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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Frank Welker
Why? "Every movie and TV show from your childhood, adolescence, and adult life, Welker is always there. Simply the best."
Why? "His role as Lucifer leaves a great impression, and his role as Alphonse is one of the best VA performances ever, in my opinion."
Why? "Daniel Day-Lewis carries such a commanding presence whenever you see/hear him; Benedict evokes the exact same kind of presence."
Why? "Everyone [should] Love [Brad]."
Why? "A great voice actress with an incredible range."
Why? "Her voice carries a spectacular deal of delicacy, conviction, and a trait kept by very few female VA's: power."
Why? "In my opinion, he has THE most iconic voice; not James Earl Jones, nor Morgan Freeman, but the man behind Hammer Films' Dracula."
Why? "One of the best 'trailer voiceover' actors, one of the best 'impersonator' actors, and of course, one of the best VAs period!"
Why? "It's hard to judge an actor based on a single performance, but I'd really like to see Draper take some more shots at voice-acting."
Why? "Much like Blum, there's a great sense of charisma behind Gilvezan between all of his voices."
Why? "This is probably THE guy who was my childhood icon in TV voice-acting. His broad range never ceases to amaze me after all this time."
Why? "Behind that voice is a gigantic layer of likeability that makes it incredibly impossible not to love this guy."
Why? "He's like a fireball that just came out of nowhere and burst to new heights when 2013 hit.... and we are all more than happy with that."
Why? "Very often, there's another role I find played by Fred that shows one further step on his range. And it really showcases his best talent."
Why? "There are few actors/comedians I've seen have untamed, uncompromising energy in their work. Gabriel is one of them."
Why? "One of the best female VAs to walk the earth, next to Tara Strong."
Why? "I'm hoping in time, he will find time to go into more voice-acting, because, in my opinion, he'd become a VA treasure."
Why? "A very underrated, spectacular voice actor who's still got the chops to pull off in his old age."
Why? "Even in the simplest of roles, Jeff Bennett always manages to put more effort into his vocal range, seldom using the same voice twice."
Why? "For every similar voice that he has used, he ALWAYS manages to sound more distinct from each other time he has done one."
Why? "Why not? :)"
Why? "His key trait behind the mic is authority, and he does a terrific job of maintaining it with his roles, such as Unicron and Brainiac."
Why? "Undoubtedly one of the best 'bass' vocal actors working to date."
Why? "Two words: unbelievable range."
Why? "A poster boy for eccentricity, and has the vocal range/capacity to back it up. What can I say? I'm a sucker for that."
Why? "Disney supposedly waited a long time in order to find the ideal voice of Sleeping Beauty. I can now see why he did."
Why? "While I never grew up watching Looney Tunes as much as everyone else, there's no denying that Mel Blanc is one its greatest aspects."
Why? "Whether you think he is a talented actor (which I certainly do) or not, one thing will always stand: his presence is undeniably legendary."
Why? "Criminally underrated. His performance as the Chief Blue Meanie really shows such an extensive range that he carries."
Why? "He is mostly known for one particular role. But it is also a role that is extremely prominent, great, and all-around inspiring to everyone."
Why? "An underrated one-role wonder: his work as Murdoc Niccals (Gorillaz) has just the perfect amount of grit and indecency the character has."
Why? "A massive icon for those who grew up watching 90s cartoons (including myself), and earns all the credit that he's warranted over the years."
Why? "Only known throughout the VA community for his performance in the album The Wall. But it's just the ticket to show how versatile he can go."
Why? "He has a somewhat flawless sense of charsima and presence in his roles, and it's impossible not to be enthralled by it. One of the best."
Why? "The mother of all of our animated childhood icons. (Quite literally)"
Why? "He has one of the most distinct voice ranges that I've ever seen in a voice actor. Definitely in my Top 5 VAs of all time."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Not so much from the shows as much as the ongoing IDW comics, to which, I believe, makes him my true favorite Transformer of all time."
