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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Bridget Hoffman
Why? "Of all actresses, I believe that Bridget has the most genuine and beautiful voice. A great actress for sure."
Why? "Alec is a great villain actor. He was downright creepy (reptilian way) as Burter. Excellent as Tarantulas too."
Why? "Alesia has such a lovely voice for Samus."
Why? "Amanda was fantastic as Rei. Her performance as Yukiko Amagi is great too. All the hate against her is really dumb and unnecessary."
Why? "Lobelia Carlini!"
Why? "He is the almighty Holy Emperor Souther!"
Why? "Barry had a truly badass voice. The Colonel from FotNS was his best role in my view. R.I.P."
Why? "Bill did a wonderful job as Parn and Harunobu Madarame."
Why? "Known for having great energy in many performances. Many great characters, but I enjoy the likes of Juda and Zack the most."
Why? "Loved this guy as Balrog, Bojack and Shao Kahn. A gruff but flamboyant voice for sure."
Why? "Brad Swaile is no doubt memorable as Light Yagami as well as certain Gundam characters. He's also great as Rock and Jin Kazama."
Why? "Spiner was hilarious as Conan O'Brien. He's also Purple Man too."
Why? "You can't deny Brian's talent. The likes of Vegeta, Ryuk and Milliardo Peacecraft were fantastic."
Why? "His Captain Ginyu is legendary. One of Funimation's best VAs for sure."
Why? "Caitlin can do British, badass and even cute voices. A great singer too."
Why? "The pretty face that can sound cute, mature and real badass."
Why? "Because she has an adorable voice. Also for voicing Lei Fang and Ritsu Tainaka."
Why? "Nintendo's #1 man."
Why? "Mainly for Lt. Branden in Arkham Origins. Also for G.I. Joe's Dusty."
Why? "The OG Starscream as well as the OG Cobra Commander. Could have been a great Moe Szyslak and Nitros Oxide too. R.I.P."
Why? "Joyce Kinney and Jane from the Walking Dead. Christine is a pretty gal too."
Why? "Enjoyed her work as Shiemi, Azusa and Madoka. A newcomer to look out for."
Why? "As Piccolo and Vegeta, you can't deny Sabat is amazing."
Why? "He is top-notch as Android 17. And his other roles are just as awesome."
Why? "Colin was excellent as Tintin. While not forgetting his performance as Andrew Furuhata."
Why? "Colleen is very talented with women like Riza Hawkeye. And she's Monkey D. Luffy."
Why? "Brilliant VA. Excellent with authority characters like Professor Hugo Strange and Zeus."
Why? "Craig Charles always brings the laughs to Takeshi's Castle as the announcer."
Why? "Crispin is easily one of the best voice actors in anime. Itachi Uchiha is definitely his best role."
Why? "Shes got such a cute voice. Love her as Noel Vermillion, Mio and Alisa. She also has a lovely singing voice."
Why? "Daisuke had a badass voice. More so with characters like Heihachi, Mr. Satan, Bass and Uighur. R.I.P."
Why? "The man that worked on the likes of Guilty Gear, Blazblue and Hard Corps: Uprising."
Why? "Dan Green is just legendary. His Knuckles, Yugi and Mephiles are proof of that."
Why? "Vergil and Eric Meyers/Quantum Ranger are enough to make Daniel Southworth awesome."
Why? "Woren is undoubtedly one of the more versatile VAs in the business."
Why? "Versatile VA and live-actor. Mostly like him for Cosmo, Venom and Vincent Volaju. And Rei to a certain extent."
Why? "A badass with serious and silly range. Kakashi, Teddie, Henry and Kefka sum it up perfectly."
Why? "He IS the Hitman. Or should I say, Agent 47."
Why? "Not only does he have a great voice, he's also a brilliant kung-fu actor. Watch the Kung Fu: The Legend Continues series to see why."
Why? "David Hayter IS Solid Snake. He's just so epic as Snake."
Why? "Kaye is no doubt a versatile VA for the villains. Including the likes of Treize Khusrenada, Megatron and Sesshomaru."
Why? "David is perhaps one of the best actors from Viz Media. It's a shame he left the company."
Why? "David Moo is the one and only Xellos!"
Why? "Out of the 4Kids cast, David Wills definitely has the most range."
Why? "Dino is an excellent actor from Warcraft. But he really shines as Arkham Asylum's Scarecrow."
Why? "He has a rich voice that oozes of arrogance and has a nice regal touch too."
Why? "Mainly for Psycho Mantis. But Doug has some serious voice range."
Why? "Duncan has an amusing voice. He's great with the gleeful or goofy characters."
Why? "Known her for minor roles like Perfect Blue's Yukiko. A shame she hasn't done much more roles."
Why? "Ed has been fantastic as King Bradley. Can't wait to hear more of his Sengoku too."
Why? "The two falcons from GX. Paul Phoenix, Jacky Bryant, Ren and Fukuhara are also memorable roles from Kelso."
Why? "This guy did an awesome job as Brock, James, Dexter and Seto Kaiba. Not to mention the man is a musician."
Why? "Vale is unbeatable as Trunks and Sanji."
Why? "A legend of his own right, Frank has been a great VA for so many years. And so many roles to boot."
Why? "With tough dudes like Beast, Hulk and Kakuzu, Fred is a natural."
Why? "Garry has excellent voice range, be it Optimus Prime or King Gurumes. He's also one of Ocean's best actors for sure."
Why? "A multi-talented VA. He's also done ADR, scriptwork, director and a DJ. Greg is just as talented as his bro."
Why? "The man behind Gargoyles and Young Justice as well as Moutoku Sousou's VA."
Why? "Hideo has a consistently smooth voice that fits with any kind of attitude. He voices many great characters and is also a great singer."
Why? "Hideo is the man behind Metal Gear!"
Why? "Because of her cute voice. And for Starfire, Nia, Viridi, Harley Quinn and Princess Bubblegum."
Why? "Ikue's Pikachu voice is so cute. Her Konohamaru and Chopper are also cute."
Why? "An underrated VA. His Astaroth and Sweet Tooth are excellent roles of his."
