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Voice Actor
Dameon Clarke
Why? "Cell, Scar, Older Gohan, Tambourine, South Kai, Paragus, Handsome Jack, Rolento, Younger Toguro, Proxy One, & Nathan Spencer"
Why? "Alphonse Elric!!!!!!"
Why? "Jayne, Dutch, Green Lantern, Rick Flag, & Metamorpho"
Why? "Torvin"
Why? "Kroger, Bigby Wolf, Woodsman, & Matches"
Why? "His Hawkeye was pretty cool."
Why? "CIA Bruh"
Why? "Link"
Why? "Ricky Flame :D"
Why? "His Sauron was amazing!!! RIP"
Why? "Green Arrow, Wash, Mickey, King Candy, Flash, Simone, and Duke Weselton/Weasleton. That's range."
Why? "RIP Scrooge McDuck"
Why? "El Tigre/Manny Rivera, Lady Deadpool, Liz Allan, Captain Chantel DuBois, & Cletus"
Why? "Wraith, Alfred Pennyworth, & Senator Steven Armstrong"
Why? "Dennis, North, Makunga, & Future Timmy Turner"
Why? "Tarantulas"
Why? "Samus & Krystal"
Why? "Nick Fury"
Why? "River Song"
Why? "Black Adam, Zod, & Raiden"
Why? "Mirror Master & The Other"
Why? "Doctor Octopus, Professor Jeffries, Professor Knight, Roadkill, King Bohan, & Multi-Bear"
Why? "Peach & Charlene"
Why? "Tea, Max, & Charmy"
Why? "Mrs. Hasagawa"
Why? "Maxima"
Why? "Joker Junior"
Why? "Johnny Cage & Rain"
Why? "Delta 40 & Ultimo"
Why? "Cooler & Bald"
Why? "Sektor, Shang Tsung, & Storm Shadow"
Why? "Mako Tsunami, Archie Andrews, Noah Kaiba, Nightmare, Decoe, Bokkun, Belowski, & Forrest"
Why? "Emperor Zurg, Crush, & Seagulls"
Why? "Father Cornello"
Why? "C-3PO & Legolas"
Why? "Lex Luthor, Twilight, & Skua"
Why? "Beware this Batman. Also Nighthawk"
Why? "Pavel Chekov"
Why? "Rory & Rip Hunter"
Why? "Ahsoka Tano!!!!!!! :D"
Why? "Oracle"
Why? "Great Range"
Why? "Moori & Yoki"
Why? "Larry Daley, Alex, Khaka Peu Peu, & Bernard"
Why? "Akiba, Murph, & Randy"
Why? "Patrick Star, Bulkhead, & Hydro-Man"
Why? "Magneto: Master of Magnet"
Why? "Number 48 & the Grand Elder"
Why? "Lucario, Bonsly, & Weavile"
Why? "Guldo and Cui"
Why? "Rose Tyler"
Why? "Etrigan/Jason Blood & Ansem"
Why? "Luke Skywalker, Porky Pig, Tweety Bird, Speedy Gonzalez, Marvin the Martian, Aunt Duck, Lupin III, Hex, Eric Staufer, & Winter Soldier"
Why? "Shao Kahn, Syn Shenron, and Bojack. 3 awesome powerhouses"
Why? "Commissioner Gordon"
Why? "X-Brawn, Bagheera, Mr Hyde, Gimli, Treebeard, Orcs, Blastaar, Kingpin, Comedian, Man Ray, Mr Krabs, Mr Nesmith, & Hades"
Why? "Agent Trigger & Bubble Buddy"
Why? "Easter Island Head, Chug, Harry, Bloat, Gusteau, Fatso, Commander Bristle, Hook Hand Thug, Big Dog, Hydro-Man, Lobo, Trypticon, & Krang"
Why? "Krang & Bebop"
Why? "Rocket Raccoon"
Why? "Zane & Hot Shot"
Why? "Boss Nass & Clayton"
Why? "Captain America, Black Mask, Rumble McSkirmish, Zartan, Punisher, Ultraman, Daredevil, Silver Surfer, Vizioso, & Hyperion"
Why? "William Stryker, Green Dragon, & Elder Ood"
Why? "Wolverine, Ryuk, Vegeta, Yamu, Pikkon, Jetstorm, Blurr, Shockblast, Jetfire, & Venom"
Why? "Dr. Koothrappali, Babu Bhatt, Professor Pyg, Hugo Strange, Parasite, Ra's Assistant, Suit of Armor, Theoden, Miles Warren, & Ki-Adi Mundi"
Why? "Felix Faust"
Why? "Irwin, Harry Buttowski, Martin, Blackout, Nugent, Skipper, & Holographic Recordings"
Why? "Male Player, Roland, & Militia Soldiers"
Why? "Tim Marcoh & Captain Ginyu"
Why? "Chiaotzu, Puar, & Nina Tucker"
Why? "Batman & Wotan"
Why? "Atrocitus, Desaad, Zod, Mykros, & Master Chief's motion capture"
Why? "Ted Dymer"
Why? "Hal, Snizard, Li, Vitaly, Fei Long, & Lt. James Gordon"
Why? "Eren Jaeger, Red, Marugori, & Inky"
Why? "Dirge"
Why? "Rick Dicker, Chuckles, & Eeyore"
Why? "Cyborg, Hot Spot, Black Lightning, Bolivar Trask, War Machine, Falcon, Bumblebee, Blitzwing, Blackout, Rook Blonko, & Bloxx"
Why? "Blaster, Black Vulcan, Judge, & Joseph Robbie Robertson"
Why? "Moltar & Zorak"
Why? "Professor Zoom/Eobard Thawne"
Why? "Classic Wolverine"
Why? "Nora Wakeman, Coco, & Mrs. Foster"
Why? "Great VD/Scriptwriter and Good Actor"
Why? "Scooter, Mr. Crocker, Mayor, Dinkleberg, Juandissimo, Simon Cowell, Taco Bell Dog, Bane, Cosmo the Space Dog, El Chupacabra, & Lazlo"
Why? "Cisco Ramon"
Why? "Sing Beans"
Why? "RIP Mrs. Wolowitz"
Why? "Sin Tzu & Shang Tsung"
Why? "Shaggy & Cliffjumper! RIP."