Why? "An incredibly fun and enjoyable, but still a very well-developed character, too."
Why? "Al has likely the best combination of traits I've seen in a character: broken, compassionate, protective, and even hilarious at many times."
Why? "*fist bump* Blooloulouh. :)"
Why? "A very fun character. People might bash the latest imaginings of the character for having no voice, but in TFP, they take advantage of it."
Why? "The movie transforms her from a sullen, insecure girl into one of the bold, bravest, and possibly best characters in animated history."
Why? "Not one of the best characters by complexity or even by performance, but my, look at the design of this thing! It's absolutely stellar!"
Why? "He doesn't just break down the fourth wall: he breaks it down with brute force."
Why? "Great design, great personality, and the best possible voice actor for the role makes him one of my most favorite characters of the series."
Why? "To see a character grow from a personal journey, like Ed, is really something. Also refreshing to see a main character not entirely cynical"
Why? "Her curiosity and lust for life is something to be admired. If there's a caharacter you want to go on an adventure with, it's this one."
Why? "The best Disney villain of them all!"
Why? "He has an childlike, innocent mindset as well as a need to find identity. These are all traits that when done right, make a great character."
Why? "One of my most favorite of all animated villains."
Why? "One the best mother characters in cinematic history."
Why? "That imaginary childhood you had before? He's just been brought to life."
Why? "One of the greatest known heroes in all of movie and TV history. Also my favorite character of all time."
Why? "Soundwave: Superior. Autobots: Inferior."
Why? "Unlike Megatron, who always tends to look forward (metaphorically), Starscream seems to go in every direction (at a cost, no doubt)."
Why? "My number 1 childhood icon. He will always hold a place in my heart."
Why? "In his simplicity, presence, and surprising emotional capacity, Totoro is one of my favorite characters period."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Fullmetal Alchemist
Why? "The balance of all its traits- character, story, drama, heart- all blend together flawlessly, also fleshed with a well-dubbed cast overall."
Why? "Absurd, sarcastic, inappropriate, crude, vile, scandalous, immature... but absolutely one of the funniest shows to ever air in recent time."
Why? "Anyone who hasn't seen this show MUST watch, regardless of their preferences."
Why? "My 2nd favorite childhood show."
Why? "As a kid, I always kept coming back to this show, despite its grotesque and grisly themes. Obviously, there must be something good about it."
Why? "It's quite possibly one of the greatest aspects to come of the animation world EVER. And that is no small feat."
Why? "It's a very funny special from our favorite cat himself. When it needs to be, it also becomes quite legitimately scary."
Why? "The dark comedy in here is the funniest I've ever had the pleasure of hearing. Dark, cruel, witty, and above all, DOOM."
Why? "A tribute to the very kind of ingenious cartoon standard, and not just that, but also quite become an entity unto itself in the process."
Why? "When you're young, your perception of anything around you is big. And this show greatly takes advantage of capturing that perception."
Why? "A classic childhood favorite!"
Why? "From the first three seasons, I think this show brought more to us than most cartoons of that age did. Then Season 4 hit....."
Why? "Great comedy comes from great characters. This show has one of the best character ensembles I've ever seen."
Why? "Perhaps it's because of its exuberant nature and twist on such an infamous entity, but I enjoy this show more than I ever thought I would."
Why? "The formulatic structure gets tiring, but what really makes the show stand out is the voice acting, which is pitch perfect in every way."
Why? "Despite all the fans who prefer its preceder, The Last Airbender, I honestly like this show even better."
Why? "The focal point of my early childhood. The early episodes contained a very solemn nature that I appreciate at an older age now."
Why? "The crowning achievement of 80s animation. Of all the cartoons to come out of the era, this is the one that holds up the most."
Why? "The story is decent and solid. [Most of] the characters are excellent. Visually, it is rather... distracting."
Why? "People who think this show doesn't hold up today need to watch it again. Everything seems to firmly hold up now. Even the animation."