Why? "Jack Fletcher is easily one of the best voice directors in the business."
Why? "Merluzzi is no doubt a versatile VA. His roles as Iori, Raven, Master Albert and his F-Zero GX work speak volumes of his range."
Why? "James IS Uncle Phil. Awesome villain voice for both Shredder and Boss Fang as well."
Why? "He has great range from Satori to Ryu Todoh and Vector. He also did the "Find the Computer Room" quote."
Why? "Mainly for he voiced F-Zero's craziest pilot, Zoda. And then there's Trip from Pokemon too."
Why? "She is Avatar Korra. Deal with it!"
Why? "Really liked his Shigeru Aoba. Also thought his roles of Mamoru Kusanagi and Retro were great too."
Why? "Jason can go from comedic (Joe Higashi) to really evil (Raditz). Bonus points for being Randy Disher."
Why? "Griffith was just awesome as Sonic and Shadow. A shame he's not voicing them anymore."
Why? "Excellent as Professor Tomoe. Sounds smoothly evil and with great over-the-top moments."
Why? "Enjoyed Nimoy as Woofwood and bartender Johnny. He is also the genius behind Digimon's dubs."
Why? "Loved her as Hotaru Tomoe/Sailor Saturn. Arguably Cloverway's best VA."
Why? "One of the best actresses from the 80s and 90s period. Enjoyed her work as Princess Ayeka and in Blood+ the most."
Why? "Even if Luna sounds like a British nanny, I still think Jill gave Luna a cute, funny and serious voice."
Why? "Jim is definitely one of Disney's best actors. He's talented in many roles, mostly his Pete."
Why? "You can't go wrong with John's smooth voice. Excellent as Tien, Kurama and many others."
Why? "John is one of Toronto's profession actors. A plus for being a voice director for Sailor Moon's dub."
Why? "Bosch has a cool voice. He also voices cool characters like Sasori, Ichigo and Zero. And he is also a Power Ranger."
Why? "More to do with him being the voice director on Ikki Tousen. Particularly GG, XX and the Kyoto film."
Why? "My favourite English VA for Kamille Bidan."
Why? "Jonathan will always be known as Titan's Paptimus Scirocco to me."
Why? "An excellent actor with many great roles in his resume. A shame Seth has retired."
Why? "Excellent as the womanising Spaniard Don Flamenco."
Why? "She's been my favourite Zelda/Shiek ever since Ocarina Of Time, my favourite Zelda game."
Why? "My favourite Japanese actress. She has a naturally sweet voice that is also very cute."
Why? "Kan had done excellent work in the Darkstalkers games, particular for Anakaris. R.I.P."
Why? "A legend seiyu who will be missed. R.I.P."
Why? "Because she is the loveable Cho Chang. She's also cute and has a very nice voice."
Why? "The man behind the Tekken series!"
Why? "Shittenou general Kunzite and Hyui of the Winds. R.I.P"
Why? "Keith David is just an awesome actor, be it voice or live acting."
Why? "Keith has some serious range. Bloo, Marluxia and Red Skull. Oh my."
Why? "The mighty brawler Ein. R.I.P."
Why? "Utsumi helped to make Raoh the badass that he is. R.I.P."
Why? "A truly great voice director as well as a good VA. R.I.P."
Why? "Thorton is great when it comes to villains like Kisame Hoshigaki and Saix."
Why? "Memorable for her roles as the immature Usagi/Moon and the cold-hearted assassin Christie. Now that's adaptable."
Why? "Etsuko Tachihara. From Ring 0: Basudei."
Why? "Yue Ying! And Rosemary too."
Why? "Why he's none other than the good ol' Sorting Hat. He is also Gex too."
Why? "Why? Because he's Kenshiro. "You are already dead.""
Why? "Enjoyed Lia's work as Chun-Li, Dorothy and Milly Thompson. A shame she doesn't voice act anymore."
Why? "It's amazing that Larkin has stuck with Princess Jasmine for so many years. And an amazing voice to top it off!"
Why? "Linda did an excellent job as Genkai. Her Frieza was interesting too."
Why? "Ocean's most underrated actress IMO. She is really versatile, going from Relena Peacecraft to Chi-Chi as an example."
Why? "Lisa has a really nice voice and great range to go with it. She got to voice the likes of Amy, Serenity and Sabrina because of it."
Why? "Luci's amazing vocal range is not something you should take lightly."
Why? "She was without a doubt one of the best 4Kids had to offer. R.I.P."
Why? "From New York to Los Angeles, Marc Diraison is truly an awesome VA in his own right."
Why? "Marc is a cool and versatile VA. GUN Commander, Jack Levin and Don Krieg are great examples IMO."
Why? "Mark Hamill is truly talented. Luke Skywalker and the Joker will always be remembered by many. But never forget his role as Muska in Laputa."
Why? "Hildreth has a cool teenage voice, particularly as Heero Yuy."
Why? "The best actor from Transformers Tataki. His Sixshot was actually really great."
Why? "Megan was a very natural fit for Nadia."
Why? "The definite voice for Android 18."
Why? "The OG Mr. Freeze. R.I.P."
Why? "Michael Jackson is the King of Pop. Excellent singer and a recognisable voice. R.I.P."
Why? "Because Kopsa IS Char Aznable. He really does fit as the Red Comet."
Why? "McConnohie is definitely one of the top VA veterans today. A rich voice that leaves an impression on anime, games and Warcraft."
Why? "Michael has worked in so many anime titles. An excellent actor with range and talent."
Why? "Michael is brilliant as Tobi. His voice really goes with Tobi's silly personality."
Why? "Myriam has been a perfect choice for Akane Tendo."
Why? "Nobuyuki is awesome as Link. And he can do some hilarious screams."
Why? "North is definitely one of the best VAs in the business. Not to mention the most hilarious."
Why? "Why? She's both Marceline AND Vanessa Doofenshmirtz. She's also a gorgeous voice actress and singer."
Why? "The almighty Unicron! He was also a legend for his work in the Classical Hollywood era."
