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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Jim Cummings
Why? "Distinctive, dedicated to his work, and generally iconic as a voice actor. He helped in shaping my childhood, as cliched as that sounds."
Why? "Like father, like son. Akio more or less brandishes charm and an unmistakable presence similar to his dad, but in a different way."
Why? "Shiranui Mai, mairi masu!"
Why? "His generally booming voice is a great fit for characters like Raoh, Adam Blade, and Soichiro Takagi."
Why? "One of the sexiest-sounding voice actresses I've ever had the pleasure of coming across, regardless of nationality."
Why? "The quality of this man's voice is simply incredible. GO AHEAD, MR. JOESTHUURR"
Why? "He's alone in the new pollution"
Why? "I've got too many VAs with memorable voices that come to mind, and Ben Diskin's certainly in that camp. Kids Next Door, battle stations!"
Why? "He brings that specific kind of personality and charm to his roles that make him a distinctive force to be reckoned with in the VA realm."
Why? "Doodily doo ding dong doodily doodily doo."
Why? "Party party, join us, join us, party party, join us, join us, shake your tail when you can..."
Why? "I heard he had an iffy start, but Bryce has come a helluva long way since. Just listen to him as Rin Okumura, for instance!"
Why? "One of the most robust voice actresses associated with FUNimation. Glass is pretty much a virtuoso at her craft."
Why? "The versatility she can muster up is nothing short of admirable. Potatoes smell like flowers."
Why? "To this day, Tsurara is still my favorite role from Cassandra. But she's also got Ritsu, Leafa, Paku, and Lei-Fang; I just love her voice!"
Why? "Not only is he Luigi and Waluigi, but Homunculus, Orvus, Cat in the Hat, and Paarthurnax. Charles Martinet has some surprising range on him."
Why? "Probably one of the most unsubtle VAs I've ever heard - which I mean in the best way possible, for the record."
Why? "He had a lot of force as well as character behind his voice. Up there with one of the best classic seiyuu in the world. R.I.P., Chikao."
Why? "So. Much. Promise. He's amazing as Avdol and Silva, not to mention GundHAM Tanaka."
Why? "You just can't go wrong with Christopher Sabat! From Zoro to Colonel Armstrong, and to even Garterbelt, the man's clearly oozing badassery."
Why? "Imagine his voice as every Sonic the Hedgehog character. The guy's certainly a legend! "I have a fever, and the only prescription is oh no.""
Why? "Ranging from Hiei to Dr. Franken Stein to Kululu and even bit roles like Arson, Huber is one of FUNimation's most unforgettable performers."
Why? "His deep, imposing voice is easily recognizable and houses much in the way of depth. He gave us memorable performances over the years."
Why? "There's only two words needed to sum up Corey: sheer genius. Hugo Strange, Argost, N. Gin, Ratchet, Count Dooku... Practically a chameleon!"
Why? "This is a pretty fabulous tent."
Why? "Cerebella and Noel Vermillion are two things, but Killua is another ballgame. Cristina's come a fairly long way as an actress."
Why? "He conceived an incredibly addictive fighting game series in Guilty Gear. On top of that, Ishiwatari's also a splendid musician!"
Why? "Dakara, ore ga sabaku!!"
Why? "What do I say that hasn't already been said? Dan Green is only one of the finest voice talents in NY, and his timbre screams awesome."
Why? "A terribly overlooked VA who manages to impress under great direction; his performances as Amaimon, Mikado, and Xu Shu are proof of that."
Why? "He was a monster of a vocalist in his prime, and whilst he has since deteriorated in skill, Megadave himself remains recognizable and cool."
Why? "Can't say no to the beauty and the beast. Bowie was equally influential and a bonafide songwriting wizard. He'll forever live on in spirit."
Why? "The range on this man is absolutely incredible. Clank, Khyber, Optimus Prime, Grimlock, Recoome... He's way past good."
Why? "One of the industry's stone cold VAs who was definitely up there with the likes of Don Messick. Such a wide range on Butler, too. May he RIP"
Why? "Be they intellectuals, merely brainy, or outright comical roles, one can usually count on this man to deliver."