Why? "(Future) Kevin Levin, Kick Buttowski, Dr Mindbender, Flash, Robin, Specter, Raikov, & Buzz Bee"
Why? "Prince Tricky"
Why? "Nick Fury"
Why? "Sakura"
Why? "Hit Girl & Young Penny"
Why? "Gluttony, Mr. Popo, Shu, & the Turtle"
Why? "Hawkeye, Deadshot, Star-Lord, Captain America, Crimson Dynamo, Fandral, Rattler, Peter Corbeau, Winnie the Pooh, Shrieve, & Colossus"
Why? "The PERFECT Live-Action Captain America"
Why? "Officer Brandon"
Why? "Otis, Craig, & Green Arrow"
Why? "Starscream, Cobra Commander, Wheeljack, Gung-Ho, Ripper, Sparkplug, & Beetle"
Why? "Turles, Greed, & Orlen"
Why? "Captain Kirk & Jack Frost"
Why? "Gambit"
Why? "Batman, Thomas, & Bagheera"
Why? "Lord Frieza"
Why? "Jesse Anderson & Cody Jones"
Why? "Apocalypse, Microchip, Joker, Killer Moth, Betrayus, Peter Soyuz, Spandam, Oruo Bozard, Luke Skywalker, Blatto, Okuma Jubei, & Hawkeye"
Why? "Spider-Man, Noir Spidey, 2099 Spidey, Superior Spidey, Donald Menken, & Electro"
Why? "Thelonious & Private"
Why? "Saruman the White & Count Dooku. Along with many, many more awesome roles. An acting legend. RIP."
Why? "Doc Brown, Hacker, & The Woodsman"
Why? "Francis!!!"
Why? "Chris D'Amico & Fishlegs"
Why? "Mirror Man"
Why? "Vegeta, Piccolo, Yamcha, Recoome, Korin, Shenron, Porunga, Bubbles, Grandpa Gohan, King Piccolo & Vegeta, Jeice, Burter, & Omega Shenron"
Why? "Android 17, Emperor Pilaf, Kibito, & Garlic Jr"
Why? "Scarecrow/Dr. Jonathan Crane in the Dark Knight Trilogy :D"
Why? "Dante"
Why? "Mr Freeze,Lex, Krabs, Hades, Eiling, and Kurgan"
Why? "Cheetah"
Why? "Dr Doom, Kickback, Thorin, Jetfire, Alfred, and the first Emperor Palpatine"
Why? "Omega Red, Quickstrike, Thrust, Wing Saber, Scorponok, Hordak, & Red Menace"
Why? "Kid Gohan, Android 18, Rose, & Riza Hawkeye"
Why? "Shockwave,Megatron,Hugo Strange,Brainiac,Malware,Law,Killer Moth,Count Dooku,Cad Bane,Zeus,Brawn,Time Trapper, Scarecrow,Spike,& Abin Sur"
Why? "Donatello, Slash, & Copper"
Why? "Gobber, Owl, NOS-4-A2, & Evil Barry"
Why? "Itachi Uchiha, Scott Lang, Electro, Alucard, Winston, Firefly, Agent Venom, Legolas, Ghost Rider, Breakdown, Winter Soldier, & Jerome-092"
Why? "Fujiko Mine, Killua Zoldyck, Marinette, Nidoran, & Cubone"
Why? "Abridged"
Why? "Japanese Andross & Soundwave"
Why? "Rey"
Why? "Senator Kelly, Ocean Imperfect Cell, Kami, Smokescreen, Mudflap, & Paw Pooch"
Why? "Great Talent. RIP."
Why? "Entei, Mewtwo, Yugi/Atem, Knuckles, Mephiles, Vector, Storm, Colossus, Professor X, Hudson, Lt. Stone, Mozar, & Mortu""
Why? "Sonya Blade & Skarlet"
Why? "Dark Specter, Galvatron, Omega Prime, Shockwave, Bonecrusher, Martian Manhunter, & Doc Samson"
Why? "William Stryker & General Sam Lane"
Why? "Grifter, King Julien, Captain Cold, Porter, Mordo, & Victor Zsasz"
Why? "Mad Thinker, Sparky, & Serge"
Why? "Machete, Griswald, Newtralizer, Ox, Venom, Bane, Luis, & Raul"
Why? "Venom, Mr Turner, Cosmo, Jorgen, Police Captain, Knock Out, Chief, Chameleon, Francisco, Jameson, Leader, Durge, Cyclonus, G0-T0, & Mysterio"
Why? "Reinhardt & Samuel Hayden"
Why? "Prophet"
Why? "Tramm"
Why? "Black Star Shenron & Sigma"
Why? "Ox-King, Leobreaker, & Aldo"
Why? "The Sorrow"
Why? "Vortex, Mixmaster, Blitzwing, Devastator, The Thing, Thor, Venom, MODOK, Hammerhead, Clone Troopers, Joseph Capelli, & Armaggon"
Why? "Bill, Clockwork, & Frankenstein"
Why? "Minion, Crane, Ian, Junior, & Halo 2 Marines"
Why? "William Stryker"
Why? "Gargoyle"
Why? "ROB 64, Pigma Dengar, General Pepper, Andross, & Halo marines"
Why? ""Ya did good Hasselhoff""
Why? "Big Boss, Solid Snake, King Shark, Winter Soldier, Captain America, & Mudokons"
Why? "TAS Magneto, Supreme Intelligence, & Shere Kahn"
Why? "Fanboy"
Why? "Abe Sapien"
Why? "Mysterio, Apocalypse, Professor X, Supreme Intelligence, JARVIS, Megatron, Recoome, Pyron, Iron Man, & Robotman"
Why? "Sergeant Major Avery Johnson, Panther Caroso, & Leon Powalski"
Why? "Darkseid,Drax,Grodd,Annihilator,Lobo, Shockwave,Robocop,Death Charge,Arbiter Ripa 'Moramee,Brawl,Blackheart,Titannus, Kingpin,& the Doombots"
Why? "The Doctor, Fugitoid, Spitelout, & Huyang"
Why? "Such a cool voice"
Why? "Fergy Fudgehog, Espio the Chameleon, Buggy, Captain Falcon, 1987 Splinter and Mirage Shredder in Turtles Forever, & Gozaburo Kaiba"
Why? "Rat King, Darius Dun, Savanti Romero, Zog, Bishop, & Triple Threat"
Why? "Terri Lee & Storm"
Why? "Suit"
Why? "Liked him as Melee's Master Hand"
Why? "Johnny Sasaki"
Why? "Captain Rex,Perry,Ben 10,Desaad, CinnamonBun,ClockKing,Etrigan,Scarecrow,Bigfoot, Mr Fantastic, SB Squarepants,Mr Fantastic,& Atomic Skull"
Why? "Frank Russo"
Why? "Master Ox, General Hologram, & the All-State Guy"
Why? "The Master!!!!"
Why? "Falco Lombardi & ROB 64"
Why? "Rodimus Prime, Serpentor, & Teddy"
Why? "Jack Box"
Why? "Drago"
Why? "The Narrator for Dragon Ball Z Kai!!! :D"
Why? "Garlic Jr, King Kai, Burter, Cyclonus, & Shenron"
Why? "Original Boba Fett"
Why? "The Master of Voices"
Why? "Tombstone, Shadow King, Older Irwin, Shredder, War Machine, Jax, Armory, Dr. Tenma, Shadow, Martian Manhunter, Ender, Guardian, & Megas XLR"
Why? "Great as Mrs. Rinsky. RIP"
Why? "A great writer, along with being Plankton, Larry, Tom, Realistic Fish Head, Edward, Dave, Ping-Pong, Nurse Leslie, & Lloyd"
Why? "Big Green versions of Cooler, Garlic Jr, Korin, Popo, Broly, Android 13, & the Turtle"
Why? "Gwen Stacy"
Why? "Mr, Waffles"
Why? "Babidi, Chuck E. Cheese, & Younger Slicer Brother"
Why? "Shifu bruh"
Why? "Santa, J. Jonah Jameson, Uncle Ben, Granny Goodness, Perry White, & Carl Fredricksen"
Why? "Fuhrer King Bradley!!!!!!!!!!"