Why? "Paige has such an amazing voice. Her work as Belle is wonderful."
Why? "The man who has voiced a wide range of badasses over the years."
Why? "Paul Dobson is one of Canada's best VAs. Well, he was responsible for my interest in Canadian VAs."
Why? "Peter Cullen rules as Optimus Prime. His narration for Toonami is also memorable too."
Why? "Petrea has done a wonderful job as Ryoko. Made her a memorable character for the whole Tenchi Muyo! series."
Why? "You may remember Phil as charismatic characters like Troy McClure and Jiji. R.I.P."
Why? "For FFXIII's Oerba Yun Fang and Zorin from Hellsing. Hope Rachel gets to do more."
Why? "Richard was a great host on Crystal Maze. "To the Crystal Dome!""
Why? "Robert was fantastic as tragic villain Prince Diamond. One of Sailor Moon's best dub actors for sure"
Why? "Be it tough thugs or father-like characters, Robert was very exceptional at both. R.I.P."
Why? "Nakao is perhaps the best Frieza known. His Mayuri Kurotsuchi is excellent too."
Why? "Saeko is best known for doing both badass and cute/innocent voices. She also originated the Japanese Noblewoman's laugh in anime."
Why? "Richardson was truly terrific as Nadia's Grandis as well as Aries from Petite Princess. Shame she hasn't done much else."
Why? "McNeil has incredibly awesome range. Not to mention he's great at what he does."
Why? "His Goku is legendary. But don't forget he brilliantly portrays some iconic villians too."
Why? "Why? Because she is the badass that is Ellen Ripley. She's also Grace Augustine. And she's done voice work too."
Why? "Sonny makes Krillin and Usopp comical badasses."
Why? "Spike has very interesting range. From little guys like Hanataro Yamada and Shinji Ikari to an insane being like Arakune."
Why? "Stan Lee is the Man of Marvel. Excelsior!"
Why? "Her Rini Tsukino/Mini-Moon voice is so adorable!"
Why? "She is a very talented voice actress. And a beautiful voice too."
Why? "Because her Kid/Teen Gohan is no doubt the best ever. Amazing acting on her part."
Why? "Sheh has such a cute and sweet voice. Loved her as Hinata Hyuga and Orihime Inoue."
Why? "Webster is just downright hilarious as the nutty Irishman Aran Ryan."
Why? "He's Steve Blum! You don't need any other reason than that."
Why? "A truly talented man. Banagher, Seabook, Neji, Toshiro, Harry MacDougall and Liu Shan are his most excellent roles IMO."
Why? "The best actress for Trista Meioh/Sailor Pluto."
Why? "Obviously because Susan Roman is Sailor Jupiter!"
Why? "Tabitha has such a pleasant voice to listen to."
Why? "She clearly was the best voice for Serena/Sailor Moon."
Why? "Thomas has a hilarious Wario voice. "D'oh, I missed!""
Why? "Todd's got that happy-go-lucky voice. Yet he can also sound sinister when necessary."
Why? "Tom is without a doubt an excellent VA for Shikamaru."
Why? "Hiddleston is just so much fun as the trickster god Loki."
Why? "Kenny has been in so many things. But he never fails to deliver."
Why? "Tony has surprising range. From heroes like Gambit and Wolverine to calculating villains like Jedite and Wiseman."
Why? "Travis Willingham does wonders with characters that are either serious or very cool."
Why? "Underrated seiyuu who doesn't get much love. Fantastic as Harry MacDougall, particularly with the moments of intense rage/insanity."
Why? "Rory Breaker. "'Cause I'm not ****ing laughing, Ni-ko-las!""
Why? "A truly wonderful actress. She was queen of the late 90's for a reason."
Why? "Vic Mignogna is one of the greatest! He does a remarkable job with many of his characters. Not to mention he's also a great singer."
Why? "It's Tuxedo Mask! Vince was excellent in the role. His Zexion/Ienzo is great too."
Why? "Wally is awesome as the Riddler. He really emoted as the arrogant but amusing villain."
Why? "The legend that put Disney into our minds, our lives and our hearts. R.I.P."
Why? "A wonderful and aspiring actress. You gotta love her voice one way or another."
Why? "Wendy Lyon's performance as Queen Serenity was beautiful all the way through."
Why? "Wheat's Bright Noa voice is hilarious."
Why? "Yuri has such a cute/sweet voice. She is just so pleasing to listen to."
Why? "Love how Yuri's voice can go from being heroic as Ben Tennyson to really dark like Sasuke Uchiha."
#1 All Time Favorite
Baek Doo San
Why? "Baek makes for a great Tae Kwon Do fighter. The Killing Hawk has been awesome since his Tekken 2 debut."
Why? "The most badass vampire in... forever. Crispin Freeman is top notch as Alucard!"
Why? "The immortal Pharaoh! He made for an interesting fighter with his unique moveset and excellent theme tunes."
Why? "The crazy guy of the Sleeves. You can't deny Angelo's devotion to Full Frontal."
Why? "This nutty Irishman provides plenty of laughs in Punch-Out!!"
Why? "A badass wrestler who represents a dark jaguar with cool armour. He brings the serious "Ouch!" factor to Tekken."
Why? "The badass female counterpart of Green Arrow. Enjoyed Stephanie Lemelin's voice work for Artemis as well."
Why? "Asa is a lovely girl. She is an energetic tomboy, but also a great cook."
Why? "Intimidating villain with brawn and brains to match. Bane is truly a unique villain in the Batman series."
Why? "There would be no GGs without Beat. The poster boy for Jet Set Radio."
Why? "A true example of a kind-hearted goddess. Belldandy is a really sweet and lovely character."
Why? "As Black Mask, Roman Sionis is a classic old-school gangster. Can also be intense and somewhat sympathetic too."
Why? "The original badass baddie of F-Zero. A deliciously evil theme with an awesome machine (Black Bull) makes him one of the better pilots too."
Why? "Badass clone, pilot and villain. Blood Falcon is a badass. His Blood Hawk machine and theme music are badass too."
Why? "My favourite newcomer from Dynasty Warriors 7. Mainly because of her harp as well as her sense of melody and poetry."