Why? "Really underrated VA, which could be said for most of the talent that SNK have used over time. He's the voice of Mr. Karate, so why not"
Why? "His contributions to SNK are nothing if not zesty. My favorite Eiji Yano role for now is a tie between Freeman and Kensou."
Why? "Without this man, Red Hot Chili Peppers wouldn't be nearly as noteworthy as they were back then and now. Awesome bassist!"
Why? "He's essentially gone on to be a legend, hyperbole or otherwise. Whether it be Fred Jones, Megatron, Dr. Claw, or even Totoro, Welker's FINE"
Why? "He was the vocalist for Malice Mizer and has a solo career that's still going strong from a commercial perspective. Why not?"
Why? "Come on, this is the lead vocalist for Cannibal Corpse we're talking about."
Why? "Whenever he isn't miscast, Greg can sure dish out a helluva performance. His distinct voice can be used to pull off roles such as Ganta!"
Why? "You know this cell may stink at math, but I can still multiply!"
Why? "We accept you, we accept you. One of us."
Why? "Oh, I've wasted my life..."
Why? "She's not only King, but also Nakoruru, Charlotte, and Blue Mary. What a delicious voice, amirite?"
Why? "Aye aye sir!"
Why? "I did not know we were supposed to bring shovels."
Why? "Really can't imagine anyone else for Pikachu. Outside of the Pokemon, Otani's also got Mannish Boy, Nej, Chopper, Cheadle, and Konohamaru."
Why? "He definitely boasts a snazzy narrator's voice, and mere words for his takes on Gold Lightan and Skullomania just don't do them justice."
Why? "From the roles I've heard, he is nothing short of valuable and boasts an iconic voice."
Why? "He's the likes of Dr. Gel, Scar, Isaac, and even Dororo. There's no way I couldn't enjoy J. Michael Tatum's work even if I forced myself."
Why? "Simply one word can be said about Gilbert: underrated."
Why? "Even if he's given bad material to work with (e.g. Johnny Test), JAT can still impress with his remarkable range and staying power as a VA."
Why? "It's hard NOT to appreciate Jamie. From Panty to Liz Thompson, well... the woman herself's not only a beauty, she has a wondrous voice!"
Why? "Imposing, resonant, distinct, and downright hammy (of the good sort). These qualities and then some are what make Price a compelling VA."
Why? "With a voice that's sweet as it is charismatic, Janice Kawaye has a certain flair that just makes her irresistible."
Why? "Don't. Touch. The glasses."
Why? "Free-for-all!"
Why? "Pretty much distinguishable in voice, yet unrestrained as far as range is concerned. A prolific name in the field, no doubt about that."
Why? "He sports remarkable range, to say the least. Wakko, Crash, Captain Hero, Ironhide... Ultimately intriguing."
Why? "For me, his prime will always be during the FGWSSS-era of Mindless Self Indulgence. Still, you can't deny that Little Jimmy Urine's a badass"
Why? "Ranging from Bender to The Joker all the way to Tiny Tiger, name me one or two people out there who can't find something to like about John"
Why? ""That's Mister Kaneda to you, punk!" Don't forget about everybody's favorite... "Bite me!""
Why? "Nakata oozes copious amounts of badassery thanks to his timbre and unforgettable presence in the voice acting domain. DRAGON INSTALL!"
Why? "Vocally charismatic as well as having a decent range. Jon Bailey is the only reason I even remotely bother with Screen Junkies... and BEWBS."
Why? "Dandy, Aizawa, Maguro, Grimmjow... Suwabe boasts a very stylish and suave voice that could just about anybody faint just from one word."
Why? "She's a great seiyuu with a voice that's got a lot of personality to it and can be pretty charming to hear."
Why? "Kan Tokumaru's voice work in the Capcom fighting games that he was involved in won't be forgotten. R.I.P."
Why? "Insufferable personality + great music = all sorts of intriguing, for better or worse. Too many Urkels on your team."
Why? "Vanessa is one thing, the likes of Shiki, Kisarah, and Yuzu form another tale. She's underrated like a lot of seiyuu SNK tends to work with."
Why? "Ranging from Feitan to Retro to Shigechi all the way to even Bugs Bunny, Yamaguchi's an all-around enjoyable seiyuu. Not much else to add."
