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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Cam Clarke
Why? "The man can play all kinds of characters. I mean he does a fantastic job with Corrin, Anankos, Arthur, Hinata and many more!"
Why? "She was fantastic as Yukiko, Ulala, Argilla, and (Possibly) Ellen Kirishima!"
Why? "I really enjoyed her performances as Soleil and Nyx. Both were very cute voices!"
Why? "She's rather fitting as Impa!"
Why? "Her Velouria and Opheila voices are very well-done in my opinion!"
Why? "The man's very likeable as Pit, Percy, Dark Pit and Silas!"
Why? "He has a very entertaining quality to his voice!"
Why? "He's an absolutely fantastic voice actor. His performances as Rock, Light Yagami, and Lan Hikari are worth listening to."
Why? "Her work as Sakura and Charlotte is very lovely! Her Charlotte performance is particularly excellent."
Why? "His performance as Henry was hilarious and he did a great job with Jun Kurosu's complex character."
Why? "Just an absolute joy to listen to as Tron Bonne."
Why? "He does a great Seliph!"
Why? "The man's work in Metroid Prime 3 and DBZ Kai is fantastic!"
Why? "A man of a million voices everyone."
Why? "Her Android 18 and Gohan are very underated IMO. Her Luffy is also fantastic."
Why? "Good Luck!"
Why? "He IS Dennis and Aigami."
Why? "Katsuya and Kakashi."
Why? "He's great as Rayman. He's also pretty entertaining as Goku even though he doesn't fit him in the slightest XD"
Why? "He just IS Xander, Kaze, Siegbert, Shura, Sumeragi, Kilma, and the Rainbow Sage to me. Such a talented voice actor!"
Why? "His work in Fire Emblem Awakening and BlazBlue."
Why? "He's a great Dr. Wily and Pilaf!"
Why? "His narration for DBZ was for full of personality and presence."
Why? "He's brought me years of laughter from his work in the Big Green dubs of the DBZ movies. But he also has a lot of range as well!"
Why? "He has a VERY entertaining way of delivering his lines XD"
Why? "She has a very lovely and iconic voice which is perfect for characters such as Buttercup, Tommy Pickles, Hinoka, Peri and Selkie!"
Why? "His work in shows like Ultimate Muscle, Pokemon, Yugioh and Slayers was awesome!"
Why? "He portrayed Sigma's character excellently."
Why? "I love the man's voice! It works very well for bratty characters!"
Why? "Does an amazing job as Ephraim!"
Why? "This man has a very powerful voice!"
Why? "His Leon is a classic. He made a great Wolf in Star Fox Zero as well!"
Why? "The voice of the Radiant Hero!"
Why? "She was very endearing as Luna!"
Why? "He does a great job with Tien's voice."
Why? "No one can play Yu and Adachi the way he can."
Why? "His voice for Owain is awesome."
Why? "Her range is incredible, I mean, I would never have guessed that Nanako and Aigis were played by the same woman!"
Why? "I loved her as Tuff."
Why? "He was pretty awesome as Tatsuya, despite a few hiccups here and there."
Why? "She really brought Yukino from Persona 2 to life."
Why? "Her Lucina, Rise, and Trunks are a great example of her range. She plays them all very well IMO."
Why? "She's very enjoyable as Nanami."
Why? "She OWNS the role of Genkai!"
Why? "She made Effie, Oboro and Mikoto all sound very likable!"
Why? "It's Hiro!"
Why? "My favourite Anakin!"
Why? "His voice for Shay Obsidian is lovely!"
Why? "He nailed Chrom's character to a T"
Why? "He was great as Leo, Forrest and Kaden! Leo in particular was really awesome."
Why? "his voice for Fox has the most charisma IMO."
Why? "She was very fun to listen to as Cynthia. Her Say'ri voice is also pretty cool as well!"
Why? "She makes Camilla, Orochi and Fuuka all sound very lovely."
Why? "She IS Azura to me."
Why? "Love his Doc Louis."
Why? "his Vile was a real standout of the Megaman Maverick Hunter X dub."
Why? "His performance as Takumi is phenomenal. He played every aspect of Takumi's character to perfection. His Hisame and Niles are also great!"
Why? "He had the most memorable voice for Sonic. When I think of Sonic, Ryan's voice is the one that always comes to mind for me."
Why? "I love her Ash and Aura!"
Why? "His voice for Knuckles had the perfect balance between a wise guardian of the Master Emerald and a wisecracking friend."
Why? "He has the hands down best voice for Robin in my opinion."
Why? "His performance as Shinji Ikari, his Ringabel is pretty entertaining too."
Why? "Very entertaining as Aran Ryan."
Why? "He does a really great job with Cloud's voice!"