Why? "COME HERE!!!!!!! GET OVER HERE!!!!!!!!"
Why? "Dr. Gero, Frieza, Gohan, & King Kai (Big Green)"
Why? "Donkey & Mushu"
Why? "He finds your lack of socks disturbing."
Why? "Daredevil & Silver Surfer"
Why? "Kitty Pryde :D"
Why? "Frodo Baggins, Beck, & Wirt"
Why? "Lola & Eowyn"
Why? "Mockingbird, Queen Veranke, Moonstone, Buttercup, & Tommy Pickles"
Why? "Katie"
Why? "Dawn"
Why? "Felicity Smoak"
Why? "Grizz"
Why? "He's Iron Man!!!!!!!! Also a pretty good Po"
Why? "Meta Knight"
Why? "IT'S A TRAP!!!!!!!"
Why? "Dewey & Sheldon"
Why? "Sasha & Vicki Vale"
Why? "Pure awesome as Mermaid Man. RIP."
Why? "Viral & Dark Phoenix"
Why? "Gol D. Roger, Leatherhead, & Traximus"
Why? "Yoda, Fungus, Subconscious Guard Dave, Cookie Monster, Miss Piggy, & about a million other Sesame Street/Muppets characters"
Why? "Really good Starscream"
Why? "Malcom & Chester"
Why? "Hulk, Volstagg, Dr Doom, Crimson Dynamo, Clu, Thing, Graviton,Yon Rogg,Red Hulk, Liam Neeson,Muscle Dad,Beast,Farmer, Ben 10, Grundy, & Torr"
Why? "The Beast"
Why? "Elektra & Enchantress"
Why? "RIP Dr Weisberg & Buck Cluck"
Why? "Aliens, Uber Mortal, Tyrant, & Doomsday"
Why? "Thunderball, Stevie's dad, Mufasa, Michael Holt, Cyborg, Riff Tamson, Bebop, & Mutant Leader"
Why? "Leatherhead"
Why? "Commissioner Gordon, Marley, Reznov,Grawl, Ignitus, Vortech, & Shen"
Why? "Lead Eliminator, Phantom Virus, & Bronze Tiger"
Why? "Nazgul & Melter"
Why? "Dr Fate & Se├▒or Flan"
Why? "Ventriloquist & Scarface"
Why? "Superman, Bizarro, & Frank Tennyson"
Why? "Foie Gras, First Ancestor, Old Man Samurai, Sulu, Wong, Galactus, Lok Durd, Ricardio the Heart Guy, Yoketron, Alpha Trion, & Daisuke"
Why? "Exdeath & Jax"
Why? "Spanish Frieza"
Why? "Black Spider"
Why? "Keith"
Why? "Zoe Washburne, Airachnid, Superwoman, & Vixen"
Why? "Brain, Monsieur Mallah, & Cluemaster"
Why? "BT-7274 is awesome!"
Why? "Loki, Thundercracker, & Savanti Romero"
Why? "Arnim Zola, Doughboy, Muckman, & Joe Eyeball"
Why? "NOW...getpreppedANDGO!!!!"
Why? "Raphael, Cyclops, Tristan Taylor, & Yusei Fudo"
Why? "Bido & Guldo"
Why? "Igor"
Why? "HUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Why? "Beast Boy, Kevin Levin, Iron Fist, Michelangelo, Craz, Horace, Emo Kid, & Toad"
Why? "Jax Briggs, Grim Reaper, Sperg, Eli, Luke Cage, & Gray Fox"
Why? "Great as Longshadow"
Why? "Kitty Catswell, Frankie Foster, Catwoman, Mandy, Vicky, Daphne Blake, Magpie, Lois Lane, Betty Brant, Dial-Tone, and so many more."
Why? "Sheska"
Why? "Chief Warrant Officer Jorge, T'Chaka, & Connor"
Why? "Donald Davenport & Tak"
Why? "Prophet of Mercy, Crackshell, & Chihuahua"
Why? "Epic as Eddie Brock/Venom"
Why? "Egon Spengler"
Why? "Peppy Hare"
Why? "Wilbur & Lord Pain"
Why? "Wade, Wart, Gopher, & Flem"
Why? "Elrond, Megatron, Noctus, Grimble, & Noah the Elder"
Why? "Starfire & Harley Quinn"
Why? "Original AJ"
Why? "All hail the conquering hero... Also a pretty good Atrocitus"
Why? "Pikachu"
Why? "Soundwave & Sagat"
Why? "Professor Pester, Odion Ishtar, Zodd Nosferatu, Dusknoir, & Zanramon"
Why? "Exile & Storche"
Why? "The End"
Why? "Leon Powalski"
Why? "Technorg, Astrotrain, Ultra Magnus, Ramjet, Omega Supreme, Papa Smurf, Chunk, Old Time Who, Thud, Mr Johanson, & Preacher"
Why? "Sensitive Male, President, & Conjunction Junction Guy"
Why? "Gecko :("
Why? "Leonardo, Obi-Wan, Plo Koon, Rako Hardeen, Flash, Iceman, Human Torch, Johnny Test, Fred Flinstone, Crash Nebula, The Fallen, & Mysterio"
Why? "Galactus & Apocalypse"
Why? "Black Panther, War Machine, Luke Cage, King Cobra, Bulldozer, Heimdall, Puppet Master, Captain Typho, & Donald Anderson/Sigint"
Why? "Darth Vader & Mufasa"
Why? "Doctor Strange, Wheeljack, Skull Face, Jack Ryder, Dr Cockroach, Ultron, Smaug, & Byrrah"
Why? "Young Professor X, Gnomeo, & Arthur"
Why? "Private, Johnny Quick, Jester, Captain Boomerang, Steve Trevor, Ocean Master, Avalanche, Joey, David Hull, & some character on Seinfeld"
Why? "General Veers & Darth Malgus"
Why? "Warpath, Sub-Zero (Bi-Han), Ermac, MK Announcer, & Giovanni"
Why? "Lois"
Why? "George Costanza, Hugo, & Eric Duckman"
Why? "Lord Beerus, King Cold, & Krieg :D"
Why? "Sonic, Shadow, Usagi, Mirage Leonardo, Bongo, & Iron Man"
Why? "Jeice"
Why? "Bossanova!!!!!!! :D"
Why? "ESB's Original Boba Fett"
Why? "Mewtwo & Dr. Fuji"
Why? "Wolf O'Donnell"
Why? "New Peppy"
Why? "JOHNNY BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Why? "Daffy Duck (and all the other Looney Tunes), Fred Flinstone, Pillsbury Doughboy, & Charlie the Tuna"
Why? "Obadiah Stane"
Why? "Reasons"
Why? "SSB64 Announcer/Master Hand & Shaft"
Why? "Johnny Cage"
Why? "Halo Multiplayer Announcer"
Why? "Captain Nemo"
Why? "The Leader, The Scarecrow, and The Question are my favorite roles of his."