Why? "Karen's diversity is enough for me to deem her a personal favorite, not to mention the quantum of emoting she puts into many roles."
Why? "It takes an idiot to do cool things. That's why it's cool."
Why? "That's the way Team Dai-Konishi rolls!"
Why? "He isn't only Kakashi Hatake, but also Kars, Reiji Arisu, Genocide, and even Ozpin as well. Pretty venerable voice."
Why? "An awesome-sounding seiyuu with some equally great characters under his belt. Mugen, Zapp, Soma, Zoro... Nakai is a beast!"
Why? "Versatile range with an equally rad trademark voice. Really there's more than quite a bit to like about what Keith's adept at."
Why? "Palm, Lust, Valkyrie, and of course I-No. Kikuko Inoue has an alluring voice that comes with a healthy dose of charm."
Why? "Easily recognizable voice plus an ability to take on a lot of archetypes equals an all-around magnificent VA in Kirk."
Why? "To say his range is diverse would be an understatement. Easily one of the best seiyuu out there."
Why? "His voices for Gato, Yamazaki, and Garterbelt are all excellent. Ishii's performance as Honest was also good even if the character sucked."
Why? "I kinda grew up on his performances as Yun-seong, Hiryu, and Szayel. Kosuke has other roles outside of these three that I siimply find cool."
Why? "The "oneesan" within the Japanese VO industry, and a woman who harnesses oodles of range. Heil, Ilpalazzo!"
Why? "Iori Yagami. Not only Iori, but Hurricane Polymar as well. Still, Kunihiko Yasui is Iori first and foremost."
Why? "Who the hell do you think I am?!"
Why? "The future is not written!"
Why? "Primus sucks!"
Why? "Cortex is my all-time favorite Lex role, but you can't do too wrong with the man. Essentially amazing at his craft."
Why? "Liam O'Brien boasts a voice that's definitely hard to forget, and it's never a dull time for me whenever his performances and I cross paths."
Why? "Her various roles in Pokemon, Amy, Lina, Bunwa... Man, am I infatuated with what Ortiz can do as a VA."
Why? "I've used the phrase "one of the best" before, though in this lady's case, I really mean that. Luci is versatile as she is simply amazing."
Why? "So many likable roles. Try telling me what character archetype she *can't* pull off well."
Why? "The Joker, Luke Skywalker, Mr. Selatcia, Fire Lord Ozai... All these excellent roles and more provided by an uber-great man."
Why? "The godfather of the whole Abridged Series thing and a very talented, colorful VA and personality. Honestly how can one not respect LK?"
Why? "Both an accomplish voice actress *and* director. Her recognizably sultry, mature voice is a sound for sore ears."
Why? "Heh, heh. Moetaro?"
Why? "Pretty underrated seiyuu; not so much as Kazuya Mishima, but he's underappreciated generally speaking."
Why? "There's no way you can ever knock Mercer out!"
Why? "I deeply resent this."
Why? "Though a little miscast as Angel, Mayumi Shintani delivers great performances as Haruko, Midori, and of course Nonon."
Why? "She is simply fantastic as Shinji and Kumagawa."
Why? "Godlike presence and a wide range of voices. Mel will forever be missed."
Why? "There's a specific charm alongside appeal to her voice that automatically makes this VA someone you can't miss."
Why? "Annie, are you OK?"
Why? "With his rich, awesome timbre, Michael McConnohie is a voice actor as well as narrator who I never find myself getting sick of."
Why? "Smells like bad spirits!"
Why? "She's one of my all-time favorite voice actresses in California! If it wasn't for the likes of Yoko Littner and Etna, then... yeah, exactly."
Why? "The creator of memorable shows such as King of the Hill and of course Beavis & Butt-head. Rarely does Mike Judge ever disappoint."
Why? "He really IS a man of a thousand voices! Mike's work with Mr. Bungle is particularly mesmerizing."
Why? "Said to be one of the most hardworking seiyuu out there. Kusanagi, Sean, Champa, 666, Kaneda... Those roles alone showcase his dedication."
Why? "Simply put, she's one of those newer Japanese VAs who more often than not tends to be a cut above the rest. A great seiyuu with potential!"