Why? "The true American hero and a great patriot."
Why? "Captain Ginyu of the Ginyu force."
Why? "My favourite Mafia Don from Gotham. He also has an interesting story in regards to both Catwoman and Two-Face."
Why? "The best example of a villain that is incredibly twisted and insane. Carnage is one messed up but insanely powerful villain."
Why? "He's small and cute, but he's also dangerous."
Why? "A legendary celestial maiden from the Heavens. A tragic and vengeful character. And yet, still has a gentle side."
Why? "The strategist of Lu Bu's army and an awesome character in the series."
Why? "Chi-Chi is the best motherly character in DBZ. She can be so caring. Yet she has her own funny and badass moments too."
Why? "The cute girl from Ravenclaw. Cho is my favourite of the female students at Hogwarts. Oh, and also because of Katie Leung as the character."
Why? "An innocent damsel in distress with a good character. A soft and fragile ingenue with proper inner strength."
Why? "The inspirational leader of Cobra. Cobra Commander has been a fun yet menacing villain."
Why? "An aristocratic count who pulls off a great deceptive facade. His counterfeit scheme is quite unique for a villain plan."
Why? "One of the creepier and stronger Digimon villains. Bridget did some great work as the D-Reaper."
Why? "They took our jobs!"
Why? "Deadpool is an instant classic. He breaks the 4th wall and is downright hilarious. He's awesome in every way."
Why? "Badass as a mercenary, assassin and a criminal mastermind. Slade Wilson makes for a true badass as Deathstroke."
Why? "The very handy Pokedex. It will give you the info you need on all Pokemon."
Why? "Diana is a pure and innocent girl. Her personality and character is very touching and genuine."
Why? "Dr. Garcia makes for Last Alert's best villain IMO. Another great Banjo Ginga role too."
Why? "The best doctor/surgeon to have. Everyone survived the F-Zero accident thanks to his surgical skills."
Why? "Dr. Wheelo is DBZ's most unique and badass villain. His mechanical body was also very powerful."
Why? "Robotnik's best and most powerful robot. Also a likeable and tragic video game character."
Why? "The strongest brawler. He was also a loving father for his "little lady". Ken Yamaguchi was awesome as Ein."
Why? "The cutest character in the Gundam series. It's Puru!"
Why? "A great tragic villain from Fullmetal Alchemist. And one of Wendy Powell's best roles ever."
Why? "A Christian nun-in-training and a cabaret dancer. Her perky personality is adorable."
Why? "Ermac. A mysterious and powerful warrior/ninja who is incredibly skilled with telekinesis."
Why? "Faye is no doubt one sexy mistress. I always get a kick out of Wendee Lee's performance."
Why? "The mercenary from Cobra. Firefly is truly proficient in regards to demolitions and explosives."
Why? "A truly insane pyromaniac. Even at risk of suicide, Firefly would burn anything down for amusement."
Why? "Frollo is one of Disney's darkest villains yet he is also realistic. Tony Jay was excellent for Frollo."
Why? "Fujiko Mine is and always will be the OG sexy mistress of anime."
Why? "Fullbody definitely has uniqueness to him. He was a mariner with an iron fist who is also a lady's man."
Why? "Trunks is a no-nonsense guy but with a caring side. He always got things done in a badass way."
Why? "Team Rocket's leader and Kanto's strongest Gym Leader. Giovanni makes for a great Pokemon villain."
Why? "The daughter of the Bleumer family. She is responsible, trustworthy and caring. Also because of Saeko Shimazu."
Why? "Gouken is the legendary Sheng Long. You must defeat him to stand a chance."
Why? "A crazy and dangerous villain with a great sense of tragedy. It's no wonder Green Goblin is one of the better known villains."
Why? "Favourite Nintendo villain. The Lord of the Underworld is so evil, yet so fun. S Scott Bullock was phenomenal in the role."
Why? "The fierce yet loyal ninja of ice. Haku truly was too good for the world, yet his loyalty to Zabuza is without question."
Why? "A mob boss with a personality and status (also his noggin) that are as strong as steel."
Why? "In Assault on Arkham, Harleen's proven that she can really be a badass psychopath. Harley Quinn needs more solo action IMO."
Why? "The most interesting character in Outlaw Star. A unique personality and character sees him as one of the most tragic characters in anime."
Why? "Heihachi Mishima is the original King of Iron Fist. An old but tough badass too."
Why? "Favourite Evangelion character. A mature but friendly class rep. She's also very cute too."
Why? "A favourite from Fate/Zero. Irisviel is undoubtedly a sweet and wonderful woman. Another favourite role from Bridget Hoffman."
Why? "A superhero without special powers. Top-class metal suit with some really powerful energy attacks."
Why? "Itachi is perhaps the most 3-dimensional character in anime. A very powerful ninja too. Not forgetting Crispin Freeman as Itachi."
Why? "The Clown Prince of Crime. He don't give a damn what he does as long as it amuses him or will help him in his insane plans."
Why? "An excellent villain from Afro Samurai. Ron Perlman was excellent in the role."
Why? "Karasu is a dark yet quiet gentleman. His views on sadomasochistic love and the killer-victim relation are perhaps the most interesting."
Why? "Ever the smug and aristocratic *******, Kayneth can also be quite sympathetic as well."
Why? "A badass as well as a complex ant- and protagonist. Kazuya's transition from T1 to T2 is still a memorable one."
Why? "A natural psychotic and a funny character too. Dave Wittenberg is wonderful as this great Dissidia villain."
Why? "Keith David, literally in Saints Row IV. Actor, Voice Artist, and now in politics as Vice President."
Why? "He may be the youngest of the Hokuto brothers, but Kenshiro is a badass fighter and a true successor to Hokuto Shinken."
Why? "Badass mother and ruthless manipulator, Kikyo is a woman you can't lightly. Also loved Junko Iwao's performance as her."
Why? "Kimimaro was different from the other Sound ninja. He had a sense of honor and was gentle towards his peers. May he rest in peace."
