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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Colleen Clinkenbeard
Why? "My favorite voiceover artist. Adrenaline pumping as Luffy, badass as Erza, Hawkeye, and an amazing director; I will never tire of Colleen."
Why? "Cool as Ciel, funny as Juvia and Mineta, creepy as Yuno and adorable as Chopper and Nina. Also a great singer to boot!"
Why? "Amazing as Winry, Miria, and Vivi. Also great as Mina, Elma, and Kirigiri. One of my favorite Funimation actors."
Why? "Lin Lee Koo, Asahina, and Morgana. Cute voice yet not devoid of substance like many other cutesy voices."
Why? "Puts a ton of passion into her roles. Suzuha, Lucy, and Patty being my top three roles of hers."
Why? "Amazing as Vegeta, Armstrong, Zoro, Rundas, All Might, and my favorite of Kuwabara. The best Dragon Ball director as well."
Why? "Very unique and awesome as Blackbeard, charming as Jaguar D. Saul, and larger than life as the Celestial Spirit King. RIP Cole Brown."
Why? "Legendary as Alucard and Shizuo while being awesome as Kirei, Jeremiah, and Winston. Has a very rich and powerful voice."
Why? "Perhaps the OTHER most versatile VA in relation to Frank Welker. The voice of every cool animal character in cartoon history pretty much."
Why? "Badass as Future Trunks and Kazuma, suave as Leo and Sanji, funny as America/Canada, creepy as Tomura and Kimblee. One of the FUNi greats."
Why? "Kaori, Ema, Asahi, and Kotoko. Her voice sounds authentic for teenage characters and she can get pretty emotional with her performances."
Why? "Perhaps the most versatile VA ever. Godlike as Megatron and the definitive voice of Fred."
Why? "Deliciously evil as Azula and Vicky, funny as Mandy, and a great Catwoman/Carmelita. Can probably play any female character ever."
Why? "My favorite male voice actor. Legendary as Okabe, chilling as Scar, blood pumping as Ida, suave as Sebastian... he can do it all."
Why? "Panty, Junko, Cana, Rias, Liz... several great performances under her belt."
Why? "Insanely versatile VA, and is hilarious as Johnny Bravo."
Why? "My favorite Disney voice actor. So much fun as Darkwing Duck, Tigger, and my favorite, Pete."
Why? "Great heroic AND villain voice. Lelouch being my fave, followed by Izaya, Vash, Yu and Yukio, and Adachi being great as well."
Why? "Badass as Tokoyami, funny as Kenichi, and suitably panic-y as Armin and Yuki. One of FUNI's most versatile actors."
Why? "My favorite Japanese voice actor. Solid as Leorio, fatherly as Hughes, and emotionally gripping as Ryuuji AKA Scam. Super underrated."
Why? "Hisoka, Deep Sea King, Speedwagon, Eric, Johan... his acting chops and range are legendary."
Why? "Laura somehow has a very cute yet sexy voice, Rise, Lucina, Keiko, Lust and Shin Nohara being my favorites and showcase her range."
Why? "So much raw emotion in his roles. Favorites are Akihiko, Lloyd, Asura, Navarre, and Nightcrawler. Always a pleasure to hear."
Why? "Nami, Nagisa, and Ochaco were all brilliantly played by Luci. My favorite Houston VA."
Why? "Sublime as Emiya, Chrom, Law, Leon, and Jotaro. He's everywhere, but for good reason. Also an amazing DM in Critical Role."
Why? "Saitama, Leo, and especially Arima. Perhaps the next Yuri Lowenthal."
Why? "THE Looney Tune voice actor, nuff said."
Why? "Cool as Yoko, Fujiko, Yukari, Kikyo and surprisingly cute in roles like Cream."
Why? "With a plethora of great and distinct voices as Kurapika, Seo, Fukawa and many more, it is no surprise she is the most popular female JP VA."
Why? "Hilarious as Stocking, cute as Mirajane, funny as Mey-Rin and May Chang, and the best Bulma. Rial has insanely high energy in her roles."
Why? "Awesome as Germany, Scorpion, Franky, Ragna, Laxus, Gamagoori, and Nidai. Super badass voice."