Why? "The seiyuu's moniker is as lovable as his involvement with SNK throughout the years."
Why? "Morgan has one of the coolest, most charismatic voices on Earth. Flawless for narration and worthy for godlike beings."
Why? "Pure, unadulterated sweetness. HYAH!!"
Why? "Memeworthy he may be, Norio Wakamoto is one of my all-time favorite Japanese voice actors/actresses. He brings a lot of charm to his roles."
Why? "Hosoi's Dan in the Street Fighter series is iconic at this point, and some of the Japanese VA's roles are also quite good."
Why? "He's been super remarkable as of late. Surprising amount of range for a relative newcomer and proper acting abilities to boot. Good man!"
Why? "I'm ready for ya... Bring it on!"
Why? "From neurotic to outright hilarious, Richard Steven Horvitz is a VA who's certainly shaped my childhood years. He's got a lot of fun roles."
Why? "That deep voice of his is never not a delight whether it be his Yoshikage Kira, Klaus Von Reinherz, Azazel, Deep Sea King, and other roles."
Why? "One of the few entertaining VAs residing in Japan regardless of getting bad direction or otherwise."
Why? "You know what they say: ART IS AN EXPLOSION!"
Why? "He has an incredibly swell, magnificent voice to listen to, and he's also one of the first seiyuu I took notice of. EXCELLENT!"
Why? "Frieza and Mayuri Kurotsuchi are iconic not only for their personalities, but due to the fact that Nakao made them completely worthwhile! "
Why? "He can play a multitude of character archetypes really well and the charm emanating from Riegel's voice is a delight and a half."
Why? "One of the few modern seiyuus who have yet to not impress me so far. Hayami is essentially a breath of fresh air in the industry."
Why? "Aku wa yurusan! HAH!"
Why? "Everyone, share your energy with me!"
Why? "It's hard to pick an all-time favorite Shinichiro Mikirole when the man has a lot of enjoyable roles in his arsenal. Tight range as well."
Why? "Heart, Baraggan, Nappa, Cortex, T. Hawk... One thing's for certain that Shozo excels at villains, those who are large and in charge, etc."
Why? "He has a slew of enjoyable roles that just never get old. Strait's got quite the character behind those voices, too."
Why? "A real cute voice with an equally cute appearance to match. Sheh is undoubtedly one of my favorite voice actresses involved in anime."
Why? "He's Steve Blum; he was Spike; he is Wolverine; he is Vilgax; he is Orochimaru. The man's a legend. Speaking of which, don't forget Leeron!"
Why? "Captain Commando, Ganondorf, Cervantes, Darun, DK... These characters and more demonstrate just how electrifying Nagasako is as a seiyuu."
Why? "He's so charming. His forte might lie in villains given how smooth and menacing his voice is, but Koyasu's just a fantastic seiyuu overall."
Why? "She boasts so many good roles even if there's a character she's voiced that isn't exactly likable per se. One of the best voice actresses."
Why? "A legendary being whose status is well-earned. Optimus, Zangief, Kurama, Raoh, Janemba, Oculus... Been around since the 70s and still going."
Why? "Ken Masters, Guy, and Kensuke Aida. There's a lot of energy behind this seiyuu's voice that makes Iwanaga unavoidable."
Why? "If his voice doesn't scream "memorable" to you, I have no idea what will. Symmetry is awesome!"
Why? "He's pretty much a modern legend at this point in time. Tom Kenny not only has a fairly wide range, he's incredibly likable as well."
Why? "It seems to me that you're the EXPERT, Tommy!"
Why? "Not only an exceptional voice director, but a great (and prolific) VA in his own right. So entertaining to listen to."
Why? "Rugal befeated. He'll be back... you jerks!"
Why? "He's lent a badass voice to characters that mean business one way or another. From Ryu to Mitsurugi and even Ninja Slayer, he's too good!"
Why? "What can I say? He gives the HAM in Willingham purpose... and he's dead sexy in a miniskirt!"
Why? "His very voice is an escapist character if it were a person. What else can I say that hasn't already been said enough?"
Why? "OH MY GOD!"
Why? "Just an all-around memorable seiyuu. His voice in Capcom's fighting games are the reason he's one of my favorites; what unique performances!"