Why? "It's not the story that kept my attention, but all the characters: a trait in movies/shows that I believe should be most important oervall."
Why? "For a Transformers show devoid of any and all Decepticons, you could say that it is quite... deceptive."
Why? "Captures the spirit, vigor, and atmosphere of its predecessor Prime, while also capturing the heart of what all the previous shows had."
#1 All Time Favorite
Pink Floyd: The Wall
Why? "An odd choice, and it's not necessarily a pleasant film. But it's without a doubt one of the greatest film experiences that I've ever seen."
Why? "The film that greatly defined its generations, and all generations before and after it. One of the greatest cinematic experiences ever."
Why? "A very small film, but it is also a very effective one. In its own sense, it is a triumph of style and content. A must-view, if you ask me."
Why? "It captures both the dark side that comes with the 'capitalist' side of the holidays, as well as the lightheartedness of the good moments."
Why? "Does with movies as Atom Heart Mother does with music: bringing in complex elements to create a truly one-of-a-kind masterpiece."
Why? "A very unique and memorable film for the ages."
Why? "One element I favor most in movies is atmosphere; seeing this film gives me a whole new appreciation for that single element."
Why? "Good acting. Great visuals. Amazing music. Unforgettable songs!"
Why? "Clearly a movie that favors style over substance. But to me, the substance does surprisingly work... to an extent."
Why? "In terms of an emotion, visual, and perceptual scale, Bambi is without a doubt one of the greatest films of all time."
Why? "Disney's best animated feature."
Why? "Too many great- nay, phenomenal animated films have come out this year. Disney's best offering yet that truly says their back."
Why? "Marvel truly kicked off its run of 'marvelous' films here and Guardians. Let's hope they keep that streak rolling for the next few years."
Why? "There's a certain blend of charm, grit, and irony that makes this film work. I like it."
Why? "One of the best animated comedies to date."
Why? "If the first one had you rolling on the floor crying from laughter, wait until you get around to this one."
Why? "Guilty pleasure. That's all I can say. That, and Saphira is a severely underrated character in terms of movie dragons."
Why? "Wes Anderson's directing/writing style makes for a lot of creativity with his characters and visuals. This is where it's showcased the best."
Why? "I cannot begin to describe how captivating and beautiful this film is!"
Why? "People have been officially deeming this film as the revival of Disney (Romantic Era, perhaps?). I cannot disagree one single bit."
Why? "A sheer, stunning, devestating, raw, powerful masterpiece!"
Why? ""Is cinema dying?' I see this asked a lot, and I answer it with a humble 'no'. Why? This is the film that simply disproves the question."
Why? "Remember the classic epics like Star Wars and Lawrence of Arabia? This movie plays like a 21st century equivalent of those epics."
Why? "Few movies have truly scared (both in the past and now). This is one of them. Still one of the best horror flicks of all time."
Why? "Spike Jonze has not disappointed me. No matter what people think about Her, bad or good, there's no denying it does exactly what it needs."
Why? "I liked the style of this movie. The combination of music & characters mixed with Scarfe's masterful animation are aesthetically pleasing."
Why? "Has a few downer moments in its formulatic structure, but makes up for it in its superbly energized animation and excellent casting."
Why? "This movie just blew me away speechless. As what Up became to Pixar (their best film to date), How To Train Your Dragon is to Dreamworks."
Why? "So far the best summer movie of 2014: not just an effects extravaganza, but also has a very smart, in-depth emotional core at the heart."
Why? "The first Studio Ghibli film I ever watched, and it is still one of my all-time favorites!"
Why? "Much better than most people give it credit for. Still one of the most emotionally draining movies I've sat through after several years."
Why? "If you want an even better sci-fi mystery, I strongly recommend the film Dark City. But this one is also a very good thriller."
Why? "The mystery and wonder that shrouds Laputa, even when it is revealed, should leave a great impact on the viewer at hand."
Why? "In my opinion, this (and parts of the Looney Tunes Show) still manage to capture the wild, zany, creative spirit of the original shorts."
