?"
Why? "Hal Jordan, Steve Trevor, and Vigilante all in one."
Why? "Not only did he create one of the most awesome memes of all time. But he's a freaking genius."
Why? "The greatest actor of our generation."
Why? "He's Daryl Dixon and I can't wait to hear his take on The Punisher."
Why? "He's just awesome as both Scorpion and Dracula."
Why? "Creepiness at it's finest."
Why? "He's the Persian Messenger!"
Why? "Because. Well, you know."
Why? "Even if he does recycle voices every now and then he's still a great voice actor and his Wolverine and Dinobot were awesome."
Why? "Along with being a decent for for Raphael, he's also Samwise the Brave."
Why? "He's my Favorite Goku voice actor and one of the reasons why I'm into voice acting."
Why? "She's the main reason we watch Rob Zombie's movies. No matter how bad they are."
Why? "He's Kain, need I say more?"
Why? "Not only is he General Zod, but he surprised me with his Prophet of Truth voice."
Why? "He's Nigel Thornberry. The most smashing man in the world. And he's also the only celeb on here to go beyond the single digit roles."
Why? "That's Mama Luigi to you!"
Why? ""Stop right there, criminal scum!""
#1 All Time Favorite
Goku Son / Kakarot
Why? "He's the Protector of the earth and even if he lost to superman he's still a great role model."
Why? "The fact that Seven guys voiced him is kind of stunning."
Why? "He's the Goddamn Batman. Need I say more?"
Why? "Work with him, and he will give you the world in less than 24 hours. Work against him, and he will gut you like a fish."
Why? "Haaaaaaaax!"
Why? "Quite possibly the greatest companion ever created. You don't have to protect her, her role in the story is nice, and she's actually useful."
Why? "Because nobody does anything like Gaston!"
Why? "I...am...Krogan!"
Why? "He's the Mac Daddy of Heimlich County, I'll tell you what."
Why? "He was the only Warcraft character I developed a liking for."
Why? "Don't you know who he is?"
Why? "He's the awesomest vampire you'll ever meet."
Why? "He's the Big Lipped Alligator, that's why."
Why? "He is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best character in any YouTube Poop. Period."
Why? "She undergoes the best character development of any Legend of Zelda Character."
Why? "For a stop motion model, it is one terrifying thing."
Why? "I do not care luke. I simply do not care."
Why? ""Welcome to the Salty Spitoon, how tough are ya?""
Why? "Nanomachines, Son."
Why? "Because Shrek is love, Shrek is life."
Why? "Find the Computer Room!"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Why? "This, along with Dragon Ball Z was my introduction to anime."
Why? "This show parodies all kinds of metal styles. And as a metal head it's glad to see a show on adult swim that appeals to me."
Why? "It was a much darker if you compare it to The more recent Clone Wars."
Why? "Ah, memories."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "I loved these guys as a kid."
Why? "This was everything the live Action movie should have been."
Why? "A watershed moment in the horror movie genre, even though I think it's just a tad overrated."
Why? "If you're looking for a good Highlander sequel then this is your movie."
Why? "It's not perfect, but if you want a simplistic yet well-made fantasy movie look no further."
Why? "A quintessential film in the horror genre. Particularly the slasher genre."
Why? "It is a terrifying as hell movie that never fails to scare me. And plus, Pazuzu's face just scares the hell out of me."
Why? "If you look at this movie as a comedy rather then a thriller then you're sure to enjoy it."
Why? "It's not exactly the best. But it does succeed where the Peter Jackson movies failed."
Why? "What can I say? I'm a sucker for Fantasy movies."
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Why? "Shaping up to be an awesome game!"
Why? "It's true to it's namesake, this game is freaking nuts!"
Why? "The lore is awesome, the characters are awesome, and it has a kick-ass voice cast."
Why? "It improves greatly, has a better combat system, and spot on voice acting."
Why? "One of the best Dragon Ball Z games out there."
Why? "Controversy, Controversy Everywhere."
Why? "Another very solid fighting game from Netherrealm."
Why? "Because it's so quotable."
Why? "It's an okay game. But I wouldn't suggest getting it unless you're a hardcore predator fan."
Why? "It's the perfect balance of being scary and absolutely hilarious."