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Tara Strong
Why? "To finally find out this talented woman was my childhood... Though I'm older hearing just hearing her brings me back to my childhood."
Why? "Sure she only said a few words as Samus but those few words were really well done and I wish she did the voice for Other M and damn shes hot"
Why? "She nailed Clover's personality perfectly!"
Why? "She manage to pull off KOS-MOS flawlessly."
Why? "Gotta love those animal voices. I also really dug his voice for Viewtiful Joe."
Why? "My favorite Superman and also does well as Sephiroth!"
Why? "He will always be Toad to me."
Why? "Her work as Ariel was beautiful."
Why? "Sailor Mercury!"
Why? "She has quite a impressive range and does well in most of her roles. To me she will always be Dot Matrix."
Why? "Out of all the dub voices in Sailor Moon I'd like her back the most if theres a re-dub."
Why? "Yoshi :)"
Why? "Edna Krabappel. She will be sorely missed :( may she RIP."
Why? "He was great as Bob."
Why? "A classic. To me he will always be Genie."
Why? "She has a nice sound to her "cute" voice and she voiced my favorite Fire Emblem character."
Why? "Sailor Jupiter! I'm glad she stayed as her when the show was on air."
Why? "D'oh, I missed!"
Why? "Best Sailor Moon voice its to bad she didn't voice her the whole time it was dubbed."
Why? "I mainly just know him for Edward Elric, But seriously he was just that Awsome for the role!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "My favorite of the Koopalings."
Why? "My favorite character to use in Super Smash Brother's, Shame she was heavily nerfed in Brawl..."
Why? "My favorite Xenosaga character."
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