Why? "Kiyone is no doubt the best from Galaxy Police. Responsible as well as analytical and athletic."
Why? "Kohza is a man with passionate love for Alabasta. He may be short-tempered, but his heart is definitely in the right place."
Why? "The OG female android. KOS-MOS is one beautiful android and also an excellent fighter. Also for Bridget Hoffman as her VA."
Why? "A powerful robot with a sad past, but now has friends on her side. Cindy gives a nice accent for Labrys too."
Why? "The Lich King is a true "Death God" and is no doubt Warcraft's powerful lord. Michael McConnohie made him more awesome."
Why? "The most badass mother in regards to animation. Lisa Lisa is one tough woman."
Why? "Liu Kang is a kickass fighter and a worthy Mortal Kombat champion."
Why? "Lizard. A tragic villain created by a twisted experiment gone wrong."
Why? "A warrior/crook who can breath fire thanks to Nanto Ryujin Ken. Bob Papenbrook's performance was badass too."
Why? "It's Lu Bu! The mightiest man in China!"
Why? "Bison is a ruthless dictator who can crush anybody in his way. He's also fun to use in Street Fighter II."
Why? "The real and original Madara Uchiha! A true powerhouse of the ninjas."
Why? "Holocaust survivor and leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants. Magneto's more of an extremist towards his views than he is evil."
Why? "Maria Robotnik is the sweetest friend to Shadow. It sucks she was killed by GUN soldiers."
Why? "The Queen of Zanscare Empire. An elder sister and a charismatic leader in one. One of Gundam's most tragic losses too."
Why? "Businesswoman and daughter of the Clan Yashida's leader. She was also a tragic love interest for Wolverine"
Why? "My favourite villain in Mega Man. He truly is a powerful being. And it is one of Jack Merluzzi's top roles."
Why? "It's Master Asia. And he's The Undefeated of the East!"
Why? "The almighty warlord and leader of the Decepticons. Megatron makes for one awesome villain."
Why? "She's the original Ace Attorney. Not to mention she's hot."
Why? "A happy-go-lucky and enthusiastic boss. A good guy who does anything (in a good way) to save the day."
Why? "My favourite anime character. Her character is realistic and is easy to relate to. Also because I liked the voices of both Hoffman and Iwao."
Why? "A cute, young girl who is excellent with magic and healing."
Why? "A major who really cared for Shinji the most. Even though her behaviour towards him was stronger and more personal than a usual "guardian"."
Why? "Just a sweet and friendly teacher. But there is actually more to her..."
Why? "Momo is perhaps the nicest girl in Bleach's cast. Yet she can be really dangerous when angered, even if her moments of anger are rare."
Why? "The suave and charming gentleman. Mondo Zappa is in for the business. And he makes for a kickass protagonist."
Why? "I always find Motonari to be a somewhat dark and tragic hero. His Samurai Heroes story (blue path) was brilliant too."
Why? "Freeze is a tragic villain who only longs to have his wife back. He has some cool ice weaponry too."
Why? "Muska is a cunning government agent but of Laputa's royal blood. Definitely the most evil of the Studio Ghibli villains."
Why? "Nayuki is such an adorable character. You just want to feel for her be it her cute/funny moments or her sad ones."
Why? "Nobunaga Oda, the Demon King of the Sixth Heaven. In Samurai Warriors style."
Why? "Noel has a very shy and sensitive personality. But that doesn't stop her from being a dangerous lieutenant with stylish guns."
Why? "Father, Oscorp founder, and a twisted and tragic character. Norman Osborn is definitely a memorable villain."
Why? "Nobunaga Oda, the Demon King of the Sixth Heaven. In Sengoku Basara style."
Why? "Though known as the Demon Queen, Oichi is actually a well thought out tragic character. Loved Laura Bailey's performance too."
Why? "Optimus Prime has a heart of pure gold. Worthy as Autobot leader. Also for Peter Cullen."
Why? "A truly talented advisor of the Western Army. Truly a dark, tragic and a memorable character."
Why? "Prince Diamond is my favourite SM villain. A tragic character who desired a peaceful living, but was tricked by Wiseman's treachery."
Why? "The sweetest princess in all of Berserk. And you get Rachael Lillis as her VA."
Why? "Zelda is a great princess. Her magic makes her strong and incredibly formidable."
Why? "Roah is a true badass. And an antagonist that isn't really evil. Lord Ken-oh! (King of Fists)"
Why? "Rei is perhaps the most interesting character in Evangelion. An interesting trait is that she has personality but rarely shows emotion."
Why? "The woman who bears the most importance for Trigun. A tragic woman who was also very loving."
Why? "The Riddler is a great complex villain. An arrogant genius with a need to prove his intellect and riddles to everyone."
Why? "A terminator as a maid. A strong and very overpowered woman. How ruthless!"
Why? "Zoro has some excellent swordsman skills. No doubt he's one of the best swordsmen."
Why? "The young scholar who desires to learn all about Pokemon. She's also the Rustboro Gym Leader, known for 'rock-solid' Pokemon."
Why? "The cute little girl who can also be a dangerous homicidal maniac. She's still cute, and she's voiced by Bridget Hoffman."
Why? "Ryuk's interests and personality makes him Death Note's most enigmatic character and Shinigami. One of Brian Drummond's best roles for sure."
Why? "Psychic woman who grows to be a likable and interesting character. Personal favourite Gym Leader. Lisa Ortiz is amazing as Sabrina too."
Why? "Jupiter is the most kickass of the Sailor Scouts. Susan Roman has been excellent in the role."
Why? "I love Venus/Mina. Not only is she a lovely girl but she is also an awesome heroine."
Why? "A heroic girl with a sense of justice and is a nice person. Always liked Sakura's outfit too."
Why? "Jonathan Crane. A scientist/doctor that can make fear come to life with fatal consequences. Fear Scarecrow!"
Why? "Crow is the most badass character in Deadman Wonderland. Patrick Seitz's voice has helped greatly in that regard."
Why? "Sephiroth is the most badass video game villain ever."
Why? "Great villain and Decepticon. Mainly for his intelligence."
