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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Laura Bailey
Why? "Her voice is unique and she inspired me to become a voice actress"
Why? "She is a wonderful voice actress and her voice fits her characters very well."
Why? "He is a great voice actor and his voice matches his characters perfectly. I personally just love that he voiced Soul. He is my fave."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "He's the best 'cuz he's a badass vampire! He's a skilled gunman and I'd let him bite me in a heartbeat."
Why? "She strives to do all she can in her power. She is a strong character and wants to protect her friends. And she's voiced by Laura Bailey."
Why? "His personality is the best, he's cool and will always try to protect Maka."
Why? "How can one not love this yokai? He's practically perfect! I definitely wish I could make him my familiar."
Why? "How can he not be your favorite? He's sweet and his looks are to DIE FOR! Did I also mention he was a model at one point?"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
The Devil is a Part-Timer!
Why? "This show is clever, hilarious, and a treat of an anime! I highly encourage those who haven't seen it yet, to watch it immediately!"
Why? "This series gave me life. It discusses an interesting and deep topic, death. This anime gave me the FEELS and I love the characters so much."
Why? "I love me some shoujo animes, and this series takes the cake! It's characters are lovable, and the plot is amazing! 5 stars"
Why? "This series is very intense and comedic at the same time. I love the drama and the characters in this series, i give it a ten outta ten."
Why? "This anime really caught my attention, especially the characters. And got me to actually cosplay one of the characters."