Why? "Cortana, Peach, & Daisy"
Why? "Gidget, Dawn Bellwether, & Ted's Mom"
Why? "Red Hood & Gibson"
Why? "Scar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Why? "Porridge, Finn the Human, & Lance"
Why? "Talon"
Why? "Barry the Chopper & A Great Singer"
Why? "ParaDox"
Why? "Seinfeld & Barry B. Benson"
Why? "Frank Costanza"
Why? "Dudley Puppy, Spencer Shay, & Crazy Steve"
Why? "Kaylee Frye"
Why? "Deathstroke, Ares, Grossman, & Captain Benjamin Mathus"
Why? "Denny Brosh, Mindbender, & Janemba/Janempa"
Why? "Sub-Zero"
Why? "Dr. Sheldon Cooper, Oh, & Nightmare"
Why? "Fox McCloud, Leon Powalski, & James McCloud"
Why? "Jimmy Kimmel Rocks!!!"
Why? "Bail Organa"
Why? "J. Jonah Jameson, Ford Pines, Magister Gilhil, Evil Star, Kai, Lionheart, Warden, Skip, Cave Johnson, & the Yellow M&M"
Why? "Bane"
Why? "Ariel, Barbie, Patsy Smiles, Almondine, & Ms. Jane Doe"
Why? "Looney Tunes,Stinkie, Lou Pickles, Droopy, Doc Ock, & Officer Wembley"
Why? "Wheezy, Red, Jacques, Claws, Heimlich, & Lenny. RIP"
Why? "Fox McCloud"
Why? "He ate George Costanza's twix and gave cologne to Bryan Cranston"
Why? "Shazam & Black Adam"
Why? "Han Solo"
Why? "Captain Jack"
Why? "Tien Shinihan & Dorochet"
Why? "Iron Man, Kane North, Twitch, & Mandalore"
Why? "Andrew Oikonny"
Why? "War Doctor, Horned King, Professor Trevor Bruttenholm, & Tigger Movie Narrator"
Why? "K9"
Why? "2401 Penitent Tangent"
Why? "Scarecrow, Brainiac, & Unicron"
Why? "Walter, King Neptune, Knight Liliputtian, Grandmaster, Roger Doofenshmirtz, Phantom Blot, Mr. Slate, & of course, J. Peterman"
Why? "Wil E. Coyote & Iron Fist"
Why? "John Hardesky/the Cat"
Why? "Kripke"
Why? "General Scales"
Why? "Doggie & Bolg"
Why? "Original Treebeard"
Why? "Dr. Leonard Hofstadter"
Why? "Bumblebee, Ichigo Kurosaki, Lelouch Lamperouge, Robin, Zero, Iron Fist, Lujon, Sasori, & Brock"
Why? "Void"
Why? "Winter Soldier"
Why? "Lurtz, Orc Officer, Creatures, & Lockdown Behemoth"
Why? "Kang, Galactus, Dormammu, Martian Manhunter, T'Chaka, Atrocitus, Absorbing Man, Korg, & Ronan"
Why? "Commissioner Gordon & Mr Pines"
Why? "Land Republic Officer, Delta 07, & Perfect Cell"
Why? "Gerl the Cleaner & Dr. Miles Warren"
Why? "Witch-King"
Why? "Marik"
Why? "Green Lantern, Superman, & Chase McCain"
Why? "Heymans Breda"
Why? "Thanos & Agent K"
Why? "Spider-Man,Green Lantern,Flash, Orion, Aquaman, Nightwing,Robin,Captain Marvel,Ryu Hayabusa,Human Torch,Cyclops,& Young Hercules"
Why? "Elaine Benes, Princess Atta, & Rochelle Rochelle"
Why? "Regular Show & Star Wars"
Why? "Pope Luigi"
Why? "Naruto"
Why? "Reese & Ving"
Why? "The best Flash"
Why? "Raditz, Russell Tringham, Older Dende, Super Buu, & Cell Jr."
Why? "Miranda Keyes"
Why? "Penny & Elenor"
Why? "Amy Pond & Nebula"
Why? "Kitana, Mileena, & Rouge"
Why? "Charmcaster, Invisible Woman, Jane Foster, & Enchantress"
Why? "Leonard "Bones" McCoy, Eomer, Judge Dredd, & Skurge the Executioner"
Why? "Petunia Pig"
Why? "Kakashi Hatake"
Why? "Key & Peele"
Why? "Jimmy"
Why? "Japanese Mewtwo II"
Why? "Arbiter, Mongul, Tombstone, Atlas, Despero, Spawn, Goliath, Apollo, Dr Facilier, The Centre, Nick Fury, Chaos, Decket, & Barricade"
Why? "Blooregard Q. Kazoo, Reaper, Lightning McQueen, Cameron Hodge, General Ross, Mr. Sinister, Han Solo, Heavy Duty, & Deputy Durland"
Why? "Reaper, Blast Off, Rumble, Frenzy, Vector, & Moon Knight"
Why? "Ronan, Didact, Venom, Harbinger, Ironhide, Krang, Trigon, Mr. Freeze, Living Laser, Order of St. Dumas, & Joshua Graham"
Why? "T-Bone & Jay Jay"
Why? "Smoke, Shinnok, & Goro"
Why? "Beaky Buzzard, Junior Bear, & Henery Hawk"
Why? "Majihal, Dr Gero, (Old) Supreme Kai, & Tao"
Why? "Pain"
Why? "Silver Samurai, Hard Master, & Saico-Tek"
Why? "Irish AI"
Why? "Amber, Tiff, & Rebecca Hawkins"
Why? "Splinter & Elmo"
Why? "Batman, Phantom Stranger, Hush, Thomas Wayne, Bellicus, & Alien X"
Why? "Kain Fuery"
Why? "Batman/Thomas Wayne :D"
Why? "RIP Aloysius Pig :("
Why? "Roger "Verbal" Kint, Hopper, GERTY, Lex Luthor, & President Jonathan Irons"
Why? "Cyborg, Aqualad, Black Manta, Manny, Hex, Ripcord, Rafiki, John Henry Irons, Killer Croc, Martin Joseph, Doomsday, Blade, & Luke Cage"
Why? "Big Boss & General Monger"
Why? "Batgirl, Serena, Elliot Binder, Janet Lawrence, & Firestar"
Why? "Green Arrow"
Why? "Cole, Goku, Cyclops, Hot Shot, General Grievous, Anakin Skywalker"
Why? "Lola Bunny, Ruffnut, Madame Hag, Miss Hattie, & Lucy Wilde"
Why? "Orochimaru"
Why? "Raj Koothrappali & Gupta"
Why? "Older Gohan, Ryu, Vato, Pikkon, Appule, Ox-King, Pirozhki, West Kai, DBZ Narrator, Dr Lyle Getz, Super Skrull, Doctor Octopus, & Big the Cat"
Why? "Grim Reaper, Lockdown, Brainiac, Kerchak, & General Tesler"
Why? "Young Clifford"
Why? "Mr. X, Gray Fox, & Andrew Dinwiddle"
Why? "UA Loki"
Why? "George Steinbrenner & Newman (originally)"
Why? "Doorman, XR, & Clemson"
Why? "Lust, Black Widow, Young Trunks, & Young Vegeta"
Why? "Numbuh 3, Gizmo, & Jinx"
Why? "Lurtz, Witch King, Gothmog, & Bolg"
Why? "Makuta, Vile, Half-Life, Flux, Takutanuva, Ravage, Fidgel, General, Bling-Bling Boy, Mayor, Speed McCool, Albert, Terminus, MODOK, & Frieza"
Why? "Amy Duncan, Abby, & Jean Grey"
Why? "Galvatron, Sentinel Prime, & Spock!!! RIP"
Why? "Pigma Dengar & Black Knight"
Why? "Dr Doom, Han Solo, Dr Polaris, Metallo, Captain Cold, Stormtroopers, Gohan, and Spyglass"
Why? "Ra's Al Ghul, Qui-Gon Jinn, Aslan, Bad/Good/Pa Cop, & Dad"
Why? "Red Star, Nightcrawler, Kickback, Red Skull, Dr. Strange, Archangel, Aquaman, Hiroim, Motormaster, Electro, Air Raid, Cyclonus, & Gollum"
Why? "Iron Fist, Robin/Nightwing, & A super nice guy in general"
Why? "Garfield!!!!!!!"
