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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Jim Cummings
Why? "In my heart, he is THE voice actor!"
Why? "A great Tails!"
Why? "Her voice is adorable."
Why? "She's so cute and endearing!"
Why? "My other perfect choice for Leaf Green, aside from Roxanne Beck."
Why? "She's only ever voiced one character, and has voiced her perfectly!"
Why? "TERRAAAAAA!!!!!"
Why? "SUBMIT!!!"
Why? "A way better Gus Gremlin than Cary Elwes!"
Why? "This guy rocks!"
Why? "A great Spidey! One of the best!"
Why? "He deserves better."
Why? "Love most of the voices he can do, and he performs them all spectacularly!"
Why? "THE voice for Doctor Doom!"
Why? "One of THE best voice actors and voice impressionists alive."
Why? "An EXCELLENT and dedicated voice actor!"
Why? "He IS the English voice for Cell!"
Why? "He's DAN GREEN! That's why!"
Why? "Awesome guy!"
Why? "One of the greats!"
Why? "One of my favorite anime voice talents ever!"
Why? "He sounds like he could be Tony Jay's successor."
Why? "Great as Superman and Sephiroth!"
Why? "Such a smooth voice actor!"
Why? "She's got an easily likable voice."
Why? "Lysandre!"
Why? "A man of over 800 voices already!"
Why? "'Cause TOPH!"
Why? "Lacus Clyne FTW!"
Why? "He IS Spider-Man's voice!"
Why? "UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!"
Why? "A beautiful voice for beautiful characters."
Why? "He IS Batman!"
Why? "She's LUCY!!!"
Why? "She's hilarious!"
Why? "One of the cutest voices of all time!"
Why? "Hoooooh!"
Why? "From Schindler and beyond, this man is a legend."
Why? "MARK HAMILL. Need I say more?"
Why? "He'd make a perfect Cloud!"
Why? "Uhh...she's hot as Hell?"
Why? "Mr T, foo!"
Why? "Akane!"
Why? "His voice acting abilities are epic!"
Why? "He'd make a perfect Cyrus. Him and Corey Burton both!"
Why? "One of the best!"
Why? "Underrated. What happened to her?"
Why? "His Driscoll is the voice that Ghetsis should have!"
Why? "Epic underused VA."
Why? "He's had great roles and performances, from Lord Zed to Wizardmon!"
Why? "Rumpelstiltskin FTW!"
Why? "I will always love him!"
Why? "She's just Giselle!"
Why? "The Vincent Price of Japan!"
Why? "A man of unlimited voice talent!"
Why? "He was awesome!"
Why? "He IS Giovanni, Bakura, and King Dedede to me!"
Why? "This man can do no wrong!"
Why? "Epic villain voice."
Why? "A voice acting and theatrical performing legend even in death."
Why? "Love his performances, and am impressed that Disney managed to get hold of him for "Sophia The First.""
Why? "Professor Pericles. That is all."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "He's a great antagonist, and where I got my user name from!"
Why? "Gotta love Aerith! In life and in death!"
Why? "Awesome character in the games."
Why? "Best member of Organization XIII."
Why? "The leading man!"
Why? "Best Disney hero EVER!"
Why? "Love the design and voice!"
Why? "A great video game villain! One of the best!"
Why? "How can you NOT love him?"
Why? "My favorite sensational sister!"
Why? "I notice you, Eeyore!"
Why? "Another one of my favorites!"
Why? "Best partner Digimon!"
Why? "A Grade A BADASS!"
Why? "One of the best, most surprisingly deep characters on the show!"
Why? "My all-time favorite Disney villain!"
Why? "BAD-ASS character!"
Why? "Such a likable, compelling character."
Why? "Poor girl..."
Why? "JULAYE!"
Why? "What a great and excellently developed character!"
Why? "Best FFXIII character!"
Why? "A totally badass character."
Why? "Sexiest character ever!"
Why? "One of THE best Disney villains ever created."
Why? "She's so cute and creepy and evil and awesome!"
Why? "He IS Nintendo! He IS video games! HE IS MARIO!"
Why? "The ultimate KH villain!"
Why? "Second best heroine after Misty. She's badass!"
Why? "Gotta love Meg!"
Why? "Yen Sid's more eccentric cousin."
Why? "She was badass! **** Carly! MIKAELA FTW!"
Why? "Love this girl SO MUCH!"
Why? "I always enjoy him in whatever role he plays!"
Why? "A close second after Myotsimon!"
Why? "What's Pooh without P-P-Pi-Piglet?"
Why? "The best Disney Princess EVER!"
Why? "Second best Disney Princess after Ariel!"
Why? "My favorite character from Pooh!"
Why? "Love U, Rikku!"
Why? "One of Disney's best villains."
Why? "LOVE this girl!"
Why? "One of THE coolest, most powerful and frightening villains to appear in a video game!"
Why? "An under-appreciated villain. He was REALLY great at being detestable!"
Why? "A way more interesting, compelling character and love interest than Jane Foster!"
Why? "Adorable and hilarious!"
Why? "VERY underrated hero."
Why? "The most gorgeous girl in FFVII!"
Why? "Loved him in KHII!"
Why? "The true protagonist of FFIX."
Why? "Awesome character, ya?"
Why? "You have GOT to love Winnie The Pooh!"
Why? "Awwww!"
Why? "The in-universe Walt Disney!"
Why? "LOVE her!"
Why? "Most tragic character in all of Digimon."
Why? "She's AWESOME!"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Why? "The original Pokemon series was the best!"
Why? "The first and best Digimon series ever!"
Why? "The most complex, heartfelt, and SCARIEST Digimon series of them all! I love it!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Why? "The variety of Joker voices is fun to examine."
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Pokemon: Yellow Version
Why? "My first video game!"
Why? "The first and absolute best Kingdom Hearts."
Why? "Awesome game! A great conclusion to the story of the original KH trilogy!"
Why? "Great game with a great story, even if the gameplay is limited and frustrating at times."
Why? "The last great Kingdom Hearts game."