Why? "I feel I like this movie more than I should: despite plot holes and not enough runtime, the execution is what makes it a fascinating watch."
Why? "Perfect movie. Just pefect, perfect, PERFECT. No other word can come clsoe to properly describing this marvel."
Why? "Undoubtedly one of the best satirical comedies to come in film history, next to Airplane! and Young Frankenstein."
Why? "The best escapist movie of all time."
Why? "In a world where most blockbuster movies fade away from our memory, here is a film that will stick with you until the end."
Why? "Easily in my Top 5 movies of all time. Everything element in the masterpiece seems to come out so flawless."
Why? "Fincher's camerawork is beyond sublime, and the combination of smart characters with the film's terrifying atmosphere are unforgettable."
Why? "As far as the action/adventure flick goes? It's no Indiana Jones, but that doesn't stop it from becoming an enjoyable flick on it's own."
Why? "A top favorite of mine, and a very underrated one at that. It grasps a firm, strong hold on the likes of storytelling and visuals alike."
Why? "It has its weak points. But its strong points bring it up to a much higher level."
Why? "It's a Pokemon movie, which I rarely care for in terms of nostalgia or cinematic quality. But I greatly admire this one's atmosphere."
Why? "It's grand size and scope, which I'd actually compare to the Lion King, really makes this one stand out. Great animation and music as well."
Why? "A decent movie, but the elements that stand out for me are Darkrai and the movie's score (especially his theme)."
Why? "If you cry easily from overwhelming amounts of beauty in movies, this one will have you surrounded in an ocean of your own tears."
Why? "The greatest Studio Ghibli film next to Spirited Away. Also one of the best of all time."
Why? "I find this movie both a mess and a success. It is clearly jumbled, and yet, I found more enjoy from it than most blockbusters of 2012."
Why? "Not just a leading pioneer in the horror genre, but also a fantastic psychological profile, and an even greater genius in its advertising."
Why? "Quite surprising that a movie like this (especially geared towards family) found a lot of success. But it did, & it very much deserves it."
Why? "Holds a giant accolade for being one of the most wildly creative, imaginative, and inventive animated movies of all time."
Why? "The first movie honestly left me in a bad state of discomfort and boredom. Its successor, however, is the exact opposite."
Why? "This was the movie I watched the most as a kid. A decade later, it's still one of my favorites."
Why? "The first ever movie I was able to (and still can) quote in its entirety. It still make me laugh hard to this day."
Why? "There are only two kinds of people on Earth: those who love this movie to death, and those who haven't seen it. I belong to the 1st group."
Why? "The film has brought in the element of pure imagination and realizing it to its full potential. Every fantasy film should learn from this."
Why? "An amazing example of a story told both visually and emotionally marvelously."
Why? "Only under the right direction would a story like this really take off. With Spielberg and Jackson at the helm, it is under great hands."
Why? "You go into the theater expecting an awesome time. With this film, you get just that... and a little bit more."
Why? "The third only animated film I've ever seen with such brimming innovation and detail, and a timeless story to match with it."
Why? "Another great animated comedy."
Why? "The best Disney film of them all!"
Why? "The best superhero movie."
Why? "The best movie of the turn of the century."
Why? "What could've lied in treacherous depths of corporate pandering, blossoms a film that is extremely funny, smart, clever, and even exicting."
Why? "One of Disney's finest masterpieces."
Why? "The start of the Great Disney Renaissance began with the Little Mermaid: beautiful visuals, astonishing music, and great characters."
Why? "Throughout both your childhood and adulthood, this movie will stick with you until the end of time. One of the greatest!"
Why? "The story isn't nearly as impacting as other stories like Persepolis or Up. But it is was makes the film unique."
Why? "Oh how I love this film to death: the music, the tone, the characters, and the themes of it are just brilliant!"
Why? "Spongebob's last truly greatest hit. If we were told that THIS is when the show would end, then we all would've been ultimately satisfied."