Why? "Old school Hulk & Billy"
Why? "Zero & Yajirobe"
Why? "Blue!!!"
Why? "AUTO"
Why? "Stane"
Why? "Verminious Snaptrap"
Why? "Azog & Slade Wilson"
Why? "Guts, Roronoa Zoro, Cyborg 002/Jet Link, Silver Sentry, Young Solomon Muto, Karim, & Julius Drive"
Why? "Casey Jones, Kamakura, Spirit, Cobra Commander, Destro, Zartan, Kid Muscle, & Bizarro"
Why? "Iron Man, Killer Moth, & Sinestro"
Why? "Mrs. Russo, Hawkgirl, Paulina, Sofia Otero, & She-Hulk"
Why? "Sabretooth, Attuma, Wolverine, Unicron, & Crumplezone"
Why? "Swoop"
Why? "Joker, Luke Skywalker, Hobgoblin, Maltruant,Author,Nightmare,Zola,Klaw, Von Nebula,Skips,Spectre,Darth Bane, Zucco,Trickster,& Watcher"
Why? "Lotor, Cyclops, Angel, Quicksilver, Red King, & Hi-Tech"
Why? "SIXSHOT!!!!!!!!"
Why? "Falco Lombardi (64 3D)"
Why? "Miles Dredd, Lord Garmadon, Super Skrull, Mechanikat, & Dr. Towel Scott"
Why? "Dr Hiriluk, Dr Briefs, & Llore Shopkeeper"
Why? "Falcon, Dr. Claw, Master Yo, Jake Justice, & Ravage"
Why? "RIP Choo Choo & Woody"
Why? "Robby the Robot & Super Skrull"
Why? "Japanese Mewtwo"
Why? "Creator of Smash Bros. & King Dedede"
Why? "Kid Goten, Kid Gohan, & Kid Goku"
Why? "Anakin Skywalker in Battlefront II"
Why? "Jaden Yuki & Scott Abernathy"
Why? "Wapol & Bishop"
Why? "Gunther Magnuson & Humpty Dumpty/Humphrey Dumpler"
Why? "Just awesome as Anakin Skywalker. Also Harry Osborne and Aquaman."
Why? "I actually liked him as Tien"
Why? "The 2nd best Doctor"
Why? "Giru/Gill"
Why? "Jason Burr. Pretty decent Shaggy as well"
Why? "Iron Man, Tygra, Atlas, McCree, Robin, Anarky, Ice Pick Joe, Stryker, Fei Long, Leorio, & Bigfoot"
Why? "Dominic LeCoulte & Ebifurya"
Why? "Tunnel Rat & Illidan Stormrage"
Why? "Father, Mr Freeze, Willy Wonka, Yosemite Sam, Igg the Cow, Dr Strange, Zee, Principal Pixiefrog, Max Fripplehoot, & Dr Doom"
Why? "Saitama :D"
Why? "Dende & Brotherhood Alphonse"
Why? "Smythe"
Why? "Mai Valentine"
Why? "Rogue; Sad what happened to her :("
Why? "Looney Tunes, Barney Rubble, & Mr Spacely"
Why? "Maria Ross & Android 18"
Why? "Jay, Titanium Man, Justin Hammer, Colossus, Balder, & Thor"
Why? "Cyborg"
Why? "Starscream, Cobra Commander, Hulk, Pythor, Thomas Wayne, Caliban, Nappa, Spopovich, & The Leader"
Why? "Mata Nui,Dr Victor,Mozar,Ronan,Bane,Kalibak, Martian Centurion Robots,Kraven,Worf,Steel,Gorgon,Swamp Thing, & Marcus"
Why? "Young Magneto"
Why? "Darkseid, 80s Batman, Ultra Magnus, Sam Fisher, & Lewis Snart"
Why? "Snorlax, Psyduck, Geodude, Charmander, & Dewgong"
Why? "Commissioner Gordon,Hawkman, Parasite, Lt. Steel, & MODOK"
Why? "Tobias Whale, Darkseid, Kalibak, Mr Pumpers, & Louis"
Why? "Spellbinder & Bruce Banner"
Why? "Kano, Ermac, Hotshot, Tatsu, & Tao"
Why? "Luis"
Why? "Cosmo Kramer & Bud Ditchwater"
Why? "Flash, Kid Flash, Deadman, Deadshot, Ruffshod, & Drift Leader"
Why? "House"
Why? "Leonardo"
Why? "Etrigan/Jason Blood, Captain Atom, & Dormammu"
Why? "Zer0"
Why? "Prophet of Truth! Also Scroop & Death"
Why? "Red, Squirtle, Torchic, Piplup, Gardevoir, Jirachi, & Manaphy"
Why? "Po, Raphael, Iron Man, & Skuttlebutt"
Why? "Vandal Savage, Magister Hulka, Death, Sinestro, Silvermane, Delgado, Shan Yu, & the Heretic Leader"
Why? "Slippy Toad"
Why? "Master Roshi, Yajirobe, Baby, & Havoc"
Why? "The Darkness, Darkseekers, Emotion Sphere, & Nathan Spencer"
Why? "Beast, Eggman, & Many More"
Why? "The Original Fox McCloud & James McCloud"
Why? "Velma Dinkley"
Why? "Quasar & Jane Bonded"
Why? "Bulma & Lyra"
Why? "Lizard"
Why? "Mal Reynolds, Hal Jordan, Edward Buck, Steve Trevor, Preston Northwest, Johnny, & the Monstrous Inmate"
Why? "Flash, Green Arrow, Bruce Banner, Deadshot, Damian Wayne, Damian Dahrk, Jack Vincent, & Dum Dum Dugan"
Why? "Mike Heck, The Janitor, XR, Waterworker, & Skidd McMarx"
Why? "Masked Man, Optimus Prime, Venom, Kraven, Goblin, Grodd, & Orcs"
Why? "Springer, Crossfire, Commissioner Gordon, Green Goblin, Super Skrull, Puppet Master, Blizzard, Cyclops, Bonecrusher, Hook, Slag, & Vic"
Why? "The Daleks, Cybermen, Judoon, Zygons, Nestene Consciousness, & Skaldak"
Why? "Sportsmaster & Quan Chi"
Why? "Chowder"
Why? "Michelangelo & Toad"
Why? "Deadpool,Masked Man,Scientist Supreme, Chemistro,Cyclops,Penguin,Green Lantern, Raphael,Atomic Joker,Cliffjumper,Brawl, Bruticus, & Smythe"
Why? "Sasuke Uchiha"
Why? "Norm the Genie, Rusty, Burt Reynolds, Fang, & Colonel Sanders"
Why? "Professor Honeycut, Big the Cat, & Lord Simultaneous"
Why? "Legolas"
Why? "He's Orson Welles!!! And Unicron."
