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Project Title: [cancelled] Witch's Dimension OCT - Episode 0
Auditions Deadline: Monday, June, 8 2015 [ 11:59pm PST ]
Format: Visual
Category: Cartoon
Classification: Original (non-licensed)
Offering: None
Audio Format: mp3
Contact Details:
Status: Closed
Public Auditions: Yes [ Yes means the public is welcome to listen to auditions submitted to this project ]
Characters: 3 [ number of characters available for audition ]
Auditions Submitted: 20
Views: 954
Owner: Daktoa
Date Created: May 3 2015
UPDATE: Sorry to everyone who was excited for this. Due to outside conditions I won't be able to make this animation. You all had great auditions and I may have a new audition up in the future. Again, sorry for the cancellation, thank you all for your interest!

The Witch's Dimension is an alternate dimension populated by Witch's, Warlocks, and Mages. It is said that if someone is able to reach the Queen's chamber, she will return them anything they may have lost, no matter how great the value.

Our story begins with C and Tag, two young inventors who have just created the first working human teleporter, which they named "the Streamline:. While Tag is eager to release this invention to the public, C has mixed feelings about it, and is unwilling to part with her invention. Amidst her and Tag's arguing, they are visited by Alastar, an undercover ambassador from the Witch's Dimension looking to purchase the Streamline from them. When C and Tag deny his offer, he storms out of their apartment, telling them they will regret their choice.
This proves to be true, as they begin experiencing supernatural occurrences around their apartment, including the disappearance of the hard drive containing all the data on the Streamline. They eventually realize it must have been Alastar who stole the data, and so using a beta teleporter they had invented, they travel to the Witch's Dimension to reclaim the hard drive before it is used to bring destruction on all mankind.


Apologies for the sloppy character images, I'm still working around with the designs so I only have rough drafts up for now. I'll update them as soon as I can.

If you are wondering what this project will turn out as, here are some of my previous works:

A comedy about a egotistical failure of a villain trying to take over an MMO
as well as a drama about a time traveler in her attempts to save a mystical city from destruction


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Name: C
Gender: Female
Age: Teenager
A genius inventor with no regard for social norms. She is the creator of the Streamline and the head of the She speaks with a detached sounding voice and never makes eye contact with those she speaks to. The only person she is remotely fond of is Tag, whom she has known for the majority of her life. She doesn't do well alone and often needs his help to do anything that isn't science.
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Audition Lines:
Line 1:
"(bored/spastic) I really don't care what the audience thinks, we have to find out where those files are being uploaded to before it gets out of hand. We can't just sit around while a big corporation steals our blueprints."
Line 2:
"(hopeless/defeated/broken) You keep telling me those things but you know they aren't true. No matter how many ways you phrase it you can't change the truth. I'm not strong."
Line 3:
"(excited/devious) *sly chuckle* This is it, this is our new motivation! We'll get back the hard drive then use it to finally leave this awful place."


Name: Raine
Gender: Male
Age: Teenager
The haughty, more sociable inventor who worked along with C to create the Streamline, as well as being the face of the project. He is normally calm and collected, opposite to that of C. He offers moral support for C and usually keeps her out of danger. While the two of them may not always get along, he has vowed to watch over her as her friend.
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Audition Lines:
Line 1:
"(announcing/spokesperson) The world has had many scientific breakthroughs, but there are some discoveries that were deemed impossible. Today we have changed that perspective, with the invention of the world's first human teleporter."
Line 2:
"excited/yelling) Alright! This is more like it! Let's go! *charging yell*"
Line 3:
"(angry/emotional/sad) You can't do this! Think of all the lives that are at stake! You're stronger than this, I know you are!"


Name: Alastor
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
A devious and sly knight desiring nothing more than to protect the Queen. Should anyone disrespect the queen he will not hesitate to eliminate that person. He speaks with charm and aristocracy; it is very difficult to tell what is truth and what is fiction in his speech. He almost sounds like he's trying to sell you something.
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Audition Lines:
Line 1:
"(suave/businesslike) I'm sure you're wondering why I've approached you. I am here on business for one of my clients, you see, we are interested in purchasing your invention."
Line 2:
"(devious/sly) It appears you've made a foul choice in coming here. It would have been much better for you to accept the proposal, but I suppose you'll have to fight for the hard drive now."
Line 3:
"(enraged/cocky) Don't you dare speak of the queen like that! I might just have to cut out that little tongue of yours..."

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