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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Todd Haberkorn
Why? "He can be in anything and everything and you'll never tire of him. He always plays his characters perfect to fit. Splendid. Simply splendid."
Why? "He's awesome. That is all "
#1 All Time Favorite
Yuno Gasai / Second
Why? "My waifu. I love you. Love me back! I can love you more than that stupid Yuki can!"
Why? "Muscle Frieeeeeends! Picking up pianos is very healthy indeed, I agree with your work out methods o 3o"
Why? "Everyone loves having a stalker that can break into their rooms without a sound o 3o"
Why? "She's so psychotic it's hawt."
Why? "Who doesn't love ol lovable ol Bender? -binge drinks and sets things on fire-"
Why? "my baby. whether you be boy or girl, I will love you."
Why? "Because he's Asymmetrical Garbage. And he goes buuuuu~"
Why? "My favourite from this show when I was young, has to be Dongwa, Sagwa's brother. I don't know why but I found him to be funny!"
Why? "-makes disgusted face-"
Why? "You're one dynamite gal, dynamite gal, dynamite gal. She gives me the honeyglow something fierce~"
Why? "My favourite Princess. I think she's a bit immature, but the immaturity is what makes her darling! Can't wait for more of her~!"
Why? "Crap I haven't played this in a while "
Why? "Husbando!!!!! I love him. His story is a bit meh, ever since he became a Kage, but meh, all the same I love him!"
Why? "One of my favourite main digimons. Her friendship with Wizardmon made her even more so!"
Why? "I agree with the other people. How can you NOT LOVE this guy? Everything about him is AWESOME."
Why? "He died for a person he loved. Pure as the snow himself, with no hate, only love. He was indeed a very good character."
Why? "Cause Hideyoshi is a Hideyoshi. Sex, Gender, and Everything is Hideyoshi. Who can't love a Hideyoshi when Hideyoshi is everything? HIDEYOSHI"
Why? "Waifu!!!!! I believe she is the only one who deserves ANYTHING in her life!"
Why? "Just look at that sexy nose and say you don't like it."
Why? "I believe out of all ninja's he was the strongest, in both heart and mind. He knew his objectives and where his true loyalties lay."
Why? "Detectives are so cool xD"
Why? "Who can resist an adorable idiot? :D"
Why? "Why wouldn't you love him? -clings on mai husbando-"
Why? "Cause TENT sharing with HIM is the most amazing experience one can EVER experience."
Why? "xD Who didn't find this character fun? In the manga he was much more excitable, but watching a fully fleshed out anime of it is just as much"
Why? "I want to be the apple between her thighs. PFFFFFT. xDDDDD"
Why? "ROFL, every time my friends and I watch this show, they complain that they don't know what she's saying and I sit there and laugh at them."
Why? "I prefer her over her sister Kate any day xD She's so cute, plus she's so white she shines my beautiful silver colour "
Why? "He was amazing. Sharp, quick witted, caring, loving, doting. Everything a good soldier and father need be. He death was truly a tragedy."
Why? "She's cool, dark, mysterious, sings awesome, has a great backstory and story in general. Definitely the best character in Adventure Time."
Why? "Who didn't have a crush on him when they first watched this? Raise your hands!"
Why? "Super pale, I always thought that was super creepy xD But he's the most tenacious character when it comes to women. ;3"
Why? "Bear my children Miroku!!!!!"
Why? "The first time I saw him...I was like...his story will be the story I will most definitely cry at. I love him! Husbando marry me ; ~:"
Why? "Who can't love that pudgy cutie? "
Why? "You know how boys tease girls they liked...well I liked her a lot so I always gave her cooked fishes as a present "
Why? "I will never understand why they cancelled this show. It was about dragons and taught us stuff! It will be missed."
Why? "I loved reading this one "
Why? "You know...it was creepy. I'm also a Monkey of the Zodiac and often feel better in the opposite gender's clothes. I love you Rit-chan-san xD"
Why? "Mysterious and powerful. Too cool >w"
Why? "skirts......... That is all."
Why? "Pffft, one of my favourite varieties of Saber. I love how she "allows" you to see in her dress. I mean, really? WHY? xDDDD"
Why? "I love him. I can't believe they made the number one honcho of darkness into a good guy. I love everything about him."
Why? "ever since he appeared, I've liked him. I don't know if it's his awkwardness with humans, or his stoicness, but I've liked his fakeness."