Why? "Takeda"
Why? "Brawl Announcer/Master Hand & Bill Nye the Science Guy Announcer"
Why? "Master Udon & Mister Miyagi"
Why? "Jill Valentine"
Why? "E.T. & Boushh"
Why? "Scorpion"
Why? "The Wishology Agents, Puddy, Lok, Kronk, Walter W Wolf, Agamemnon, Titan, Ken, Ian, Royal Pain, & Superman"
Why? "Paragus, 2nd best Mr. Satan, Big Green, & Tony Jay King Kai"
Why? "JARVIS & Vision"
Why? "Dr Doom,Sensei Wu,Mole Man,Landmine, Rodimus,Sideways,Nemesis Prime,Juggernaut,Tankor,Zarbon,Dodoria,Hogun,Beta Ray Bill,Ape, & Shuma-Gorath"
Why? "Were-Skunk, Matt, Filbert, & Short Thug"
Why? "Golbez & Zangief"
Why? "Optimus Prime, Ironhide, Eeyore, Predator, Red Skull, Mysterio, Captain Slaughter, Klaar, & Zanzoar"
Why? "Vision, Wesker, Brainiac, Sovereign, Soundwave, Vulko, and Danse"
Why? "Whiplash, Goku, Rolf, Wing Saber, Magenta, Polly, & Randy"
Why? "Jagi, Bullseye, Skurge, Sabretooth, & Leatherhead"
Why? "Mad Hatter, Doctor Octopus, Chronos, X the Eliminator, Man-Bat, Ivo, Amazo, Firefly, & Tseebo"
Why? "Bane!!!!"
Why? "Hilarious Guy. RIP."
Why? "Jackie Chiles, Saint Walker, Scorpio, Hawkmam, King Faraday, Dr. Sweet, & Vandal Savage"
Why? "Nappa, Buccaneer, & Hakuro"
Why? "Charlie, Q, Radagast, Mordo, Jarvis, & the Tinkerer"
Why? "Mr Moseby & Hawaiian Hotel Manager"
Why? "Steve St. James, Gorilla Grodd, & Sunder"
Why? "Spider-Man, Malekith, Sheldon, Silver the Hedgehog, Raiden, & Arcade"
Why? "Ginyu and Wheelo"
Why? "Al Pacino"
Why? "Bonesaw McGraw"
Why? "Carth Onasi & Delta 62"
Why? "Cyrax & Kintaro"
Why? "Spanish Cell"
Why? "Enoch, Forever King, Senator Kelly, The Fury, & Big Boss"
Why? "Raiden & Joker"
Why? "Ghost Rider!!!!!!!!!!"
Why? "Four Arms, Peeps, Carry O'Key, Chief, Highbreed, Exo-Skull, Grievous, Father Time, Abin Sur, Mr Incredible, & Apocalypse"
Why? "Wesker"
Why? "Thor, Absorbing Man, Surtur, Radioactive Man, Hulk, Cloak, Wizard, Grim Reaper, Air Raid, & Clayface"
Why? "Peppy & Andross"
Why? "Dr Strange"
Why? "Dabura & Yomi"
Why? "Batman, Spider-Man, Darth Revan, Kyle Katarn, & Kai"
Why? "Cobra Commander: Destro, You're out of the band."
Why? "Halo Spec Ops Leader"
Why? "Ted Striker & Iron Man"
Why? "Baron Zemo, Abomination, Mr Fantastic, Deathstroke, Man-Bat, Gary, Dormammu, Moon Knight, Thunderwing, Bruce Banner, and Prophet of Regret"
Why? "Squidward, Doctor Octopus, Doctor Light, Mayor, & Gill Gilliam"
Why? "Vision, Captain Marvel, Dr. Strange, Bulldozer, Brick Masterson, Butch, Philip, Louis, Superman, Amazo, Infomercial VO, & Leopard Seal"
Why? "RIP Shepherd Book & Randy Carmichael :("
Why? "Beast, Magneto, Mesmero, Triton, Coran, Metroplex, & Triton"
Why? "Slade,Gha Nachkt,Arbor,Rumor, Clayface, Stabbington Bros, Hellboy, Armin Granger, Lord Hood, Abomination, and Fallout Narrator/Anchorman"
Why? "Quan Chi"
Why? "P & F Han Solo"
Why? "Bubbie, Thalia, Lezah, & Ms. Fitzpatrick"
Why? "Minnie Mouse, Huey, Dewey, & Louie"
Why? "Good job as Sonic & creepy as Metal Sonic"
Why? "Captain Falcon & the original Vegeta"
Why? "Scar & Zero"
Why? "Funny Guy & Decent Superman"
Why? "Ben the Cow, Kaa, & Smokey the Bear"
Why? "Donatello, Spider-Man, & Starscream"
Why? "Lord Starkiller, Emperor Palpatine, Darth Maul, Son, & Ocean Master"
Why? "Peach"
Why? "Where's mah super suit?! Also Nick Fury, Mace Windu, Whiplash, & that piano player in Kill Bill"
Why? "Lady Sif on IOS"
Why? "Jazz & Hong Kong Phooey"
Why? "Beltino Toad & Bowser"
Why? "Amazing Carnage Man"
Why? "Scooby, Shaggy, & Scrappy"
Why? "Darth Vader AND Anakin Skywalker"
Why? "Nick Fury, Dum Dum Dugan, Sentinel, & Major Williams"
Why? "Piccolo, Thing, Jeice, Voltar, Annihilus, Johnny Test roles, Ace, Jetfire,Wolverine, Beast Wars, Buu, Tao, Cobra Commander, Daiz, & Destro"
Why? "Robin, Bucky, Red X, Brain, Nate, Vince, J.T, & Carnival Ride Worker"
Why? "Nightwing, Cyclops, Bucky, & Scarlet Spider"
Why? "Jazz, Skywarp, & Leonardo"
Why? "Baxter Stockman"
Why? "SHREDDER!!!!!!!"
