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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Why? "While she's better known for "cute girl" roles, she really stretched her wings voicing all of Pinkie's party guests in "Party of One"."
Why? "Saw a YouTube video showcasing his impressions and beatboxing. Needless to say he managed to win me over."
Why? "Unbelievable range; he's one of the only voice actors I know of who has never recycled a voice."
Why? "That gravelly, guttural voice of his is practically inimitable."
Why? "Fantastically hammy actor, especially as the Red Guy."
Why? "Anyone who can voice an entire video game practically by themselves gets a place in my book."
Why? "A memorable voice and a commanding presence in live-action and voice-acting."
Why? "While not having a particularly sizable vocal range, his voice is distinguishable enough and he works with what he is given skillfully."
Why? "The best Cell VA by far, plus Nappa and Super Kami Guru"
Why? "Is there any kind of character he is unable to play? Because it'd be easier to list those than the ones he can, that's for sure."
Why? "He can make dialogue work no matter how perfunctory it may be, and he's created many enduring voices that've lasted longer than their bases."
Why? "Even if a lot of her roles sound similar to each other, her distinctively cute voice is always enjoyable to listen to."
Why? "Very versatile actor (especially with Rick Baker at his side). Too bad his voice roles thus far never really took advantage of it."
Why? "Extraordinary range and acting ability. He's an expert in blending into his roles."
Why? "Whether in live or voice acting, he knows how to take a character and create a distinct and recognizable voice for them."
Why? "Along with having a distinctive, memorable voice, he's an expert in comedic and villainous vocal delivery."
Why? "His reading of I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream is pitch-perfect in its delivery."
Why? "She's adorable as Hatchin and Mira"
Why? "Tons of energy and vocally versatile, which really came in handy in A Christmas Carol."
Why? "A lot of his roles have that distinct roughness to them, but the sheer range of variations of it he's done just prove his versatility."
Why? "An experienced animator who knows exactly what makes cartoons work and runs an interesting and detailed blog relating as such."
Why? "It takes true talent to both be the fastest-talking man in the world and manage different voices to boot."
Why? "Admirably avoided becoming typecast early on in his career and went on to showcase his versatility by playing a sizable range of roles."
Why? "His vocal range and talent in mimicry are undeniable. One of my favorite Japanese VAs if not my all-time favorite."
Why? "His roles mostly sound the same, but in every one you can tell he's hamming them up for all their worth and having a blast doing it."
Why? "A generous dispenser of ham whose commanding presence made George the Volcano such a memorable character."
Why? "Besides his legendary versatility, he paved the way for voice actors getting their due credit for their roles in the animation industry."
Why? "One of the largest hams this side of Canada."
Why? "Nothing short of a vocal genius. I can't think of anybody else with his kind of talent."
Why? "A spontaneous avant-garde musician on top of being a versatile voice-over artist."
Why? "His versatility and capacity for specific voices is unbelievable and he's played memorably funny roles like N. Gin and the defective cores."
Why? "An influential man who brought cartoons back to the cartoonists with Mighty Mouse, not to mention having a rather distinctive voice."
Why? "With his vocal versatility, it's a wonder why he doesn't do more voice-over work."
Why? "Exceptional musician whether solo or with Pink Floyd, and not a half-bad voice actor either."
Why? "On top of having that cool snarl, he can make himself next to unrecognizable if it suited his fancy."
Why? "It's amazing how he can use the exact same voice to effectively play both kind-hearted characters and utter creeps."
Why? "Admirably wide vocal range and a great capacity for hamming things up."
Why? "While he's usually pigeon-holed into villainous types, he does manage to make it sound fun regardless."
Why? "An entertaining and recognizable presence in both live-action and voice-acting."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "He only appears in one scene, but his bitterly insecure persona manages to leave quite an impression in that short amount of time."
Why? "Besides being a hard-working and physically powerful woman or mare (whichever you prefer), her Tennessee dialect's plenty cute."
Why? "Her ability to hold up such a tough exterior in spite of what she's been through is admirable."
Why? "The very definition of Ridiculously Cute Critter /)^3^("
Why? "The combination of his googly eyes, loud voice and obsession with cookies gives him that funny, unstable air around him that I like."
Why? "I love the oblivious ways in which he severely discomforts those around him."
Why? "Bruce W. Smith's animation for him is both solid and entertaining, and Keith David's vocal performance is just as fun."
Why? "A visually inventive character complimented by Nolan North's hilarious voice-acting."
Why? "Long John Baldry really made the character his own in AoStH, but Mike Pollock is a worthy successor in terms of pure ham."
Why? "The perfect character for Robin Williams' knack for impressions, and his shape-shifting is masterfully handled by Eric Goldberg."
Why? "In spite of being quote fodder for obsessive fans of stupid "wacky-random humor", the character definitely has his cute moments."
Why? "A grotesque but highly memorable one-scene-wonder fantastically animated by Emery Hawkins."
Why? "The most hilarious acting and specific expressions I've seen in an anime character, realistically or stylistically designed."
Why? "She's blunt and intelligent without being overbearingly so, and she makes a cute boy to boot :)"
Why? "A sometimes ferocious and other times hilariously awkward and neurotic persona makes this my current favorite performance from Tom Kenny."
Why? "Alternatingly an superhuman badass and a perverted sociopath, he's the very essence of what makes Mad Bull 34 what it is."
Why? "His reactions to Chihiro's acts of selflessness and the greed of the bathhouse residents make an interesting combination."