Why? "His work on One Punch Man, Hunter x Hunter, and now FFXV prove he's got impressive vocal range and acting skills."
Why? "Yakko is reason enough but his versatility also makes him a great actor."
Why? "Medic, Travis, Miller, Dormammu, Luxord... great range and always puts lots of energy into his roles."
Why? "Phoenix Wright, Teddie and Viral were excellently played. Also a hilarious guy on Critical Role and his podcast with Liam O'Brien."
Why? "One of the best voice performances ever as Spike, perfect for Wolverine and hilarious as Leeron. As a gamer I find his world record sweet!"
Why? "Voice of Timmy Turner, one of my childhood favorites. Also solid as Harley Quinn/Batgirl."
Why? "Not hard to see why he's by far the most popular male VA on this site. With Keroro, Natsu, Teruteru, Ling, and Italy being my faves."
Why? "The first voice actor I ever learned about, the voice of Spongebob. Surprisingly versatile as well."
Why? "One of the best voice performances ever as Roy Mustang, and also great as Ace. "Also, ale.""
Why? "THE voice of Kanji, an emotional powerhouse as Joel, badass as Greed, and funny as Excalibur. Easy to see why he dominates video games now."
Why? "Edward and Junpei are two of my favorite characters ever, and Vic's energy and emotion he put into them are key reasons why."
Why? "Awesome as Suzaku, Simon, Shinra, Yosuke and his MANY other Atlus roles. Perhaps my favorite video game actor ever."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Badass doesn't even begin to describe the brilliance that only Kamina possesses."
Why? "The greatest comic book hero. Conroy is just iconic as him."
Why? "Edward is a character I truly admire because he shows the best (and silliest) of the human heart. Mignogna is classic in the role."
Why? "The character that got me into anime. Nadolny's and Schemmel's takes on the character will always be special to me."
Why? "A hilarious character and a staple in cartoon history. Bill Farmer brings lots of energy and even sometimes gets really heavy as Goofy."
Why? "A classic example of extended universe done right. Sorkin is super fun in the role."
Why? "Psycho villains are always my faves, and the Joker is the king of them all. No one comes close to Hamill."
Why? "One of the most hilarious characters ever. Chuck Huber makes this role his own."
Why? "The hero of heroes, representing my favorite franchise ever. Hiyama puts amazing energy into Link."
Why? "The hero of many, many great games. Martinet's simple voiceover is super iconic."
Why? "A ridiculously fun, lovable scamp I'd follow to the ends of the earth. Clinkenbeard and Tanaka are both fantastic as him."
Why? "A badass but not too serious character to where you still love him. Sabat and Nakai are great as him, and Diraison could've been the best!"
Why? "A tragically funny character. Mittelman and Furukawa were both perfectly cast."
Why? "My fave Overwatch offense character. Theobold is so fun as Tracer."
Why? "A great villain turned fun hero. Sabat starts weak but becomes legendary as Vegeta."
Why? "Perhaps the most badass comic character ever. Blum and Drummond are visceral as him."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Why? "The perfect all-around show."
    #1 All Time Favorite
    Kiki's Delivery Service
    Why? "It's a drama movie that actually knows how to powerful without being overly dramatic."
      #1 All Time Favorite
      Voice Compare
      Sonic the Hedgehog
      Why? "A trip down memory lane for me, showing the (mostly) good actors who have portrayed the Blue Blur in a convenient manner."
      Why? "So many crazy and fun takes on the Clown Prince."
      Why? "So many manly and cool voices for Logan."
      #1 All Time Favorite
      Video Game
      The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
      Why? "The best adventure game ever probably."
        #1 All Time Favorite
        Why? "Goofy is the character who shows the best cartoons can offer."
          #1 All Time Favorite
          The Simpsons Ride
          Why? "It's the Simpsons. At an amusement park. 'Nuff said."
            #1 All Time Favorite
            Why? "These ads really know how to entertain their fans and bring in new fans as well."
              #1 All Time Favorite
              Legend of Zelda
              Why? "The art, music, gameplay... Zelda resonates with me more than any other franchise."