Why? "Boromir & Martin Septim"
Why? "Simon Tam"
Why? "Goku, Black Doom, King Kai, Nail, Lucario, Gonard, Firefly, Biggles, Sh'Okanabo, Mirage Raphael, Strong, Ghouls, & Batman"
Why? "Liz Sherman"
Why? "Big Green Clearin, Android 18, & Chi-Chi"
Why? "Yinsen"
Why? "Jugo"
Why? "The Ood & Adherents of the Repeated Meme"
Why? "Howard Wolowitz & Ronaldo"
Why? "Hughes, Krillin, & Bardock"
Why? "Faora"
Why? "Super Friends Brainiac & Grodd"
Why? "Colossus"
Why? "Codsworth, Nick Valentine, & Corvo Attano"
Why? "Stringer, Tarkin, Tomax, Xamot, Scrooge McDuck, Blob, Randy Rabbit, Darth Maul, Big Daddy, Santa Claus, & Iron Man"
Why? "Wolverine,the best Ben 10 aliens,Red Skull, Beta Ray Bill,Melbourne O'Reilly,Donald Duck, Many Regular Show, Transformers & Mortal Kombat"
Why? "Gargoyle"
Why? "Master Chief and Star-Lord. He should do more."
Why? "Maxie Zeus & Floor Manager"
Why? "Awesome as Alexander Anderson."
Why? "Iron Patriot"
Why? "River Tam & Supergirl"
Why? "Ganondorf, Donkey Kong, & Dodoria"
Why? "Timmy Turner, Ben Ten, Harley Quinn, Barbara Gordon, Raven, Upgrade, Nemo, Poof, TRUFFLES, Terrence, Ferra, Black Cat, & X-23"
Why? "Mace Windu, Kratos, Calchas, & Ra's Al Ghul"
Why? "Yamcha"
Why? "Giovanni, Bakura, & King Dedede"
Why? "Boba and Jango. Also BF2's narrator"
Why? "Japanese Yami Marik"
Why? "Sonny the Cuckoo Bird"
Why? "Jon Arbuckle, Roy Rooster, Gort, & Bobby Buddy Bear"
Why? "Sandman, Quillgin, Killer Moth, & Dwayne the Exterminator"
Why? "Lord President & Mr. Pricklepants"
Why? "Strider Hiryu, Craig Marduk, Edge Master, Queequeg, Boscogn, & Birdie"
Why? "Spider-Man & Lou"
Why? "Dream Lord, Arnim Zola, & Dobby"
Why? "Harrison Wells.... & apparently Ranger Smith & Ed"
Why? "Liu Kang"
Why? "Ultron, Yoda, Professor Thornton, Yularen, Magneto, C-3PO, Ben 10 rules, Mr Herriman, Narrator Smurf, Professor Kaufman, Gandalf, & Ackbar"
Why? "Spongebob,Penguin,Doc Ock,Anti-Monitor, Ice King,Gunter,Kyle,Cupid,Deadshot, Nahdar Vebb,Starscream,Jake,Lumpus, Eduardo,Gary,Rabbit,& Spyro"
Why? "Finnick & Bobby"
Why? "A fantastic singer who deserves to rest in peace. :("
Why? "Carmine Falcone"
Why? "Chestnut"
Why? "Gambit"
Why? "Nemesis in RE3"
Why? "Eddy & Berzerker"
Why? "The Fallen, Dreadwing, Icon, & Zoom"
Why? "Rat King, Rahzar, Sentinel Prime, Hercules, & False Face"
Why? "Roy Mustang, Knuckles, Thor, Mastermind, Heretic,Grodd,Sandman,Onslaught, Sideswipe. Cell, Sabretooth, Star-Lord, Slug, Death, & Jul 'Mdama"
Why? "Captain America"
Why? "Great Range."
Why? "Black Cat, Veronica Dare, Sonya Blade, Boodikka, & The Grid"
Why? "Joker,Loki,Whirlwind,Groot,Korvac,Wild Card,Park Avenue,JARVIS,Arkham Knight,Erron Black,Jazz,Kickback,Jetfire, Zeta,Nightwing,Nova,& Greed"
Why? "Beetle"
Why? "Ord, Storm Shadow, Downshift, Drooly, Killer Shrike, & Hunk"
Why? "Mister Toad"
Why? "The Bride !!!!!!!!!!!"
Why? "Irwin, Gamora, Hera, Black Widow, Madame Hydra, MJ, Wonder Woman,and Jean DeWolf"
Why? "A great 60s actor"
Why? "Kenshi & Goro"
Why? "Burter, Broly, & Edward Elric"
Why? "I am Nomad. I am perfect."
Why? "Jason Todd & Phineas Flynn"
Why? "Mandarin & Kai"
Why? "Cleopatra & Silver Sable"
Why? "Black Mask, & Killer Croc"
Why? "Thundercracker & Rock"
Why? "Hank Pym, Riddler, MODOK, Cubot, Jon, Green Lantern, & Mr. Fantastic"
Why? "Wheelo, Turles, Kami, and Scavenger"
Why? "His Stun was really awesome"
Why? "Michelangelo, Krang, Cyrus, & Joey Wheeler"
Why? "Envy"
Why? "Captain Cold & Deathstroke"
Why? "Megamind, Lord Business, Ted Shackelford, & Buddy the Elf"
Why? "Terry McGinnis, Bumblebee, Star-Lord, Kid Flash, Lion-O, Blue Beetle, Kyle Rayner, Fang, & Nightwing"
Why? "Kung Lao"
Why? "GREEN GOBLIN!!!!! Also Gill"
Why? "Hanna-Barbera"
Why? "Wally T."
Why? "Captain Atom, Manhunter, Paul Karon, Sinestro, Immortus, Warp, Kirk Langstrom, & Mysterio"
Why? "SSB for Wii U & 3DS Announcer/Master Hand"
Why? "Lust"
Why? "Sasuke, Ben 10, & Spider-Man"
Why? "Greg Heffley & Young Bruce Wayne"
#1 All Time Favorite
Boba Fett
Why? "Awesome"
Why? "┬źcreepy whistling┬╗"
Why? "Not so solid..."
Why? "Were it so easy..."
Why? "John Cygan as Commissioner Gordon"
Why? "Do you feel in charge?"
Why? "Keith David=Win"
Why? "The Beware the Batman version is the best"
Why? ""I won't scatter your sorrow to the heartless sea. I will always be with you, plant your roots in me. I won't see you end as ashes.""
