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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Rodger Bumpass
Why? "Very funny and EXTREMELY versatile!"
Why? "Spectacular acting and ability to express emotions that are practically Avatar State-powerful."
Why? "Because of Kogoro Mouri, Kinnikuman/Suguru Kinniku and Iago, that's why!"
Why? "Jafar, of course!"
Why? "Has an INCREDIBLE RANGE, and also... he can simlutaneously impersonate Ed Wynn AND make the role his own!"
Why? "Like Ralph Bakshi, Andrzej's voice was practically MADE for animation!"
Why? "Because Bulkhead, Hot Shot and Master Disaster sound nothing alike!"
Why? "Billy has an incredible voice range and audacity, has flawless comic delivery and timing, and has the capability of making a role his own."
Why? "His wide-angle lens is about to burst!"
Why? "He does indeed have a lot of range."
Why? "She's extremely talented, and it's kind of sad to see that she's not been seen doing much lately."
Why? "Best voice of Sandy Cheeks since the original."
Why? "Provided the same unforgettable, hilarious screechy voice for two iconic characters; Cobra Commander and Starscream!"
Why? "One of the biggest scapegoats on TV, Roy from 'The IT Crowd'."
Why? "Really, utterly fantastic in anything she does."
Why? ""Hel-!""
Why? "As well as a brilliant artist, his cute, goofy face was the inspiration for Stefano for 'Madagascar 3'!"
Why? "With a razor-sharp wit and incredible range, Taka is one of the best young VAs out there."
Why? "I love him. I just love him. He's hilarious as Dave the Barbarian."
Why? "Lilo AND Chihiro!"
Why? "Duckula and Rincewind. And moments of Do Not Adjust Your Set."
Why? "Astonishingly versatile!"
Why? "He's always been a favourite of mine. He's so versatile that it's hard to recognise him."
Why? "Igor from 'Count Duckula'. In German, that is."
Why? "Filburt, Plankton and Edward"
Why? "Because he's Squidward, that's why."
Why? "His warm, personable, unique guttural voice brought so much to each and every character he played, even Mr. Freeze."
Why? "Her voice is sharp and perfect for evil villainesses, but IMO her best performance was when she played against type as the voice of Lampy!"
Why? "She's one of the best voices of Eric Cartman ever!"
Why? "One word: Yakko."
Why? "Mort, Samson Clogmeyer, all those sweet little guys."
Why? "His voice is really very calm and subdued. He just doesn't want anybody knowing about it. Also his acting's not too shabby."
Why? "RIP Hans Teuscher. You were brilliant as the Flying Dutchman as well as a great actor on television."
Why? "Noodle from 'Gorillaz'."
Why? "I just like him. I like his Carlo, and his M. Garrison."
Why? "Dr. Cockroach and the Prince Regent."
Why? "He's an amazingly good Daffy."
Why? "Like her husband Sacha Baron Cohen, she's really, really good with voices and can make herself almost unrecognisable."
Why? "Kinkotsuman!"
Why? "A decent voice of Edward T. Platypus."
Why? "Who invaded Spain in the 8th Century?"
Why? "Has a very distinctive voice, but can play anyone with it; even a teenage girl!"
Why? "He's an incredible actor."
Why? "Not the nicest guy you'll ever meet, but very talented."
Why? "Hetalksreallyfast."
Why? "Gives an absolutely brilliant performance as the egotistical but extremely sympathetic Jay Sherman, and is also hilarious as Radio!"
Why? "My name is Elder Cunningham and I like warm hugs"
Why? "Can play the most lovable or most detestable characters with remarkable ease and STILL give an entertaining performance. Wow."
Why? "He's the best non-English Mordecai."
Why? "Eilonwy AND Raven!"
Why? "Minoru Chiaki's son, and just as talented an actor."
Why? "Was extremely funny and energetic as Tom Servo."
Why? "Chi-Chi!"
Why? "His performance in Paprika was amazing and he has a great vocal range."
Why? "RIP Blanky..."
Why? "She may just be an even better Daria than the original!"
Why? "She's my friend. It's a bias."
Why? "German voice of Stefano from Madagascar 3."
Why? "Ka-wuum!"
Why? "Who'd have known that Casey Jr. was voiced by a woman!"
Why? "Princess Mindy"
Why? "He is totally a German Steve Buscemi. Just listen to him!"
Why? "His performance as Billy Wilder is enough."
Why? "Love-Love/Getalong, a character I liked as a child."
