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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Colleen Clinkenbeard
Why? "One of my all time favorite voice actors. I seriously LOVE her voice. An IMPRESSIVE range playing the likes of Luffy, Riza, and Yuko!!!"
Why? "Love him as Alphonse Elric!!!"
Why? "He was a great Nick Fury!!"
Why? "Carlton Banks."
Why? "Loved her after hearing her as Sully and Cherche. Hope to hear more from her."
Why? "Deka Yellow!!"
Why? "It's BILL MURRAY, what more do I have to say?"
Why? "He has a fantastic presence on and off screen. Awesome voice and range, playing the likes of Scar, Cell, and Handsome Jack among others."
Why? "He IS Hitman!!! Nuff said!!"
Why? "My favorite narrator of the Smash games."
Why? "PINHEAD!!!!"
Why? ""I get my boxer shorts at K-Mart in Cincinnati.""
Why? "Greg Parker!!!"
Why? "His performances as Dark Danny and Mongul were BONE CHILLING!!!"
Why? "Jen from Time Force!!"
Why? "One of my favorites growing up, and remains to this day. Has a great vocal range and has played a large variety of characters."
Why? "He narrated for My Dog Skip!! Need I say more??"
Why? "ED LANE!!!"
Why? "Russell from Up!!!"
Why? "Love her as Zelda!!"
Why? "The Japanese Sonic the Hedgehog!! OH what a great VIEW!!"
Why? "Hilary Banks!!!"
Why? "TEKKEN and Marshall/Forest Law, nuff said."
Why? "Rather new to her work, but she has one of the loveliest voices I ever heard!! Love her as Jun Kazama, Rin, Mirania, among others."
Why? "Jason Bourne. That is all."
Why? "Tenchi Masaki!!"
Why? "Loved him since Fire Emblem!! Awesome voice, and IMPRESSIVE range with roles like Chrom, Alvin, Kiritsugu, Levi, Stryker, among others."
Why? "Could we BE any more white trash? I don't know but Donald Trump wants his blue blazer black. Checking out the CHAN CHAN MAN!!!"
Why? "He's the man of 1000 voices for a reason."
Why? "Troy Bradshaw, and "Superboy" Babitch!!!"
Why? "Gordon Leary was my favorite of the Captains in LA Noire."
Why? "Pretty awesome newcomer. I love him as Apollo Justice, Kellam, among others. I hope he goes far."
Why? "My second favorite Doctor!!!"
Why? "Well I'm gonna cancel your library card!! You can't fire me I quit!! Seems I don't fit in."
Why? "OH MY GLOOB!!"
Why? "Lead Singer of Judas Priest. THIS IS THE PAINKILLER!!!!!"
Why? "POW!!"
Why? "The one and only Captain Falcon!!"
Why? "Great as Asuka Kazama!!!"
Why? "Adorable as Catbug and Young Grizzly."
Why? "Love him as Hwoarang and Baek!!! You're barely enough for a warm-up."
Why? "SPIKE!!!"
Why? "Awesome newcomer as Cynthia and Say'ri!! Hope to hear more of her!!"
Why? "The Master Chief himself!!!"
Why? "Awesome as Glenn and Wan!!!"
Why? "She was TERRIFYING as The Other Mother!!!"