Why? "A young vampiress and a charming character too. Susan Blu's voice for Sibella is wonderful too."
Why? "Awesome and unpredictable Decepticon. Starscream is arguably the most fun character in Transformers."
Why? "A genius and one to never lose, Subaru is Subaru. Favourite girl from So Long, My Love."
Why? "Super Macho Man! I've gotta be a macho man!"
Why? "T.O.M made Toonami really special. He's excellent when it comes to reviewing games and revealing what will be on next."
Why? "Talim has great power of the Wind. Yet she has a gentle and innocent personality."
Why? "The strongest Nanto Seiken fighter. As the Nanto Emperor, Souther made for a badass yet tragic villain."
Why? "Tobi is a good boy. His silly personality is hilarious. As Madara, he becomes a cunning and calculating villain."
Why? "Elder Toguro is a sadistic opponent. His character and shape-shifting abilities make him my favourite Yu Yu Hakusho villain."
Why? "The tragic young woman, avenger and lover. Tomoe's character and story is very touching. Loved Junko Iwao's performance too."
Why? "A complex villain. A aristrocratic knight, expert strategist and also capable as both mobile suit designer and pilot."
Why? "Uighur is the toughest and strongest prison warden ever known. He is the Legend of Cassandra."
Why? "A true god in Transformers. Unicron is perhaps the most awesome villain in the series. Also because he's part of Orson Welles' legacy."
Why? "The Sniper King rules. He definitely is a tough yet comedic marksman."
Why? "A great rival and villain to Spiderman. Daran Norris was truly amazing as Venom."
Why? "Wild Wacky Action Bike! The bike that's hard to ride! You can't ride it! You can't ride it! Wild Wacky Action Bike!"
Why? "Yamagata was the coolest guy in Akira. His death will always be upsetting."
Why? "The Compassionate Mother of Nanto. A tragic woman with an incomparable gentle side and has captured the hearts of many who knew her."
Why? "Zato-1's fighting style and appearance are so cool. And so was Kaneto Shiozawa's X performance."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Why? "Adventure Time. A fun yet engaging cartoon. The characters and voice cast are great too."
Why? "Hilarious and entertaining. If you liked the Silver Age comics, you'll love Brave and the Bold."
Why? "If you are interested in the medieval times even for fantasy, then Berserk is an anime worth watching."
Why? "A modern and hip anime. Black Lagoon pulls no punches and hits where it hurts."
Why? "Brilliant OVA from the Black Lagoon series. The fact that Funimation allowed the Ocean actors to reprise made it even better."
Why? "Bleach is the only anime where samurai and ghosts fight. It also has so many characters and actors. Oh, and the story is great."
Why? "C.O.P.S. was a great show. Can't go wrong with crime/sci-fi in the future."
Why? "Cardfight!! Vanguard is really a great anime on duelling. It's also nice for the Blue Water actors to voice act here too."
Why? "Kids Next Door was an excellent show which proves how kickass both kids and childhood can get."
Why? "Cowboy Bebop is a short but sweet anime. Seinen at its finest."
Why? "Death Note is an awesome anime around suspense. The English dub is great. Especially Brad Swaile's Light Yagami."
Why? "Visions of a God was a brilliant retelling of Death Note. But this was from Ryuk's perspective."
Why? "Possibly the most touching of the Digimon series. Also for D-Reaper!"
Why? "Durarara!! makes a glorious return. X2 is no doubt a fun ride through this great anime series."
Why? "An anime of my favourite racing game series. An excellent watch too. A shame the English dub was cut short."
Why? "The best show from the Fate franchise. Great cast, fantastic animation and Aniplex's amazing dub."
Why? "Fist of the North Star is quite possibly the most badass and toughest shonen anime you'll ever see."
Why? "Fullmetal Alchemist is a great anime. A start to a great anime series too."
Why? "Disney's most badass show. Great story and cast/voices all around. Greg Weisman did wonderful work with Gargoyles."
Why? "Gurren Lagann is one of the most awesome anime you're likely to see."
Why? "That voice cast! But seriously, IGPX is a great anime with an amazing cast."
Why? "A great continuation to the series. Great Guardians is also blessed to have VAs from Texas, Los Angeles and New York for the dub."
Why? "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure returns. And it's more refined and just as badass."
Why? "It's JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. An awesome anime series that rivals Fist of the North Star."
Why? "Raoh's rise to power. How he started to become master of the post-war world. All in anime form."
Why? "A Lupin show about the great Fujiko Mine. Not to mention Michelle Ruff is reprising her role as the sexy criminal."
Why? "The Power Rangers gave so much martial arts, robots and monsters in one show. Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers started it all."
Why? "G Gundam is where the Gundam Fight is at. It may be cheesy, but is still enjoyable all the way."
Why? "The start of the great Mobile Suit Gundam series!"
Why? "Great animation as well as both LA and NY VAs involved. Definitely give Gundam Unicorn a watch."
Why? "Gundam Wing was an excellent addition to the series. Arguably the best dub from Ocean."
Why? "Zeta Gundam is my favourite of the Gundam series. Main reason is my liking of the cast of characters."
Why? "Nadia doesn't get enough love. Excellent story (island arc aside) and a great dub from ADV."
Why? "Naruto is an anime and a tribute to ninjas. But these ninjas are not what you would expect them to be."
Why? "Shippuden improves on the previous Naruto. We get more characters and a better story. And then there is the Akatsuki!"
Why? "Evangelion definitely had its share of psychological and religious value. The characters are also very complex."
Why? "Be it the Original, 4Kids or Funimation, One Piece is a great anime with its quirky charm."
Why? "Outlaw Star. A great action anime in space. Worth a watch."
Why? "Paranoia Agent is a masterpiece. It has unpredictable twists and turns which keeps your interest in the plot/story. Mind**** at its best."
Why? "Pokemon is such an awesome show from so many childhoods. The 4kids dub is amazing!"
Why? "A Pokemon anime that is loyal to the games. Wish it had more episodes to fit the story in better though."
Why? "A hilarious show that's fun to watch. Love, laughs, ninjas and noodles. All right here."