Why? "They see me mowin' my front lawn/I know they're all thinking I'm so white and nerdy"
Why? "Probably one of the toughest voice actresses to typecast. Femme fatales, young boys, genki girls... Hardly a dull moment concerning Wendee."
Why? "Rentaro Satomi, Speed-o'-Sound Sonic, Issei Hyodo, and of course Eren Jaeger. Kaji is also a worthy successor to Nobuyuki Hiyama's Link."
Why? "Her singing is killer, though her resume as a seiyuu is nothing to sneeze at either; Shino, Emi, Hana, and Mio alone prove that much."
Why? "There's never a dull moment when it comes down to Yuji Ueda. Putting it simply, he's not easy to get pigeonholed."
Why? "Her naturally high-pitched voice is adorable as it is engaging."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Absolutely hilarious. Be her snarky, mischievous, or apathetic, Sucy's easily a standout character in the LWA series. Course she's cute too."
Why? "Weak!"
Why? "Hands down the most three-dimensional and surprising character in this series - which is saying a lot."
Why? "She's undeniably entertaining post-Episode 4, and practically steals the show. Bless you, Miyu Matsuki R.I.P."
Why? "FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! You cannot escape the wrath of my almighty bunghole!"
Why? "A ridiculously hot-blooded bounty hunter with an affinity for showing his boo--- I mean, MOVES. "YES!!!""
Why? "How many breads have you eaten in your life? ZA WARUDO!"
Why? "He's a simple and straight-to-the-point type of main protagonist, but also really fun and memorable too. He is a Saiyan raised on Earth!"
Why? "An overpowered piece of crap in Exe:Late, but easily one of the best designs to come out of the UNIB franchise regardless."
Why? "BWAAAAAH! Hank stands out amongst the various cartoon dads by sheer virtue of not being a complete moron. He sells propane, I tell ya hwhat."
Why? "Ukulele no good."
Why? "Old age means nothing to this memorable Mishima. Equal parts menacing and hilarious, Heihachi has an undeniably recognizable presence."
Why? "Not even the king of hell could stand against my blade."
Why? "Just an all-around fun character to use in Street Fighter III, although her incarnation in SSFIV was pretty sweet as well."
Why? "Sono mama shine! Easily one of the best rivals to a main protagonist (in this case, Kyo) in any fighting game series."
Why? "He bounces off Mugen incredibly well and boasts a coolness factor which is practically off the charts. Practical, yet badass nonetheless."
Why? "Arguably just as important to the plot as Gon himself is. In fact, there are times when I find myself enjoying Killua way more!"
Why? "A captivating blend of open-mindedness, stoicism, and generosity. She's at her best when sounding Hermes, yet works just as well standalone."
Why? "That's MAMA Luigi to you, Mario! *wheeze*"
Why? "Attractive, lively, and has an entertaining relationship with Andy (flanderization aside). NIPPON ICHI!"
Why? "One word: EXPLOSION!"
Why? "Tim Curry. Smashing. BLARGH. No further comments to offer."
Why? "Recite your death haiku!"
Why? "He's only ever had one appearance so far, and GOOD LORD...! Norimaro made his inclusion into MSHvsSF count hard. What a lovable design."
Why? "A super snazzy character who ought to appear in more KOF titles soon. Rock is a great compromise between Geese and Terry."
Why? "Influential as he is recognizable. Though a little bland in retrospect, Ryu continues to make a great impression as a character overall."
Why? "OPM = Overpowered Man. Aside from that, he's just your average, ordinary, everyday superhero. Now keep it to 20 words or less!"
Why? "Watch out, you're gonna crash! AHHH!!"
Why? "One of my favorite characters associated with Capcom in general. Great demeanor, badass design, and simply fun to use in the MvC series."
Why? "Probably the most multi-faceted tsundere I've come across. She's an outright engaging and strong female lead in general, really."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Hunter x Hunter (2011)
Why? "Great characters with relatively distinctive designs, impressive animation, and neat storytelling make HxH a cut above the rest of its peers"
Why? "Matrimonial freedom!!!"
Why? "Baccano! is nearly flawless from start to finish. Never have I found myself more immersed in an anime like this before. Don't lose interest."
