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Voice Actor
Why? "She Has Done A Great Job Playing As Lucy In Fairy Tail I Could Feel Her Emotion Hit Me When Something Dramatic Happens In The Series"
Why? "My Favorite Role Of His Is Alucard When Ever He Speaks It Chills My Bones, When He's In A Scene That Requires A Strong, Brutal Voice He Does"
Why? "Johnny Has Been Part Of My Childhood From Power Rangers And Seeing Him Now In Bleach, Code Geass, TMOHSM Makes Me Appreciate His Talent"
Why? "He Is Goku, My (Our) Childhood Hero!"
Why? "I Found Him Hilarious In His Role As Death The Kid From Soul Eater And Enjoyed His Role As Natsu From Fairy Tail, Akise From Future Diary"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Why? "The Dilemmas The Characters Go Through Makes You Think Who'll Live, Will They Succeed On The Plan To Take Back Humanity From Titans"
Why? "I Like Its Idea Of Shinigamis And There Weapons, I Enjoy The Different Types Of Hollows There Are, Its A Pretty Good Anime"
Why? "This Was My Childhood Anime This Probably THE First Anime I Seen And I Love This Show, Its Character Different Villains And For Its Story"
Why? "I Like All The Different Spells That The FT World Has To Offer And Find It Interesting On How It Works And Using It In Battle, The Story"
Why? "Im Not Even Halfway And I Love This Anime, All The Character And There Dreams, Ideals And How They Got To Where They Are Now Its So Amazing"
Why? "I Like The Teamwork Between Meister And Weapon, Working With Other People, I Love The Halloween Theme It Has, I Enjoy The Main Characters."