Why? "I still think she's adorable. She wants to love cute things, but has to hide it/whatever she's doing. She's calm, cool, collected, and cute!"
Why? "The waves are strong with this one!"
Why? "I remember when I would be in a pizza restaurant and this would come on. I would be confused, but then I was mesmerized by actual anime!"
Why? "That cute kid....turns to THAT? Well. I would be lying if I said I wouldn't date him ;3"
Why? "Ah~! My childhood when I watched cartoons."
Why? "Princess over all mystical. The real bridge between the spirit world and this."
Why? "From the moment they told me his body was full of bugs. The first thought I had was...how do they reproduce? Fascinating. I must know more.."
Why? "Yuuji....marry me..."
Why? "I would totally be under his command. Yes sir! Blow up the orcas? Alright!"
Why? "He's Beary UnBearably A Bear "
Why? "Out of all the characters I loved her the most. Giving up her home and family for adventure. I would've done the same!"
Why? "His morals.....my how they teeter. Simply a funny character, hands down hilarious."
Why? "I'm not a glitch. I've just got pixlexia, okay"
Why? "She is the best character in the game so far, as far as fighting goes. I like her a lot "
Why? "A man of my own heart. A connoisseur for true taste and quality foods."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Why? "The first of the beautiful art anime's that I had begun to watch and adore. What first pulled me in is the detail to all the colours. Splend"
Why? "A lot of this is touch and go, sink or swim, hit or miss. But most of it IS still funny, though s5ep1 was a bit...scary."
Why? "I used to watch this as a child. It taught you good lessons!"
Why? "I really don't understand why the original Arthur left, and never evvvvver will."
Why? "Manga was much better, but I still love this show~!"
Why? "From the creators of Cyborg009, Phoenix, Dororo, and so many others. I love his works, though they may all look similar they're still amazin"
Why? "The ONLY Avatar show that needs be here~!"
Why? "I love the little chibis. If school were like this, I'd have a pretty strong character."
Why? "Manga was SO good "
Why? "This show only aired for a year?! xDDDDD"
Why? "Drink up."
Why? "Looks so old, but a newish manga. Was kinda sad about the quality, but it was still good :> Though I liked the manga a lot more ^^"
Why? "Touches my heart and soul. ; ~;"
Why? "Loved the concept and the fact that the weapons they used were from those disks. Great show~!"
Why? "OMG XD I loved this show back in the day. Wasn't the REAL Buzz, but close enough :DDD"
Why? "One of the oldest, child robotic anime/cartoon. And it was great xD"
Why? "URD~!!!!"
Why? "First anime/cartoon I ever watched. I've been with Ash since the beginning."
Why? "Okay, who doesn't like a little stereotypical humour? Great show xD Love their Bob Ross xDDDDD"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Hey, I know a joke! A squirrel walks up to a tree and says, "I forgot to store acorns for the winter and now I am dead." Ha! It is funny bec"
Why? "Awwwwwwww"
Why? "OMG xD I love the backstory a lot better. You guys should read WHY this movie was made xD"
Why? "This movie's texturizing still gives me the creeps"
Why? "I loved it so much xDDD Though not having the sleigh is super not cool xD"
Why? "Everything about this animation was super adorable. The characters are so lovable "
Why? "Miyazaki made, so quality in every way gorgeous~!"
Why? "I love how each of the guardians had a place in the world "
Why? "Ummmm, just cause it's in the trilogy, I suppose xD Wasn't super spectacular and was kinda cheesy xD"
Why? "Cause Luna got so much screen time "
Why? "Rini!!!! What about Helios!!!!!!!"
Why? "Ahhhhhh~!"
Why? "I liked this movie quite a lot xD I'm not gonna lie, I can't believe the side kick's powers are that lame."
Why? "Watched this as a child, still keep a close eye on my figures."
Why? "A tad rushed, but still so good "
Why? "Who can't love this classic ale of adopting an orphaned child? xD"
Why? "Awwwww, they fall in love. That's so.....weird :D"
Why? "OMG, such a good movie. I was captivated by the animation style and was baffled when I saw a card game I knew being played as the main game"
Why? "It was such a cute movie xDDDD"
Why? "For reasons I cannot explain."
Why? "Hahahaahah~! Merlin and Mim, so classic"