Why? "A rare, respectable father figure in animation who can be downright intimidating if need be thanks to Kenneth Mars' commanding performance."
Why? "A cute, creepy character and great singer who salvaged the reputation of vampires in a post-Twilight era."
Why? "That "yip yip" thing and their endearing lack of basic Earth knowledge keeps me smiling for as long as they're on the screen."
Why? "Commendably animated by Robin Budd (those lips can't be easy to control) and seductively voiced by Don Francks."
Why? "Only likeable character in the movie; he's so messed up and unsubtle that he loops around into being hilarious."
Why? "Lucille Bliss succeeded wonderfully in making Miss Bitters' dramatic vitriol entertaining to listen to."
Why? "It's hilarious how even when he's not being a villain, Tim Curry feels the need to ham his part up for all its worth."
Why? "Very distinctive in both design and voice performance and a suitable foil to Coco in the series."
Why? "In a largely cliched cast, Rafiki is the most (if not the only) natural-feeling character in the movie, not to mention decently animated."
Why? "He wouldn't nearly be as hilarious a character without Charles Adler's vocals. His role as the mall cop was exceptionally killer."
Why? "There's something charming about her mild, doormat personality and contemplative gaze."
Why? "Is capable of a much wider range of performance despite his flanderization into a psycho jerk by Games and the general fanbase."
Why? "An adorable guest character that I definitely wouldn't mind seeing again in the future."
Why? "A memorable one-shot character who serves as a great example of someone who takes a normally menial job VERY seriously."
Why? "In spite of all his troubles, he remains one of my big fictional crushes, and Megumi Ogata's voice helps in that regard plenty."
Why? "Much more multi-faceted in vocal performance and personality than most other dimwit-type characters in the media."
Why? "An endearingly designed and voiced character. The sweet tooth simply adds to how adorable she is."
Why? "An enjoyable personality complimented by charming voice acting that makes up wonderfully for her lack of a visible face."
Why? "An effectively scary villain in an otherwise iffy movie, more impressive by being more down-to-earth than any sorcerer or witch character."
Why? "A cute character with an alluring Amazonian edge to her."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Why? "Even as a kid, I enjoyed Robotnik's scenery-chewing and hammy demeanor over the obnoxiously hip Sonic."
Why? "Has some interesting characters and does a better job with its look than most other pretentious "Americanime"."
Why? "Top-notch visuals and voice acting make this a worthy installment to the Yogi Bear canon."
Why? "Clear and cartoony visuals and animation, distinctive voice acting and most interesting use of sound effects."
Why? "Fantastically animated title character and a highly memorable soundtrack."
Why? "The show's cynical tone and black comedy were a welcome change of pace for Nick's line-up."
Why? "Over-the-top violence, so-bad-it's-good dialogue and overall audaciousness make its cult classic status well-deserved."
Why? "In a dark period of animation, this was probably the first real cartoon in a long time and paved the way for creator-driven cartoons."
Why? "Appealingly designed and animated, spirited and distinctive voice acting and fun, relatable characters."
Why? "Full of interesting, complex characters, though they arguably deserve better than what they go through."
Why? "Came for the unique art style, stayed for the intense animation and passionate voice acting."
Why? "Despite the pacing and the executive-forced "adult humor", the animation and acting are among the best ever made for American television."
Why? "Whether you like the comedy aspect or not, there's no denying that this is more visually heartfelt than its faux-anime predecessors."
Why? "An amusing combination is made with the juxtaposition of an optimistic main character with cynical humor and often-nightmarish imagery."
Why? "In the midst of its contemporaries, this was the one cartoon that was closest to capturing the look and feel of animation's Golden Age."
Why? "Fantastically lively design by Craig McCracken and animation by Mercury Filmworks."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Robin Williams and Eric Goldberg's combined talent along with Alan Menken's score are enough to make this worth a viewing."
Why? "Such a degree of imagination combined with painstaking detail hasn't been and probably never will be replicated in the animation industry."
Why? "The characters aren't as facially expressive as those in Nightmare Before Christmas, but the soundtrack and voice cast make up for that."
Why? "Despite Disney's stylistic cliches, Gerald Scarfe's hand in this film is readily apparent, and Alan Menken's score is as distinct as ever."
Why? "Jim Carrey's unrelentingly energetic performance as well as Rick Baker's skillfully-made make-up design make this worth checking out."
Why? "Another example of an entertaining juxtaposition between fun-looking characters and settings and disturbing (sometimes horrifying) imagery."
Why? "Great special effects, wonderful supporting cast and a refreshing focus on fun."
Why? "The movie that introduced me to the talents of Satoshi Kon and Susumu Hirasawa"
Why? "While it's easy to get lost in this movie near the middle, it only helps put us into Mima's confusion and disorientation."
Why? "Gerald Scarfe's animated sequences for the film are a rare example of decent animation to come out of the 80s."
Why? "The meticulousness of the animation more than makes up for some of the movie's slower moments."
Why? "Impressive atmosphere and animation coupled with the distinctive Oriental score of Joe Hisaishi."
Why? "Eye-catching German Expressionist visuals and a great, memorable soundtrack by Danny Elfman."
Why? "The Recobbled Cut is worth seeing if only for the painstaking level of the animation and to behold what was lost to executive meddling."
Why? "Proof that realistically-designed characters can have funny and entertaining physical acting in the right hands."
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Why? "Aside from the appealing aesthetic design, the Dualshock-centric controls are very well-implemented."
Why? "A very well-made video game all-around and an excellent showcase of Chris Seavor's talent as a voice actor."
#1 All Time Favorite