Why? "He was pretty good as the Great Tiger."
Why? "He was awesome as King DeDeDe, Escargoon, Kevin Mask, Zangulus, and many more!"
Why? "His Nyarlathotep and M. Bison were fantastic!"
Why? "She's Naoto. That's all the reason I need."
Why? "His Junpei is fantastic. Not to mention the guy‘s singing."
Why? "He's extremely talented."
Why? "Her voice is very distinct and she's played many of my favourite female characters over the years, such as Haruhi, Athena, Yoruichi and more"
Why? "Even though her performance wasn't completely perfect Her Kid Goku was a standout performance in the Blue Water dub of Dragon Ball IMO."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "She has some great character development throughout Persona 3 and Karen Strassman does a great job with her voice."
Why? "Awesome antagonist IMO."
Why? "He's a very sympathetic (and intimidating) villain IMO."
Why? "A very heroic individual who fights for Justice and the Nohrian way!"
Why? "Bastion is pretty underrated in my opinion. Loved his voice and his personality!"
Why? "My wonderful Conquest wife who's a deeper character than she first appears!"
Why? "Great morally gray character, IMO. Very attractive to boot!"
Why? "You gotta love Camilla AKA Best Big Sister! She's funny, likable, and Paula Tiso has very nice voice for the lovely lady!"
Why? "She's an extremely useful Pegasus Knight and very likeable character, plus Julianne Alexander's voice for her is amazing!"
Why? "I love this Faux-French queen."
Why? "She's more interesting than she first appears, is all I'll say!"
Why? "Corrin has some fantastic voice actors, and wouldn't be a particularly bad person to just hang out with, and they're also very pretty!"
Why? "Question Mark."
Why? "My favourite female lord in the Fire Emblem series!"
Why? "She's cute and has a lot of personality. What's not to like?"
Why? "He's an awesome FE Lord IMHO!"
Why? "He's not as good of a protagonist as his sister. But he's still pretty likable Regardless!"
Why? "One of the cutest Dragons in the series!"
Why? "He's a very beautiful and religious individual, who Max Mittelman gives a lovely voice and performance too!"
Why? "Hitler comes back from the dead to be one of the main antagonists of Persona 2 and gets sunglasses, it doesn't get any better then this."
Why? "Garon is a very powerful and intimidating individual who sadly lost his way due to a certain Dragon... And Travis is the PERFECT VA for him!"
Why? "Contact me through me my agent....unless you're a female...."
Why? "The leader of Team Rocket himself! Very good character IMO."
Why? "He's a great lord who's personality contrasts to Eliwood's quite nicely."
Why? "He's an absolute DORK, and he's voiced by Cam Clarke. I love him"
Why? "Gotta love Hinoka! She's a pretty likable character and being voiced by EG Daily certainly makes her even more great!"
Why? "My Pickle Pal!"
Why? "He's the evil dark wizard of Fire Emblem Fates! You gotta love them."
Why? "Has a great design and a very soft and lovely voice. What's not to like?"
Why? "Ike's a pretty (cool) guy and he has a VA who has improved quite a lot since PoR!"
Why? "One of the most entertaining FE characters by far!"
Why? "One of the most sympathetic characters in the entire Persona series."
Why? "She's a sweetheart!"
Why? "He's a very cute boy with a very cute voice!"
Why? "Can you apply the penal code to demons?"
Why? "An easygoing Ninja with a lovely voice and very useful during gameplay-wise as well (especially in Conquest)"
Why? "He's a tsundere wolf voiced by Gideon Emery. What's not to like here?"
Why? "Whaddya want? art is lasting time is fleeting if ya have a message. Make it short."
Why? "He's my favourite character in the Kirby universe, and the voice Ted Lewis used was perfect for him!"
Why? "Stephanie Sheh voices her and she makes a pretty good general. What's not to like?"
Why? "Gotta love the rockstar prosecutor!"
Why? "He's a very dorky and endearing individual who's also voiced by Liam O'Brien!"
Why? "He's a great adviser and brother to Corrin, and has some cool moments in the story regardless of what route you pick."
Why? "I just loved Dave's over the top performance as him!"
Why? "She's very perky and has Stephanie Sheh as a VA!"
Why? "Very likeable character IMO! She's a very energetic and fun character."
Why? "His voice is just awesome. Courtesy of Travis Willingham of course."
Why? "Lucina is a very well written character and she's voiced by Laura Bailey. I mean what's not to like really?"
Why? "The first FE protagonist, and he's certainly a good one!"
Why? "I've always foundthat lord characters like Micaiah feel very human and thus, very relatable to me."
Why? "One of my absolute favourite Shadow Dragon characters."
Why? "My wonderful, lazy and poetic wife... Who also happens to be voiced by Danielle Judovits!"