Why? "Even after MTV went downhill, this cartoon still makes me piss myself laughing at times. Mike Judge, please tell me you're Jesus... NOW!"
Why? "Thoughtful and simultaneously appealing from an artistic standpoint. It can be a little convoluted, but the show is generally engaging."
Why? "Flawed? Yes. Time-consuming? Yes. Was FUNimation's older dub ridiculous? Oh yeah. But you can't deny that DBZ was a part of your childhood!"
Why? "This was THE series that got me into anime altogether! Ergo, I need not explain any further..."
Why? "With a cast of mostly likeable characters, unashamed fanservice, and a nifty storyline, Highschool DxD doesn't disappoint much."
Why? "While dumb, it more often than not tends to be aware of how stupid it can get. A highly entertaining romp worth more than just the surface."
Why? "Despite some filler, KLK has way more pros than cons; pros that transcend humanity and clothing. It's a batcrap crazy, memorable title!"
Why? "There's hardly a weak spot to be found within the show. It's all-around thoughtful, consistent, and fortunately lacks in pretentiousness."
Why? "Don't say death when you're around us. Hamburger time."
Why? "A likable, passionate show which can convince anyone to be a hero irl. Both the Japanese and English dubs are strong. PLUS ULTRA!"
Why? "No anime has made me do as much thinking as Evangelion did. In spite of its animation flaws, NGE ends up being nothing less than brilliant."
Why? "Weak on characterization, but extremely passable when it comes to just about everything else. A surprisingly likeable anime!"
Why? "100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and a 10km run EVERY SINGLE DAY!!"
Why? "It's not flawless and the hype for this anime can be too much sometimes. However, its darker and edgier approach is very welcome."
Why? "Pretty much almost perfect. Blending chanbara with a prominent hip-hop flavor, Samurai Champloo is graced with both style and substance."
Why? "It's a giant barrel of enjoyment. For those with a twisted, dirty sense of humor, Shimoneta should be your kind of party."
Why? "One of the few anime series that I watched for more than twice! I still can't get over its ending..."
Why? "The first three seasons and the movie alone have aged very well over time. The older material remains quotable as it is simply entertaining."
Why? "Incredibly smart and downright funny at times, particularly if the seasons after the first one are of any indication. "***** synthesis!""
Why? "With a great first cour and an even stronger, bolder, realistic second half, this anime will surprise you in ways thought to be unfathomable"
#1 All Time Favorite
Spirited Away
Why? "English or Japanese, I could watch this film again and again - and I still wouldn't get tired of it. It's a flawless anime movie."
Why? "Akira is a LOT of things: the film has iconic characters, ground-breaking animation (for its time), and quite interesting elements!"
Why? "Though a bit of a short anime movie, Dead Leaves would lose its charm if the film went on for longer than it did. Really expressive, also!"
Why? ""Kimochi warui.""
Why? "Gripping, grim, harrowing, and yet achingly beautiful to witness; arguably more so than the album this film's a companion piece to."
Why? "If Wacky Races and Dead Leaves had a baby, then its name would most likely be Redline. My word, what a fantastic anime film!"
Why? "To me, The Lion King is one of Disney's greatest animated films. What's not to like about it? It's capable of encompassing a range of moods."
Why? "Equal parts funny, exciting, and a downright tearjerker. Satoshi Kon and Madhouse know how to deliver."
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Why? "That's why J.J. pays me the big bucks!"
Why? "Hey, Bass! Why must I fight you? We are not enemies!"
Why? "He's pretty much the first shoto to ever come into existence. The VC for Ryu on this site is one of my personal favs. His path is long..."
Why? "You're too slow!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
The King of Fighters XIII
Why? "If you haven't already, get KOF XIII pronto. Incredible game, as well as my very first game in the series (not counting dream match titles)."
Why? "A fairly overlooked game in the Castlevania series that boasts some pretty underrated voice acting. It's really entertaining as a whole."
Why? "Easily one of the most enjoyable fighting games I've ever spent hours on, even if it *is* a non-traditional example of one."
Why? "Though not nearly as good as San Andreas, you'll still manage to get a kick out of what GTA: Vice City has to offer. Memorable soundtrack."