Why? "She has the singing voice of an angel. And she's Krillin!"
Why? "Ma-ma-ma-Mikey!"
Why? "Still cute after all these years."
Why? "His gravelly voice was great for any role."
Why? "Only she can make a woman-disguised-as-a-man situation so funny!"
Why? "Probably the best Zim since the original."
Why? "Krillin, Vegeta and Piccolo of DBZ Abridged. A wonderfully talented voice actor through and through."
Why? "She's the best Velma!"
Why? "His gentle, friendly voice, his girly screams and his remarkable talent for emotional expression. I just adore this actor."
Why? "Daneben! Daneben! Daneben!"
Why? "I like him. I like him a lot. I think he had a very pleasant folsky voice."
Why? "His comedy is McDonalds... I'm lovin' it."
Why? "Tucker and Caecilius. Maybe that guy from Local Hero as well."
Why? "He's hilarious as Robin Hood, and gave a great performance as Murdoc of 'Gorillaz'!"
Why? "My favourite role from him is Mr. Beetle from 'Thumbelina'. Neither Gottfried, Kamiya nor Ziffer could have done it better."
Why? "As Benson he goes so smoothly from one emotion to the next it's like he's inside his head."
Why? "In my opinion, he's his best when he's Jack Skellington. He brings so much passion and enthusiasm to the role. And his singing is lovely too"
Why? "He's really adorable and so, so, SO funny!"
Why? "Ikarudo-sama!"
Why? "A skilled animator AND voice actor; Benson being my favorite role of his."
Why? "Edd."
Why? "He's talented and his distinctive voice allows him to portray a wide range of roles, making him a very versatile German actor."
Why? "Not a voice role, but... he's friggin' Twoflower!"
Why? "I have a massive crush on him."
Why? "Voices the Horned King and Nappa with that distinctive threatening growl."
Why? "Very distinctive!"
Why? "I saw a UFO landing and these one inch tall guys came out. I asked them, are you really one inch tall, and they said no we're very far away."
Why? "He'stheJapanesevoiceofBlurrwhichmeanshetalksreallyfastandhe'sreallyemotionalandthat'sawesomereallyawesomedoIreallyneedtosaymore?"
Why? "Ari no mama de! Sora he kaze ni notte!"
Why? "For live action reasons, the best Heathcliff ever portrayed on film."
Why? "Where do I even start? Voice of Lampy, writer and producer of one of the funniest shows in the form of 'My Name is Earl'..."
Why? "A decent Squidward so far."
Why? "Incredibly talented and versatile, Tom has given some of my favourite performances ever!"
Why? "Was a genuine voice acting talent!"
Why? "My favourite role from him is Kosaku Tokita!"
Why? "As his name would suggest, Trace beautifully voices, puppeteers and characterises Crow T. Robot in a lot of 'MST3K' episodes."
Why? "Funny, brave, intelligent and irreverent, mixing a dry wit with an upbeat, endearing persona."
Why? "She's Jane Lane and Quinn Morgendorffer!"
Why? "I like him better than Michael Pan."
Why? "Falloo has a sweet voice!"
Why? "He's Radio. What more needs to be said?"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "She's my favourite character in the whole story. She also has the best design, animation, charactisation and Russian voice actor."
Why? "He's very sweet and innocent."
Why? "Squidward can only wish he were this cool."
Why? "Bubbly, cute and talkative, yet could be tough when she needed to be!"
Why? "Animated precursor to a certain cartoon octopus..."
Why? "Bing Bong has that warm and welcoming personality that we all love. He's selfless, cheerful, optimistic and energetic, yet never annoying."
Why? "Hetalksreallyfast."
Why? "Kevin Michael Richardson may have refined the role, but Bill Fagerbakke DEFINED it, and shaped it into the bot we know and love."
Why? "Endearing, energetic, funny and all-round likeable in 'Animated', and badass in the live action movies."
Why? "Tough as nails, but with hidden depths, too."
Why? "She's so badass!"
Why? "I love his design! He has one of the most pleasant, appealing designs I've ever seen!"
Why? "Is a really strong and admirable character"
Why? "She's cute!"
Why? "This character gets too much flack. She's likable, easygoing, only losing her temper when she's felt betrayed, so she's sympathetic as well."
Why? "An endearing, eccentric space case with superhuman amounts of skill, strength and intelligence. The very definition of 'badass adorable'."