Why? "Ranma 1/2 gives you some good martial arts action with laughs to boot."
Why? "The first anime I watched. Definitely an original for shoujo."
Why? "Sakura Wars bought something new to anime. A young leader with 6 unique and interesting women. Oh, and the Koubu."
Why? "The Paris Division's antics in anime form. Also one of the lesser known Funimation dubs."
Why? "Sesame Street is a wonderful show from the past. The characters are all interesting and the show is loads of fun."
Why? "Sherlock Holmes on BBC. But also for Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman."
Why? "With its fair share of stupidity and funny moments, Shin Chan is a hilarious anime you just want to keep watching."
Why? "With Sonic and friends, Sonic X is loads of fun. Interesting how it follows a few of the Sonic games."
Why? "South Park is downright hilarious. It's so random and so creative too."
Why? "Clone Wars is arguably the best animated series from the Star Wars franchise. Definitely give Clone Wars a watch."
Why? "Fun moments of unpredictability when girls from space compete for Tenchi's affection. A Sci-Fi anime that defies expectations."
Why? "The Haruhi gang are back for more. But the spotlight's on Yuki now. The dub cast is as strong as ever."
Why? "The Legend of Korra is a wonderful show. Not to mention it is back by a beautiful cast and brilliantly designed characters."
Why? "TMoHS is a very gripping anime with a really likeable character cast and story. Bang Zoom!'s best dub IMO."
Why? "Slayers definitely is a great anime around adventure. It also has many great settings and characters."
Why? "Excellent series from Marvel. One of Studiopolis' best work. A shame it was short lived."
Why? "This is my favourite X-Men show. The story and the voices really gives the show some strong sense of realism."
Why? "Yu-Gi-Oh! has an interesting story around both the Millenium items and the card game (Egyptian God cards). Interesting characters as well."
#1 All Time Favorite
Perfect Blue
Why? "Satoshi Kon's best film IMO. You really get a feel of Mima's experience."
Why? ""Taught never to retreat. Never to surrender. Taught that death in battle in service to Sparta was the greatest glory he could achieve.""
Why? "Akira is a true gemstone when it comes to anime films. Mind-blowing for its time."
Why? "Avatar is one of James Cameron's best films. I loved the difference between the RDA's technology and Pandora's resources."
Why? "If it's the ideal Mr. Freeze story you're looking for, you've got it right here."
Why? "A truly magnificent Batman film! Love, Tragedy, Action and Thriller in all the right places."
Why? "Berserk is back and it's as great as it was back then."
Why? "Fade to Black has a really compelling story. How will the Soul Society cope when people suffer memory loss?"
Why? "It's Cowboy Bebop... in movie form. As excellent as the TV series is."
Why? "The most brutal of the DBZ films. Turles' group were definitely a match for the Z-Fighters."
Why? "Grave of the Fireflies is one of the saddest anti-war films ever. Yet it's also one of Studio Ghibli's most beautiful films."
Why? "Wonderful anime film from Studio Ghibli. Amazing animation and story. The Disney dub is excellent."
Why? "Another great film from Studio Ghibli. Excellent animation and memorable story. Not forgetting the excellent Disney dub."
Why? "My entry to Lupin. CofC was an excellent Lupin/Miyazaki film. The interesting story and the Manga dub make this a good watch."
Why? "My Neighbour Totoro is a great film from Studio Ghibli. Loved the story about two girls during postwar Japan. Another great dub from Disney."
Why? "A Naruto: Shippuden film with all the Leaf ninja from Naruto's generation. It is also a rare case where Sasuke works with Naruto."
Why? "A great and disturbing ending to the original Evangelion. End of Evangelion is worth the watch!"
Why? "Adventures of Alabasta is my favourite One Piece film. But to be fair, I love the Alabasta arc."
Why? "Paprika is an excellent anime film. A beautiful love story with a warped reality around it."
Why? "Trust and Betrayal is a sad but gripping OVA. It will keep hold of your attention with a story that leaves an impression."
Why? "This Sailor Moon film has a great story. The story of Luna and her love for Kakeru is very touching."
Why? "Sakura Wars in a fantastic movie. Great dub along with an interesting cast of characters and plot."
Why? "One of the rudest films ever, but it's so damn funny!"
Why? "Sprited Away is definitely my favourite of Studio Ghibli's works. It was the first anime film I've seen too."
Why? "Awesome movie for the Tekken series. The animation and voice work is downright stunning."
Why? "The best film from the Nolan trilogy. Mainly for Heath Ledger's Joker and Christian Bale's Batman."
Why? "The movie of the wonderful Haruhi series. The regulars return with a new and unpredictable story."
Why? "DotM is no doubt the best film from Bay Transformers. Excellent cinematics and Leonard Nimoy as Sentinel Prime."
Why? "Whisper of the heart brings a story of how Shizuku and Seiji crossed paths. Their fate and time together is very gripping."
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Why? "Veronica Taylor's portrayal of Ash Ketchum is memorable and legendary."
Why? "Both Thornton and McConnohie have done very well in playing the evil Count Cagliostro."
Why? "Nolan North is freakin' hilarious as Deadpool!"
Why? "Both Jonathan Todd Ross and Todd Haberkorn were very exceptional as Kohza."
Why? "Everybody did well. Though Neil Kaplan's version is boss!"
Why? "Robert "Diamond" Bockstael has a gruff, beastly voice which greatly fits Sauron."
Why? "Shin has excellent performances from Blum, McConnohie and Erholtz. Star of Martyrdom FTW!"
Why? "Michael Lindsay's Yamagata has a great sense of a rebellious teenager with a "punk" personality."
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Tekken 2
Why? "My favourite Tekken! T2 had excellent music, stages and character selection for its time."
Why? "Agents Of Mayhem. The world's finest agents saving the world in colourful fashion. The game is so much fun too."
Why? "Arkham Asylum give you the great experience of being Batman. Everything from graphics, gameplay and script has been flawless."
Why? "Arkham City has more of what made Asylum awesome. With bigger terrain, there are now more villains and challenges to crack."