Why? "Insanely addictive! The characters are stylish, the music (especially the HD version) kicks ass, and the gameplay engine is such a blast!"
Why? "Marvel vs. Capcom 2 might be unbalanced, but that just makes everything else in general more nostalgic! Too bad I lost this magnum opus..."
Why? "One of my first Xbox games. From what I can remember, its quirkiness meshed well with the hybrid-esque gameplay."
Why? "It's Pokemon except the game basically discards the RPG elements... AND IN 3D, TO BOOT! I have fond memories of Stadium 1, to say the least."
Why? "Rectifies some of the issues I had with PXZ1. Despite the relatively easier difficulty level, it's a fun, near-perfect game!"
Why? "I might be exaggerating, but this game is everything the Grand Theft Auto series wished it was at this point. The replay value is unreal!"
Why? "This is THE definitive 3D installment, alongside Generations. Despite its flaws, Adventure 2 ends up being a memorably fun game!"
Why? "Prepare to strike, now!"
Why? "Minus the Subspace Emissary, Brawl is just... well, there's no way to describe just how amazing this entry to the franchise is!"
Why? "SSB4's basically a nice combination of what made both Brawl and Melee outstanding. I'm miffed that I have only the 3DS port, but that's cool"
Why? "Hands down the best Smash installment of an ever so captivating series, with SSB4 close behind it."
Why? "The only Tekken installment that I've played over a hundred times. It's WAY too great to pass up! The series grew a beard when 3 came along."
Why? "An all-around solid installment in what is arguably a better fighting game franchise than Street Fighter. I really like coming back to this."
Why? "The PS2 had such a good collection of titles; Black is merely one of those games."
#1 All Time Favorite
Little Witch Academia
Why? "There's nothing *that* unique about LWA, but the short's likable characters, tight soundtrack, and great directing make it a wondrous watch."
Why? "Basically Slayers transformed into western animation, or at least I get that vibe from the two leads. These shorts are all-around great."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "I was a kid when CN was still in the Powerhouse era. My experiences with the network will always be remembered, never forgotten."
Why? "Soda's not good for the body, though it is tasty. Sierra Mist is no exception to that rule for sure."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "This is the series which really got me into fighting games. Both franchises have their strengths and weaknesses, but Tekken > Street Fighter"
Why? "Uh huh huh... You said butt."
Why? "The whole LWA series is filled with charm, likable characters, dynamic animation, and splendid music. Thanks, Based Trigger!"
Why? "It's freaking Super Mario. Still going strong and humming the Overworld theme all the way to Bowser's castle."
Why? "If Mario Party ruins friendships, Smash destroys families. Very great franchise, this!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Director
Why? "A virtuoso of his craft. Even if the show is less than great (e.g. Sword Art Online), I can always expect this ADR director to deliver."
Why? "Her work as a voice director is always excellent no matter the quality of the show, game, etc. Andrea Romano's essentially one of the best!"
Why? "Her work as a voice director on various Cartoon shows gives me that ol' nostalgic feeling. Collette Sunderman's handiwork is good stuff!"
Why? "I got a kick out of her work on Gravity Falls, Captain Planet, CatDog, Jimmy Neutron, Kid Icarus: Uprising, and The Batman."
Why? "From the Final Fantasy series to Sonic Colors and Generations to even something like Celebrity Deathmatch, Fletcher is an uber-cool director"
Why? "He's about as good an ADR director as he is a voice actor if his work on Space Dandy, Sgt. Frog, and Haganai NEXT are anything to go by."
Why? "Boasts quite an impressive video game resume; her work in cartoons might not be as beefy credits-wise, it's certainly more than palatable."
Why? "Kind of an underrated voice director. Say what you will about TTG!, but the voice acting in that show is downright enjoyable."
Why? "Cowboy Bebop, Digimon Tamers, Devil May Cry 3, and Castlevania: Curse of Darkness. That's all I'm going to say."
Why? "Not only a seasoned voice actor in LA, but also great as far as voice direction is concerned."
Why? "He's another really good voice director at FUNimation. His contributions to Dragon Ball Z, Baccano, and Ninja Slayer are worthwhile."