Why? "A mix between subtle, chivalrous charm and explosive emotion in one of Sam Marin's best performances."
Why? "Anyone with that amount of courage deserves a favorite."
Why? "His friendly personality and love of adventure, mixed with a sharp tongue and strong assertive mind."
Why? "Crimson is a cute cartoon character with several funny moments. When she's expectant of Elmer's answer she leans RIGHT INTO HIS FACE."
Why? "Crow is naive and high-strung, yet somewhat snarky and quick-witted, always delivering the best jokes first."
Why? "He inspired many of my favourite fictional characters."
Why? "I have no idea."
Why? "An incredibly funny character. Need I say more?"
Why? "He has that odd, endearing mix of sarcastic wit, creative spontaneity and being impressionable and sensitive."
Why? "Really the best thing about the movie, if not the only good thing about it."
Why? "Rodger Bumpass makes him simultaneously pathetic and hammy and Light held his own pretty well against the Titans in 'Kole'"
Why? "Strong-minded but truly has a heart"
Why? "What's not to love about Zoidberg?"
Why? "Despite being fat, slow and sloppy, Kosaku Tokita is an innocently childlike, charming character; the nicest one in the entire movie."
Why? "I love it when he gets angry."
Why? "The character you wouldn't have realized was voiced by Tom Kenny."
Why? "Childish, petty, obnoxious, egotistical and beyond socially challenged; and I love him all the more for it!"
Why? "He's basically Tuco's distant law-abiding cousin."
Why? "He may be cheap, sleazy, incompetent, boorish and a jerk, but DEEP down he truly cares for his family."
Why? "Jumpy, nervous, yet rather sarcastic when it comes to Riley's dreams. I think Fear is one of the funniest animated characters today."
Why? "This character looks annoying, but he's really very lovable and endearing."
Why? "Because she just doesn't give a damn about anything. Except video games."
Why? "She's half octopus."
Why? "If Dorothy Gale were 50 feet tall and super strong, then Susan would be the result."
Why? "Heiji is badass. He's calm, smart, laid-back, yet funny and cute, but gets serious when he needs too and is a brilliant detective."
Why? "She's smart, she's powerful and is just all-round awesome."
Why? "Okay, okay, okay, fine! I give up! You win! I like him. I. LIKE HIM. Best lines, best animator, and best development. He's a fun bastard."
Why? "He's funny, ridiculously over-the-top and has a great evil laugh."
Why? "Goofy, charming, beautiful and incredibly well drawn by Ken Duncan!"
Why? "In spite of his occasional abrasive attitude, Jay is thoughtful and intelligent. Also you kind of feel bad for him."
Why? "My favourite character in the entire game series!"
Why? "Goofy and sometimes neglectful, though for a much deeper reason, King Mayumi loves his son Suguru dearly and always looks out for him."
Why? "Cause it's Bibinba!"
Why? "I don't know why Sabat's performance is so underrated. Kikuchiyo is an iconic character and Sabat gets a pretty good grasp of him."
Why? "Dom DeLuise just makes this character so lovable. He carries the whole episode."
Why? "He's crazy, but I love him for it!"
Why? "I have a thing for bald guys, I guess."
Why? "A funny and entertaining character who seriously earned my admiration in his (or in the case of Germany and Poland, her) moment of glory."
Why? "A cool character with a cool mask!"
Why? "Beautifully animated in every one of the shorts. Preston Blair is a genius."
Why? "I like both versions."
Why? "A very, very, very funny character."
Why? "She has a tragic past; lost her parents; watched her best friend Simon go mad; and yet she's fun, mischievous, cool and good-hearted."
Why? "Physically stronger than some of the other characters, and breathtakingly gorgeous compared to her sisters."
Why? "Funny, thoughtful, brave, outspoken and and excellent artist."
Why? "He's hilarious and kind of cute!"
Why? "Sneaky, sleazy, cowardly and an all-round entertaining character. His and the toad's scenes make up the best in the whole movie."
Why? "Wallach's voiceover is all too sincere for a show so nihlistic... and I LOVE IT!"
Why? "He's absolutely hilarious. One of the funniest villains I've ever seen. And he has a great voice and evil laugh, courtesy of Richard Horvitz"
Why? "Indomitable, hyperactive and infectiously lovable."
Why? "Simultaneously grotesque and beautiful in design and performance."
Why? "He's absolutely adorable."
Why? "He is just as hopelessly clueless and endearing as Giselle."
Why? "A very charming character that's been forgotten over the years."