Why? "Can't believe that's Sean"
Why? "Ooh Ooh Ah Ah"
Why? "A great character in general, who I first learned about in Teen Titans. He was the most inspirational characters with great solo episodes."
Why? ""Good, good dog.""
Why? "He was Captain Rex before Captain Rex was a thing. Underrated."
Why? "Allons-y!!!"
Why? "One of the few Droid characters to actually be intimidating. Gregg Berger sounded really cool in the role."
Why? "Calzones!!!"
Why? "Calzones!!!"
Why? "Welcome to Pandora, kiddos"
Why? "I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar"
Why? "David Tennant in Star Wars!"
Why? ""V has come too." Loved Donna Burke's voice as this computer device thing."
Why? "One sandwich at a time"
Why? "The Hero of Canton, the Man they call Jayne"
Why? ""He's responsible, for all this! This is the enemy...AND HE'S HERE ON HIS KNEES!" Fantastic performance by Robin Atkin Downes."
Why? "He'll eat ya!"
Why? "I need a monster to smash dat der Kirby"
Why? "GIT OUT!!!!!!!"
Why? "Steve at his best"
Why? "Sonny Strait's best role. I say that even as a DBZ fanboy."
Why? "Leeeeeeeeeesions in his brain"
Why? "I aim to misbehave"
Why? "Neil Kaplan is awesome"
Why? "Probably my favorite Overwatch character"
Why? "Mr. X"
Why? "I knew no good would come from city folk and their flyin' machines!!!!!!!!"
Why? ""No doubt you're wondering what it is we want. Maybe we're fanatics. Or maybe... we're just bored..."
Why? "Pika"
Why? "Everybody likes Pikachu"
Why? ""I did not choose to be Quiet..." Stefanie Joosten was great at the mocap, voice work, and singing too!"
Why? "One of my favorite characters in the Teen Titans series. Tara Strong is so good in this role!"
Why? "Troy Baker's best role."
Why? "Probably my favorite Robin, especially in Teen Titans. Scott Menville gave such an intense, dedicated performance."
Why? "Dameon Clarke is awesome"
Why? "Eric Stuart's Best Role "Screw the rules, I have money!""
Why? ""This peace." Awesome performance from James Horan and excellent character design and dialogue writing."
Why? "Scottie Ray & Greg Dulce are awesome!!!!"
Why? "Season 1-4 (barring certain episodes) & Movie Version of this guy is great and hilarious."
Why? "Yeah, ok."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Fullmetal Alchemist
Why? "Just...just watch it. The casts, stories, animation. Pure, Unadulterated X-Men Awesomeness"
Why? "Comedy and Food. My 2 favorite things."
Why? "Enjoyable"
Why? "One of the best sci-fi shows ever"
Why? "Don't stop! Don't stop! We're in luck now!"
Why? "Funny, honestly."
Why? "It could drag on every now and then, and I think it's a tad overrated compared to the first anime, but it was a great show. Gotta love it!"
Why? "A little lacking in material, but very entertaining. Loved the chaos in Alchemists vs Homunculi and the Chibi Party was hilarious!"
Why? "Loved the cast. Epic theme, too."
Why? "Aside from the disappointing finale and inconsistent animation, this is a fantastic show with a great dub and soundtrack."
Why? "Underrated"
Why? "Nostalgia honestly."
Why? "The best the DCAU has to offer"
Why? "Right back at'chya"
Why? "Hilariousness"
Why? "Nice throwback to the games"
Why? "My favorite Power Rangers series"
Why? "My second favorite Power Rangers series"
Why? "just set up the chairs"
Why? "Best show Evah"
Why? "I actually liked it."
Why? "The first two seasons were very strong. Season 3 was...pretty good. Would've loved to have seen what Genndy could've done with full episodes"
Why? "My childhood. Love this show so much."
Why? "Great take on the Man of Steel"
Why? "It's got Jerry Trainor"
Why? "The cheese is strong with this one"
Why? "MY TMNT"
Why? "Not the best, but still really good"
Why? "My name is Barry Allen....."
Why? "Seinfeld Tunes"
Why? "The best of the Unicron Trilogy. Finale was AMAZING"
Why? "MAJOR Nostalgia"
#1 All Time Favorite
Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox
Why? "The cast makes it great."
Why? "This movie was just great."
Why? "The best Batman movie"
Why? "James Bond on Wheels"
Why? "Do you think Ryan Reynolds got to where he is today based on his superior acting ability?"
Why? "Love the Ocean dub"
Why? "Both Ocean Dubs rock."
Why? "Ocean Dub was awesome. Probably my favorite DBZ Movie."
Why? "Nice conclusion to the 2003 anime."
Why? "CC Rules"
Why? "When there's something strange, in the neighborhood, who you gonna call?"
Why? "One of my favorite Christmas movies as a kid"
Why? "Great story, acting, and graphics."
Why? "Nostalgia"
Why? "The best Star Wars Movie"
Why? "Gritty"
Why? "Vanilla Ice"
Why? "The End of the 2003 Series :'("
Why? "One of my favorite movies of all time."
Why? "Great acting, story, animation, soundtrack, and just plain fun. One of the best things to come out of the '80s and the pinnacle of G1"
Why? "What you get is what you see"
Why? "Great to see everyone back. All-around really great in acting, story, and animation."
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Why? "Too many great voices"
Why? "Everyone Loves Burter"
Why? "They all sound great"
Why? "DAFOE!!! DAFOE!!! DAFOE!!! Also Blum & Cummings."
Why? "A god is considerably more difficult to kill than you might've imagined"
Why? "Dude, it's Gilbert Gottfried"
Why? "Neil Kaplan & Nolan North are AMAZING!!! Vic does a good job as well"
Why? "Jay Goede is amazing as Mewtwo"
Why? "Bossanova as a nurse"
Why? "Big Green Ham"
Why? "Everyone Loves Porunga. :D"
Why? "Jensen Ackles rocks!!!"
Why? "Any compare with Dameon Clarke is awesome in my book."
Why? "Scottie Ray dominates"
Why? "Capcom's Ugly Duckling"
Why? "Lots of great voices!!! :D"
Why? "Playtime's over. But the real question: who voices Wolf. It's an enigma."
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Tales from the Borderlands
Why? "Just a perfect game, honestly. Excellent cast, great writing, excellent humor, tear-jerking drama. I loved every minute of it."
Why? "Great voice cast & I requested it"
Why? "Awesome Game"
Why? "More Firefly is always welcome"
Why? "Prequel"
Why? "The Memes!!!"
Why? "So much fun"
Why? "A star wars shooter. So much fun and content."
Why? "So much fun"
Why? "A fighter with the cast of the 2003 show? Yes please."
#1 All Time Favorite
Looney Tunes
Why? "I need."
#1 All Time Favorite
Shrek 4D
Why? "Cool"
    #1 All Time Favorite
    Why? "Ice Cream!!!!"
    #1 All Time Favorite
    Star Wars