Why? "Recobbled Cut only. The theatrically released versions are shameful, but Williams' true creation is fully realized with that cut."
Why? "Miyazaki brings us a tale not of fiction, but a blend of fiction into reality. In a way, I think this makes it his strongest film to date."
Why? "Most people will be offset by this film's very sporadic nature. But that's exactly the nature it needs to make it work."
Why? "Flawed, but severely underrated."
Why? "What traits made the show standout are multiplied by a hundred by the finale. The pros have far outweighed the cons, & that's a pro itself."
Why? "The best Pixar film, one of the best animated films, and one of the best films of the 21st century!"
Why? "Pure, unadulterated beauty."
Why? "I think this is a brilliant film. Not for being a timeless children's tale, but for being a tale of emotional need through imagination."
Why? "Suspension of logic must be required to watch this film, since none exists: only pure, untamed, childlike imagination at its finest."
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Why? "So many different reincarnations and personalities; all with the same characters and zest. There are so many to choose from."
Why? "This is one of the very few VC's I see where all the different takes on the character are all equally strong and satisfying."
Why? "All actors do decent job, but three of them above all (Cullen, Harnell, and Szarabajka) are the ones that stand out."
Why? "All of these portrayals of the familiar medic (along with a couple misses) are absolutely great to listen to."
Why? "There are no bad renditions in this compare; only ones that are better than others."
Why? "Whether you prefer the famed Decepticon to be manipulative, cunning, honorable, or pathetic, almost all renditions work to the core."
Why? "Particularly John and Orson. Orson makes the famed Transformers villain sound like a threat, whereas Noble makes him sound like a god."
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Bioshock Infinite
Why? "I went into this game expecting a lot; I came out of it never feeling more alive than I ever had with any other game I've ever played."
Why? "A great introduction to the franchise that would ultimately become notorious itself."
Why? "Easily my favorite of the series so far. Just the artwork and graphics alone left me in a state of awe."
Why? "Quite astonishing to look at and listen to."
Why? "It's wildly entertaining, has great controls, and provides a superb background on its entire viusal appeal."
Why? "Much like Spider Man 2's game, Order of the Phoenix's options to explore the world it has created makes it one of the better movie games."
Why? "The side features of this game, as well as the main questline, certainly makes this game better than anticipated."
Why? "It is evocative. It is stylistic, as well as substantial. It's background is more specific than most games I've played. I just love it."
Why? "If you were a 90's kid and you haven't spent a portion of your childhood playing this, there's a chance that you may need a reality check."
Why? "It really holds your attention. The speed, controls, and style of the game is enough to win you over."
Why? "Much like the show, it knows just how ell to capture a child's sense of adventure, only this time the children are playing along, too."
Why? "One of my very first childhood games. Shame I don't have it around anymore."
Why? "For a video game adapted directly from a movie, it is surprisingly spectacular."
Why? "Oh, how the great memories and nostalgia come back whenever I look at this game."
Why? "One of the first games I've ever played; will always hold a place in my heart."
Why? "The third (and still the very best) of the series."
Why? "I consider this piece as a hidden gem in the Star Wars saga. I think it should be looked into more by others."
Why? "Unbelievably addictive."
Why? "Countless hours well spent."
Why? "Nintendo fans rejoice! All of your most favorite video game characters have all come together into one action-packed game!"
Why? "Just the sheer scope of the game's beautiful landscapes and landmarks are enough to mark this as a favorite."
Why? "This game and its preceder Oblivion (which is also a favorite of mine) are some of most expansive and addictive games to date."
Why? "This isn't just a 3rd-person shooter: this is a 3rd person shooter infused with steroids and given several adrenaline shots! (a good thing)"
#1 All Time Favorite
Tom and Jerry (MGM)
Why? "Pure comedic GOLD."
Why? "I was never really the biggest fan when it came to Pokemon movies; the shorts, however, were much more entertaining and engrossing to me."