Why? "One of the coolest characters out there."
Why? "She's very much like me when I was younger."
Why? "The bold, energetic, relentlessly determined Princess of the Trolls who lives for the motto, "No Troll Left Behind"."
Why? "She's gentle, but not weak; opinionated but not bratty; a great character as a princess and a leader."
Why? "Jonathan Harris is absolute comedy gold in the role. Also, I love his big expressive eyes!"
Why? "He's so freakin' CUTE, and FUNNY! Also, he reminds me very much of Tom Servo."
Why? "Funny, scary and oddly sympathetic and even with his Games incarnation Ren is prone to such bad luck you can't help but sympathise at times."
Why? "He's a tough-talking, gun toting badass with a heart. He has a well hidden sensitive side."
Why? "Pretty much the coolest thing I ever saw in an anime."
Why? "Witty and strong, and a good comic foil, without being a stereotypical 'action girl'."
Why? "Rei is a really fun character. She can be mean and short-fused, but has a heart of gold and would put her life on the line for Usagi."
Why? "He's even hotter as a cartoon!"
Why? "She's a fun character; feisty, funny, compassionate, strong willed; she's simultaneously fierce and gentle, always stands for her beliefs."
Why? "She is quite possibly the funniest character in 'Fish Hooks'."
Why? "Acts lazy, stubborn, selfish and vain at first, but is later revealed to truly be a strong fighter and a loyal friend."
Why? "He's funny, sarcastic, expressive, playfully mean, but most of all... the most sympathetic character on the entire show."
Why? "One of THE most memorable characters in the Transformers franchise."
Why? "'There's something so sublimely beautiful about that stupid voice', Billy West is quoted as saying."
Why? "She kicks ass, she's more efficient, competent, ruthless and all-round a better Irken than Zim."
Why? "She's very cute and energetic. I've always liked her somehow."
Why? "For some reason, I really like this character. Maybe it's the fact that he's got an appealing design, and is pretty funny, too!"
Why? "He's snide, sarcastic, a megalomaniac and generally acts like kind of a jerk, but deep, DEEP down, he genuinely cares for Pinky as a friend."
Why? "I personally prefer him mute, but he is an adorable, underrated character!"
Why? "Her nobility and integrity make her a strong character and defy the conventions of a damsel in distress."
Why? "Intelligent, funny, mature, mischievous, energetic and highly sensitive, this is one loveable robot!"
Why? "She's really cool"
Why? "Most riotously entertaining villain of a Seven Samurai adaptation since Calvera."
Why? "Cool, funny, relatable, endearing and sympathetic."
Why? "Arrogant, selfish, impatient, impulsive, obnoxious, egotistical... and my favourite character on the show."
Why? "AWWWWW he's so scary BUT SO CUTE!!!"
Why? "She was one of my heroes when I was young."
Why? "She's different from the other fairies, and definitely cooler than them!"
Why? "He's smart, he's adorable, sweet, sensitive and badass."
Why? "Has a great, cute design and personality in 'Animated'."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Why? "Behind the non-sequitur comedy and loose animation is a dark, complex and engaging story! One of the, if not the best cartoons today."
Why? "Where it lacks in good writing and story, this show makes up for in its humour, fun animation and unrelenting energy."
Why? "A wholly entertaining show to brighten anyone's day."
Why? "This show was charming, funny, action-packed and entertaining. What more could a kid want?"
Why? "It uses copious amounts of British humour so it's an acquired taste but the animation's good, the characters are great... Thumbs up."
Why? "I grew up on it and I still love it."
Why? "Funny, creative and original."
Why? "A sci-fi fantasy action epic of an operatic scale."
Why? "It wasn't your typical kids' show. It was funny and insane, but also kind of dark. Still, it was entertaining."
Why? "Because it's better than The Simpsons!"
Why? "The storyline has more to it than meets the eye, the characters are superbly developed and the art and animation are utterly fantastic."
Why? "It's so twisted, dark, funny, entertaining and visually striking. I love it!"
Why? "Consistently funny and entertaining, and surprisingly sweet!"
Why? "Tom Kenny's performance as PLASTIC MAN!"
Why? "The characters, the voice acting, the action, the humor, and the natural, conversational dialogue."
Why? "Very enjoyable adaptation of the 1954 film that always kept me wanting more. I like Heihachi's development, and Kikuchiyo is a lot of fun."
Why? "The second season is the best; it's got the funniest episodes on the show."
