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Voice Actor
Why? "She gives everything to whatever she gives ADR direction, plus a lovely voice that can match energetic roles or authoritive roles."
Why? "She can sound sweet and/or mature at the drop of a hat, plus she can be commanding when the situation calls for it."
Why? "In spite of him hardly performing any well-known characters, he puts his heart and soul to his work."
Why? "He will always escape our field of recognition."
Why? "Because not many VAs live long enough to say that they've been at it for two generations."
Why? "You really have to love the resonance and presence of his voice."
Why? "You just have to love the emotional dimension that he gives to his characters; sinister, underdog or just plain funny"
Why? "He's totally on top of things; he can update himfelf on every project he dedicates to."
Why? "Great deal of determination that he gives to his roles."
Why? "Because he stayed true to the character of Eggman. Couldn't be better than that."
Why? "Beautiful singing voice."
Why? "Out of all the more experienced VAs he comes in first place. Thank you, Epcar."
Why? "He's Christian, he's a good singer, and plus, Edward Elric."
Why? "I'm gonna be real; I'm not gay, but if I were to be locked up in the same room as this guy... Hell, yeah!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Who doesn't love this Gecko. Seriously, my only favorite commercial character!"