Why? "Arkham Origins was a great way of showing Batman's early career. Not to mention the great choices of both characters and voice cast."
Why? "The folks responsible for Guilty Gear gave us the BlazBlue series. Calamity Trigger starts with a dark story and an amazing Story Mode."
Why? "Continuum Shift has more characters and continues on the amazing yet dark story. Another great game from BlazBlue."
Why? "Shattered Blade is an excellent game from Bleach. The Wii controls gave a sense of using a Zanpakuto. Great character roster as well."
Why? "A great game on the Captain America series. I also like the more unique story and the voice work."
Why? "Dimensions gives you all the story and the characters from the previous DOA games. A favourite from the DOA series."
Why? "Disney's awesome skateboarding game. I really wish they would do a sequel with more characters."
Why? "An excellent blend of Fighting and RPG. So many FF favourites are in too."
Why? "Budokai Tenkaichi 3 has so many DBZ characters in one game. Even those from GT and the movies are in the game."
Why? "DW6 had some great stories from many crazy directions. There were also interesting characters and interactions too. Lu Bu's Forces FTW!"
Why? "A truly great entry from the DW/Gundam crossover. An excellent character cast and mobile suit collection to boot too."
Why? "My favourite F-Zero. GX brings the high speed racing with an excellent character cast and memorable race tracks."
Why? "Final Fantasy XIII is a blast. Amazing animation. Brilliant battle system. The bonus is an amazing story and soundtrack."
Why? "XII-2 continues on the amazing efforts of XIII. If you enjoyed XIII, you will definitely love this."
Why? "Fire Emblem as returned. Now in 3D and with a great new cast and the same classic gameplay."
Why? "Ken's Rage 2 covers so much more on the Fist of the North Star story."
Why? "A challenging but fun G.I. Joe game. Great voice acting too. The game also proves that knowledge is power."
Why? "God of War gave us a badass anti-hero and delivers a great plot. Greek mythology at its most epic."
Why? "Great movie game. Free roam, loads to do, and many of the film's actors voice their characters for the game."
Why? "Excellent fighting game. Netherrealm really did a great job with DC's finest."
Why? "Killer Instinct returns and it looks to be as badass as ever!"
Why? "Killer Is Dead makes for a wildly unpredictable yet fun hack & slash."
Why? "Walt Disney World without ever leaving the house."
Why? "358/2 Days has an interesting story. It also has all of the Organisation XIII members in. KH's great take for the DS console."
Why? "No doubt the best in the Kingdom Hearts series. So many characters and a great story to follow."
Why? "Great sequel to Luigi's Mansion. Dark Moon has much more challenges and 5 mansions to discover. Excellent 3DS game for sure."
Why? "Mario Kart 7 brings more to the series. New customisable kart pieces. And this time you have to drive, dive and glide to victory."
Why? "The first game of the great Mario Party series."
Why? "Mario Party hits the Star Carnival! And Mario and friends don't disappoint with more daring and risky minigames and challenges."
Why? "Mario Power Tennis puts Mario back into the sport. Now there are more gimmicks, special shots and challenges in the mix."
Why? "Mario's first shot at tennis. And honestly, they managed to make tennis so much fun. And that's saying something."
Why? "MGS is a truly tremendous game. Its unique gameplay and story really set the ground for gaming."
Why? "Portable Ops was where we learn about the origin of FOXHOUND and Outer Heaven. The "Calling To The Night" song was very touching."
Why? "Mortal Kombat gets rejuvenated. The back to basics has worked greatly."
Why? "Ninja Storm 2 is a very faithful game to the Shippuden series. The boss battle sequences were epic."
Why? "P4A is an excellent Persona game. Well-varied fighters, a unique fighting play style and a story that hits home."
Why? "Capcom, Namco and Sega come together for an epic RPG crossover. Also because there are characters from Sakura Wars in the game."
Why? "Sakura Wars comes to Paris. The Flower Division had characters that were very interesting."
Why? "New York is the background for this Sakura Wars. A really interesting cast and a great dub from the guys at Bang Zoom! and NIS America."
Why? "Sega's top stars take the action to the tennis court. Definite contender against Mario Tennis."
Why? "Definitely one of the best Sonic games by far. The levels, the characters and the music is flat out stunning."
Why? "Sonic CD offers unique Time Travel and also has amazing level design as well as a smokin' soundtrack."
Why? "Before 007, Modern Warfare and Call of Duty were considered "cool", there was South Park."
Why? "South Park delivers an unforgettable game show. It's more fun if you play with friends, especially with 3 others."
Why? "Great tie-in to the first movie. The voice acting, the characters and the levels made the game really fun too."
Why? "The first Spyro game. An awesome platformer around travelling realms and saving dragons."
Why? "Street Fighter and Tekken battle it out. The English voice cast will surprise you."
Why? "An excellent remake of its 64 counterpart. More stars and challenges to complete this time. And you have Luigi, Wario and Yoshi too."
Why? "The first game where all your Nintendo favourites duke it out. A definite N64 classic!"
Why? "Too many reasons as to why this game rules. Loads of characters, stages, items and a kickass soundtrack to top it off."
Why? "It's very rare for video game characters to clash with anime, but TvC does exactly that."
Why? "Team Fortress 2 is a hilarious first-person shooter with characters that are awesome and funny in their own ways."
Why? "Excellent Tekken game! A huge cast of characters, stages and great music/movie DLC. Harada and Namco are still going strong!"
Why? "Best Zelda game and best N64 game. The challenges and story are very gripping."
Why? "Reign of Chaos was my gateway into Warcraft. The plot, stories and characters make this a gripping game from start to finish."
Why? "The Frozen Throne was a great expansion and conclusion to Warcraft III. The plot between Arthas and Illidan made the game interesting."
Why? "Xenosaga was a great RPG series. The first game is totally awesome."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Reinventing the classic Mickey and making it work for the modern audience. You can't go wrong with that."
Why? "Classic cartoon violence at its finest. Tom and Jerry's crazy antics never get old."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Universal's best ride. Expect to really be thrown into the battle between Autobots and Decepticons."