Why? "A thoroughly enjoyable Discworld adaptation with good acting, humour and decent animation."
Why? "The show has nice animation, snappy writing, some really funny moments, great character interactions. It's a guilty pleasure for me."
Why? "It doesn't stink! Seriously, I love the middle-brow humour and the main character is well-written."
Why? "One of the funniest, darkest, most bizarre shows on television."
Why? "You don't expect ANYTHING!"
Why? "Hugely, hugely entertaining; a bigger guilty pleasure for me every day."
Why? "It's insane. It's completely twisted, and frightening at times. I LOVE IT!"
Why? "Very, very, VERY funny!"
Why? "This show has substance humour heart action and suspense. The villains are genuinely threatening and the heroes are relatable."
Why? "How can I choose a favorite character?!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Lurid, violent and spectacularly animated, it's a true anime classic."
Why? "CombinesthenewapproachofpopculturereferencesandDisneyPrincesssincerity,alwayscopiedneverbettered."
Why? "It's a bit dark in places, and has some great serious, even scary moments, (and need I mention the BLAM?) but at heart a very sweet film."
Why? "A little darker than usual Animaniacs fair, but never skimps on the laughs for a second!"
Why? "Funny and charming, with great songs and characters and a surprisingly terrifying villain!"
Why? "The best stop-motion film I've ever seen."
Why? "Funny, scary, sweet and loads of fun to watch."
Why? "Underneath its dark premise and despite its lack of focus in the middle it has a very sweet heart."
Why? "With fantastic set and character designs by Guillermo Del Toro and a fantastic story, what's not to like?"
Why? "It's bigger, bolder and funnier than the first."
Why? "It's not the best movie ever made, but it's creative, suspenseful and even rather emotional."
Why? "With its lush and colorful animation, well-timed humor and familiar but engaging story, this is one of Dreamworks' finest."
Why? "Rivals with the Disney version as my favourite Snow White movie."
Why? "Essentially 'The Wizard of Oz' with action scenes, it has beautiful animation, great characters and a fantastic script."
Why? "The riffs are less elaborate but it's no less fun to watch. Also, you get to see a little more of the SOL, including Servo's room."
Why? "It's the greatest love story ever to have people's skin being ripped off."
Why? "Not only one of the best animated films ever made, but one of the best FILMS ever made."
Why? "Its nice, simple yet ingenious animation, with lots of appeal and vibrations, make for an easy watch, yet gives very important life lessons."
Why? "The story was flawed and confusing. But it was a beautiful movie. The special effects, design and the cinematography were incredible."
Why? "A loving tribute to Spaghetti Westerns realised with gorgeous CGI animation. Best viewed on the big screen."
Why? "The art and animation are just gorgeous. It's like taking a walk through the Sprooksjebos in 'Efteling'."
Why? "With a heart amid the suspense and terror, this is Miyazaki's best film."
Why? "A beautiful, beautiful movie."
Why? "Funniest family film since 'The Muppets'. And that's really saying something."
Why? "Lush, colourful, exciting and entertaining."
Why? ""I was born in Dusseldorf, and that is why they call me Rolf!""
Why? "This movie taught me more about Native South American culture than I could ever get from a documentary. And it's funny, too!"
Why? "A beautiful, dark, exciting, albeit short movie."
Why? "It's just beautiful. A faithful, very well animated adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson story."
Why? "While messy and poorly paced, the film is smart, funny and visually stunning in every way possible, making it a delight to watch in 3-D."
Why? "Funny, enjoyable & even scary at times, it restored my faith in the series & made me like the characters again."
Why? "That song."
Why? "In spite of it being tonally uneven, this is still a charming, funny, sweet, exciting movie."
Why? "This movie is incredible. It almost seamlessly blends live action and animation and the story is really great."
Why? "My favourite Disney film so far, this has a great script and amazing visuals."
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Why? "Because both guys did really well in the role (Although Richard was clearly better)."
Why? "All four of these women were pretty good."
Why? "Both had their own spin on the character. Billy wasn't merely impersonating John after replacing him. He gave his own comic touch to Ren."
Why? "I have to say that most of these guys did a great job on him and captured him really well."
Why? "Honestly, Camp and Kricfalusi practically sounded identical, so it was a really tough choice to pick who was better!"
Why? "Murphy is the winner but both guys were great!"
Why? "She was basically one of my heroes as a kid."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Fantastic voice acting by Corey Burton!"