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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Eric Loomis
Why? "I honestly can't imagine anyone voicing Iron Man except for Eric! His performance was outstanding in Earth's Mightiest Heroes! XD"
Why? "I didn't know who he was before, but Brian Bloom was badass as Captain America and such a great voice actor! XD"
Why? "This talented guy voices Red, Rin, Kirito, and now Eren, every role he's doing, he gets more and more praise and I love every minute of it!"
Why? "As the voice of a beloved video game icon, Charles was a major part of my childhood voicing Mario and still going! I simply adore him! XD"
Why? "This guy deserves all the credit he gets! He was perfect as Hawkeye and I fell in love with the character because of his voice! XD"
Why? "My personal favorite voice for Fox McCloud, because this is how I ALWAYS pictured how Fox would talk! Jim nailed it perfectly! XD"
Why? "He is as of now, the best voice of Spiderman to date! josh captured his seriousness and funny side of Spidey perfectly and I loved it!"
Why? "Laura is just simply amazing in voice acting. Chun-Li and Lucina are my favorite roles she's ever done by far! XD"
Why? "I loved him as Robin/Nightwing! But hearing him as Iron Fist really threw me off with joy! This guy is REALLY talented! XD"
Why? "As Tygra, Chrom, Leon, and Stryker, Matthew really knows how to act through these roles nicely! He seems like such a nice guy too! XD"
Why? "This guy is considered one of the greats! I gotta admit besides Nate, Superboy, and Raphael, Deadpool is my favorite character he voiced! XD"
Why? "I can hear this guy talk as Thor till I die! His unique voice fit Thor wonderfully and he seems like such a nice gentleman! XD"
Why? "As Sonic, Ezio, Chris, and Captain America, Roger really knows to make his voice blend with these characters perfectly! XD"
Why? "My personal fave voice of Donatello, this guy REALLY knew nail him as I always imagined! Also, I love him as Phoenix Wright! XD"
Why? "This lady is just a goddess of voice acting. I've heard her in numerous shows but out of all of them, my faves are Ben, Bubbles and Raven!"
Why? "As Booker, Joel, Hawkeye, Nova, Snow, Jake, and many others, Troy's not just good... he's REALLY freakin' good! Some of the best! XD"
Why? "Voicing my first anime crush, Veronica Taylor was awesome as Ash Ketchum! She's one of my biggest inspirations to do voice acting!"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes
Why? "Simply one of the best animated shows Marvel has ever done! Stellar animation, top-notch voice acting, and engaging plots, it was amazing!"
Why? "Well-written with emotional plots and an awesome voice cast, Green Lantern was outstanding as a great superhero animated show!"
Why? "One of the most original, creative and hilarious animated shows I've ever seen! Regular Show... it's anything but regular! XD"
Why? "An edgier Ninja Turtles series that took itself seriously and as a passionate TMNT fan, I took it seriously and loved everything about it!"
Why? "My opinion the best Spiderman animated series to date with wonderful mixes of drama, action, and comedy and very passionate to the comics!"
Why? "One of the best animated fantasy shows I've been introduced to, Thundercats was just too good to be cancelled. It was amazing!"
Why? "A superhero animeā€¦ AWESOMENESS! This show was totally badass! I love the characters and it's one of my favorite anime shows! XD"
Why? "An excellent and well-crafted show with nice blends of drama, action, and comedy! This show is one of the best DC had to offer its fans!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Why? "Super Smash Brothers is a badass fighting series and Brawl is the best to date! XD"
Why? "One of my all-time favorite crossover video games! XD"