Why? "One of the few characters in FE6 I REALLY like. He's definitely a great love to hate villain!"
Why? "A character with more depth then you'd think."
Why? "One of the best villains in JRPG history, you truly love to hate this guy."
Why? "She's very likable and entertaining, and Paula Tiso's voice for her only adds to how awesome she is! LOVE her Critical Quotes in particular!"
Why? "She's a better character than people give her credit for IMO. (Same with Tharja)"
Why? "My favourite Belmont in the Castlevania series, and David Vincent portrays Richter very well in my opinion."
Why? "Robin has some pretty great VAs, is very attractive, and seems like a pretty likable and down to earth individual!"
Why? "Hoshidian Cinnamon Roll!"
Why? "Seliph goes on a very interesting journey in the second half of FE4. He's pretty underrated IMO."
Why? "Serra is a very fun character honestly! Love the voice Kate Higgins gives her as well."
Why? "Such a loveable Pegasus Knight!"
Why? "He's a great unit (especially on Conquest!) and has a really awesome gruff voice!"
Why? "He's a total bro and has a great VA. What is there not to like?"
Why? "He's a childhood favourite of mine."
Why? "She's Silas's adorable daughter!"
Why? "She's a much better character then people give her credit for IMO."
Why? "One of my Favourite JYB roles, he really nailed everything about this character."
Why? "Quite possibly Amanda Winn Lee's best work, if you're wondering why, just listen to Ulala's battle quotes:)"
Why? "She's one of my favourite villains from FE7. Great design as well."
Why? "She has an amazing design! And Angela's voice for her is perfect!"
Why? "Such a perfect design..."
Why? "He's the better big brother in Fates IMO! and David Stanbra does an awesome job with his voice!"
Why? "Amanda really did a great job bringing out Yukiko's quiet, but strong willed personality that she develops throughout the game."
Why? "Poor Zola... He really deserved better to be quite honest!"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Why? "One of the most insane shows I've ever watched, and needless to say that's a good thing:)"
Why? "The pacing is great and the voice actors have improved tremendously since the first Funimation dub."
Why? "This show's memorable acting and hilarious dialogue made this THE show that I would always rush home to watch."
Why? "I loved this show growing up!"
Why? "It's one of the better video game adaptations out there, well worth the watch IMO."
Why? "I absolutely LOVE this show. Great characters, well written stories, what's not to like?"
Why? "I have a lot of memories watching this show with my family. Which is always nice really!"
Why? "One of my favourite cartoons growing up."
#1 All Time Favorite
Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F'
Why? "My favourite DBZ movie by far, it was also a blast getting to see it in theatres."
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Why? "(Insert Kakarot yell here)"
Why? "Pretty much all of this pretty individual's voices are good in their own way!"
Why? "My favourite member of the Ginyu Force."
Why? "One of my favouite FE characters."
Why? "Gotta love Officer Jenny!"
Why? "One of my favourite FE Fates characters, hands down."
Why? "Both are pretty fantastic."
Why? "Easily one of the most entertaining anime characters ever! and Matt Miller's voice MADE this character!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
Why? "My favourite Castlevania game hands down. Great music, gameplay and characters."
Why? "One of the first games I remember playing on the Mega Drive!"
Why? "Very awesome Castlevania title on the GBA with great music and very fun gameplay!"
Why? "Getting to hear older FE characters is voiced is going to be amazing. Game itself looks like such a blast as well!"
Why? "It's a very solid Fire Emblem overall! Love the characters and music. Plus the Plegia Arc/Future is also rather enjoyable. Great dub too!"
Why? "A very fun FE title that built upon Awakening's gameplay and made it better! The english voice cast is also very diverse and fantastic!"
Why? "Such a nostalgic game. Full of colourful characters and full of imagination."
Why? "My favourite Resident Evil game of all time. The music, the gameplay and the fantastic voice acting are all so nostalgic to me."
Why? "While the gameplay is outdated, the story is awesome, though I do wish you had the option to switch to the original soundtrack at times."
Why? "Easily my favourite out of the Persona 2 duology, the music and characters are fantastic."
Why? "My favourite Star Fox game, memorable voice acting and soundtrack."
Why? "This and Wario Land 2 were games that I played endlessly back when I was younger! so much personality and character went into this game."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "It was a very entertaining short IMO! The voice acting was also pretty well done."
#1 All Time Favorite
Megami Tensei
Why? "All of the Fire Emblem games have something about them that I absolutely love and adore. It's been my favourite game series ever since FE8!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Director
Why? "Phenomenal work on the Final Fantasy series."
Why? "One of the best voice directors in anime."
Why? "He does a pretty good job with the voice direction in the SMT series as well."
Why? "She does a great job directing the Persona games."