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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Why? "PUDDIN!!"
Why? "This one of the VAs that I've been compared to by other people. He's also cast as a lot of great characters and has amazing acting ability."
Why? "Her voice has a fiery passion that brings out her characters, like Casca, with an intensity and passion that brings them to life."
Why? "There are many obvious reasons why he's one of the greats. Rest in Peace and may the Force be with you in the afterlife."
Why? "The many voices of a crap ton of DBZ characters with and impressive range in one dude. He's also the 1st VA I ever met."
Why? "This guy is most of my childhood in the clone troopers as well as others in his impressive reume."
Why? "Her role as Hanako from Asobi Asobase solidified her range and what she's capable of when she performs. Also her screeching screams."
Why? "A fan-favorite of many anime fans. His accents and diverse acting range fill up his resume with an equally diverse amount of characters."
Why? "He's one of the few Seiyuu whose voice alone could send shivers down my spine. Sorta like a Japanese Steve Blum for me? :P"
Why? "His take on Griffith is angelic with a hint of mischief to him. Simply a perfect actor for a complex character."
Why? "This guy has one of the most tough ass voices I've ever heard. He one of my favorites just for his role on Guts."
Why? "His voice for the droid general is the most recognizable and iconic for me."
Why? "Kratos and Mace Windu stick out in my mind when I hear him. His range is limited but his acting makes up for it."
Why? "Another VA of my childhood and still impressing me with his other roles to this day, besides his most recognizable role Spongebob."
Why? "GenosGenosGenosGenosGenosGenosGenosGenos"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "A great female character from the Golden Age arc that dared other soldiers to step up and face her on the battlefield."
Why? "These characters the ones that stood out of the show. The different personalities for each clone made me like them more than the Jedi cast."
Why? "He's a figure of a typical shonen MC that serves as a foil for Saitama's antics. He's a badass character, both in design and personality"
Why? "He's one of the most subtly intricate and complex characters I have ever seen in any media. A angel and philosopher with a dark side within."
Why? "One of the most tragic heroes in Anime/Manga. He is the personification of willpower and strength and it's not hard to see why. He's human."
Why? "My first childhood hero that I related to when I was getting into superheroes and Marvel."
Why? "Meet Guts... I mean Fuse... I mean handsome Guts. Oh ****, he really looks like a handsome Guts. But that's redundant."
Why? "One of my Fav characters at the moment. He sounds badass and he can't hear how badass he is. He's a deaf mercenary twilight with a hard life"
Why? ""Just an average guy who serves as an average hero." Who just so happens to be dealing with not so average problems. He's hilariously badass"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Hey.. Hey guys... Watch this masterpiece."
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Video Game