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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Nolan North
Why? "Rocked as Ren and Stimpy. Still rocks as Fry, Farnsworth and Zoidberg."
Why? "It's amazing the diverse sounding creatures he can create with his voice. Give him a zoo, I guarantee he could mimic every single animal."
Why? "He is the voice god of epic movie trailers."
Why? "His voice might be recognizable across many cartoons, but something about that deep natural boom in his voice is just soothing and addictive"
Why? "His role of Optimus Prime is enough to justify legendary VA status. That and his narration of the Voltron theme song was cool."
#1 All Time Favorite
Nathan Drake
Why? "The Indiana Jones of this generation, but with a bigger wise cracking mouth."
Why? "As a fan of dragons, it's a no brainer that Charizard is one of my favorite Pokemon."
Why? "He's like the Avatar version of original trilogy Yoda. Generations of wisdom and a belly full of jokes and humor. RIP Mako."
Why? "My favorite Looney Tunes character. So cool and calm for someone who wants to destroy Earth. He was one of the first voices I could imitate."
Why? "Wise old dudes with cool voices are always awesome."
Why? "Has one of the most unique superhero powers. Plus you gotta love someone who can kickass in battle AND pull off some classic one-liners."
Why? "Ferocious yet gentle. And such a unique dragon design."
Why? "The most badass and tiniest little girl with the biggest amount of sass."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Why? "The first cartoon I remember waking up every morning to watch as a kid. Love the cheesy theme song!"
Why? "Not a regular fan of Digimon but loved this series due to it's link to the elements."
Why? "Fighting. Screaming. Fighting. Screaming. Some more fighting. Oh, and some more screaming."
Why? "Futurama is it's own niche of comedy. So many classic quotes, particularly from the time travelling episode. "You're your own grandpa!""
Why? "It still boggles my mind that this was a Disney show. Amazing voice cast and characters. Keith David owns!"
Why? "Don't think there was a show that messed with my head as much as Eva. And that's in all the good kind of ways :P"
Why? "Having played the earlier games, it was satisfying to see the Pokemon battles in animated form."
Why? "This is what I call an anime sit-com with martial arts. What a c-c-c-combo!!"
Why? "One of my first intros to Marvel, which led to Spidey being my fave superhero for a long while. Plus it actually rid my fears of spiders!"
Why? "Deep characters and rich storytelling at its best. Slap on the Transformers brand and you got double the awesome! RIP Dinobot."
Why? "One of the first cartoons I ever watched as a kid. Who didn't love the "Ready to form Voltron" sequence and that kickass theme song?!"
Why? "Used to love this, esp Widget's spinning shape-shifting. Was also my first exposure to the legends Jim Cummings and Kath Soucie."
Why? "Who would've thought "teenaging" the X-Men would work? The first few episodes were slow, but from then, it was all X-Men lore till the end."
Why? "Captivating story arcs, character development, a serious tone, movie quality animation AND an entire DC universe of characters."
#1 All Time Favorite
The Lion King
Why? "Disney's masterpiece. The pinnacle of all their 2D movies. I felt every emotion watching this movie. I love Pixar, but I favor this overall."
Why? "This was the first movie I watched that made me appreciate Disney's storytelling. There's no other movie I can quote as much as Aladdin."
Why? "Great condensing of an amazing series. Slicker updated animation and tweaks to parts of the original story are welcomed."
Why? "Again, the next chapter in the reimagining of Eva is brilliant. New characters and even "epic-er" Angel battles."
Why? "This was Andy Serkis' movie. He totally owned the role of Caesar."
Why? "Not at all a fan of Star Trek but loved this movie. Great ensemble cast. To me, Kirk and Bones stood out the most."
Why? "This was basically my first introduction to anime. The unique art style, the action, the over-the-top violence."
Why? "The more adult tone really drew me in. And hat's off to the modern design for Tarzan with dreadlocks and "tree surfing"."
Why? "Dark and serious. Just the way the Turtles were always meant to be. The best adaption of the Turtles in any non-comic medium yet."
Why? "Action. Drama. Comedy. The 3 major genres. Easily the best superhero movie ever."
Why? "Pixar is their own Hollywood now. They have the most successful and unique method of storytelling that is unrivaled."
Why? "Finally seeing these robots come to life was a dream come true. I was in awe with the scene of the Autobots transforming for the first time."
Why? "Plot and human characters aside. Just turn off your brain and enjoy the bot action. 3 vs 1 forest battle for the effin' win!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Why? "When I came up with idea of Voice Compares, Batman was the "guinea pig". After that, VC's exploded into popularity."
    #1 All Time Favorite
    Video Game
    Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
    Why? "It was literally like playing a movie. The voice cast is beyond awesome, esp Drake. You get so immersed in the story you forget it's a game."
    Why? "The first RPG I ever played. Leveling up characters is strangely addictive. I probably lost about a 100 hours of my life to this game."
    Why? "Brilliant game overall. But loved just riding motocycles on the rooftops and driving around listening to my MP3 radio station."
    Why? "I spent hours just swinging just around virtual New York City. The freedom to do whatever a spider can."
    Why? "Countless hours playing this after school during high school."
    Why? "What a way to revive the Street Fighter franchise!"
    Why? "A crossover for two of my favorite franchises. Spent many dollars at the arcade playing this game."
    #1 All Time Favorite