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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Tara Strong
Why? "The Number one female voice actor that pops to the mind is Tara Strong - The Amazing. She has voiced over 400 roles with ease of range."
Why? "He presents a totally new blend of sound for Batman, which is pretty overdue."
Why? "Incredible"
Why? "This guy is great because he voiced so many famous characters that were honestly made famous because of his voice like kenpachi."
Why? "This man is simply amazing. He has voiced over 1000 characters in his time and continues to grace us will his talents today. I do admire him"
Why? "He's able to convey great comedic feel in his voice."
Why? "Plays Sebastion"
Why? "Voiced Hei and a lot other favorites"
Why? "Great range for his age"
Why? "Although he isn't the lead in many shows, his voice is still admirable. He can alter his voice anytime he wants according to the character."
Why? "From Missouri like me and awesome range"
Why? "This guy is amazing. His vocal abilities are so artistic in the way they adjust to the different scene and character. His range is great."
Why? "This guy is great because he is probably the most flexible voice actor I know. He can go from a deep wolverine to a high Cleveland Jr."
Why? "simply amazing"
Why? "Just amazing versatile in her voice roles. She can voice various distinct characters in a show."
Why? "Her vocal range and quality is amazing. I hope I can come close to that one day."
Why? "Voiced Alphonse Elric. She is awesome."
Why? "Amazing"
Why? "Eeyore and Optimus"
Why? "The best Kenshin and Ikkaku"
Why? "great voice patter"
Why? "This guy's range is unbelievable. If I can one day voice as many ranged characters as him, I'll be happy with my skills."
Why? "This guy also has an amazing voice range. Plus, he's voiced one of my favorite's as a kid Goku, King kai, and others that I'll remember."
Why? "One of my favorite voice actors because of his amazing voice range abilities. He also inspired me to enjoy voice acting and appreciate it."
Why? "Incredible"
Why? "He's really young, but he's been able to voice so many roles already. Great job"
Why? "Man of 500+ voices. Simply amazing."
Why? "This guy is awesome too. Pllus he voiced great characters like superman, cell, thor, etc. Great actor."
Why? "Amazing/ edward"
Why? "This man is very very talented. Not only does he speak various langauges, but he's talented in various ranges as well."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "He's incredibly intelligent, and eats awesome deserts."
Why? "Cool personality and voice"
Why? "Amazing performance that made the cat an idol to a lot of kids"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Samurai Champloo
Why? "Amazingly chill anime that you just can't get very often."
Why? "It's lasted a lot longer than a lot of great anime/manga and I hope it keeps going strong for another 10 years."
Why? "The graphical portrayal of the fights in this series is amazing."
#1 All Time Favorite
Justice League: War
Why? "It's a totally different take on how superheroes can sound less like the corny captain american tone and more like your everyday person."