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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Tara Strong
Why? "My #1 favorite female VA and probably my favorite of all time."
Why? "RIP :("
Why? "She was one of the biggest voices of my childhood."
Why? "Harley Quinn!"
Why? "Love her in MLP FiM and as a singer in general. Hey Ocean :)"
Why? "I just love her characters."
Why? "Mostly for Cowboy Bebop."
Why? "KND."
Why? "Patrick Star!"
Why? "Goofy was the reason I watched Disney, mostly because of him :D"
Why? "One of my many #1 favorites. He was just fantastic in Futurama."
Why? "A pretty solid Porky Pig."
Why? "Well she is Princess Cadence and a great singer."
Why? "Very awesome VA, plus one of my many #1 favorites."
Why? "I remember hearing her as a couple of characters from my childhood."
Why? "RIP to the original Shaggy Rogers and the American Top 40."
Why? "I love her mostly because of Blossom, but also as a VA in general."
Why? "Starting to become one of my very favorites."
Why? "Another voice of my childhood, also MLP FiM."
Why? "Super Mario, plus many more including Luigi."
Why? "A very talented VA, he makes me laugh quite a lot."
Why? "Original Dexter and Chuckie."
Why? "It's Doc Brown, plus more."
Why? "I'm Cuckoo for Coco Puffs!!!"
Why? "Sweetie Belle."
Why? "Mr. Krabs was also in The Shawshank Redemption."
Why? "He should be a Disney legend because he is that great!"
Why? "I remember her distinct voice from my childhood."
Why? "DOH!- Homer Simpson"
Why? "A pretty good second King Julien."
Why? "Awesomely talented versatile VA."
Why? "As Lee Everett, he was fantastic in the Walking Dead video game."
Why? "Solid Snake!"
Why? "Best second Megatron and Optimus Prime ever!"
Why? "One of my #1 favorite VA's, he has both great characters and creature voices."
Why? "His best character is definitely Hoss Delgado."
Why? "The Original Scooby Doo."
Why? "MY LEG!!!"
Why? "He was fantastic in Up."
Why? "I love her so much she's one of my favorite VA's of all time, especially because of Buttercup."
Why? "I love Dawn :D"
Why? "He has no limits to what he can do."
Why? "The original Brock and James from Pokemon."
Why? "She was Nazz and May from my favorite show of all time. Ed Edd n Eddy."
Why? "Frank Welker is the greatest VA ever and is the only one who is better than Mel Blanc."
Why? "HULK SMASH puny human!"
Why? "I did not realize how much I liked him."
Why? "It's Gary Oldman!"
Why? "R.I.P, Space Ghost and Blue Falcon."
Why? "My #2 favorite voice actress of all time."
Why? "Most of the background Simpsons characters."
Why? "My #5 favorite female voice actress of all time."
Why? "If you watch MLP, you know why."
Why? "One of the many greats and the best Obi-Wan."
Why? "Can't help but like her :)"
Why? "A very underrated great voice actress."
Why? "How is Johnny Bravo not the best?"
Why? "Daffy Duck is his best Looney Tunes character."
Why? "Besides Cortana, I didn't realize how many Nintendo characters she also voiced."
Why? "My #3 favorite voice actress of all time."
Why? "The only reason anyone knows him is because of Finn."
Why? "A surprisingly good VA."
Why? "Best male VA singer and undeniably a #1 fav of mine. Rock Sugar."
Why? "Known for Mordecai."
Why? "Pretty much the voice of Disney."
Why? "Awesome on screen and off screen especially in the Spider-Man universe."
Why? "Penny Ling."
Why? "Fantastic voice actor one of select few whose favorite character I can't choose from."
Why? "He's the best Spider-Man."
Why? "Legendary female VA."
Why? "Definitely in my Top 10 of favorite female VA's of all time."
Why? "Futurama fans understand why."
Why? "Fantastic singing voice and VA."
Why? "Yet another great dual on and off screen actor."
Why? "The definitive Batman."
Why? "A completely awesome and fantastic VA, plus one of my #1 favorites."
Why? "Cyborg."
Why? "She's come a long way."
Why? "It's Liam Nesson."
Why? "Yes he does more than just the Original Hulk."
Why? "Scootaloo."
Why? "The best Joker ever!"
Why? "Courage."
Why? "Ed was the funniest :V"
Why? "He's a pretty good Shaggy."
Why? "Probably the greatest VA impressionist ever. The Brain is awesome."
Why? "Definitively the most influential VA of all time and the greatest."
Why? "A pretty good anime VA."
Why? "Applebloom."
Why? "The voice of God."
Why? "Just a great VA, plain and simple."
Why? "Best Deadpool ever!"
Why? "Great on and off screen as Professor X, and more."
Why? "I feel as though he only has one voice, but it's actually a good thing."
Why? "Optimus Prime is so awesome."
Why? "Who knew that a character of few words can garner you a lot of attention."
Why? "The voice actor I got to meet and man is he fantastic. Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain were great cartoons :)"
Why? "Well he is Mojo-Jojo."
Why? "Badass on camera and off camera. Hellboy and Slade (Deathstroke) prove it."
Why? "Double-D Edward (Edd), not to mention more including Russell Ferguson. Incredibly talented."
Why? "Best is Robin in the original (2003) Teen Titans series."
Why? "Pretty much all of Robot Chicken."
Why? "One of the most talented VA's and the bright spot of Family Guy."
Why? "Another fantastic singer and VA."
Why? "One of my favorite VA's of all time and only to voice badass characters 98% of the time."
Why? "Master Chief. Do I really have to say much more."
Why? "I love her she's got to be one of my all time favorites especially because of MLP."
Why? "I like him as a VA for more than just Spongebob."
Why? "Donald Duck."
Why? "Eddy!"
Why? "How is she not awesome?"
Why? "I wish she was still Ash and she was also great in the original Pokemon series."
Why? "Best Mickey Mouse."
Why? "It's Weird Al, do I really need to give you a reason."
Why? "Known for Rigby."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "It's John DiMaggio, come on!"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Ed Edd 'n Eddy
Why? "Always watched it when I was a kid."
Why? "Overrated, but good."
Why? "I honestly don't watch much anime, but it's one of the best if not the best anime."
Why? "Only counting it's good seasons (pre-2009)"
Why? "Only seasons 1-3 are cannon for me."
#1 All Time Favorite
The Iron Giant
Why? "What a fantastic animated movie, they don't make them like they used to."
Why? "A guilty pleasure of mine."
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Optimus Prime
Why? "There is not only one great Optimus Prime out there."
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Gears of War 3
Why? "Equally great multiplayer and campaign, however Halo 4 is almost just as good."
#1 All Time Favorite
Tom and Jerry (MGM)
#1 All Time Favorite
Cartoon Network
Why? "CN City was the best!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Director